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There were great stories today about the accomplishments of the students in our public schools. read more arw

Windthorst ISD will start school at 10am on Thursday, May 3, to allow time for staff to evaluate storm damage. read more arw

Another North Texas school district is taking new security measures in the wake of the Florida high school massacre. “Unfortunately in today’s society, in order to keep somebody safe, we have to take these extra measures,” said Ennis Police Chief John Erisman, who has two sons in the Ennis ISD. view article arw

I am pleased to see educators involved in activities related to developing a “culture of voting” among students and faculty. I hope this mindset continues to grow among educators in the future. There are some odd things happening such as the voter suppression campaign being run by our AG. It got worse yesterday. I am not sure whether they are afraid of the Get Out the Vote Campaign as it is today or what it could become in the future. I have never seen an AG making open records requests and offering no justification for those requests. Should I be more leary of a person who has been indicted for fraud or a district that is giving out jean passes to those who vote? Is somebody scared?...Well, I don’t know. Maybe some of our state leaders are just odd people. And maybe these educators are more powerful than I think. Read DMN article Texas AG makes 'odd' request of public schools following effort to regulate their role in election read more arw