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Facing a bus driver shortage like most schools across the country, Tyler ISD is working to promote the job opportunities and recruit people to fill a high number of vacancies. John Bagert, Tyler ISD director of transportation, said Thursday a shortage of school bus drivers is nothing new for the school district. Bagert said this year, there are over two dozen driver and over 20 monitor vacancies. “This is my 12th year in this position and I have never had a full staff of drivers,” he said. “This is the highest number of driver vacancies.” He noted one of the difficulties in recruiting potential drivers is the amount of jobs available at other schools, stores and restaurants. view article arw

Tyler ISD launches a unique ad campaign to help hire dozens of bus drivers before the new school year begins. Catch the fun ads on the side of TISD school buses. view article arw

BRYAN, TX — Some recent changes have been made to Bryan ISD's bus maps, affecting which children will be eligible to ride the bus to school. Any Bryan ISD parent who lives close to their child’s school is likely familiar with the term ‘walk zones.’ Children who live within two miles of their school are not eligible for a bus route, unless their school is adjacent to a highway or major construction site. Areas like this are often deemed 'hazardous zones' by the district. view article arw

Catalytic converter thefts, which has turned into a nationwide crisis, hit the San Antonio Independent School District. District officials confirm that on Monday, its transportation department was burglarized with catalytic converters being stolen from about 20 vehicles in their fleet. view article arw

ATHENS, Texas (KETK) – The Athens ISD bus driver charged for the death of a child after it collided with a train back more than two years ago was back in court Monday afternoon for the first time in nearly a year. 80-year-old John Stevens is charged with criminally negligent homicide and injury to a child after the January 2019 crash that killed 13-year-old Christopher Bonilla and injured 9-year-old Joselyne Torres.    (08) view article arw

Bus ridership in Denton ISD for the 2020-21 school year was roughly half of what it would be in a more normal school year. Sheryl Alden, DISD’s director of transportation, said that owes to two major factors: parental faith in pandemic protocols and the district’s online learning option. Sheryl Alden Sheryl Alden Courtesy In a normal school year — think 2018-19 — Alden said bus drivers would ferry roughly 7,500 students to school in the morning and back home in the afternoon. view article arw

AUSTIN, Texas — Monday, a driver snapped a picture of a Leander ISD bus going over a low water crossing off CR 177 as water gushed to the other side. The area is the same crossing that another LISD bus got swept away on in 2018. view article arw

The Redwater Independent School district announced on the morning of May 26 that schools will have a delayed start. view article arw

The Leander Independent School District has launched an investigation after witnesses saw a school bus driver cross over a historically dangerous low water crossing with visible rushing water. Photos taken Monday show the driver pushing past low flood waters on County Road 177, a two-lane road which bridges over Brushy Creek. This crossing is the exact location a LISD school bus was swept off the bridge in October 2018 with a child still inside. view article arw

FREDERICKSBURG, Texas — A driver has died after a school bus crash in Fredericksburg on Wednesday afternoon. Police said the bus driver suffered a medical emergency around 3:50 p.m., and the bus hit several vehicles parked on North Milam Street. One of the vehicles struck was pushed from its parked location and struck the business at 904 N. Milam St., police said. view article arw

A Fredericksburg ISD school bus was involved in a major crash, and a person has died Wednesday afternoon, according to reports from the Fredericksburg Police Department. The incident took place in the 900 block of North Milam Street at around 3:50 p.m. Police say the school bus was traveling southbound on North Milam Street when the bus driver experienced a medical emergency. After that, the bus stuck several vehicles that were parked and unattended along the street, with one of them being pushed from its parked location striking a business along the same street.    (13) view article arw

"I am very pleased to report that LISD Teacher Incentive Allotment designees increased from 52 this past year to 82 this year," said Mr. John York, LISD Chief Human Resources Officer. "This increase raises our total allotment from $650,000 to $984,869."  Mr. York said the Teacher Incentive Allotment is fully funded by the state and came about with the passage of House Bill 3 in the last legislative session.  "The goal of the TIA is to create a realistic pathway to six-figure salaries for teachers, and to improve recruitment and retention of our most highly effective teachers and keep them in the classroom at our most challenging campuses," he said.  When you combine TIA with the district's Longview Incentive For Teachers (LIFT) program, Longview ISD has 11 teachers whose salary will exceed $100,000 this year.    (11) view article arw

