Listen to the Texas Senate Committee on Finance meeting now (about 1.5 hours).   It is a very interesting discussion related to future tax rates, compression, and serveral other important topics.  Listen Meeting - js -    read more arw

Congratulations to the following New Supers

Will Paul, High School Principal, Breckenridge, has been named New Super of Windhorst ISD.

Lisa Riggs, Assistant Superintendent Curriculum & Instruction, Gresham Barlow ISD, has been named New Super of Sweet Home ISD.

Michael Alpine, High School Principal, Harmony ISD, has been named New Super of Harmony ISD.

Hugh Piatt, High School Principal, Pampa ISD, has been named New Super of Pampa ISD.

Christie Whitbeck, Superintendent, Bryan ISD, has been named New Super of Fort Bend ISD.

William Daniel Barton, High School Principal, Shepherd ISD, has been named New Super of Goodrich ISD.

Chris Dowdy, Elementary Principal, Valley Mills ISD, has been named New Super of Valley Mills ISD.


38 Superintendent Vacancies Click to expand

Vacant Lexington ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational ServicesINFO
Vacant Mullin ISD; Search by: Leasor Crass, P.C. (search suspended)INFO
Vacant Region One ESC Executive Director; Search by: Region One ESC Board of DirectorsINFO
Vacant El Paso ISD; Search by: Walsh Gallegos Treviño, Kyle & Robinson P.C. & Dr. Ann DixonINFO
Vacant Carthage ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO
Vacant Paint Rock ISD; Search by: O’Hanlon, Demerath & Castillo in conjunction with Dr. Daniel King and Dr. Abelardo SaavedraINFO
Vacant Neches ISD; Search by: Neches ISD Board of TrusteesINFO
Vacant Executive Director
UTSA Dual Language
Community Lab Schools Partnership; Search by: UTSA College of Education & Human DevelopmentINFO
Vacant Donna ISD; Search by: Law Office of Flores & Torres, LLP, Dr. Ruben D. OlivarezINFO
Vacant Hawkins ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO
Vacant Levelland ISD; Search by: Levelland ISD Board of Trustees, Assisted by Region 17 ESCINFO
Vacant Decatur ISD; Search by: Walsh Gallegos Treviño, Kyle & Robinson P.C. & Dr. Ann DixonINFO
Vacant Stephenville ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO
Vacant Caldwell ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO
Vacant Northside ISD; Rearch by: Region 9 ESC, Darren Francis & Kenny MillerINFO
Vacant Savoy ISD; Search by: Brian Neal & Savoy ISD Board of TrusteesINFO
Vacant Boling ISD; Search by: Boling ISD Board of TrusteesINFO
Vacant Colorado ISD; Search By: Colorado ISD Board of TrusteesINFO
Vacant Bridgeport ISD - CCR; Search by: CCR Educational Consultants, Dr. Skip Casey, Staci Robertson, & Rod TownsendINFO
Lone Finalist Sweet Home ISD - Dr. Jennifer “Renee” Fairchild, Administrator,Gonzales ISD; Search by Region 3 ESCINFO
Lone Finalist Harrold ISD - Cody Patton, Director of Operations,Tioga ISD; Search By: Region 9 ESCINFO
Lone Finalist Windthorst ISD - William Paul, Principal,Breckenridge ISD; Search By: Region 9 ESCINFO
Lone Finalist Goodrich ISD - William Barton, Principal,Shepherd ISD; Search by: Goodrich ISD Board of TrusteesINFO
New Super Frederickburg ISD - Dr. Joe Rodriguez, Ed.D., Chief of Schools,Fort Bend ISD; Search by: CCR Educational Consultants, Dr. Skip Casey, Staci Robertson, & Rod TownsendINFO
New Super Region 16 Executive Director - Dr. Tanya Larkin; Search by John Bass, Association of Educational Service Agencies INFO
New Super Matagorda ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO
New Super Haskell CISD - Lonnie Hise, Superintendent,Windthorst ISD; Search by: CCR Educational Consultants, Dr. Skip Casey, Staci Robertson, & Rod TownsendINFO

CDC quietly removed school guidance for eliminating masks, rolling back COVID-19 prevention efforts

