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Texas Education Code § 34.007 allows (but does not require) a district to operate “an economical public school transportation system.” That same section requires that all bus drivers must be certified in accordance with Texas Department of Public Safety rules. Employees who drive regular bus routes must be certified by the DPS or be currently enrolled in an approved school bus safety education course. Tex. Transp. Code § 521.022(e). Because some employees who are not regular bus route drivers, especially extra-curricular coaches, must sometimes transport students, it is important to know if they must also hold school bus driver certification. The answer to the question is found by a combination of the Texas Transportation Code and the Texas Administrative Code.

Following a voting rights challenge to the way it elects its school board members, Richardson ISD has agreed to adopt a new election system that could give voters of color more say in who represents them. After months of negotiations, the North Texas district agreed to switch from an at-large system, with all of the district’s voters able to vote in each race, to a hybrid approach with two at-large districts and five single-member districts. Voters of color will make up a majority of the electorate in at least two of those districts. view article arw

A former Kennedale ISD custodian was arrested Tuesday following a report of a former district employee inappropriately behaving in front of a minor student. Since an allegation of inappropriate behavior was made December 20, Kennedale ISD, Kennedale Police and state agencies have been investigating Lewis Wayne Rawlings, a 70-year-old white man who at the time was a custodian with the school district, according to Kennedale ISD. view article arw

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD refuted on Saturday the characterization that it had settled a lawsuit involving a student expelled after she sat during the Pledge of Allegiance. District spokeswoman Leslie Francis said the district was dismissed from the case filed by India Landry, an African-American senior forced to leave Windfern High School last fall. Landry alleged that her expulsion was racially motivated and violated her constitutional rights. view article arw

A Florida man is facing charges for allegedly conning the Crowley Independent School District out of nearly $2 million. Donald Conkright was arrested in South Florida earlier this month and charged with wire fraud. According to court documents, Crowley ISD got an email in October that appeared to be from one of its regular construction vendors, Steele & Freeman. The email included the name of one of Steele & Freeman’s accountants and asked the district to update its banking information for wire transfer payments. view article arw

A photo surfaced Wednesday of a noose that was tied from a staircase at Weatherford High School. Parents said the Weatherford School District did not tell parents about the incident, which happened in December, and that the school tried to hide what happened.

A Hart ISD employee has been placed on paid administrative leave while officials investigate allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a student. view article arw

Law enforcement and the Hart Independent School District are investigating into a possible inappropriate relationship between a teacher and a District student. According to a statement from Hart ISD Superintendent David Cox, the district recently received information indicating an employee may have solicited and/or engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a student. Per customary personnel practices, the District began an internal investigation into the matter. view article arw

A change of venue is being sought for an 18-year-old charged with capital murder in the fatal shooting of 10 people at a Texas high school. view article arw

An attorney for the teen accused of killing several Santa Fe High School classmates wants his client’s trial moved to another county. Attorney Nicholas Poehl filed a motion for a change of venue on Tuesday. view article arw

A Clear Creek ISD coach "conducted himself inappropriately" and has resigned from the district, according to a letter sent to parents Jan. 7. Coach Ryan Pearson is no longer teaching at Seabrook Intermediate and an investigation involving his actions is underway, according to the letter. view article arw

The dismissed case of a former Spring Independent School District teacher who claims he was suspended after he reported alleged drug dealing on campus is revived and headed back to a Harris County court. A Texas 14th Court of Appeals three-judge panel reversed Harris County 55th District Court's grant of summary judgment on the former teacher's claims about alleged drug dealing by another teacher and remanded the case. The Appeals Court also affirmed the lower court's decision in the jurisdictional plea of two school officials and its decision to grant summary judgment in favor of the district on the former teacher's takings claim. view article arw

Is Robin Hood school funding broken?