Corpus Christi ISD will host a school bus driver recruitment event at the Cabaniss Sports Complex on May 22 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Kyle Pelichet, CCISD director of transportation, said the department is looking to fill more than 40 vacancies. Pelichet said the district currently has 77 drivers, but the loss isn't due just to the ongoing global pandemic. view article arw

The bill previously lacked the votes to advance out of House committee. After House Democrats spiked one of his bills, Rep. Harold Dutton, D-Houston, revived it. Democratic state Rep. Harold Dutton on Friday revived and helped advance a bill that would restrict transgender students from participating in school sports, in what appears to be a retaliatory effort directed at members of his own party for sinking one of his bills. Senate Bill 29, abhorred by fellow Democrats, would require the University Interscholastic League to force students to play on the sports teams based on their biological sex instead of their gender identity. The bill, which already passed in the Senate, is a priority of Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. Dutton, who chairs the House Public Education committee, brought the legislation up for a committee vote on Tuesday, where it failed to advance, in large part, because Republican state Rep. Dan Huberty was absent that day and because Dutton himself abstained from voting for or against the bill.. view article arw

NORFOLK, Mass. (AP) — A school bus driver in Norfolk was arrested Friday after students found a handgun that police say he had accidentally dropped. David Tripp, 65, of Norfolk, faces charges including reckless endangerment of a child and carrying a firearm on a school campus. He was being held by Norfolk police and is expected to be arraigned Monday. view article arw

More Austin ISD students will be able to ride the bus to school next year — the district just announced it’s expanding bus service for 2021-22. The expansion will include 24 campuses and students will be eligible for rides if they live within either a 0.4 mile radius or 1 mile or more radius, depending on the schools. view article arw

Buses have been delayed Friday in the Crosby Independent School District. Officials said in a Facebook post that power outages affected many of the district’s schools and the main operations center. The power has since been restored, officials said. Buses are being delayed by an hour, but parents can still drop off their children at their normal times. view article arw

At least four Levi Fry Intermediate School students and an adult were injured after two Texas City Independent School District buses were involved in a crash Monday afternoon, according to the district. The accident was reported around 4 p.m. after one bus rear-ended another at a stop sign. Officials said the buses involved were Bus 135 and Bus 114. view article arw

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Del Valle Independent School District’s School Board vice president said the money spent annually on school bus toll bills is equivalent to the salary of a teacher. The district has spent an average of just over $51,000 each fiscal year since 2015-16. For the 2019-20 fiscal year, it was a little less — $48,000 — because of the pandemic. view article arw

Northwest ISD will terminate its contract with Reliant Transportation Inc. and bring its bus transportation services in-house, according to a resolution approved April 26 by the board of trustees that allows district staff to begin the transition. The move from outsourced to in-house services comes after Texas House Bill 3 reduced NISD’s budget by $10 million to $15 million per year beginning in 2019. view article arw

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — El Paso event venue Grace Gardens is hosting a prom for Borderland seniors on May 7, as numerous schools have canceled. “We wanted to create this event for those seniors who have lost a lot this year,” said Abby Garcia, an Event Coordinator at Grace Gardens. Organizers at Grace Gardens say the prom has been in the making for months, and the venue just recently found out about a “secret prom” being held in Las Cruces. view article arw

SMART tag is an easy added step for Brooks Quinn jJones Elementary children in Nacogdoches. “Place it on there. Name pops up. Andrea. Ok. Have a seat. Alright. Good job,” praised bus driver Donald Lacy. A computerized tag helps drivers monitor their bus riders. “It helps maintain and manage the children that are on the bus. Ensure that no one has left from the bus inadvertently,” said Lacy. view article arw

In an effort to update the fleet, White Oak ISD purchased five new buses for about $489,000 at this past week’s school board meeting. Superintendent Brian Gray said the buses will be able to be used next school year. The district is updating its fleet so the oldest bus is eight to 10 years old. Along with the purchase, the board approved a resolution that will allow the district to finance the buses if needed in the future versus paying from a fund balance. Gray said the board is cognizant that it is a legislative year, and school funding could be changed by the end of the session, so the district wants to remain prepared with another option if needed. view article arw