September 2405:00 AM

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quietly removed guidance for phasing out masks and other COVID-19 mitigation efforts in schools, cached versions of the agency’s website show. The CDC made the changes when it updated its guidance on universal indoor masking for students, staff, teachers and visitors to K-12 schools, regardless of their vaccination status, on Aug. 5. "We believe that our state, as well as teachers unions, probably had an influence over this change," Jonathan Zachreson, an advocate for fully reopening California schools, told Fox News. "It's basically mask indefinitely in schools forever, and there is no off-ramps. So it's really disappointing to see that." view article  arw

Judge grants restraining order against Round Rock ISD, blocking vote to censure 2 trustees

September 2305:00 AM

While the board could not vote or discuss censuring the trustees, a heated debate ensued during public comments. The district's mask mandate was also discussed.  — A Williamson County judge on Wednesday granted a restraining order against Round Rock ISD, blocking its board from voting on censuring two trustees on the heels of controversial meetings in weeks past.   The two trustees in question were Mary Bone and Danielle Weston, whose actions the district claims led to a disruption of the Sept. 14 board meeting.   The resolutions presented at the board meeting said Bone and Weston “repeatedly insisted on calling for a vote on spacing rules for the Sept. 14, 2021 board meeting even though this matter was not on the agenda.”     (23) view article  arw

2022 Best Public High Schools in Texas

September 2305:00 AM

The 2022 Best Public High Schools ranking is based on rigorous analysis of key statistics and millions of reviews from students and parents using data from the U.S. Department of Education. Ranking factors include state test scores, college readiness, graduation rates, SAT/ACT scores, teacher quality, and high school ratings. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.    (23) view article  arw

November 2021 Bond List

September 0908:45 AM

The list is still coming toghether but this is what we have so far. Please feel free to email any updates or corrections to

Preventive Law: September 1, 2021: Return of the TOMA

September 0908:35 AM

At the outset of the pandemic, Governor Abbott suspended portions of the Texas Open Meetings Act making it easier for school boards to meet by telephone or videoconference. That suspension ends at 12:01 a.m. on September 1, 2021. Starting on September 1, 2021, boards must again comply with all parts of the TOMA. Telephonic and videoconference meetings are still viable options for school boards, but certain prerequisites must be met.

Austin ISD trustee questions police response after hoax 911 call

September 2405:00 AM

After a hoax 911 call about a school shooter spurred a large police response at an Austin high school last week, one Austin ISD trustee asked for the district to define which law enforcement agencies lead responses to 911 calls. Trustee Kevin Foster said at the Sept. 23 board of trustees meeting that roughly 100 first responders—Austin ISD police, Austin police, state troopers, a swat unit and medics—arrived at LBJ Early College High School last week after a 911 call reported a school shooter, though the call turned out to be a “hoax,” Foster said. Foster said some parents of LBJ High School students told him armed officers lined up students in the classroom where they suspected the threat to be and then pulled students out for questioning. view article  arw

AG Opinion: KP-0387

September 2405:00 AM

Re: Whether House Bill 1525 requires school districts to accept PTA donations designated to fund supplemental educational staff positions and use funds donated for that purpose for the 2021–2022 school year (RQ-0411-KP)   view article  arw

Doreen: YWLA issue will impact others at Midland ISD

September 2308:43 AM

In a perfect world, the Young Women’s Leadership Academy in Midland would have a new building, all the technology one could put in a classroom and more space than it needed. Just like every other school in Midland. The fact is it doesn’t, and for the second time this year, attention was brought to their conditions during a school board meeting. Young Women’s Leadership Academy is an in-district partnership between Midland ISD and the Dallas-based Young Women’s Preparatory Network. In this column, readers have seen major kudos sent to the district for its decision to make such a partnership a reality, just like the decision to partner with IDEA Public Schools. Both have a record of academic achievement. That should be the No. 1 priority of the district. view article  arw

Royse City ISD mourns loss of cherished crossing guard fatally struck by vehicle

September 2308:40 AM

Melissa Williams, who was killed outside Vernon Elementary, had been with the district in various roles for 14 years, the superintendent says. The motorist who hit her may have been having a medical issue, police say.  Royse City ISD is mourning the death of an employee who was fatally struck by a car this week while she was working as a crossing guard.  The Fate Department of Public Safety said a motorist hit the crossing guard — identified by the district as Melissa Williams — around 7:30 a.m. Monday near Miss May Vernon Elementary School in the 100 block of Miss May Drive. The school is in Fate but is part of Royse City ISD.  The motorist, whose identity has not been disclosed, may have been experiencing a medical problem at the time of the crash, the department said. The motorist also hit a vehicle, it said. view article  arw

