It seems that there may be some miscommunications about how long a district has to schedule a Manifestation Determination Review ARD (MDR) in conjunction with the disciplinary hearing when a special education student has committed a disciplinary infraction which merits a removal. At the majority of districts, administrators conduct the disciplinary hearing first to find whether the student has violated the Student Code of Conduct. Thereafter, the student is usually entitled to appeal the placement, typically pursuant to policy FNG (LOCAL), all the way to the Board of Trustees. In addition, if a student is a special education student, a MDR must be held within ten school-days of any decision to change the placement because of a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

Next school year, about 300 students will no longer be able to transfer out of Marlin Independent School District unless they come up with their own transportation to school, Marlin officials said during a school board meeting Tuesday night.  Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton ruled Oct. 3 that school districts cannot operate buses outside their geographical boundaries on a regular basis unless they have a formal agreement with other districts to do so. view article arw

The new Dallas County Schools Board of Trustees president wants to nullify a retirement deal struck with the outgoing superintendent earlier this year.  Board President Gloria Levario said Tuesday the board will now look at whether it can cut ties with former Superintendent Rick Sorrells following a report by NBC 5 Investigates that revealed he had a personal relationship with a vendor involved in a DCS project that lost millions of dollars of taxpayer money. view article arw

 An apartment building in New Orleans links two central characters in the financial demise of a troubled government school bus agency in Dallas, raising ethical questions over rules governing conduct between school district officials and their vendors. An investigation by KXAS-TV and the Dallas Morning News shows former Dallas County Schools Superintendent Rick Sorrells used a luxury vacation apartment in the New Orleans French Quarter since 2014. The neighboring apartment was used by Robert Leonard, the CEO of the company DCS partnered with on a risky business venture. view article arw

Local Activist Quanell X held a press conference Monday, to address the Conroe ISD racist Snapchat bullying incident. The family of a Woodlands High School student wants the principal and the Conroe school district to take action regarding racism on campus. The recent protest stems from a recent Snapchat that RJ and LaToika King’s daughter received from a male student at the same school. view article arw

The high school cheerleading coach who forced his students into splits will not be charged with a crime, the Denver prosecutor said. A number of officials at East High School in Denver came under fire in August when a disturbing video circulated showing cheerleaders repeatedly being pushed into splits. An incoming high school freshman screamed in pain and asked the coach, Ozell Williams, to “please stop” in one video. Her morther said she suffered injuries to her leg from the forced exercise. view article arw

A Frisco ISD parent said a fifth-grader grabbed her son's genitals through his clothes and pinned him against a bathroom wall by his throat, but school officials brushed the incident aside and she had to call police herself. Courtney Brooks said the boy had a long history of bullying her 11-year-old son at Elliott Elementary School in McKinney. But she said school administrators did not contact her about the incident last month despite her son going to his teacher and a counselor for help. view article arw

A former Hudson ISD kindergarten teacher who had intercourse with at least six high school students pleaded guilty on a DWI charge on Thursday. Heather Robertson, 39, appeared in an Angelina County court, where she was sentenced to 90 days in jail, along with a $500 fine. view article arw

A school employee with the Dallas Independent School District has been placed on administrative leave after cellphone video surfaced that captured the woman making a threat against Hispanic students at Roosevelt High School. Barely 10 seconds, it’s a brief video. During the video, a woman is identified as a Roosevelt High School employee and can be heard threatening Hispanic students by saying, “If you're here illegally, we can call immigration." view article arw

A mother has sued Conroe ISD after she says her daughter was bullied and sexually assaulted by other students. "Every single day I would go to that school and talk to them, (to tell them) they need to handle the situation and they didn't, they never did," said Amber Fowler. "It (almost ended with) my child almost dead." A year later, Fowler still sounds very emotional. The mother talked exclusively to Eyewitness News by phone from her new home in Alabama. view article arw

A Victoria mother thinks Victoria Independent School District officials could have prevented her son from being a victim of sexual abuse. "This could have all been avoided," said the victim's mother. That woman said her son was abused by his choir teacher while paying a visit to the home where she and her son live. view article arw

Furr High School Principal Bertie Simmons will remain on temporary leave as investigators look into a second set of "pretty serious" misconduct allegations, Houston ISD Superintendent Richard Carranza said Wednesday. In his first comments about Simmons since she was placed on leave two weeks ago, Carranza said "multiple sources" at Furr High School have brought information to district staff that is "serious enough that we have to investigate those allegations." He declined to elaborate on the nature of the allegations or information provided. view article arw

