It is becoming clear that the problem of vaccination coverage does not belong to someone else. It is our (the schools’) problem because they are our kids and we must deal with it. When you look at the annual reports, it is clear that most of our students are immunized, but even a miniscule percentage represents a lot of kids and the loss of one student is too many. read more arw

It is Election Day - November 5, 2019.- The only thing left to be said is, if you did not vote early, Vote Today. read more arw

A day before the start of homecoming week, Thomas Jefferson High School lost its home. Dallas ISD is trying to move mountains to make sure the school’s students have a new home — quickly — after the TJ campus was severely damaged during Sunday’s tornadoes. After briefly contemplating splitting the school’s 1,800-plus students among surrounding high schools, district officials decided to relocate the entire campus to a vacant facility nine miles away. view article arw