Texas teen charged with capital murder for police officer son’s death

September 2308:40 AM

KINGWOOD, Texas (KETK) – A 17-year-old high school senior has been arrested and charged with capital murder for allegedly shooting a 14-year-old son of a police officer late Monday night.  Bryan Smith Jr. was arrested on Wednesday and is being held in the Montgomery County jail.  Our NBC affiliate KPRC says that investigators are still combing through evidence and have not determined a motive for the shooting. They added that both Smith and the victim went to the same high school and were considered friends. view article  arw

Analysis: The 2022 general election is a year away, but many of the issues are already evident

September 2308:40 AM

A year before Texans will vote in the general election race for governor and other statewide offices, the list of candidates remains incomplete. The issues those candidates could be debating at this time next year is coming into view — a list topped by continuing practical and political tensions stemming from large numbers of migrants at the Texas-Mexico border and the state’s adoption of the most restrictive anti-abortion law in the U.S., a law to be tested in the real courts and in the courts of public opinion. view article  arw

Texas’ ban on school mask mandates draws federal investigation for possibly violating the rights of students with disabilities

September 2308:40 AM

The federal government is investigating the Texas Education Agency after deeming that its guidance prohibiting mask mandates in schools last week may be “preventing school districts in the state from considering or meeting the needs of students with disabilities.” The U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights launched the investigation on Tuesday, just days after the TEA quietly updated its public health guidance. On Friday, the state agency said that school districts once again can’t require face coverings, citing that courts are not blocking Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order prohibiting local mask mandates. The agency did not immediately respond to request for comment or say how or if it will enforce the order or if every school district in the state has been notified of this change. view article  arw

Plano, Denton ISD end mask mandates in schools

September 2308:31 AM

Two school districts will make masks optional for students and staff this week. It comes after a drop in COVID-19 cases. Plano ISD’s board of trustees voted Tuesday night against extending the district’s mask mandate. "To continue the mandate or the requirement, in my opinion, it just does not make sense," one person said. view article  arw

Royse City ISD mourns loss of cherished crossing guard fatally struck by vehicle

September 2308:31 AM

Royse City ISD is mourning the death of an employee who was fatally struck by a car this week while she was working as a crossing guard. The Fate Department of Public Safety said a motorist hit the crossing guard — identified by the district as Melissa Williams — around 7:30 a.m. Monday near Miss May Vernon Elementary School in the 100 block of Miss May Drive. The school is in Fate but is part of Royse City ISD. view article  arw

Crowley ISD investigates use of force by teacher who pinned down Black student

September 2308:31 AM

A Crowley ISD teacher was placed on administrative leave after a video showing him forcefully pinning down a student circulated on social media. Calling the video “disturbing and unacceptable,” the school district said in a statement Wednesday that it was investigating the use of excessive force at the Crowley Ninth Grade Campus. view article  arw

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Frustration Grows Among Fort Bend ISD Parents Over Conflicting Mask Mandate Messaging

September 2308:31 AM

A week after the return of classes at Fort Bend ISD in August, the district had already seen hundreds of positive COVID-19 cases, in the middle of a surge that left many parents concerned for their children’s safety. Fort Bend County Judge KP George issued a mask mandate for the county, raising the threat level to red, and the school district ultimately voted to follow suit, issuing its own mandate in defiance of Gov. Greg Abbott’s orders banning such requirements. view article  arw

Court order temporarily blocks Round Rock ISD from censuring 2 board trustees at meeting

September 2308:31 AM

A new temporary restraining order issued by a Williamson County district court has blocked the Round Rock ISD school board from censuring two board trustees at a meeting Wednesday evening. view article  arw

UISD: District police find no viable shooting threat at United South

September 2308:30 AM

The district is asking parents and children worried about the recent threat of a school shooting to follow a normal schedule this week. A disturbing shooting threat was found inside a United South High School bathroom on Tuesday afternoon. The UISD Police Department initiated an investigation as to find the one who wrote the threat, which stated that a shooting would take place on Thursday or Friday. According to UISD, the district’s police have conducted a wellness check alongside the investigation and have found no viable threat. Regardless, the district will continue with the plan to have a heightened security presence for the remainder of the week. view article  arw