An Austin developer is suing the Austin school district over the Baker Center, a former school that is one of the surplus properties the district is considering selling or leasing. In a lawsuit filed Thursday, Colina West Limited, owned by developer David Kahn, alleges the district chose Alamo Drafthouse Cinema for a “significantly lower bid” than Colina West for the Hyde Park property, and that the district did not follow requirements for impending the sale. view article arw

Kountze ISD plans to ask the 9th Court of Appeals for a rehearing on the rights of cheerleaders to make religious banners, after the court ruled last week that the signs were a form of protected personal speech. The district's motion for a rehearing will be due Oct. 30, according to court filings this week. Kountze ISD's attorneys asked the court for additional time to file the motion, which was granted. view article arw

A Bastrop High School student, who is openly gay, says he was targeted at a varsity football game by students holding a Trump flag. He also tells us his Hispanic friend was told to "go back to her country." Bastrop ISD says high school administrators conducted a thorough investigation after receiving a report of inappropriate remarks at Friday's game. Going forward, they will not allow items that take away from the game's focus. view article arw

An Austin developer is suing the Austin Independent School District over a multi-million dollar building that’s up for sale. David Kahn with ColinaWest Real Estate claims the bidding process to buy the Baker Center on Avenue B in Hyde Park was unfair. Kahn tells KXAN he submitted two bids to buy the former school built in 1911, and wants to turn the building into office space. His first offer was $12 million cash, plus a 2-year lease back of the property to AISD. The second bid was an $11 million cash offer with a free 2-year lease back. view article arw

A crash Thursday morning involving a Navasota ISD school bus is the second incident in two days involving a school bus in our area. Two adults were transported to the hospital after a head on collision on FM 159, near Millican. Wednesday a Hearne ISD school bus caught fire. No one was hurt in the fire but these two scenarios are raising questions about the new law that went into effect this year, for seat-belts on buses. view article arw

KXAS-TV (NBC5) has discovered billing records that show the troubled agency that runs Dallas County public school buses stuck the Dallas Independent School District with a $2 million increase for bus service as it sought to pay down debt from a questionable land deal. The records show Dallas County Schools, the busing agency, raised the price of "leasing expenses" related to busing Dallas ISD students from about $159,000 in 2015 to more than $2 million in 2016. view article arw

Trial is scheduled next week for a former Quinlan Independent School District teacher/coach on charges of tampering with evidence, sexual assault of a child and having an inappropriate relationship with a student. Jury selection is set to begin in the 354th District Court Monday for David Haskell Ivey. He has pleaded not guilty. view article arw

NBC 5 Investigates has uncovered new information about who's really paying for a controversial land deal at Dallas County Schools — and it's not just taxpayers. You'll likely remember DCS, the financially troubled school bus agency, sold its school bus lots to get $25 million in quick cash. But since DCS still needed bus lots, the agency leased them back from the new owner. That leaseback will cost taxpayers $47 million over 20 years — $47 million in expenses on land that Dallas County taxpayers used to own free and clear. view article arw

A new state law that requires school districts to include three-point seat belts for all passengers on new school buses is a costly mandate for districts already facing tight budgets. "Based on my previous conversations with bus manufacturers, if districts choose to install seat belts on new buses, they should expect unit costs to increase $9,000 to $12,000 per unit," Pine Tree ISD Transportation Director Jack Irvin said Tuesday. view article arw

Governor Sam Brownback of Kansas nearly bankrupted the State with his theory that cutting taxes would cause a huge economic boom. Taxes were cut but there was no boom. Meanwhile, the schools of Kansas were underfunded.  The state Supreme Court ordered the legislature to fix school funding. The legislature tinkered. Back and forth. Yesterday the Kansas Supreme Court ordered the legislature again to meet their constitutional obligation to fund the schools. view article arw

A nearly 5-year-old legal battle over Bible banners could be at an end after an appellate court this week upheld a lower court's ruling allowing Kountze ISD cheerleaders to write Scriptures on football run-throughs.  In a 44-page opinion issued Thursday, Ninth Court of Appeals Justice Charles Kreger said the "cheerleaders' speech expressed on the run-through banners is best characterized as the pure private speech of the students." view article arw

