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Maintaining enough school bus drivers is an issue schools not just in Texoma but across the nation face regularly. Even when schools are properly staffed, having enough drivers for extracurricular activities can be a challenge and having those drivers maintain their certification has become difficult. While school district officials needing bus drivers is a common issue, it's not one folk with WFISD are having to deal with right now. view article arw

A Pflugerville ISD school bus was involved in a crash on Tuesday afternoon. It happened at Kelly Lane and the SH 45/130 interchange. view article arw

Three students were injured in a crash involving a Palestine ISD school bus. According to Palestine ISD, one of their school buses was involved in a one-vehicle wreck Monday afternoon on Highway 79 East. They reported the driver of the bus and three students were injured in the wreck. According to Palestine ISD, their injuries didn’t appear to be serious, however, they were transported to the hospital as a precaution. view article arw

Pflugerville ISD mother Crystle Oakley says her son Ashtin and other students have been forced to sit in the aisle of their school bus because of overcrowding. Ashtin spends almost an hour every day on the bus going to and from middle school. This week, he showed his mother pictures and video of several students crammed in each seat, sitting in the aisles and blocking the emergency exit. view article arw

Diane Pinkney has been driving a school bus for more than 10 years for Channelview ISD. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would be driving children to school. She applied for the position mainly because she needed benefits. It has turned out to be the best thing for Diane, who says she enjoys mentoring kids from kindergarten through 12th grade. She also says she likes helping them walk a straight path that can one day lead them to a better future. view article arw

Nearly 50 Killeen Independent School District bus drivers in an overflowing crowd occupied KISD headquarters Tuesday night as dialogue on a growing workplace dilemma developed. Dozens of transportation department employees wearing red shirts advocated for a solution to a growing bus driver shortage. Killeen ISD has seen as many as 80 bus driver vacancies in recent months. view article arw

The head of a Houston-area charter school and another school employee have been indicted on federal embezzlement charges, accused of siphoning more than $250,000 from the school for themselves and using some of the money to buy a car and condominium.  A grand jury in the U.S. District Court's Southern District of Texas handed up charges this week against Houston Gateway Academy Superintendent Richard Garza, including one count of conspiracy, two counts of theft concerning programs receiving federal funds, three counts of wire fraud and two counts of engaging in monetary transactions involving criminally acquired property. view article arw

Garner ISD replaced all three of the route school buses with the help of a regional grant. North Central Texas Council of Governments issued a Clean Vehicle/Air Quality Funding Grant, which is a part of NCTCOG’s Air Quality Projects, to GISD for purchasing new buses. The grant allows for the replacement of heavy-duty vehicles with diesel engines manufactured before 2007, GISD Superintendent Rebecca Hallmark said. In total, the buses cost $280,883, and the grant paid for $70,020, or 25 percent, of the total cost, Hallmark said. The rest was paid by the district. view article arw

Amarillo ISD is facing a shortage of school bus drivers. Currently, the district has 77 routes but only 71 drivers to fill those routes. “I think because the economy is doing so well and there’s so many jobs available right now that we do see a lot of people who are moving from job to job,” said Camillia Johnston, Director of Auxiliary Personnel for Amarillo ISD. “That is playing a part into the fact that we have a shortage and that we continue to have a shortage. I think that’s something that a lot of people are experiencing right now, across town.” view article arw

One Canyon father is outraged after a school bus driver dropped off his son and two other students more than a mile from home. “The bus driver stopped and told us to get out of the bus,” said High School Freshman Darian Reid. He tells ABC 7 Amarillo his bus driver stopped at the intersection of Western and Rockwell and told them to walk so the bus could avoid pothole maintenance. “Once we got down the street, one of the construction workers pulled up and asked if we had just walked all the way down from there and we said yes sir and he said, we could have let you in,” said Darian Reid. view article arw

