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Being a member of the extended Lufkin ISD community, I joined in a fantastic celebration of this honor for Dr. Goffney, Texas Superintendent of the Year, and Lufkin ISD. The following photos of the event were posted on the LISD website. I have posted other articles today related to the community’s response to this honor. - js -

Congratulations to the following New Supers

Guillermo Mancha, current Special Education Compliance Specialist of Southside ISD, has been named New Super of Brackett ISD.

Steve Reynolds, current High School Principal of Meadow ISD, has been named New Super of Adrian ISD.

Ken Baugh, current Superintendent of ​Throckmorton ISD, has been named New Super of Culberson County-Allamoore ISD.

Dr. Sandra McCoy-Jackson, former Assistant Superintendent or Duncanville ISD, has been named New Super of Sanger ISD.


32 Superintendent Vacancies Click to expand

Vacant Texas Associataion of School Administrators (TASA) Executive Director; Search By: Arrow Educational Services, Inc.INFO
Vacant Gordon ISD; Search By Leasor Crass P.C. info INFO
Vacant Hays CISD; Search by: Thompson & Horton LLPINFO
Vacant Rocksprings ISD; Search By: Rocksprings ISD Board of TrusteesINFO
Vacant Comfort ISD; Tanya Monroe; Superintendent of Brownfield ISD; Search By: TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO
Vacant City View ISD; Search By: Region 9 ESC InfoINFO
Vacant Cedar Hill ISD; Search By: TASB Executive Search Services INFO
Vacant Huntsville ISD; Search By: DRV Education Search Services infoINFO
Vacant Valley Mills ISD ; Search By: Valley Mills ISD Board of TrusteesINFO
Vacant Tarkington ISD ; Search By: Tarkington ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
Vacant Red Lick ISD; Search By: Red Lick ISD School Board InfoINFO
Vacant Groesbeck ISD; Search By: TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO
Vacant Paradise ISD ; Search By: Paradise ISD School Board and Robert Criswell InfoINFO
Vacant Lorenzo ISD; Search By: Region 17 ESCINFO
Vacant Lumberton ISD; Search By: TASB Executive Search Services InfoINFO
Vacant North Lamar ISD; Search By: Education Solutions and Services with Letha Hopkins and Randy Hancock INFO
Vacant Olton ISD; Search by: Region 17 ESC InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Midway ISD; Randel Beaver; Retired superintendent from Archer City ISD; Search By: Region 9 ESC infoINFO
Lone Finalist Venus ISD ; James Hopper, Superintendent of Anahuac ISD; Search By: TASB Executive Search Services INFO
Lone Finalist Port Neches-Groves ISD; Dr. Mike Gonzales; Elementary Principal of Beaumont ISD; Search By: Port Neches-Groves ISD and Interim Superintendent, Dr. Jimmy Creel INFO
Lone Finalist Bushland ISD; Chris Wigington, Superintendent of Big Spring ISD; Search By: TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO
New Super Brackett ISD  - Guillermo Mancha, special education compliance specialist/ ​campus administrative support ,Southside ISD​; Search By Executive Search Services infoINFO
New Super Adrian ISD - Steve Reynolds , High School Principal,Meadow ISD; Search By Adrian ISD Board of Trustees and Cox Educational Consulting infoINFO
New Super Culberson County- Allamoore ISD - Ken Baugh, ​Superintendent,Throckmorton ISD; TASB Executive Seach Services infoINFO
New Super Sanger ISD; Search By: ​Walsh Gallegos & Educational Consultant Dr. Ann DixonINFO
New Super San Benito CISD; Search By: JG Consulting - James GuerraINFO
New Super Hutto ISD ; Dr. Celina Estrada Thomas; Assistant Superintendent of Fredericksburg ISD; Search By: JG Consulting INFO
New Super Nocona ISD; Dr. David Waters; Assistant Superintendent, Llano ISD Search By: Region 9 ESCINFO
New Super La Feria ISD; Cathy Lee Hernandez, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum at Judson ISD; search by Walsh Gallegos & Educational Consultant Gary PattersonINFO
New Super Waelder ISD; Search By Waelder ISD Board of Trustees infoINFO
New Super Industrial ISD; Paul Danilek, Superintendent of Stockdale ISD; Search by Industrial ISD Board InfoINFO
New Super Stockdale ISD - Daniel Fuller, ​Superintendent,Waelder ISD; Stockdale ISD Board of Trustees infoINFO
New Super Snyder ISD; Dr. Eddie Bland, Former Bridgeport Superintendent; Search by Ronnie Kincaid, ESC 14 InfoINFO
New Super Hubbard ISD (Hill County); Dr. Wayne Guidry, Executive Director of Operations of West Orange-Cove CISD; Search by the Hubbard ISD Board of Trustees and Interim Super Kerry HansenINFO
New Super Gladewater ISD - Sedric Clark , High School Principal ,Mansfield High School, LA; Search by: Gladewater Board of TrusteesINFO
New Super Hamlin ISD - Dr. Randy Burks , interim superintendent ,Hamlin ISD; Search By Region 14 ESC & Ronnie Kincaid infoINFO
New Super Paducah ISD - Gary Waitman , High School Principal,​Petrolia ISD; Search By: Paducah ISD ​Board of Trustees infoINFO
New Super Shepherd ISD - Rick Hartley , Assistant Superintendent,Waco ISD; Search By Shepherd ISD Board of Trustees and DRV Executive Search Services infoINFO
New Super Linden-Kildare CISD - Keri Winters, High School Principal,Linden-Kildare CISD; Search By Linden-Kildare CISD Board of TrusteesINFO
New Super Lexington ISD; Dr. Tonya Knowlton; Principal; Harleton High School Search By: Arrow Educational ServicesINFO
New Super Teague ISD; Chris Skinner; Principal of Teague ISD; Search By: TASB Executive Search Services InfoINFO


