Congratulations to the following New Supers

Dr. Dwight McHazlett, Assistant Superintendent, Medina Valley ISD, has been named New Super of Bay City ISD.

Eliza Diaz, Interim Superintendent, Brackett ISD, has been named New Super of Brackett ISD.

Brian McCraw, High School/Jr. High School Principal, Shiner ISD, has been named New Super of Ganada ISD.

Tabitha Branum, Interim Superintendent, Richardson ISD, has been named New Super of Richardson ISD.


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Vacant Buna ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational ServicesINFO
Vacant Region 4 Executive Director; Search by: Thomposon & Horton LLP - Dr. Mike Moses & David ThompsonINFO
Vacant Mercedes ISD; Search by: Merceded ISD Board of TrusteesINFO
Vacant Comal ISD; Search by Comal ISD Board of TrusteesINFO
Vacant Vernon ISD; Search by: Leasor Crass, P.CINFO
Vacant Hubbard ISD
(Region 12); Search by: Dr. Danny Lovett, Exec. Dir. Region 5 ESCINFO
Vacant Morgan ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Vacant Danbury ISD; Search by: Walsh, Gallegos, Treviño, Kyle & Robinson P.C., & Education Consultant Dr. Ann DixonINFO
Vacant Frost ISD; Search by: Leasor Crass, P.CINFO
Lone Finalist Burkeville ISD - Gordon Thomas, Superintendent,Benjamin ISD; Dr. Darrell Myers & Burkeville ISD Board of TrustessINFO
Lone Finalist Moulton ISD - Dr. Renee Fairchild, Superintendent,Sweet Home ISD; Search by: Moulton ISD Board or Trustees & Interim Supt. Mark PoolINFO
Lone Finalist Snyder ISD - Robert Rauch, Superintendent,Sterling City ISD; Search by Snyder ISD Board of TrusteesINFO
Lone Finalist DeSoto ISD - Dr. Usamah Rodgers, Deputy Superintendent,Dallas ISD; Search by: O’Hanlon, Demerath & CastilloINFO
Lone Finalist Buena Vista ISD - Richard "Mason" Kyle, Principal,Meadow ISD; Search by: Region 18 ESC, Dr. Dewitt SmithINFO
Lone Finalist Stratford ISD - Dr. Paul Uttley, Superintendent,Paradise ISD; Search by: Straford ISD Board of Trustees, Jo Hinds, PresidentINFO
Lone Finalist Alpine ISD - Dr. Michelle Rinehart, Assistant Superintendent,Rankin ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational ServicesINFO
Lone Finalist Anton ISD - John York, Principal,Paducah ISD; Search by: Region 17 ESC, Kyle Wargo Exec. DirectorINFO
Lone Finalist Hemphill ISD - Stephen English, Assistant Superintendent,Pine Tree ISD; Search by: Hemphill ISD Board of TrusteesINFO
Lone Finalist Channing ISD - Dr. Misty Heiskell, Principal,Dalhart ISD; Search by: Channing ISD Board of Trustees & Region 16 ESC, Nathan Maxwell, Exec. Dir.INFO
Lone Finalist Lazbuddie ISD - Brad Jones, Superintendent,Rule ISD; INFO
Lone Finalist Vysehrad ISD - Joey Patek, Superintendent,Aransas Co. ISD; Search by: Region 3 ESC, Exec. Dir. Morris LyonINFO
Lone Finalist Sterling City ISD - Travis Grubbs, Superintendent,High Island ISD; Search by: Region 15 ESCINFO
Lone Finalist Mason ISD - Brannon Kidd, Principal,Weatherford ISD; Search by: Region 15 ESC, Casey Callahan, Executive DirectorINFO
Lone Finalist Bay City ISD - Dr. Dwight McHazlett, Assistant Superintendent,Medina Valley ISD; Search by: Walsh, Gallegos, Treviño, Kyle & Robinson P.C., & Education Consultant Dr. Ann DixonINFO
Lone Finalist Ganado ISD - Dr. Brian McCraw, Principal,Shiner ISD; Search by: Region 3 ESC, Exec. Dir. Morris LyonINFO
Lone Finalist Richardson ISD - Tabitha Branum, Interim Superintendent,Richardson ISD; Search by: O’Hanlon, Demerath & CastilloINFO
Lone Finalist Miles ISD - Ty Stevens, Principal,Sterling City ISD; Search by: Region 15 ESCINFO
New Super Whitharral ISD - Ben Prowell, Superintendent,Wellman-Union ISD; Search by: Region 17 ESCINFO
New Super Dallas ISD - Dr. Stephanie Elizalde, Superintendent,Austin ISD; Search by: Walsh, Gallegos, Treviño, Kyle & Robinson P.C., & Education Consultant Dr. Ann DixonINFO
New Super Hempstead ISD - ​Herbert O'Neil, Assistant Superintendent,Greenville ISD; Search by: KARCZEWSKI BRADSHAW SPALDINGINFO
New Super Plemons-Stinnett-Phillips CISD - Jamie Copley, Superintendent,Follett ISD; Search by: PSP CISD Board of Trustees and Michael LeeINFO
New Super Sweetwater ISD - Dr. Deidre Parish, Superintendent,Darrouzett ISD; Search by: CCR Educational Consultants, Dr. Skip Casey, Staci Robertson, & Rod TownsendINFO
New Super Chireno ISD - Brian P. King, Assistant Superintendent,Chireno ISD; Search by: Walsh, Gallegos, Treviño, Kyle & Robinson P.C., & Education Consultant Mr. Gary PattersonINFO
New Super Wichita Falls ISD - Dr. Donny Lee, Superintendent,Buna ISD; Search by: Walsh, Gallegos, Treviño, Kyle & Robinson P.C., & Education Consultant Dr. Ann DixonINFO
New Super Christoval ISD - Clint Askins, Superintendent,Miles ISD; Search by: CCR Educational Consultants, Dr. Skip Casey, Staci Robertson, & Rod TownsendINFO
New Super Brackett ISD - Eliza Diaz, Interim Superintendent,Brackett ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
New Super Iredell ISD - Chris Morrow, Principal,Blanket ISD; Search by: Iredell ISD Board of Trustees and Brenda SpeerINFO

