VICTORIA, TEXAS  The mayor of the Gulf Coast community of Rockport says Hurricane Harvey destroyed about a third of the town and that 30 to 35 percent of it will probably never be rebuilt. Mayor Charles "C.J." Wax said during a panel discussion Tuesday in Victoria that only about 300 businesses out of the 1,300 in Rockport have reopened since Harvey came ashore in August. view article arw

Vidor ISD superintendent Jay Killgo estimates the district has $12-13 million in damages from Harvey. Both Oak Forest Elementary and Vidor Middle School are unusable right now. Those students are going elsewhere, which is overcrowding some schools. view article arw

NEW CANEY — Six weeks after the biggest rain event in U.S. history inundated large swaths of southeast Texas, a group of state senators convened in this small town north of Houston to discuss how best to address flooding related to the Houston area's stressed reservoirs. In the Texas Senate’s first public hearing since Hurricane Harvey, the Committee on Agriculture, Water and Rural Affairs talked for hours on Monday about a host of possibilities: dredging reservoirs and building new ones; better informing residents of flood risks and consolidating rainfall flood gauge data; capturing floodwater and storing it underground; and widening thousands of miles of bayous. view article arw

Lake Charles Police Captain Nathan Keller obtained access to several school desks which were located at Burton Coliseum on Monday. view article arw

Watch the Video! - js - Live Oak Learning Center first-grader Riley Garcia didn’t transfer to another district after Aransas County ISD announced its doors would close indefinitely.  The 7-year-old’s mom, Jessica Garcia, said her daughter missed school so much.  “This is everything,” Garcia said. “All week we’ve been talking about this. We’ve had the backpack ready.  "You don’t realize how much they need this. We need this normalcy.” view article arw

It will cost Humble Independent School District up to $40 million to repair Kingwood High School after it was inundated with water from Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath. Superintendent Elizabeth Fagen is confident the cost to fix the school will be less than building a new facility. The district is faced with millions of dollars in other Harvey-related costs. Just busing students from Kingwood to other schools will cost the district $1.8 million this year. Schools also lost millions in textbooks and instruments. view article arw

After Hurricane Harvey's rainclouds and winds swept through Texas' Coastal Bend, Gregory-Portland ISD administrators paid a preliminary $200,000 to cover the cleanup of their campuses and immediate damages to their equipment.  Still, the coastal district ended up taking in more than 1,000 students now considered homeless who have been displaced from neighboring districts and has spent money to provide technology, furniture and teachers in order to educate them through the end of the school year. view article arw

AUSTIN – The wind and flood damage inflicted on countless homes and business along the Texas Coast by Hurricane Harvey likely will result in massive reductions in property values that will be followed by steep declines in tax collections by dozens of cities, counties and school districts, a legislative panel was told Thursday.  “Our tax base is going to be way down,” said Sharon McKinney, superintendent of the Port Aransas school district. “There are a lot of people who can’t come back to their homes.” view article arw

More than 5,000 Houston homes that flooded during Hurricane Harvey were inside a pair of reservoirs on the west side of the city. So why didn't homeowners there know that could happen? Here's what you need to know:  view article arw

The Texas Education Agency estimates Hurricane Harvey caused $1.64 billion worth of damage to public schools in the state. Educators and lawmakers are afraid some schools won’t be able to recover. Now TEA says it has a strategy that may save school systems that saw declines in enrollment from lost funding. view article arw

It will likely take at least $2 billion in state funds to help cover the damage from Hurricane Harvey, State Comptroller Glenn Hegar said Tuesday, a piece of more than $6 billion in budget challenges facing lawmakers when they next meet in regular session. “This event, being from the edge of Corpus (Christi) all the way to the Sabine River - this is going to be very costly especially for the school district side … We already know Hurricane Harvey is going to cost more from the state perspective than any hurricane has ever cost,” Hegar told the San Antonio Express-News in an interview. “We’ve got to rebuild Texas and make sure the economy is strong and people’s lives are put back together.” view article arw

Although 408 Conroe ISD students were displaced from their homes as a result of Hurricane Harvey, officials said they have not noticed a significant influx in students from outside the district as of Sept. 26. Of these 408 students, none require special transportation arrangements—a service the district offers—because they are still living within their school’s attendance zone, said Chris Hines, CISD deputy superintendent of operations. view article arw