November 1709:00 AM

Goffney honored with reception at The Silo

November 1708:41 AM

A come-and-go reception was held at The Silo Tuesday afternoon to congratulate LaTonya Goffney for being named Texas Superintendent of the Year.Sweetened bacon on skewers, guacamole and shrimp-stuffed chips, vegetable cups and a table of fruit with a large LP for Lufkin Panthers made out of blackberries were among the delicacies served by Tomé Catering.

Photos from Lufkin reception in honor of Dr. Goffney, the Texas Superintendent of the Year

November 1708:40 AM

Congratulations La Tonya Goffney and Lufkin ISD.  The reception is evidence that the hometown is proud of their superintendent and their schools.  I was there,  our senator and representative was there, Hudson ISD superintendent and CFO also attended.  arw


November 1708:29 AM

The Teague Independent School District (ISD) Board of Trustees, at its November 7thmeeting, named Chris Skinner as finalist for superintendent. By law, the Board must now wait 21 days before voting to hire Skinner. Chris Skinner is slated to replace Interim Superintendent Ray Matthews.  The Board selected four applicants for initial interviews. Two applicants were invited back for a second interview. With the second round of interviews completed, the Board voted to name Chris Skinner as the lone finalist on November 7th. The Board is scheduled to vote to offer a contract to Skinner November 30th.  Chris Skinner has been with Teague ISD since 2007. He has served as Assistant Principal, Principal, and Director of Facilities during his time with Teague ISD. view article  arw

2017 Tax Ratification Elections/Results

November 1309:00 AM

Election information related to all Tax Ratification Elections in 2016

Preventive Law: Texas Law Requires Three-Point Seat Belts on All Buses Contracted by School Districts to Transport Students

November 0208:35 AM

In 2017, the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 693 related to three-point seat belts on buses that transport schoolchildren. S.B. 693, 85th Leg., Reg. Sess. (Tex. 2017). Effective September 1, 2017, every bus operated by or contracted for use by a school district for the transportation of schoolchildren (included school-charted buses) shall be equipped with a three-point seat belt for each passenger, including the operator. Tex. Transp. Code Ann. § Senate Bill 693 (West 2017). According to the statute, a “bus” includes a school bus, school activity bus, multifunction school activity bus, or school-chartered bus. Id. The seat belt requirement does not apply to:

Why no children died during the Rancho Tehama school shooting

November 1708:40 AM

It was one of the worst-case scenarios for a school shooting: a yard full of children playing with a rampaging gunman just minutes away. At Rancho Tehama Elementary School, children who were outside were quickly hustled Tuesday morning into locked rooms as Kevin Janson Neal drew closer. One student was shot, but nobody died. And that, authorities say, is stunning. view article  arw

School Staff Prevented ‘Horrific Bloodbath’ With Lockdown: Superintendent

November 1708:40 AM

Staff at a Northern California school are being credited for their quick response to the sound of gunfire, which helped avoid a "horrific bloodbath" when a Tehama County man went on a shooting rampage on Tuesday, sheriff's officials said. The day began normally, with parents driving and walking with their children to Rancho Tehama Elementary School, which is one of five schools in the Corning Elementary School District.  However, the sound of a gunshot pierced the air around 7:50 a.m., gaining the attention of a secretary and other school personnel. Two more shots quickly followed, Superintendent Richard Fitzpatrick said. view article  arw