Students walk out of North Texas school after teachers allegedly forced to take down ‘safe space’ stickers for LGBTQIA+

September 2308:30 AM

IRVING, Texas — Hundreds of students walked out of MacArthur High School on Wednesday in protest after teachers were allegedly forced to take down "safe space" stickers on their classroom doors. The students could be seen walking onto the school's football field and around the building during the afternoon. Students told WFAA that two teachers who sponsor the school's Gay-Straight Alliance Club handed out "safe space" stickers to all teachers for them to put on their doors if they were comfortable having discussions with students who identified as LGBTQIA+. view article  arw

Midland ISD looks to prove itself during intersession

September 2308:30 AM

If you talk to new Midland ISD Associate Superintendent Charlie Garcia, it is easy to hear that he sees opportunities where others might not.  STAAR tests? While many see them as an unfair assessment and a punishment for teachers and students, he sees them as an opportunity for a school district on the rise to show how much improvement has taken place. view article  arw

Conroe ISD approves $1.7M in spending for campus air protection systems

September 2308:30 AM

The Conroe ISD board of trustees unanimously approved giving Superintendent Curtis Null the authority to authorize a payment that does not exceed $1.7 million for the purchase of biodefense indoor air protection systems at a regular meeting on Sept. 21. view article  arw

Hutto ISD moves forward with virtual learning option for kindergarten through sixth grade

September 2308:30 AM

With Senate Bill 15 now providing funding for students who attend class online, Hutto ISD is taking steps toward offering a virtual instruction option for students in kindergarten through sixth grade. At its Sept. 22 meeting, the Hutto ISD Board of Trustees voted to authorize HISD to provide virtual instruction through a partnership with educational company Pearson. “We are focused on K-6 students since they are the ones who can’t be vaccinated,” said Associate Superintendent for Instruction & Innovation Robert Sormani. "We are considering how we would provide some services to some medically fragile kids we have out there in the upper grades." view article  arw

Music tutor arrested after being confronted by pedophile catchers visiting San Antonio

September 2308:30 AM

An area music tutor who thought he was planning to meet a 13-year-old girl for sex — and met a group that confronts suspected pedophiles instead — was arrested Monday by the Texas Rangers. Jacob Andrew Kolodziej, 28, is charged with online solicitation of a minor under 14 years old. He posted a $50,000 bond and was released the same day. On Aug. 27, Kolodziej went to a hotel in the 100 block of Villita Street, where he thought he was going to meet a girl. view article  arw

Katy ISD tops Houston-area school districts on Niche’s Best School Districts in Texas, U.S.

September 2308:30 AM

No Houston-area school district cracked the top 10 statewide on Niche's 2022 Best Schools and Districts rankings, but two made the top 20 statewide. Out of the 30 local school districts to make the Texas list, 11 made the national list. Katy Independent School District came in at No. 1 in the Houston area and No. 13 in Texas. Friendswood ISD was the second Houston district on the list at No. 15 in Texas, followed by Tomball ISD at No. 26. Those were the only three local districts to receive an "A-plus" grade from Niche. Pearland, Clear Creek, Conroe, Cypress-Fairbanks, Humble, Fort Bend and Montgomery around out the rest of the top 10 in Houston, each with an overall grade of A. Eanes Independent School District in the Austin area was ranked No. in Texas. view article  arw

All vaccinated Abilene ISD faculty, staff to receive $1,000 stipend

September 2308:28 AM

Abilene ISD announced Wednesday that all AISD faculty and staff members who are currently fully vaccinated or who will be fully vaccinated will soon receive stipend payments in the amount of $1,000. Those that wish to participate in the voluntary program must be fully vaccinated and enroll on or before November 8. view article  arw

Austin ISD moves to expand home internet access for students

September 2308:28 AM

Austin ISD says more of their students could have free internet access in the next few months. The district estimates about 30% of their students don’t have reliable high-speed internet access. view article  arw

Allen ISD bus driver shortage and GPS outage causes bus route delays

September 2308:25 AM

Allen ISD’s bus route delays stemming from an ongoing transportation worker shortage were worsened Monday when a district-wide network outage affected its GPS routing software.  The outage caused three bus routes to experience a 20-25 minute delay, district officials confirmed.  “I think they’re still finalizing a few things, so we hope to have that up here pretty soon,” said Allen ISD director of communications David Hicks in a phone call Wednesday morning. view article  arw