Prayer for Our Teachers

August 1608:40 AM

Dear God, You have called our Texas public school teachers to serve our children. May your Spirit fill them with that sense of call each and every day. Thank you for calling these servant leaders to minister to “the least of these.” May they not be weary in this well-doing. Forgive us for not supporting, paying, and funding them as we should    (16) view article  arw

Conroe ISD aims to grow career, technical education programs

August 1608:30 AM

Conroe ISD’s career and technical education program will see expansion in the 2022-23 school year to continue providing students with real-world experience in the workforce in response to growing demand, according to school officials. This includes $210 million in investments at two district high schools in CTE programs and facilities. CTE Director Tally Stout said as of June, 22,305—around 70%— of seventh- through 12th-grade students were enrolled in a CTE program in the district, and 4,758 students had received certifications for their field of study. Among The Woodlands-area high schools, 62.27% of students were in CTE as of 2019-20, according to data from the Texas Education Agency. “We’ve seen a really exciting, intriguing, dynamic change in career technical education ... we are seeing focused, skilled, industry-standard needs in our communities,” Stout said.    (16) view article  arw

Austin ISD earns a ‘B’ rating from Texas Education Agency

August 1608:30 AM

Austin Independent School District earned an overall grade of “B” from the Texas Education Agency’s school accountability system, which is based in part on standardized testing scores. TEA issued the grades on Monday for the first time since before the COVID-19 pandemic. The last time Austin ISD was rated in 2019, the district also received a B. However, 71% of campuses within the district increased their ratings from 2019. Interim Superintendent Anthony Mays said that was a significant accomplishment in the face of COVID-19 and other learning disruptions. “This was a challenge for teachers, principals and students, but look at what they accomplished,” he said. “They did this during the pandemic, then with remote learning as well as an ice storm — in case you forgot — and then coming back to class with incredible stress.”    (`6) view article  arw