Pastor reveals ‘dirty little secret’ to Texas educators, teaches them how to vote out ‘stupid’

November 1708:39 AM

Must be effective - js - A long-overdue war has broken out between the state's billion-dollar education establishment (Big Ed) and conservative state lawmakers who sometimes vote against Big Ed's wishes.  The battlefield is the ballot box. Organizers of the anti-tea party campaign set a goal of getting every school district employee in every district to register and vote in next year's Republican primary on March 6.  The movement is endorsed by the Texas Association of School Boards and many other pro-education groups. view article  arw

Humble’s Kingwood High School projected to open mid-March, cost more than $70M

November 1708:37 AM

Humble ISD administrators expect Kingwood High School to reopen by mid-March, allowing about 2,800 students displaced by Hurricane Harvey to return to their home campus. District Superintendent Elizabeth Fagen said enough construction projects will be completed in the academic wings of Kingwood High School to send students back on March 19. Updated estimates to repair the building and replace materials now exceed $70 million. view article  arw

Kingwood High School restoration to include improvements

November 1708:35 AM

The road to recovery after Hurricane Harvey for Humble Independent School District has been challenging, long and fast-paced, Humble ISD Superintendent Elizabeth Fagen said during the Nov. 14 school board meeting. Kingwood High School was among the district's buildings that flooded during Harvey. Summer Creek High School is sharing its campus with Kingwood. view article  arw

Dickinson ISD works to return students to normalcy

November 1708:35 AM

While the structures within Dickinson ISD garnered very little damage in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the lingering effects of flooding like that seen during the storm could last a lifetime – especially for kids. "The schools themselves did pretty good in the storm," said Tammy Dowdy, director of communications for Dickinson ISD. "Bay Colony got about two or three inches of water in about a quarter of the building, so the flooring was removed and everything was cleaned down before we reopened. Other than that, we fared really well." view article  arw

Studying data next step student performance report shows a number of key areas

November 1708:35 AM

After hearing an analysis of student performance across the district, Superintendent Tom Crowe said the board needs to study the data, reconvene with the Ector County Independent School District Board of Trustees and tell them what they found. Jennifer Hurd, an independent consultant based in Midland, conducted the study that analyzed student performance over time, by student groups and individual schools. Hurd said ECISD is facing a significant challenge in terms of academic performance because it is below state average in most tested areas.  view article  arw

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Vexing Sexting: Pupils, Parents, Police, Privacy, and Punishment Webinar

December 6, 2017

One explicit picture of a student can become a campus-wide sexting scandal. Vexing Sexting analyzes the legal issues involved in a sexting investigation: phone searches and seizures, evidence handling, FERPA compliance, and disciplinary options. It describes the state crimes at issue and when cooperation with law enforcement is required or preferred. The session will also address the role of extracurricular codes of conduct, bullying policies, and harassment regulations.


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December 6, 2017  |  12:00 - 1:00 pm


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Copperas Cove ISD employees to receive incentive

November 1708:33 AM

The Copperas Cove Independent School District school board took impact aid money and put more than $1.2 million toward a one-time retention incentive for staff members during its meeting Tuesday night. The district will pay all full-time employees $1,000 and part-time employees $500. The money was unexpected as Department of Education told school officials it may be next spring before the money was available. The district expected more than $12 million in impact aid money in 2016-2017. Impact aid money helps school districts handle the cost of educating children from military families. view article  arw

Marshall ISD begins discussion on how to move WWII monument

November 1708:33 AM

For the first time since the school year began, Marshall ISD officials returned to the old Marshall Junior High School Thursday to evaluate the feasibility of moving the old World War II monument to a new home, possibly at the high school. "This came up during our (school) bond campaign with the whole building of the new junior high and everything," said David Weaver, director of communications for MISD. "This was one thing that a lot of folks were understandably concerned about - the future of this monument. view article  arw

Houston ISD board OKs Kashmere High’s 3rd turnaround plan amid intervention threat

November 1708:33 AM

Houston ISD board members Thursday for the third time unanimously approved Kashmere High School's state-mandated turnaround plans, a proposal that must be approved to avoid state intervention. The turnaround plan, required after Kashmere High School received an eighth straight "improvement required" rating for low academic performance, now includes additional detail requested by the Texas Education Agency. If state education officials don't accept the district's plan for Kashmere High School, the state education commissioner must close the campus, order new management of the school or take over the district's board of trustees. view article  arw