Exciting!! Not to discover the snake is really exciting! - js  - Students in a Seadrift School prekindergarten classroom were evacuated Wednesday after a 15-inch rattlesnake was discovered in the room. view article arw

The Aransas Pass Independent School District will open it's doors to students for the first time since Hurricane Harvey devastated most of the Rockport Fulton area.    The damage to schools after Harvey was so severe, a week later the district announced campuses would be closed indefinitely.    But on Oct. 11 students will be back at in their home classrooms and fields/   view article arw

State officials estimate it will cost Texas taxpayers $1.64 billion over the next two years to help schools ravaged by Hurricane Harvey rebuild and avoid financial losses, according to recently released documents. The Texas Education Agency estimates include $400 million for school districts that experienced a reduction in enrollment, along with a loss of $974 million that the state normally receives from wealthy districts to redistribute to low-income districts, known as the "Robin Hood" program. A spokeswoman for the education agency emphasized that the state's estimates are still very fluid because it does not have enough data yet on facilities damage and how Harvey is impacting enrollment. view article arw

Lubbock Democrats suggest Lubbock State Senator Charles Perry's comments at a legislative briefing Thursday night were an attack on transgender people. But Perry said they were not mean-spirited and were perfectly in league with his beliefs -- and more importantly, those of his constituents. Perry spoke at the Texas Values Faith & Family Recap event at Rock City Church in Lubbock, describing both the regular and special sessions as "surreal." He said he's seen a progression through media, society, and politics that aren't "common sense" to someone with faith. view article arw

Exactly one week from today, October 16th, empty chairs will finally be filled with students in Port Aransas Independent School District.  "I got a chance to meet with my staff, it was awesome, it was great to get to see their faces," said James Garrett, middle school principal. "They are excited to work and we are excited to have them here, for sure."  Pre-K teacher, Kelly Willoughby had to combine two classrooms into a portable. She said the work load is large but well worth the effort. view article arw

Like most Orange County school districts, West Orange – Cove CISD was hit by Hurricane Harvey. Not only did our campuses receive various degrees of damage, but our students and staff members were also impacted. Two campuses suffered the brunt of our damage. North Early Learning Center sustained water intrusion in some areas. Remediation was quickly implemented and completed; and, the campus is now functioning normally. Additionally, we are currently repairing West Orange – Stark Middle School’s Carr Building and athletic wing (boys Gym). Classes taught in these two buildings have been relocated to other areas of the campus. view article arw

ARANSAS PASS — Dylan Samora started his junior year at a new school. An athlete and straight-A student, he’s being challenged academically and has been invited to join the football team. But that doesn’t matter to the 16-year-old for one reason — he’s not in Aransas Pass High School.  “The punch in the gut is not knowing when you can go back or if anything will be the same,” said Dylan, who has been attending Carrizo Springs High School for the past month, about three hours from Aransas Pass.  Hurricane Harvey forced Dylan from his Aransas Pass home that he shared with his mother and 11-year-old sister, as well as from Aransas Pass High School, which he calls his second home. view article arw

Day in and day out as our fellow Texans work to rebuild after Hurricane Harvey’s devastation, we are reminded that our lives are not measured by how we are challenged but by how we respond to those challenges. In our classrooms and communities, we are seeing challenges conquered through incredible teamwork. view article arw

Repost from Yesterday! Lexington/AIG not only insured many of the school districts in the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey, but they also provided the re-insurance for several of the school risk pools. In addition, they insured many commercial businesses. On September 5th, a large insurer of school property pulled their renewal offers to schools not even impacted by Hurricane Harvey. read more arw

More than three-dozen polling sites were damaged in Hurricane Harvey and may not be available for the upcoming November elections, Harris County elections officials announced Wednesday. Voters in Harris County are urged to cast an early ballot. Those displaced by Harvey or voters who may be registered at one of the damaged polling sites will be able to vote without disruption view article arw

It could be months, if not years, before southeast Texans and scores of counties and cities receive federal funds to pay for the long-term rebuilding and recovery of homes and communities battered by Hurricane Harvey’s epic rains. Federal Emergency Management Agency money for short-term relief like debris removal and some house repairs is already flowing to people and government agencies. But state lawmakers were told Monday that Housing and Urban Development disaster relief funds, which includes money for extensive home repairs or rebuilds, could take seven to 32 months to work their way through bureaucratic processes and several layers of government agencies. view article arw