How Gov. Greg Abbott exported a border crisis to New York City

August 1608:00 AM

New York City was not initially a destination when the Texas governor began busing asylum-seekers east. That changed after NYC Mayor Eric Adams launched his war of words against Abbott, who’s now sending hundreds to the Big Apple. When he appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” last week, Gov. Greg Abbott kept smiling.  Four months prior, he had announced that the state of Texas was planning to bus migrants from near the Texas-Mexico border to Washington, D.C., a move that drew mixed reviews — even among conservatives — and soon fell off the political radar. But then New York City Mayor Eric Adams began raising alarms about the impact on his city.  “This just shows the hypocrisy of these liberal leaders up in the northeast who think, ‘That border crisis created by Joe Biden, that’s fine as long as Texas has to deal with it,’” Abbott told the host, Sean Hannity. “But as soon as they have to deal with the real consequences of Biden’s border-caused crisis, they are up in arms.”    (15) view article  arw

Gov. Greg Abbott deploys Chuck Norris to help stop the next school shooting

August 1605:00 AM

Texas is turning to Chuck Norris to help stop the next school shooting. With school restarting around the state, Gov. Greg Abbott is touting a safety program that calls on parents, teachers and students to report suspicious activity on the state’s iWatch website. To promote the reporting system, Abbott has tapped 82-year-old former action movie star Chuck Norris to star in new public service announcements promoting the system. view article  arw

Template for Estimating State Aid (version 7)

August 1605:00 AM

Release Date: Round 7 08/04/2022 - Release 7 is now available for download. This release allows the user to enter their TEA-approved MCR for the 2022-23 school year. Other not as significant changes have been made as well (see Notes). As always, stay tuned for any further developments.    (16) view article  arw

Houston:  Proposal to change HISD’s policy on charters sparks opposition

August 1605:00 AM

Parents, education advocates and a group of Houston elected officials including three Houston ISD trustees on Monday blasted a proposal by other school board members that would change the district’s policy surrounding charters, calling the measure dangerous to public schools and imploring it be taken off an agenda days before its first reading. Revisions to the policy, which was initially issued in April 2018, would grant parents or guardians the authority to approve or turn down a partnership with a charter, or other entities permissible under the state’s education code, that is initiated by the district’s administration.    (16) view article  arw

Texas school ratings show improvement compared to 2019, but those in poorer neighborhoods still lag

August 1605:00 AM

This year’s TEA ratings were done differently than in previous years. Instead of the usual A-F ratings, which were last given in 2019, the agency gave only A-C ratings. Districts and schools that would have received a D or F instead received a “Not Rated” label this year.    (16) view article  arw

Preventive Law: Don’t Miss Your Chance to Comment on the Proposed Changes to Title IX Regulations

August 0808:31 AM

On June 23, 2022, the 50th anniversary of Title IX, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) released proposed changes to its Title IX regulations that help schools implement the law. The regulations were published in the Federal Register on July 12, 2022, with a 60-day comment period, meaning that comments are due by September 12, 2022. Comments can be submitted electronically here:

Greg Abbott banking on school choice issue to win votes but public school advocates push back

August 1608:50 AM

Opponents argue that voucher programs pull away from already underfunded public schools and private and charter schools are held to less accountability. view article  arw

‘We did it’ | Southside ISD celebrates first A-rated school in district’s history

August 1608:30 AM

Heritage Elementary, for years faced with an F report card, has now set an example for how other schools can progress toward success.  Southside Independent School District made history Monday with one of its elementary schools officially becoming the first campus in the district to earn an A-rating.  Heritage Elementary earned the 95-point A-grade based on the Texas Education Agency’s (TEA) 2022 academic accountability report. For several years, Heritage Elementary has received an F-rating, according to Elise Puente, who’s starting her ninth year serving as principal of Heritage Elementary.   The big news was announced during a morning assembly where Puente, equipped with flashing rainbow-roller skates, rolled into a packed gymnasium alongside the so-called "skate capacitor," which fits with Southside’s Back to the Future theme.  view article  arw

School bell rings for Marion ISD students

August 1608:30 AM

Superintendent shares goals, security measures for new school year (Marion) — It’s back to hitting the books in the Marion ISD. Marion ISD is the second largest batch of students in Guadalupe County to be returning to class for the 2022-2023 school year. view article  arw