November 1708:30 AM

Nearly 3,000 people gathered Wednesday for memorial services honoring 10 victims of the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs. The Holcombe family lost nine people across three generations in the November 5 shooting, including an unborn child. 36-year-old Crystal Holcombe was pregnant when she was killed. Three of her children were killed as well. Longtime family friend Susan Shanzer told Texas Public Radio that Crystal would occasionally babysit her grandkids. view article  arw

Lubbock ISD Elementary Schools Take Precautions

November 1708:30 AM

 When it comes to safety, the Lubbock Independent School District wants parents to know that officials take multiple security measures to protect kids. "When I'm making my classroom walks every morning and afternoon, I'm not only checking on the classrooms. I'm also checking those exterior doors. When we take the kids outside for recess, we want to make sure that that faculty know that that door closes behind me. I cannot take a day off when it comes to safety and security for these kids," said Kevin Booe, principal of Miller Elementary School. view article  arw

Baylor University bilingual efforts most welcome

November 1708:30 AM

Operating on the theory that there’s no time like the present to address a challenge, Baylor University is commendably stepping up to address a problem gaining more and more attention in society as state demographics and political winds shift. As Trib staff writer Shelly Conlon reports, Baylor’s School of Education is exploring a new undergraduate and graduate program for training bilingual educators — the very sort long cherished in public schools across Texas, including here in McLennan County. Department chair Larry Browning frankly acknowledges shortcomings in the past to tackle this growing need.  view article  arw


November 1708:29 AM

The Teague Independent School District Board of Trustees at its Nov. 7 meeting named Chris Skinner as finalist for superintendent. By law, the board must now wait 21 days before voting to hire Skinner. Skinner is slated to replace Interim Superintendent Ray Matthews. view article  arw

La Vernia ISD to seek new superintendent

November 1708:29 AM

The La Vernia Independent School District board of trustees will begin its search for a new superintendent soon. During a special called meeting Nov. 9, the school board voted 4-3 to accept the resignation of Superintendent Jos Moreno, and in a separate action, to appoint the district’s Human Resources Director Shannon Burns as acting administrator in charge of the school district. Moreno has led the district since 2014. view article  arw

Students working on Grand Prairie ISD leader’s car is no scandal, officials say

November 1708:29 AM

The restoration of the Grand Prairie school district superintendent's classic car is the result of routine work by a gifted group of auto-tech students and not a sweet insider deal, Grand Prairie ISD officials said Thursday.  A news report Wednesday by KTVT-TV (Channel 11) said Dubiski Career High School students took a junked 1972 El Camino and restored it to pristine, "museum-quality" condition after months of extensive work. The catch: The car is owned by Superintendent Susan Simpson Hull, who is already under investigation for issues surrounding maintenance on her district-provided house. view article  arw

Grand Prairie: GPISD Leader In Hot Water Over Collectible Car

November 1708:29 AM

It was her car. Give her a break - js - .  Focus on the opportunity it gave the students and the quality of the Grand Praire ISD programs - js - GRAND PRAIRIE (CBS11) – A junk car turned in an award-winning museum quality collectible.  It was all done by some gifted Grand Prairie ISD students.  But the owner of the vehicle is the school district’s superintendent which raises questions among some about about whether she should keep it.  A spokesman for Grand Prairie’s superintendent says she was just helping out auto tech students by bringing them a junk vehicle to restore.  A junk 1972 El Camino purchased by Grand Prairie ISD Superintendent Dr. Susan Hull. view article  arw

Hays CISD names lone finalist for new superintendent

November 1708:29 AM

During its special board meeting Wednesday, the Hays CISD board of trustees unanimously voted for Eric Wright as the lone finalist in the search for a new superintendent. Wright, who is currently the superintendent of Fredericksburg ISD, has 29 years of experience in education. In 2003, he earned his superintendent certification from Stephen F. Austin State University, the same alma mater at which he earned a doctoral degree in educational leadership the year before.  view article  arw

Hays CISD names Fredericksburg’s Eric Wright as superintendent finalist

November 1708:29 AM

The Hays school board Wednesday night tapped Fredricksburg’s Superintendent Eric Wright to lead the district.  Trustees named Wright lone finalist over the 19,860-student district. State law requires a 21-day waiting period before the board can offer him a contract.  “This is a dynamic time for our district and we have found a leader to match the excitement and challenges we face,” said board President Merideth Keller. “Dr. Wright is the right person to lead our schools as we continue to grow in student population, expand the educational opportunities for our students, and maintain our strong sense of community and family. He will be able to help us thrive as we grow, while keeping us grounded in the core values that have made our school district a special place to live.” view article  arw

