My interest in the topic of vaccinations likely goes back to the fact that I am a polio survivor from the late 1940’s and early 1950’s before vaccinations became available. Today, a reader shared an article that I feel compelled to share and comment on.  Nonmedical vaccine exemptions for K-12 students increase statewide . This article from Community needs to be shared and referenced widely in our state. We are currently involved in the coronavirus pandemic that has had all schools and businesses shut down.  This pandemic is taking much of our attention, but please be careful that while you are focused on the coronavirus that another killer does not sneak into our schools. read more arw

Today, I want to encourage you to read Bob Reim’s School Insurance Newsletter. I have observed that there is nothing more constant in the school finance world than our school districts’ lack of expertise in risk management. Some districts may have percentage deductibles and not even know it. Not knowing about your district's insurance coverage is dangerous.  read more arw

It seems reasonable to expect that schools would be allowed to reopen in a similar way as businesses. An Austin ISD task force is developing a range of scenarios for reopening considerations. One is the possibility of only having 25% of students return to in-person-learning at the same time.  This would allow schools to develop some very interesting schedules. read more arw

Yesterday, I shared an article from Midland ISD concerning a flexible calendar option being presented by staff to the board. Today, I am following up with an article discussing the board meeting where this idea was presented (MISD trustees want input on school calendar). read more arw