Beaumont Independent School District's school board members are hoping a new partnership will help boost their Texas Education Agency ratings. School board members are partnering with Third Future Schools to help bring their scores up, but before they do this they're cutting ties with Phalen Leadership Academies. view article arw

As the 2023 Texas Legislature convenes, education advocacy organization Raise Your Hand Texas is urging the public to become educated on the topic of vouchers. Laura Yeager, whose three children attended Austin ISD schools, has been advocating on a wide range of public education issues since 2011. She said vouchers play a role in each issue. “It’s a long game of privatizing public education. In terms of funding, Texas is 49th if you look at spending on each kid in Texas,” Yeager said. “We are underfunding our schools.” If voucher programs are passed, Yeager said Austin-area districts would have less money and more difficulties educating children, thus making school become a less enriching experience. “We love our public schools. We know they’re the center of our communities ... It’s what brings people together. In this divisive time, it’s brought everyone together. If we lose that element, that’s a grave danger to the state,” Yeager said. Effects of vouchers Vouchers are typically introduced as a way to provide additional school choice options for students in the U.S., although voucher critics believe Texas already offers a variety of options for families through the public school system, and that any sort of voucher would divert public funds away from public schools.    (18) view article arw