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Just over a month before the start of the launch of its first school bus service, the Dallas Independent School District still needed 150 more drivers as a two day hiring fair began Thursday. The new service is the result of voters deciding to close troubled bus agency Dallas County Schools last year after NBC 5 Investigates reports on safety problems and management scandals. view article arw

Fort Worth schools are trying to edge out the competition for school bus drivers with a $500 bonus for new hires and incentive pay for drivers with perfect or "almost-perfect" attendance. The details of the district's plan were described in a website announcement titled: "Fort Worth ISD offers financial incentives to new and veteran school bus drivers." view article arw

About 40 of the 120 schools in the Northside Independent School District will be affected by changing bus routes in the coming school year, according to school district officials. Every summer the district reassesses its bus routes by adding and eliminating some.  This year's decision is making some parents angry. The walk to the school bus stop is only about two blocks for Meghan Frindley and her 7-year-old daughter, Ambrosia. view article arw

The Bryan Independent School District is set to roll out a new school bus tracking system this fall. It’ll allow parents and the school district officials to know where all buses are at all times. This comes after the district overhauled its bus route plan last year because of constant delays and confusion. "The bus situation last year was a joke," said Malory Espitia, a mother of two Bryan ISD students. view article arw

Austin ISD is holding a job fair for those interested in a career in transportation, food service or maintenance. The upcoming job fair will be held from 8:30 a.m. to noon on June 19 at the Baker Center -- 3908 Avenue B. view article arw

George W. Jones, director of visual and performing arts for Garland ISD, presented the Board of Trustees with a proposal as to why the purchasing of trailers for each of their seven high school marching bands would be beneficial for the district. The trailers would be utilized to transport marching band instruments and equipment to and from events. view article arw

Chopper 11 is over the scene of a crash between a Bland ISD school bus and an 18 wheeler on HWY 80 near the Collin County line. Triage was set up there and several ambulances responded along with Highway Patrol troopers. view article arw

A Bland ISD school bus carrying 14 students was involved in a crash with an 18-wheeler on U.S. Highway 380 between the Collin and Hunt county line, KXAS reports. The crash happened around 12:50 p.m., the station reports. Several ambulances were called to the scene. view article arw

Authorities say that there are no serious injuries following a collision between a Bland ISD school bus and a tractor-trailer in Hunt County on Thursday afternoon. A spokesman with the Texas Department of Public Safety said that the bus was stopped at an apartment complex on U.S. Highway 380 near the Collin County line when it was rear ended by a tractor-trailer. About 14 people were on the bus. view article arw

Seven Justin Elementary students were transported to local hospitals from the scene of a school bus rollover on Farm Road 407 near Bill Cook Road Tuesday afternoon. All seven were treated and released by Tuesday evening. The single-vehicle accident occurred around 3:15 with the bus leaving the roadway and landing on its right side on the north side of FM 407, approximately six miles west of Justin in Denton County. view article arw

District officials say four to five buses were involved in the accident on Beltway 8 South near Blackhawk. They say nine students are being treated for minor injuries. view article arw

Students on the Northwest ISD school bus that crashed on Tuesday were helped by an EMT just moments after the accident. She was just two cars away. Amanda Turner says she watched this bus filled with children from Justin Elementary School flip over in Denton County. view article arw

The seven Northwest ISD elementary students who were taken to a hospital Tuesday after a school bus crashed with 18 students on board have all been released, the district said. The bus, which was carrying students from Justin Elementary School, crashed in the 12600 block of FM407 in Denton County about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday. view article arw

A Northwest ISD school bus was involved in a rollover crash Tuesday afternoon while transporting 18 students from Justin Elementary School. view article arw

Seven students were taken to a hospital with minor injuries after a Northwest ISD school bus crashed in Denton County on Tuesday afternoon, according to the sheriff's department and school officials. The accident happened about 3:15 p.m. on Farm Road 407 at Bill Cook Lane, about five miles west of Justin. view article arw

The Lake Travis Independent School District is taking steps to make sure its students get to and from the classroom safely. That means all students will be buckling up on the big yellow bus.  "You click, tug and snug," director of transportation with LTISD Rhonda Davis explain that's the rhyme Lake Travis students will be repeating when school starts back up in August. "It's just to increase our students safety we think that's the first and foremost of what we do. We transport precious cargo," says Davis. view article arw

The driver of a school bus that collided with a dump truck in New Jersey last week -- killing a teacher and a student -- had 16 traffic violations and had his license suspended 14 times in the past four decades, a state official told CNN. At least eight of the traffic violations were for speeding, New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission spokeswoman Mairin Bellack told CNN Wednesday. The license suspensions date to 1975, and the most recent was in December of last year -- for unpaid parking tickets, she said. The rest were for administrative or paperwork reasons. view article arw

About two weeks ago, two Jacksonville ISD school buses were involved in a rear-end collision near Joe Wright Elementary School. Now parents are looking for answers as to why they were not called the day it happened.  "We didn't get a phone call from the bus barn, we didn't get a phone call from the administration building," parent Melissa Van Ness said "So the next morning when my son woke up, he woke up screaming that his head was hurting and then just started vomiting everywhere." view article arw