Rural Victoria County TEA: Bloomington, Nursery performed well

August 1608:30 AM

Victoria County’s two rural districts, Nursery and Bloomington, did well in the TEA’s 2021-22 ratings, with Nursery continuing its top marks and Bloomington making clear improvements since before the pandemic. view article  arw

Construction prep, new Waco ISD principals mark beginning of school year

August 1608:30 AM

Waco Independent School District families can expect a few changes this year as class begins Tuesday, starting with new faces in campus leadership. In addition to 12 new principals at various Waco schools, students will also see stricter security measures, relaxed pandemic protocols and some changes related to upcoming construction at Waco High School and other campuses. In keeping with new COVID-19 guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, students and staff who have been exposed to the coronavirus will not need to quarantine unless they develop symptoms or test positive. The district will continue its optional mask policy and notify families and employees if they have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive. view article  arw

Bryan ISD approves $4.56 million deficit budget, sets $1.1396 tax rate

August 1608:30 AM

The Bryan school board unanimously approved a deficit budget of $4.56 million and a tax rate of $1.1396 per $100 valuation to support the budget. The tax rate includes the maintenance and operations rate and the interest and sinking, or debt service, rate. Revenue from each rate can be used only for its specific purpose — either district operations or payment of debt from bonds. According to a presentation from Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Kevin Beesaw, the debt service rate did not change from last year; however, the general fund rate decreased by almost 9 cents from last year. The approved $1.1396 rate also represents a 21-cent decrease since the 2016-2017 budget year, he said. view article  arw

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Lubbock ISD confident in school safety procedures as TEA requires summer steps

August 1608:30 AM

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The deadline for Texas school districts to take the Texas Education Agency’s School Safety Action Steps is Sept 1. Lubbock ISD Superintendent Dr. Kathy Rollo told KCBD only one step not complete will be done by the first day of school. “The only thing that we had not done was schedule out our drills for the year,” Rollo said. “We usually do that at the campus level as we go. That’s one thing that we have put into place and we’re getting those scheduled right now for the entire year.” In the wake of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Governor Abbott directed the TEA to require districts to take certain steps over the summer, believed to make schools safer. The steps include: view article  arw

Galena Park ISD not waiting for legislators to debate changes to school security

August 1608:30 AM

GALENA PARK, Texas (KTRK) -- It's something we all think about after the Uvalde school shooting, but Galena Park ISD is back in session and not waiting for legislators to debate changes to school security. The district is taking matters into their own hands, deciding what they feel offers the best protection for their students and staff. "Two things. I want that deputy inside, and I want that vehicle outside, so that anybody coming by knows that there is an armed officer there. But it's important that we have someone there, that can respond immediately, to a threat that happens," GPISD Police Chief Bryan Clements said. view article  arw

Bryan ISD adopts budget and lowers tax rate for 2022-23 fiscal year

August 1608:30 AM

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -The Bryan ISD Board of Trustees met Monday to adopt its budget and tax rate for the 2022-2023 school year. The budget for the next school year is $200.4 million. The new tax rate is now $1.1396 per $100 valuation. Last year, the rate was $1.2268. Although property values continue to increase each year, Bryan ISD has been able to lower tax rates. view article  arw

La Feria ISD plans to hire armed guards districtwide

August 1608:30 AM

LA FERIA, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The La Feria Independent School District is moving forward with plans to have armed security guards in all schools.  TEA releases 2022 school and campus ratings  During a recent school board meeting, the school board unanimously approved the measure voting 7-0.  Cynthia Torres, the superintendent for the district said with an increase in violence taking place on campuses across the nation, officials with La Feria ISD felt armed security is one of the best ways to protect their staff and students.   Torres said the district has seven campuses and is proposing to hire a total of eight armed officers.   “We were looking at a proposal for one at each campus except for our high school having two,” Torres said.  Torres said the district has already begun installing security cameras and electric fencing at its schools. However, the armed guards will be an additional layer of protection.  view article  arw