The small community of Madisonville is thinking big as it supports those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Three women have come together to help Madisonville Elementary adopt a school affected by Hurricane Harvey. Angela McBee and her friend Liz Henson brought the idea of adopting Juan Seguin Elementary in Fort Bend ISD to Madisonville Elementary Principal, Rhodenia Brooks. view article arw

Five weeks after Hurricane Harvey brought floodwaters almost to the second story of her house, Kelly Gould still gets emotional when she remembers how she and her six children held on to trees to avoid being swept away by Cypress Creek. “I told them if you can make it through this, we can do anything,” she said. On Saturday, the single mother took a break from hauling debris from her family’s gutted house in Bammel Forest to talk about her Harvey experience with Spring ISD volunteers, who checked on the family to determine what assistance they need, especially so the kids don’t miss school. view article arw

Good Overview! - js - A key concern after Hurricane Harvey is how to prevent countless Texans from slipping into poverty, losing personal assets or becoming homeless. Here's what you need to know how the meeting went between state lawmakers, officials and experts in Houston on Monday to discuss relief from the storm:  view article arw

Lindale ISD has announced the implementation of David's Law and an app to help curb bullying at in their district. The school district has put into place STOPit, a program used to anonymously report inappropriate behvior and bullying, among other offenses. Parents of Lindale ISD have been given a code from their student’s campus principal to use to login to STOPit. Once a student sends in a concern, a school administrator will be able to quickly respond to them and talk about the issue. view article arw

In Port Aransas, schools are out, but not for summer. Port Aransas ISD’s three schools are still closed due to damage from hurricane Harvey. That leaves students to attend classes elsewhere.  In the third part of our Rebuilding After Harvey series, we take a brief look at the Port Aransas Schools system and what administrators are doing to reopen. view article arw

Missed our interview with John Sharp this morning? Here’s what you need to know about what the Texas A&M University chancellor and Harvey recovery czar had to say.  On insurance: Sharp had harsh words for insurance agencies, which he said need to "step up" and help victims of Hurricane Harvey. “We need to know if you’re really ‘like a good neighbor,’” he joked. “We need to know if you’re ‘in good hands.’”  “They need to quit telling their clients, ‘Wait ‘til you get the FEMA money,’” he said. “They need to write a damn check.” view article arw

Splendora ISD says a cyber-attack has compromised information of families within the district and could potentially give rise to threatening messages made directly to parents, students and staff. The school district said it was first notified of the threat early Wednesday that is targeting confidential information such as phone numbers and addresses. view article arw

Mayor Sylvester Turner on Friday said he would withdraw a proposed property tax rate hike after Gov. Greg Abbott handed him a check for $50 million to help fund the city's recovery from Hurricane Harvey.  The exchange came as the mayor and governor held a joint City Hall news conference, a sharp departure from the last several days when the pair had traded letters and criticism over each other's Harvey response.  view article arw

Port Aransas ISD to hold classes soon

September 2908:39 AM

Another sign that things are slowly getting back to normal in Port Aransas. view article arw

Governor Greg Abbott scoffed at Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner’s request for emergency funds, saying he "has all the money that he needs."  On August 4, less than a month before Hurricane Harvey made landfall, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick appeared on the Fox Business Network with a diagnosis for what ails the nation. “Where do we have all our problems in America?” he asked. “Not at the state level run by Republicans, but in our cities that are mostly controlled by Democrat mayors and Democrat city council men and women. That’s where you see liberal policies. That’s where you see high taxes. That’s where you see street crime.” view article arw

Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath was in Dallas this week to talk about how the state’s schools are doing -- and the impact Hurricane Harvey has had on education. Dozens of districts delayed the start of school for days, even weeks after the storm hit last month. view article arw

“Hurricanes Harvey hit Texas right at the start of the school year, causing delays, damage to schools, and difficult circumstances for both teachers and students,” said Sen. Cornyn.  “With this bill, we can help young Americans continue to pursue an uninterrupted education, and continue to deliver on our promise to provide relief to those suffering in the wake of these severe storms.” view article arw