MOUNT OLIVE, N.J. (AP) — Before a New Jersey school bus collided with a dump truck last week leaving a fifth-grader and a teacher dead, the bus merged onto an interstate and then turned sharply toward an illegal U-turn area, according to a new video. reported the department of transportation video that its reporter viewed shows the bus merging from Route 206 onto Interstate 80 before turning at a nearly perpendicular angle toward a crossover area. Police use the area for turnarounds but civilian turns are not allowed. view article arw

Building anything from the ground up takes time. The new executive director of transportation at the Dallas Independent School District has until Aug. 20. "We have our task lists of what we have to do," said Kayne Smith, Ed.D. as he looked at scribble on a white board. "We're making a lot of gains, a lot of headway." view article arw

First, a scraping sound. Then, chaos and panic as a bus taking a group of fifth-graders on a field trip collided with a dump truck and toppled over on a busy highway, killing a student and a teacher and injuring dozens of others. First responders arrived in minutes to find students and adults strewn across the highway and median, with others still inside the bus. "It was a rough scene to see," Jeff Paul, director of the Morris County Office of Emergency Management, said. "When I arrived there were children lying all over the place." view article arw

A 12-year-old boy is in custody at the Guadalupe County Juvenile Detention Center after police said he made threatening comments against his fellow school bus riders. New Braunfels police arrested the boy Thursday morning following his threatening comments made the day before. In a letter sent by the New Braunfels Independent School District, the boy was a student at New Braunfels Middle School and was charged with making a terroristic threat. view article arw

The EZ-Rider of Odessa will be short two buses on May 14. view article arw

As the school year winds down, officials with the College Station Independent School District said they've seen an increase in the number of drivers illegally passing school buses. According to College Station ISD Director of Transportation Hector Silva, in one day, they counted 70 cars ignoring the stop arms and flashing lights while the school buses were loading and unloading students. view article arw

A local charter school bus driver was arrested last week for allegedly sexually abusing at least three children he drove to school. Jose Luis Garza, 59, of Mission, was arraigned Monday on one count of sexually abusing a child under 14. He was previously arraigned May 11 on two counts of the same charge, a first degree felony carrying a sentence of up to life in prison if convicted. His bond has been set at a combined $320,000 and he remains in the custody of Hidalgo County jail as of early Monday evening. Garza was employed at IDEA North Mission and resigned with notice on April 23, according to IDEA Public Schools. view article arw

A Katy Independent School District bus driver is now on probationary status after being caught on camera blowing through a red light at a busy intersection. Another driver captured the scene on his personal dashcam Monday at 6:45 a.m. at Kingsland Boulevard and Pin Oak Drive near Katy Mills Mall. "I see people run lights all the time and don't like it at all, but to see a bus with children do it was really quite serious. view article arw

No students were injured when a Nacogdoches Independent School District bus was involved in a minor wreck around 2 p.m. Monday, May 14. view article arw

After noticing more people running through school bus stop signals when during unloading and loading times, Jack Overfield, a retired Air Traffic Control, decided to bring attention to the issue. "Sometimes it was so bad I would see the driver look at me and just drive by, and if I thought he was going to stop and let the kids walk across, they could've been dead," said Overfield. For the past five years, Overfield has made safety videos to bring awareness to school bus safety for both school bus drivers and students. view article arw

Rogers ISD Superintendent Joe Craig says that an accident involving a Rogers ISD school bus on a field trip was very minor and there were no injuries. He sent the message out to parents to keep rumors from getting out of control regarding the very minor accident involving students on a middle school gifted and talented trip to Austin. view article arw

The driver of a Bryan ISD school bus was ejected during an accident Monday morning. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the bus was crossing Highway 47 at Silver Hill Road when a Ford pick-up truck hit it. That collision forced the bus to hit a Kia SUV that was sitting at the Silver Hill intersection. view article arw

Becoming a school bus driver is no easy ride these days. Wichitan Jim Walley crammed his 70-something noggin with road rules, learned to name every part under the hood of a Thomas Built Bus and spouted a slew of federal and state requirements. Nobody was going to just toss him the keys to a big yellow bus and tell him to hit the road with 62 other drivers for 3,000 WFISD students – certainly not his boss, Brain Gibson of Durham School Services. view article arw

What would your bus drivers do in this situation? - js - NEWTOWN, MA (WCVB/CNN) – Massachusetts State Police are investigating a bizarre incident involving a school bus and an irate driver.  The incident was caught on the bus's dashcam.  The video shows a driver come to a complete stop in the center lane of the highway, forcing the bus behind him to a halt. The driver gets out of his car and walks to the bus door.  Joe Rizoli, the bus driver, doesn't let him in, so the man goes to the front of the bus and jumps on the hood. view article arw

It can be a busy and fast-paced road on 1788 in Midland and it also happens to also be a bus stop for a few MISD students. Sheri Vallejo is the grandmother to an MISD student and she says that she wants her bus stop changed for the safety of her grandchild. Local law enforcement say that they do patrol the area, but Thursday morning and afternoon they brought extra patrol units to the area.  view article arw

HISD has thousands of yellow school busses. But the school district is spending millions of your tax dollars on charters to take many students to and from school. “We definitely need to make sure our kids are getting to school and they’re getting to school in a safe manner,” said HISD Board Trustee Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca. But Flynn Vilaseca believes the expensive fix for the district’s bus driver shortage should have been more temporary. “And it’s unfortunate that we haven’t been able to fill the spots so we could use our own bus fleet that we have,” said Flynn Vilaseca. view article arw