At a marathon virtual hearing Monday, dozens of Texans implored the State Board of Education to dramatically update the minimum statewide standards for what Texas public school students are taught about sex and health, policies which have not been revised since 1997.  The 15-member board is considering requiring that middle schoolers learn about contraceptives, sexually transmitted infections and the importance of consent. At the board's first public hearing on the proposals, many current and former Texas public school students recalled their own experiences with sexual education teachers who emphasized shame instead of accuracy. view article arw

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Texas parents and students still don’t know exactly what school will look like for students heading back this fall, and that is because the Texas Education Agency doesn’t either. Guidance was set to be released on Tuesday, as of Thursday, ISDs are awaiting those answers before creating their own back-to-school plans.  Barbara Cargill, the District 8 representative on the State Board of Education, joined First News at Four to discuss.  “It is going to look very different according to the school district,” said Cargill. She listed four options: in-person schooling, Texas Virtual School, and two remote school options (synchronous and asynchronous, a slight difference in timing flexibility of the lessons). view article arw

A high-tension hearing is expected Monday as the Texas State Board of Education begins considering changes to its statewide policy for health education, including teaching middle schoolers about contraception. For the first time since 1997, Texas education officials will consider a new statewide sexual education policy, and it could include teaching middle schoolers about birth control options beyond abstinence.  That proposed revision to the state’s health education standards is expected to draw crowds of people — albeit virtually — to Monday’s State Board of Education meeting, where members will take public comment and discuss the changes. Work groups of educators and experts have been working for months preparing recommendations for how the Republican-dominated board should revise its standards.   (29) view article arw

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - The Texas Education Agency is providing options to school districts that may be considering changes to the calendar for the 2020-2021 school year.  Barbara Cargill represents much of the Brazos Valley on the State Board of Education, and she said on First News at Four, “The main goal is to build a calendar that minimizes disruption for our students.” view article arw

Texas may change how your child understands biology when taught in a public high school classroom. The Texas' Board of Education tentatively approved changes to portions of the states Biology curriculum. Instead of asking Texas public school students to “evaluate” scientific explanations for the origins of DNA and the complexity of certain cells, the state will now ask that the students "examine" the scientific explanations for the origins of DNA and complexity of certain cells. In the past, some educators have argued that the word "evaluate" encouraged students to challenge the scientific theory of evolution and opened the door to teaching creationism. view article arw

The Georgetown Board of Trustees has hired Fred Brent as the district's newest superintendent. view article arw