Nederland ISD considers allowing teachers & employees to volunteer to be armed

August 1608:30 AM

NEDERLAND — Nederland ISD is considering allowing teachers and other school employees to volunteer to be armed as another layer of security. Although the school board is not yet planning a vote on that idea, Monday evening board members heard more about it from Nederland Police Chief Gary Porter. Chief Porter talked about two programs available in Texas. They include the Marshal Program, which allows the districts the opportunity to hire people with law enforcement experience as officers on campus. Then there's the Guardian Program, which gives teachers and other staff members the option of being armed and receiving training on how to confront and protect others against a dangerous intruder. view article  arw

Houston:  Off the Kuff The proposed HISD charter partnership policy change

August 1608:30 AM

Parents, education advocates and a group of Houston elected officials including three Houston ISD trustees on Monday blasted a proposal by other school board members that would change the district’s policy surrounding charters, calling the measure dangerous to public schools and imploring it be taken off an agenda days before its first reading. Revisions to the policy, which was initially issued in April 2018, would grant parents or guardians the authority to approve or turn down a partnership with a charter, or other entities permissible under the state’s education code, that is initiated by the district’s administration. view article  arw

Texas Education Agency releases overall grades for Abilene ISD

August 1608:30 AM

ABILENE, Texas — While a lot of Big Country area schools remained the same, Abilene ISD dropped from it’s pre-pandemic level. These ratings from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) are determined by STAAR testing scores, it measures the core learning areas for students. Most notably on this list, Abilene ISD has dropped from a “B” rating for the 2018-2019 school year to a “C” rating for 2022. Across the state, C-rated school districts declined from 13% to 9.4% view article  arw

TEA ratings: Killeen ISD gets a ‘C’; Cove gets a ‘B’

August 1608:30 AM

Central Texas school districts received mixed grades from the Texas Education Agency on Monday as thousands of students returned to class. The scores released Monday were the first accountability ratings issued by the agency following a three-year hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In a news release Monday, the TEA said the ratings reflected “improvements in student academic growth rates.” view article  arw

Del Valle ISD rating from Texas Education Agency improves, other districts announced

August 1608:30 AM

The results are in for how school districts are doing according to the Texas Education Agency standards. Austin ISD and Del Valle earned a B rating, among other Central Texas districts. These are the first public school ratings in since 2019. The districts this year were publicly scored A through C. Depending on performance, if a campus fell below the C standards, they were not rated. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) summarizes the ratings as a measure of how much students are learning in each grade level and whether they’re ready to move on. It’s broken down in three areas: student achievement, school progress, and closing the gaps view article  arw

Lubbock ISD earns B in 2022 TEA Accountability Rating System

August 1608:30 AM

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - In the first scores to be released since 2019, Lubbock ISD has earned a B in the Texas Education Agency’s Accountability Rating System. The overall district rating improved from an 86 in 2019 to an 87 in 2022, with campuses around the district showing significant improvement. For the first time since the implementation of the A-F rating system, all four of Lubbock ISD’s comprehensive high schools earned a B rating: Coronado, Estacado, Lubbock High, and Monterey. Talkington School for Young Women Leaders earned an A, or 99, the highest score earned by any Lubbock ISD campus. Dunbar College Preparatory Academy has increased their rating from an F in 2019 to a C in 2022, releasing the campus from a decade’s worth of state sanctions. Wester Elementary School showed the most growth since 2019, jumping from F to A in just three years. These campuses are two of the seven that grew by at least two letter grades: Brown, Centennial, McWhorter, Overton, and Stewart elementary schools grew from a D to B rating. view article  arw

Beto O’Rourke and Greg Abbott weigh in on education, school safety on trips to North Texas

August 1608:30 AM

DECATUR, Texas — The packed room of roughly 300 people where Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke spoke on Thursday wasn’t in Houston, Austin or Dallas. It was in Decatur, the seat of Wise County, where former President Donald Trump won nearly 85% of the vote in 2020. “These are the cities that Greg Abbott is sleeping on,” O'Rourke said after his town hall. “He’s not showing up, he’s not fighting for these folks. He’s not earning the vote.” view article  arw