January 0907:45 AM

In English folklore, Robin Hood is the hero; stealing from the rich, giving to the poor. But in Texas, we use his name to describe one way we fund education.  And some folks think Robin Hood is a villain.  “We cannot live with this.  Not one more year. Not one more day,” Plano ISD Board Member David Stolle said at a recent board meeting. view article arw

As construction continues at Fort Bend ISD’s James Reese Career and Technical Center where historic human remains were discovered in February, the project is costing more money for the district while the case is tied up in court. According to legal documents, in May when the district filed a petition seeking court approval to exhume the bodies of the 95 individuals believed to have been indentured servants in the convict leasing system, the petition specifically stated the district was not seeking removal of any dedication of the land for cemetery purposes. view article arw

A former Cypress-Fairbanks ISD student who was expelled for refusing to recite the Pledge of Allegiance remains embroiled in a federal lawsuit after she settled with the school's principal and Texas’ third-largest school district was dismissed from the case. view article arw

A Mexia Independent School District teacher was placed under arrest on a human trafficking charge, after she tried to traffick a minor child to multiple men online in Morocco, McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara said. 37-year-old Amber Parker taught 8th grade reading in the ISD, according to its website. view article arw

The legal battle over the remains of former slaves forced into convict labor camps that were discovered last February on a Fort Bend Independent School District construction site headed back to court Tuesday morning. FBISD filed a motion asking a judge to overturn his November order appointing Richmond attorney Michael Elliott as a special independent investigator to the oversee the case.  view article arw

An elementary school speech pathologist is suing Pflugerville ISD and the State of Texas after being required to sign a pledge that she would not boycott Israel. In order to renew her contract with the district, Bahia Amawi had to sign the document or forgo employment. After nine years with the district and 19 years working as a speech pathologist in Texas she no longer has a job. The “pro-Israel” language in Amawi’s employment contract is part of a Texas state law passed in 2017. It says anyone who receives public funds must pledge that they do not and will not boycott Israel in a way that could cause economic harm to the country. Amawi says dictating how she spends her money clearly violates her rights. view article arw

SAN ANTONIO — Diana Herrera remembers sitting in an Edgewood High School class, listening for her name over the school intercom as the counseling department called students in for college guidance.  She had never spoken to a counselor until she marched into their offices that day in 1969 and asked, “Why wasn’t my name on the list?”  “They told me, ‘Oh no, Diana you’re not going to college. You’re going to marry Richard, and you’re going to have children,’ ” she said.  She ignored them, applied for student loans and enrolled in Our Lady of the Lake University, where she quickly realized how unprepared she was. Herrera had to take remedial classes to catch up to her new classmates from other parts of the state. view article arw

Bahia Amawi had been working as an independently contracted speech pathologist in Pflugerville elementary schools for nine years when she was notified in August ofa new job requirement. She could still work at identifying students' speech delays and disorders. But now, she also had to promise that she wouldn't boycott Israel. That requirement may have seemed like it didn't have much to do with speech pathology. But the new clause in her contract was a result of a long-debated anti-boycott, divestments, and sanctions bill that Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed in May, effectively making it illegal for Texas government entities to contract with companies that boycott Israel. “My first reaction was shock,” Amawi said. “Why is the government restricting me from boycotting a certain entity?” view article arw

Amarillo ISD is working to make two elementary schools available to all children in the North Heights neighborhood. Tonight, the AISD Board approved the submission of a proposal to the Office of Civil Rights. That proposal would turn Carver Early Childhood Academy and Carver Academy into neighborhood schools. view article arw

An off-duty Aldine ISD police officer is accused of running into a pedestrian outside an east Houston Panda Express, and then driving away. The officer, identified as Omario Gatheright, was in one of the school's police patrol cars when he crashed into a woman late Sunday in the 13400 block of Topeka, officials said. view article arw

An off-duty Aldine Independent School District police officer is accused of hitting a homeless woman with his patrol car and leaving the scene over the weekend. Omario Gatheright is charged with failure to stop and render aid. Authorities said a woman crossing the street in the 13400 block of Topeka Sunday night was hit by Gatheright, who was driving a marked AISD patrol car. view article arw

I was asked about the investigation regarding theft/embezzlement at Ballinger Independent School District and why it hasn’t been covered in the paper. The reason is that the Rangers have not released any information on the investigation. I did ask superintendent Jeff Butts about the investigation back in early October but he couldn’t comment due to it being an on-going investigation. view article arw

Three McNeil High School students are each facing a class C misdemeanor citation for stealing animal crackers and a jar of pretzels from the staff lounge. The incident happened last month during a basketball game at the school in northwest Austin, according to a Round Rock ISD spokesperson. However, the mother of one of the boys claims she didn't find out about it until Tuesday. view article arw