Bushland ISD selects superintendent finalist from Big Spring

November 1708:29 AM

The Bushland Independent School District Board of Trustees voted 6-0 Wednesday night to name Chris Wigington as the lone finalist for superintendent.  Wigington, who is currently the superintendent at Big Spring ISD, is set to replace Don Wood, who is retiring.  Per state law, the board must wait 21 days before they can finalize the selection. view article  arw

Seguin Education Foundation gives education a boost

November 1708:25 AM

Seguin ISD educators across the district got an early Christmas gift this week. On Tuesday, the Seguin Education Foundation headed to the campuses with the Matador Marching Band and paraded the halls with big checks. The board awarded nearly $65,000 to various classrooms, teaching groups, instructional coaches, librarians and more. The grants they funded ranged from Maker Space Labs to literacy programs, Flexible Seating, technology and technology-based programs, musical instruments, art supplies and funding for the attendance reward at Mercer Blumberg Learning Center —Taco Tuesday. view article  arw

Royse City ISD applauds successful grant applications

November 1708:25 AM

The Royse City ISD Board of Directors met for its November public meeting last Tuesday evening to honor several teachers and administrators district-wide and to discuss and act on multiple matters of district import. The board recognized and applauded the many teachers who were awarded substantial grants in a district-wide grant-approval spree two weeks ago. RCISD Communications Director Adi Bryant presented a video compilation of the grant presentations on October 27 – she and several other district staff rode a bus from school to school and surprised teacher with grants for programs including music education, physical education and sports, robotics, and other innovative learning initiatives proposed by Royse City teachers. view article  arw

United South High School dedicates new state-of-the-art campus

November 1708:25 AM

The panther pride at United South High School grew even more with the recent addition of a ninth-grade campus. UISD officials welcomed home the class of 2021 on Tuesday during a dedication ceremony for the new United South High ninth-grade campus. The two-story campus neighbors United South High School and boasts 30 classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art features. The new ninth-grade campus represents the district meeting demands for a growing student population as well as its progress toward innovation. This addition brings technology opportunities, including various labs and interactive whiteboards, into the classroom that were previously not available. view article  arw

Lunch with Rep. Andrew Murr - Steak, potatoes and Robin Hood

November 1708:25 AM

Once a year the Bandera Economic Development Luncheon, hosted by local realtor, Gary Johnston and Angelika Inzanti provides an opportunity for members of the community to visit with a state representative. This year State Representative Andrew Murr to spoke at an informal luncheon at Brick’s River Café in Bandera last Friday, on Nov. 10. view article  arw

New Caney ISD Education Foundation surprises teachers with $133K in grants

November 1708:25 AM

The New Caney ISD Education Foundation's F.A.N. Club (Funding Academic Innovation through teacher grants) delivered 39 grants across the school district Nov. 8. The Education Foundation strives to promote the success of New Caney ISD students by helping expand on the school district's programs. The foundation encourages teachers and other staff members to apply for grants to help enrich these programs. "With this latest round of grants, we've put over $545,000 back into our schools," said Melanie Dykstra, of the Education Foundation. view article  arw

Waco ISD applies for $450,000 grant in effort to save 5 struggling schools

November 1708:25 AM

Waco Independent School District will be applying for a $450,000 transformation zone grant through the Texas Education Agency to help support the district through its planning process to save five schools facing the possibility of closure next year, Superintendent A. Marcus Nelson announced at Thursday night’s school board meeting. Nelson and other administrators gave an update Thursday on progress made since the district wrapped up three community meetings about how to save the campuses if they don’t pass state accountability standards in May. Waco ISD officials are counting down the days until they must produce a plan to the state to save the campuses, and administrators want residents to know they have been working non-stop to find the best option, they said. The deadline to apply for the grant is Nov. 30, Nelson said. view article  arw

Eanes ISD approves 3 percent increase to staff salaries at board meeting Nov. 14

November 1708:25 AM

Eanes ISD board of trustees approved a 3 percent increase in staff salaries for the 2017-18 school year at a special board meeting Nov. 14. The tax increases are possible, in part, due to voter approval of the district’s tax ratification on Nov. 7.  view article  arw