A third lawsuit has been filed alleging negligence against Beaumont ISD by the parents of a student who was airlifted to Houston after an April school bus crash that sent two dozen students to hospitals.  The unnamed student "suffered severe and debilitating injuries and his parents, Helen and Ra'mon Mouton, witnessed their son in the hospital shortly after the accident go into a seizure and convlusions, thinking he was dying before their eyes, and washing him be taken via life-flight to Houston," according to the suit filed last week in the Jefferson County District Clerk's Office. view article arw

Waco Independent School District is facing accusations of discrimination based on race, sex and retaliation for filing a complaint, as part of three ongoing investigations by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights. Two of the investigations date back to 2014, when Waco ISD was cited by the Texas Education Agency for placing black students in the district’s alternative education program at a higher rate than other groups. view article arw

BEAUMONT, Texas (AP) — A Texas appeals court has ruled banners emblazoned with Bible verses at football games by a group of cheerleaders are protected private speech and not government speech that can be regulated by school officials.  In its ruling Thursday, the 9th Court of Appeals in Beaumont said it's "highly unlikely" people would consider the messages on the banners by the Kountze (koontz) school district cheerleaders to be endorsed by the school. view article arw

AUSTIN — Texas cheerleaders can display Bible verses at high school football games, a state appeals court ruled Thursday.  The Ninth Court of Appeals sided with students from Kountze High School, who sued after the district barred Christian messages from cheer banners at football games. The cheerleaders' choice to display Bible verses is protected as "private speech," the appeals court ruled.   view article arw

A Garland Independent School District teacher is in custody after being charged with transporting and shipping child pornography and possession of prepubescent child pornography. Kirk Patrick Keshler, 60, taught special needs children at Garland High School and was being investigated by Garland police for sharing child pornography on a peer-to-peer file-sharing network since early July. view article arw

A nonprofit organization advocating for the separation of church and state believes McKinney ISD crossed the line this year during its back-to-school convocation, which included a prayer led by the district's superintendent. Three people — including one district employee — filed complaints with the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation after the district's mandatory employee assembly in August. The assembly took place at Prestonwood Baptist Church, where it has been held for more than a decade. view article arw

AUSTIN — Local law enforcement agencies across Texas will have to honor federal immigration holds for people who are in the country illegally but will not be penalized for failing to help enforce federal law, an appeals court ruled Monday in allowing parts of Texas' so-called "sanctuary city" law to take effect temporarily.  In a mixed ruling that allowed both sides to claim partial victory, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals let stand a lower court ruling that had temporarily halted portions of the law that required local agencies to provide enforcement help to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. view article arw

The law has changed for seat belts on school buses. Passed during the 85th Legislative Session, Senate Bill 693 requires any new buses a Texas school district purchases must include a three-point seat belt for each passenger. The law went into effect on Sept. 1. Cleburne ISD Transportation Director David Walker said the district owns 65 school buses. About 2,000 students ride the bus, but not all of them ride regularly. view article arw

A presentation telling students that they have to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance because it's the law has caused controversy at a Texas high school, the Houston Chronicle reported. Juniors and seniors at Midland High School were given a presentation on the Pledge of Allegiance earlier this month, with a slide saying it's the law to stand during the pledge and stay silent during the moment of silence, KOSA reported. view article arw

A Kerrville ISD educator has been arrested and charged with one count of Improper Relationship with a Student. Kerrville Police say Sara D'Spain was arrested around 1:40 p.m. Thursday. Her bond has been set at $35,000. view article arw

Last week I shared with you two cases the Texas commissioner of education rendered a decision on regarding Texas Education Code Section 21.404, which covers teachers’ planning and preparation period. The first, William Strater v. Houston ISD, occurred in 1986, and the second, Linda Chaffin v. Los Fresnos ISD, in 1990. In the Spring 2016 issue of Texas Teacher, a magazine published by Texas AFT, four more-recent cases were mentioned: view article arw

A new state law requires new school buses to come with shoulder to lap seat belts. Mumford ISD says the law is a budget and safety concern. "I am for it because it's a safety concern for the kids if there's an accident. But, I'm also against it because as a driver you have 75 plus kids and I know for Mumford we're ages 3 to 18 on the bus if that bus catches on fire am I going to get all of them out." said Kayla Shannon, a bus driver for Mumford ISD. view article arw