PALERMO — The Palermo Union School District currently has five electric buses with another small electric bus projected to be added to its fleet later in the year. The Palermo Union School District partnered with Amply Power to help reduce its electricity costs by 50 percent, Amply Power announced Wednesday. Amply Power is a charging service for public and commercial businesses. In addition to partnering with Amply, the school district received a total of $85,327 in funding through Pacific Gas and Electric Co. and the Butte County Air Quality Management District. According to a press release, the district received $49,839 in funding from the the air quality district and received $35,488 in “charger rebates and make ready Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment incentives” from PG&E. view article arw

The Henderson County District Attorney’s Office has recused itself in the case against the bus driver accused in the death of an Athens ISD student. Jenny Palmer took over of John Franklin Stevens, 80, of the DA’s office in January. On Feb. 10, Palmer filed a motion to recuse, citing a conflict of interest. In the motion, she stated the attorney general’s office has agreed to prosecute the case. view article arw

As the Texas Legislature considers a measure that would mandate a student-to-teacher ratio in prekindergarten classrooms, Longview-area school officials say the move would have little effect here.  House Bill 41 would require that a pre-K classroom not exceed 11 students with one teacher or 22 students with a teacher and a teacher’s aide.  The Texas Education Code only recommends a ratio, stating that “a school district must attempt to maintain an average ratio in any prekindergarten program class of not less than one certified teacher or teacher’s aide for each 11 students.”    (06) view article arw

(The Center Square) – In response to an inquiry from state Rep. James White, R–Hillister, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued an opinion on school district policy related to vaccine mandates. White expressed concerns about a news report issued by KSAT-TV in San Antonio, pointing to mandatory vaccine requirements. Prior to students enrolling in school last fall, vaccine requirements (not COVID vaccines) were mandatory, although there were some exemptions.    (24) view article arw

An Alief ISD bus was involved in a crash on the feeder road of the Southwest Freeway Monday afternoon. Houston police responded to reports of an accident at 9201 Club Creek around 3:30 p.m. view article arw

After being hired by Longview ISD in February, former Spring Hill ISD Superintendent Wayne Guidry already is starting to make changes to the district’s transportation department. “Our first goal is meeting the number one need in transportation, and it’s the number one need in every school district in the state of Texas, and that’s just filling your staff and getting drivers,” said Guidry, LISD’s assistant superintendent of business, transportation and technology. view article arw

A driver was shot before crashing into a Spring ISD school bus Tuesday morning in north Harris County, officials say. This happened on FM 1960 near Rolling Creek just before 7:30 a.m. Deputies are in the 1600 block of FM 1960, where a @SpringISD bus has crashed with another vehicle. The driver of that vehicle has a gunshot wound. No reports of injuries to students. view article arw

After four days of frustration over Houston ISD’s new transportation system, which parents widely have derided, Amanda Marshall wanted to know exactly how her 10-year-old son, Henry, was getting to his magnet school. view article arw

Two Austin ISD buses were involved in a crash in southeast Austin on Wednesday morning, and both police and the district say no injuries have been reported. view article arw

Several Conroe ISD elementary school students had minor injuries after a car slammed into their school bus. School officials said 58 students from Ford Elementary were on board at the time of the incident this morning. view article arw

An Abilene ISD bus driver was assaulted Monday morning. Police reports say the driver was transporting students back to the Abilene State Supported Living Center when one of the students refused to stay in his seat. The driver pulled over when he wouldn't sit down as requested, and after she stopped the bus, "the student began punching and kicking the bus driver," according to the reports. view article arw

The Pottsboro Independent School District’s board of trustees discussed a resolution to receive funding for a service they already provide during their regular meeting earlier this week. PISD Superintendent Kevin Matthews explained that Texas law does not provide transportation funding to school districts if the district is transporting students that live within two miles of the schools they attend, unless those areas are dangerous for students to cross. In this situation, that is the case, Matthews said. The board identified five areas they qualified as hazardous: Highway 289, Highway 120, FM 996, FM 1417 and Cardinal Lane. - See more at: view article arw