Updated with additional information! - js - This incident of the deaths of two people on a burning school bus first caught my attention yesterday, when I saw it in the morning news.  Only two people were on the bus (driver and one student) and both died. The driver was a 74 year old male, the student was a 16 year old female.   Klindt’s (the student’s) mother called 911. The girl’s sister tried to break out windows on the bus. The fire occurred as the bus was backing out of the farm’s driveway . . . The bus ended up in the ditch on the opposite side of the road When firefighters from Oakland, Carson and Macedonia arrived, they found the bus fully engulfed in flames. Klindt and Hendricks weren’t able to get off the bus. The bus had front and rear-door exits as well as two exit hatches on the roof. It’s unclear if there were additional window exits. read more arw

I must comment on Jim Largent, Superintendent of Granbury ISD, who announced his candidacy for State Representative District 60 Monday. I can’t think of a better candidate for the people of that area. read more arw