The father of a now former Hebron High School student says his son was wrongfully accused and punished for smoking THC. Jake Drew, says his son Nathan was accused in October and within days discipline was handed down, including a three day suspension and a 30-day transfer to an alternative school. “There’s no physical evidence in this case whatsoever, simply accusations,” Drew said. view article arw

Northside ISD is investigating a sexual assault allegation involving two high school students. The alleged victims said it happened on campus at Harlan High School. The father of the victim, who wished to remain anonymous pressed charges against the 17-year-old senior who allegedly sexually assaulted his 15-year-old daughter. view article arw

Good read! - js - The extent of Adam Lanza’s abject loneliness, the intensity of his scorn for the world, his interest in pedophilia, his astounding list of daily grievances, the reach of his obsession with mass murder — some of the granular details of the Sandy Hook shooter’s last years have been elusive. Until now.  More than 1,000 pages of documents obtained by the Hartford Courant from the Connecticut State Police, including hundreds of pages of Lanza’s own writings and a spreadsheet detailing the gruesome work of 400 perpetrators of mass violence, bring into sharper focus the dark worldview of a 20-year-old who shot his mother four times as she slept and then killed 20 first-graders and six educators before killing himself at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 14, 2012. view article arw

In 1970, the student population in Richardson ISD was roughly 96 percent white, 3 percent black and less than 1 percent Hispanic. As of last year, it was 60 percent black and Hispanic. Despite the dramatic shift in student demographics, the makeup of Richardson ISD’s school board still looks the same.  That’s why David Tyson, the first — and only — person of color to ever serve on the school board, is now suing Richardson ISD and each of its seven board members. As the Tribune’s Alexa Ura and Aliyya Swaby report, Tyson argues that the district’s system for electing members prevents people of color from having a fair hand in picking who represents them. view article arw

Forty-three-year-old Charles Fulmer was sentenced Friday, December 7th, 2018 after pleading guilty to one count of attempted transfer of obscene material to a minor. Fulmer resigned in April of 2017 after being accused of misconduct with a student, and was arrested in May of 2017. view article arw

We all know the importance of keeping employee information in a secure location, but did you know that you have the same responsibility to protect employee data electronically? In a recent case from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Dittman v. UPMC, the court found an employer has a legal duty to exercise reasonable care to safeguard its employees' sensitive personal information stored by the employer on an internet-accessible computer system. The employees alleged that a data breach had occurred through which personal and financial information, including names, birth dates, social security numbers, addresses, tax forms, and bank account information of all 62,000 current and former employees was accessed and stolen from company computer systems. The employees further alleged that the stolen data, which consisted of information the company required the employees to provide as a condition of their employment, was used to file fraudulent tax returns on behalf of the victimized employees, resulting in actual damages. The court agreed with the employees and found that the company was negligent in protecting employee data.

The parents of a Trinity ISD student who was killed on a bus that had allegedly not been modified to meet safety standards have reached a settlement with the district. Though the terms of the settlement are confidential, the parents told us recently that the main reason they decided to go to court was to save other parents' children in the future. view article arw

A couple who alleged an East Texas school district’s failure to modify a school van to meet federal safety standards lead to the death of their 7-year-old daughter has settled a lawsuit with the district. Kim Magness, the mother of Journey Magness, said Thursday that a settlement was reached this month with the Trinity Independent School District over the December 2016 death of her daughter. Magness says the van, used to transport special-needs children, was stopped to pick up a student when it was rear-ended by a pickup. view article arw

After criticizing the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office on its Facebook page, Deanna Robinson found herself blocked from commenting or liking its posts. Nearly two years later, her free speech case against the small law enforcement agency is reaching the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. The case could ultimately clear up what's become a muddied legal question impacting everyone from rural elected officials around the country to the president: In the age of social media, what constitutes a public forum? Robinson’s lawsuit against her local sheriff's office was a culmination of years of contentious run-ins with the office. view article arw

The first time Shahid Shafi ran for a seat on the city council in Southlake in 2011, advisers assured him a Muslim in post-9/11 America who spoke with an accent and emigrated from Pakistan would never win an election in Texas. It’s a story that Shafi, a Republican trauma surgeon, likes to tell because he didn’t believe them. He won the Southlake City Council seat on his second try, in 2014, has since served as a delegate to multiple Texas GOP conventions and, in July, was appointed vice chairman of the Tarrant County Republican Party, located in Fort Worth. But that’s when his religion somehow became a problem again — in the eyes of some Republican colleagues. view article arw