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With its long history of reporting on scientific breakthroughs, technological revolutions and societal challenges, Newsweek partnered with to rank America’s Best STEM high Schools. Lovejoy High School was named No. 1,046 of 5,000 in the nation. The list includes schools in every region of the country that offer skilled teachers who keep up with developments in these fields and who create dynamic environments to engage their students. view article arw

Canyon ISD is continuing to pave the way in education, this time with a certified program helping to train staff on cybersecurity. view article arw

Lawmakers gathering in Austin Wednesday are tackling the subject of how law enforcement, mental health providers, fusion centers and social media companies can work together to prevent mass violence in the state. Officials from a handful of the world’s largest tech companies told a panel of state senators they are working alongside law enforcement agencies to thwart the next massacres in Texas. The head of the Texas Department of Public Safety sees it slightly differently. view article arw

Some Lewisville ISD students will soon be able to carry their passion for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) classes with them to middle school. LISD is moving forward with a plan to bring a STEM Academy to Downing, Forestwood, Creek Valley and Hedrick middle schools. view article arw

Dell Children's mobile health care bus is bringing doctors to kids and helping an under-served community. Dell Children’s Medical Center is partnering with Texas Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) by offering appointment-based primary care pediatric health care for WIC clients. view article arw

McCarthy partnered with Collin College recently to host 90 Plano and Frisco ISD high school students interested in architecture, construction and engineering at the Collin College Technical Campus construction site in Allen. The students are involved in ACE, a mentorship program which McCarthy is a sponsor. The goal of the event was to provide a diverse look at all trades and build awareness of construction as a successful career path. view article arw

One local school district is setting the standard for making parents' lives easier. PSJA I.S.D. is now offering virtual doctor visits for students, and the technology is as easy as the click of a button. A typical trip to the school nurse might go something like this. "Open, stick out your tongue, say ah," school nurse Jessica Ramos says. view article arw

Sitting on the outskirts of a midwestern city some thousand miles north of Austin, billions of student emails, homework assignments, instant messages and other communications are being screened around the clock. The artificial intelligence on computers housed inside a red brick building on the outskirts of Bloomington, Illinois, reviewed nearly four billion documents last school year. view article arw

A collaboration between PDI, an international computer programming company and Temple High School is allowing 11 students to learn from developers about coding. The computer programming team will work side by side with professional developers on ways to execute computer programs, control and create video games, and even develop their own projects at an advanced level.  view article arw

Dallas ISD trustees are talking about some potential changes that could affect hundreds of special education classrooms in the district. It's a new proposal presented this month by trustee Dustin Marshall of District 2 in the north Dallas area. He wants to require each special education classroom to have video cameras installed to protect students -- and even teachers -- in an effort to prevent abuse and problems. view article arw

Kevin Rogers is all in when it comes to the use of technology in Lewisville ISD. But the district superintendent is concerned about those who aren’t. During a work session Monday the district staff presented to the Board of Trustees findings from an analysis that explored the use of technology across the district. view article arw

Students who do not have Internet access at home now will not have to worry about that. The Harlingen school district has been awarded a $1 million Sprint grant that donates smart phones with service ready for students to use. view article arw

There’s nothing good about a ransomware attack, but local governments should study how the Port Neches-Groves ISD handled this crime. District officials like Superintendent Mike Gonzales were open and upfront about what was happening. Gonzales even said, “There is no need to keep information from anyone.” Try to remember the last time you heard that sentence from a top official. This attitude is refreshing. Gonzales and other officials didn’t go into the default mode of “no comment” when taxpayers naturally started asking questions. They were professional and responsible, and they resolved this attack about as quickly as possible. view article arw

The San Antonio ISD is planning a bold step to close the huge digital divide that exists among it's students, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.  Superintendent Pedro Martinez says a new survey done of the district's students revealed that more than half of high school age students do not have Internet at home, or a mobile device that can connected ot the Internet.  Martinez says the Internet is 'not a luxury' in 2019, especially when it comes to education.  "That was an eye opener for me," he said. "I didn't realize that it would be more than half of the students in our high schools."  So he made the decision to take action to close that digital gap. view article arw

This story has been corrected to clarify the phone-locking process. High school students don’t know what life is without cellphones.  They have their phones with them everywhere, even in school, making it difficult for many to focus.  To combat that, a Duncanville high school has become the first in the area to go “phones free.”  view article arw

The Lufkin school district trustees discussed adopting a nearly $1 million plan to beef up the district’s cybersecurity. Brad Stewart, executive director of technology, Josh Williams, director of technology, and Summer Garcia, cybersecurity coordinator, gave a presentation on legislation passed by the state, the current dangers the district should be ready for in cybersecurity and a plan to prepare.  One of the biggest topics of the discussion was ransomware.  “If you’re not familiar, ransomware is when hackers are able to encrypt files and not give you access to them anymore, and they can also delete backups,” Garcia said. “This can be done through phishing, emails, visiting unprotected sites.”  From 2016 to June of 2019, there were more than 700 ransomware attacks on school districts in Texas. Garcia told stories about incidents in Henderson, Tyler and Etoile and at Pineywoods Community Academy, where hackers stole information and demanded money for its return or redirected money from employees’ accounts to their own. view article arw