Ysleta ISD received ‘A’ rating from Texas Education Agency

August 1608:25 AM

EL PASO, Texas (KFOX14/CBS4) — The Ysleta Independent School District earned an “A” rating for overall academic performance from the Texas Education Agency for the 2021-2022 school year. Ysleta ISD received 98 percent of its campuses earning top ratings of either “A” or “B” for their educational programs, according to state accountability results released Monday. Ysleta ISD is the only “A”-rated district among the city of El Paso’s largest districts. view article  arw

El Paso ISD receives ‘B’ rating from TEA

August 1608:25 AM

EL PASO, Texas (KFOX14CBS4) — The El Paso Independent School District received a "B" or 87 grade from the Texas Education Agency for the 2021-2022 school year.  Of El Paso ISD’s 76 campuses, 26 are A-rated campuses and 39 are rated a B.  Accountability data also shows that 43 campuses increased their ratings, and 23 schools improved by at least one letter grade. view article  arw

With latest STAAR rating, DeSoto ISD seeing big improvement since 2018

August 1608:25 AM

The rating is an improvement upon its previous STAAR ratings, a sign of change at the district.  DESOTO, Texas — STAAR results are in, and DeSoto is seeing a big improvement over previous years, with a B rating issued to them by the Texas Education Agency.  This is an improvement over their previous two ratings in 2018 and 2019, which were a D and a C, respectively.   DeSoto ISD had a goal of ensuring all campuses got a 70 or above on this year's accountability ratings, which they were able to accomplish.  view article  arw

We’re trying to get creative’: How inflation and supply chain woes are impacting Texas school lunches

August 1608:25 AM

DENTON, Texas — Inflation and supply chain and labor shortages are impacting school lunches at Denton ISD. "Its probably something nationwide, not just Texas, or North Texas," said Liz Raftery, director of child nutrition for Denton ISD. Raftery told WFAA food distributors and manufacturers are feeling the pinch. "The increased fuel prices, limited delivery drivers, limited parts to repair trucks that aren't functioning, chemicals that go into packaging, it all plays a role," she said. view article  arw

Northside ISD kicks of new school year with annual community block walk

August 1608:25 AM

SAN ANTONIO - Monday was the first day back to work for teachers at Northside ISD and to help kick off the new school year, the district held its 10th annual community block walk.  About 500 teachers from 6 elementary and middle schools hit the streets to visit families and greet students before classes begin next week.  The district says the block walk is meant to help strengthen relationships between school staff and families, boosting attendance and parental involvement. view article  arw

Wes Clark turns in resignation from New Braunfels ISD board

August 1608:25 AM

New Braunfels ISD board president Wes Clark recently submitted his resignation stating he would no longer have the necessary time to devote to the position due to unforeseen circumstances, the district announced Monday evening. Wes Clark “It’s important to recognize the nine and a half years of dedicated service he has given to the board, and for this, we're tremendously grateful,” Vice President Eric Bergquist said during a board meeting on Monday evening. “It's really important to remember that this role that we do here is a completely voluntary position, and at times, it can be quite demanding on our time, but now, I think it's important to move on as a board.” view article  arw

Progreso ISD holds active shooter training class to address safety concerns

August 1608:25 AM

With a few weeks until the first day of classes, police in Progreso are getting ready for anything that could come their way. Progresso Independent School District is one week away from the start of the new school year. One parent, who asked to remain anonymous, says she is worried about the safety of her two children in school. "Well as any parent I feel really scared about everything that has been happening in Texas in general," the woman said. "I understand that it's not only Progresso, but it is a concern." The Progreso Police Department took a proactive approach with active shooter training held at Progreso High School Monday. view article  arw

Carroll ISD in Southlake to display posters that read ‘In God We Trust’

August 1608:25 AM

According to a law passed in Texas in 2021, school districts that receive donations of signs with that motto have to display them on campus. view article  arw

Tuloso-Midway ISD calls for almost $100 million bond election

August 1608:25 AM

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Tuloso-Midway Superintendent Steve VanMatre said the district is calling for an almost $100 million bond election in November. The district wants $36 million for an early childhood development center, $35 million for deferred maintenance, $12 million for safety and security and $8.5 million for music, band and choir upgrades. view article  arw