Some bus drivers at First Student, the company Lewisville ISD uses for its bus service, is claiming some of the company’s drivers are acting in an unsafe manner. During an LISD Board of Trustees meeting earlier this month driver Casey Childress expressed to the board concerns he had with some of the other drivers at First Student. “We have drivers who speed on school property, use cell phones while driving and fail to have children seated safely while driving, just to name a few,” Childress said to the board. “LISD policies, state laws and DOT (Department of Transportation) regulations are broken on a regular basis.” view article arw

The Denison Independent School District will be donating transportation services to the city for its new summer day camp later this summer. The district’s board of trustees voted unanimously to approve an agreement Tuesday night that would allow the district to provide transportation for Denison’s DREAM Camp without taking liability. “We are more than happy to try to accommodate them because we feel it is good for our community and for our children too,” Assistant Superintendent Randy Reid said. view article arw

Officials are reporting no injuries after a bus accident was reported to Hereford Independent School District on Thursday morning. view article arw

The driver of a Houston ISD bus hit and killed a bicyclist who inadvertently slid under the vehicle Thursday afternoon while trying to avoid a collision in the Heights. The rear wheels of the yellow school bus ran over the male cyclist and killed him almost instantly around 3 p.m., according to witnesses and police. The impact knocked the cyclist’s one-speed ride to his side in the intersection of East 8th Street and Heights Boulevard. view article arw

Waco police are investigating after a child was found injured at a bus stop on Friday. Waco police said a 5-year-old girl was dropped off at the bus stop of Serena Lane and Coasta Drive. As the bus was pulling away, the Midway ISD student went back into the street to pick something up. When she did, the back tire of the bus ran over her. The child was conscious after the incident. view article arw

The Killeen Independent School District was met with a full house Thursday night in a new effort to fill its shortage of bus drivers. Eric Penrod, Killeen ISD deputy superintendent, talked with more than 80 people Thursday night at the Killeen ISD board room at 200 N. W.S. Young Drive interested in school bus driver jobs in the district. The event reached standing-room-only status, officials said. view article arw

Killeen Independent School District is taking a new approach to the local school bus driver shortage. A seminar about the process of obtaining a commercial driver’s license will be held at 6 tonight at the Killeen ISD board room at 200 N. W.S. Young Drive. Those who attend will learn how to obtain a CDL, how the district provides free CDL if employed as a KISD bus driver, as well the paid training KISD provides for drivers. view article arw

A video posted by a school bus driver for the Jarrell Independent School District has gotten thousands of views on social media after she called out other drivers for failing to obey the law and stop for bus signals. view article arw

A Bell County school district is in need of school bus drivers and they are reaching out to the community. On Thursday, Killeen ISD held a Commercial Driver’s License seminar for anyone interested in becoming a Killeen bus driver. view article arw

The board of trustees for Clear Creek ISD approved a plan to rezone to reduce campus overcrowding. The changes, which will take effect at the start of the 2019-2020 school year, will affect approximately 1,000 students, officials said. The changes will impact 18 elementary schools, two intermediate schools, and all five comprehensive high schools, according to a district press release. view article arw

As the nationwide shortage of school bus drivers continues to affect school districts all over the country, the Killeen Independent School District will hold a CDL seminar for drivers on Thursday. At the seminar, the district will provide support for drivers to get a free CDL and training. New drivers also get a $1,000 bonus and incentive of up to $3,000. view article arw

Tasha Anders has given up on Manor ISD school buses. She made the decision to drive her kids to school after she says the buses have been late almost every day. "I'm not even going to deal with the hassle and the headache of standing out there and being wet and cold," says Anders. According to Scott Thomas, a spokesperson with Manor ISD, part of the problem is a driver shortage. Currently, the district has eight open positions for bus drivers. view article arw

The Abilene City Council will honor four people at this week's meeting for the role they played in the school bus fire involving a Wylie ISD bus more than a week ago. The accident occurred on Feb. 15 at the intersection of Buffalo Gap Road and Forrest Hill Road after police say a vehicle collided with the Wylie bus head-on, sending the bus on its side before it caught fire. view article arw