You won’t find any kids playing on their cell phones at PACE High School in Duncanville.The school has become the first in the area to go completely “phones free” during the day, locking their students’ phones away during school hours to help them better focus on their education.  Student Matthew McKinney says not having his phone readily available has definitely helped him focus.   “I have definitely noticed positive changes in the classroom," he said. "Just in general, I'm starting to forget my phone more and interact with people more.” view article arw

Lubbock ISD has introduced two new trade programs this year, plumbing and electrical technology. Both jobs are in high demand across the city and beyond. They are apprenticeship programs, providing classroom technical instruction and on-the-job training, both taught by master instructors. view article arw

The Port Neches-Groves ISD is now about 95 percent recovered from a Ransomware attack that hijacked its computers and online data base, according to information Dr. Mike Gonzales, the PN-G ISD superintendent, provided to KFDM/Fox 4. view article arw

Keller ISD will be partnering with the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station, or TEES, to help promote student interest in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math through a workforce industry training, or WIT, program. The board of trustees signed off on a partnership agreement with TEES at its Nov. 18 meeting.   view article arw

El Paso Independent School District’s potential engineers got a taste of what the future holds for them in their desired field by experiencing it at one of the district’s own campuses. “I want to do many things, I want to be a civil engineer but also I want to be an architect,” said Airick Bravo a Chapin High School junior. view article arw

About 13,000 school districts across the country have been recently attacked in a Pearson Education data breach. According to a 2018 Security Scorecard report, the education industry has the worst cybersecurity vulnerability of 17 sectors in the U.S.  Lubbock ISD Cybersecurity Administrator Jordan Waller said it is the staff accounts that hackers are targeting, since student accounts are highly regulated. view article arw

Some McLennan County school districts either have installed or will install devices that will detect when students are vaping in certain spaces to help reduce the escalating number of students using electronic cigarettes on campus. The Robinson Independent School District recently installed the devices, called Halo Smart Sensors, in restrooms to detect vaping and smoking, Deputy Superintendent Tim VanCleave said. If the sensors go off, a notification is sent to administrators’ cellphones. view article arw

Region One Education Service Center says it is one step closer to closing the “digital divide” for students in the region. That’s because of the approval of a 10-year $6.7 million funding application by the Universal Service Administration Company (USAC) for the ORION project.  view article arw

In August about 20 local governments in Texas were hit by a coordinated ransomware attack, and many local public officials probably breathed a sigh of relief. Their city or county was not among the victims, but they knew that their computer systems were probably just as vulnerable as those now struggling with chaos. Last week, the problem hit home. The Port Neches-Groves ISD became the first local taxing entity known to be struck by a ransomware attack. view article arw

Port Neches-Groves ISD, which is near Beaumont, Texas, lost access to files on all computer systems Tuesday afternoon after being attacked by ransomware, a type of cyberattack that renders files unusable then demands money for restoring access. Superintendent Mike Gonzales said the attackers were asking for a “sizable amount of money,” and that several local law enforcement agencies and cybersecurity specialists were working to get the computers up and running again. view article arw

Through its IBM EdTech Cities Challenge, students are tasked with proposing gamechanging ideas that use 5G connectivity or AI and could solve a school or community problem. Held in Dallas and Detroit, the competition required applicants to complete three pre-work modules, and submissions were accepted in October. Four teams were then selected to participate in Round 2. view article arw

Amarillo Independent School District plans to prepare students for the real world through the development of a state of the art career academy. AISD already has a school that allows students to explore their career interests before entering adulthood. view article arw

There’s a new push to get more women involved in math and science, and Waco is in the middle of the effort. Right now, the National Science Foundation says women make up half of the U.S. college-educated workforce but only 29% of the science and engineering workforce. That percentage is even lower (11%) for minority women. view article arw

Ever use those public USB charging stations at the airport or hotel? If you do, authorities are advising you to stop doing so immediately. The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office tweeted a warning earlier this week advising people to stop using public USB charging stations like those at the airport or mall because they could be filled with malware and susceptible to tampering. view article arw

State lawmakers have their sights set on violence in the media, especially in regards to video games and the effects they can have on today's youth. However, with the emergence of eSports across the nation, the industry is more popular than ever with teenagers. James Lee, a member of Lubbock ISD's high school eSports team, said violence is the last thing on his mind while playing.  view article arw

At only 10 years old, Asvini Thivakaran has done more to protect the environment than most people. Last year she successfully launched a battery recycling program in , earning her the President's Environmental Youth Award, International Youth Eco Hero Award and John Muir Youth Conservation Award for Environmental Education. view article arw

Cybersecurity specialists and the FBI are working around the clock to restore ownership of the Port Neches-Groves ISD online database after hackers took hold of it with ransonware.  The hackers are holding the district's system and demanding a ransom before the hackers will release the district's online database, which may contain personal or sensitive student information. view article arw

The Virginia Murray Sowell Center for Research and Education in Sensory Disabilities at Texas Tech in the College of Education was awarded a $1.25 million grant to fund training for professionals who work with children with visual impairments. The funding will begin Project INVITE (Interdisciplinary Neurological Visual Impairment Teaching Experts), according to a Tech news release. The 30-month program will provide specialized training for scholars to help children with neurological visual impairments and help children potentially improve their vision. view article arw

The Wichita Falls ISD is giving credit to a software program or helping them protect students beyond the classroom. The software program is called Gaggle and it has been installed on all the district’s laptops. view article arw