Hawley ISD and police investigating man wearing Halloween mask at Friday football game

September 2308:25 AM

HAWLEY, Texas — Hawley Independent School District, along with Hawley Police Department is investigating an incident that occurred at Hawley High School's Homecoming football game against Winters High School last Friday. According to a press release form the City of Hawley Police Department, a man wearing a Halloween mask was scaring elementary aged children at the game. He also allegedly made several statements that concerned children and parents. It was also reported that the man grabbed a couple of girls by the arm. Police located the individual and began investigating. view article  arw

Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD considering virtual learning for K-6 grade

September 2308:25 AM

The Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District is now considering a virtual learning option for students in kinder through the 6th grade. The virtual option depends on the district being able to hire teachers through a third party vendor. If you think remote learning is better for your child, you can apply for this option now until until Friday, October 1. view article  arw

LIST: COVID-19 fatalities in East Texas by county

September 2308:25 AM

TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, 4,315 East Texans have lost their lives to the virus, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services. The fatalities reported date from March 7, 2020 to Sept. 21, 2021. The total number of COVID-19 fatalities in the state of Texas is currently 61,570. East Texas funeral homes say that they are seeing a surge in COVID-19 deaths and that they are putting a strain on many of their businesses. Last week, as of Sept. 17, the total number of active COVID-19 cases in East Texas increased by more than 4,000 from the previous week. view article  arw

Little Elm’s Alcala breaks own school record at Frisco ISD Invitational

September 2308:25 AM

Coming into the fall cross country season, Little Elm senior Jason Alcala had already etched his name into the school record books. He broke the school record twice last year and also owns the top marks in program history in both the 1,600- and 3,200-meter runs in track and field. Alcala outdid himself yet again last week. Crossing the finish line in a time of 15:20.88 at the Frisco ISD Cross Country Invitational at Warren Sports Complex on Sept. 18, he eclipsed his previous-best time for a 5,000-meter race. Alcala placed second overall in Frisco. view article  arw

Aldine ISD to offer one-time incentive to fully vaccinated employees

September 2308:25 AM

HOUSTON – Aldine ISD Board of Trustees approved a COVID-19 vaccination incentive program for employees who are fully vaccinated. During a board meeting on Tuesday, the incentive will offer a one-time $500 payment to qualifying full-time and part-time employees and substitute teachers, regardless of how long ago they have received their vaccine. view article  arw

There is a shortage of crossing guards for some Central Texas school districts

September 2308:25 AM

ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — Crossing guards keep our kids safe as they walk on busy streets to get to and from school, but they’re just aren’t enough in the Round Rock Independent School District.  Prior to the pandemic, the district had 105 crossing guards, but now there are only 60.  The RRISD Police Department has helped fill those vacant positions along with volunteers, but they need help and are hoping more people will sign up.  “We are constantly going around our district looking for areas and listening to the community when they send information about crossing street concerns,” said Jeffrey Yarbrough, RRISD chief of police. “We are responsive to those (concerns) and make sure we have an officer or staff available to ensure our kids are making it to school safely.” view article  arw

Corsicana ISD: Top quarter of senior class earns entry to Tarleton State, $500

September 2308:25 AM

The Corsicana Independent School District Trustees approved a Memorandum of Understanding between the District and Tarleton State University as part of the Distinguished High School Partnership Program. The agreement ensures that the top 25% of the graduating class would gain automatic acceptance to Tarleton State. Qualified CHS students would also receive $500 in additional aid. Students in the top 10% of their class will also be accepted and receive $1,000 of additional aid. view article  arw

We’re tracking COVID-19 cases in Texas schools. There are far more this fall than last year.

September 2308:25 AM

About a month into this school year, the number of reported coronavirus cases among students is approaching the total from the entire 2020-21 school year. But state data on school cases is incomplete and likely an undercount.  Students in Texas public schools are facing another year upturned by COVID-19 as the highly contagious delta variant spreads, mask mandates are inconsistent and children under 12 cannot yet be vaccinated against the virus.  Every Friday, the Texas Education Agency releases COVID-19 case counts for students and staff, as reported by the state’s school districts. Here is the latest situation between Monday, Sept. 6 and Sunday, Sept. 12: view article  arw