Parents in the Katy Independent School District will soon be able to locate their child’s bus through a cell phone app, similar to those used by ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft. Over Spring Break, Katy ISD officials will install global positioning system tracking devices into their fleet of 422 school buses. view article arw

The scariest roads in Texas

February 2108:40 AM

The scariest roads and highways in East Texas aren’t those with sharp turns, wide curves, high bridges or even the narrow county roads.  The roads that scare me the most are those that pass in front of our local schools.  If you have ever driven through a busy school zone (and we all have) with flashing lights activated, you know what I mean.  In the morning, parents are hurrying to drop off children and in the afternoons there is a rush to leave. Dozens of school buses are trying to maneuver through motorists. Some impatient parents even stop on the shoulder or in the middle of the road to let their child out of the car. In addition, there are students trying to safely cross the road and guards and school officials trying to direct traffic.  To put it mildly, school zones are chaotic. view article arw

The Judson Independent School District is looking to fill more than 150 positions and is holding a job fair on Saturday, March 2. The job fair will take place from 8 a.m. to noon at Judson High School, located at 9142 FM 78 in Converse. view article arw

The National Transportation Safety Board will not investigate a recent Athens Independent School District fatal bus crash. According to NTSB spokesperson Peter Knudson, the department only investigates a certain number of "highway accidents" per year, therefore, they are "very selective" with the accidents they choose to investigate.  view article arw

Kayli Smith, 24, finally had the opportunity to thank one of the men who saved her life on Friday in person. "It could have turned out a lot differently," Kayli said. Chance Angley, along with off-duty Odessa police officer Scottie Smith, pulled Kayli out of an overturned Wylie ISD school bus that had been hit head-on by a white Cadillac SUV that veered into the bus' lane. view article arw

Alexandria Rose Seigler, 12, and her mother, Jennifer McFadden, have a lot to be thankful for lately. "I'm just glad she's OK and I'm glad those people were there to help," said McFadden. This past Friday, several Good Samaritans pulled Seigler out of a smoking, overturned Wylie ISD school bus just moments before it burst into flames. view article arw

An Abilene High School graduate is among the heroes who helped rescue a Wylie ISD student and bus driver. Scottie Smith, 50, graduated from Abilene High School in the late 80's. He is currently a police officer with the City of Odessa. His wife Kelly said they were driving down Buffalo Gap on Friday afternoon when an SUV slammed head-on into the school bus. view article arw

Department of Public Safety troopers responded to a three-vehicle accident involving a Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco Independent School District bus that was picking up kids at the time. It happened around 7:30 a.m. near the 5400 block of FM 281 South. view article arw

Troopers say a man on his cell phone hit the back of a Bryan ISD school bus Friday afternoon in east Brazos County. It happened shortly after 4:00 p.m. on SH 21 between Wixon Valley and Kurten near Cliff Road. view article arw

According to Tyler ISD Marty Crawford, bus 48 serving Moore Middle School and John Tyler will run late Thursday morning due to an illness in driver pool. view article arw

Athens police have released a report on the Jan. 25 fatal crash involving a school bus and a train that killed one middle school student and left the bus driver and another student injured. The Athens Daily Review obtained the Texas peace officer's crash report, which said the bus was southbound in the 700 block of North Wofford Street as it approached the Union Pacific railroad crossing. "The bus stopped in accordance with state law before pulling forward on the train tracks," according to the report. "The Union Pacific train was traveling southwest on the tracks." view article arw

In an effort to enhance the safety of motorists traveling US 69 North through the Central ISD school zones, TxDOT and TxDPS are combining efforts to raise awareness of reduced speed limits and are studying possible changes through the area. Multiple crashes have occurred recently in or near the school zones. Because of these incidents, TxDOT has begun studying the school zones and what areas could be improved, corrected or changed. TxDPS has placed troopers through the area daily to enforce reduced speed limits and help keep motorists alert. view article arw