What do you do when your child, won't lift their head from a video game? How do you get them to learn? "I'll say, 'Oh, yeah, you guys like to play this game? Let me show you how that game works. And you can add other things in that game that you might want in there,'" said Ren Eversole, teacher, at Burleson ISD's Game Design School. It is an entire physical building devoted to teaching students gaming, and everything else on the curriculum using gaming. "It's a combination of both math and science and your normal learning language type thing. Because you have to learn how to do it. And then you have to use math to create your correct physics and stuff like that," said Hayden Rogstad, a student in the school. Eversole started class with a game he made that had a problem, it was impossible to win. The monsters eat you before you can collect all the coins. So the students had to break open the code, figure out why, and fix it. view article arw

The Fort Worth Independent School District focused its layoffs this week on its technology division, a move described as unfortunate but necessary amid budget constraints that was finalized by the Board of Education on Tuesday. District officials on Thursday released the resolution that declares Fort Worth ISD’s workforce reduction and additional details behind the staff cuts after notifying impacted employees. The document obtained by the Star-Telegram states that within its technology division, the eliminated jobs include: view article arw

The departments affected in Fort Worth ISD's layoffs will be the technology and the IT department, freshman success coaches and Leadership Academy Network instructional specialists. view article arw

Pearland ISD's Board of Trustees called for a $105 million bond election in May to address infrastructure and technology needs. The proposed bond includes funds to replace computers for teachers and students and for new roofs at several schools across the district. view article arw

By an 8-3 vote, the Oklahoma Senate’s Education Committee approved Tuesday a bill to create an incentive program for school districts that adopt a cellphone-free campus policy. A few senators suggested they’d be willing to go a step further and implement an absolute ban on cellphones in schools. Sponsored by Sen. Adam Pugh, R-Edmond — the committee’s chair — Senate Bill 1314 would have an estimated fiscal impact of $181 million. That amount led three Republican senators — Michael Bergstrom, of Adair; Julie Daniels, of Bartlesville; and Dusty Deevers, of Elgin — to vote against the idea, but Daniels and Deevers both said they’d be open to a full-out ban. view article arw

Five Molina High School students are the first in the Dallas Independent School District to become fully certified security officers licensed by the state's Department of Public Safety. It's an addition to the school's Law Enforcement Pathway class. In class, Jonathan Wright reviewed how to scan and survey a potentially dangerous scene properly. At 18, he's already a licensed Level II security guard. Over the weekend, he worked his first paid assignment for a private security company. "It's very exciting, it's fun, it's very different from any other job that you experience," said Wright. He said it was the classes at Molina High that made him ready. "I was the youngest security guard there by a long shot," he said. "But I know just as much as them, so I feel that this class has well prepared me for that field." view article arw

Three local school systems are making strides in getting children into programs that put them on track for jobs that will lift them out of poverty, according to a Dallas nonprofit. Dallas ISD, Garland ISD and the Uplift Education charter school network are preparing these students for life after graduation through college-level classes, industry-related programs and other focused efforts, according to The Commit Partnership. The three were the first group to receive the nonprofit’s new Dallas County Economic Mobility Awards. view article arw

Screens can seem like a cheat code for parenting, offering a brief respite from shrill noises and surrealist mischief long enough to do something indulgent like wash dishes or make lunch. Yet while screen time may be harmless or even enriching in moderation, it's still rife with pitfalls. Screens can tempt kids away from physical activity and imaginative play, for example, and could stunt development of critical skills like emotional self-regulation if overused. view article arw

CANYON, Texas (KFDA) - Canyon ISD’s luncheon today serves as a showcase for students in Career and Technology Education programs. Through partnerships with local businesses and industry experts, the event gave guests the opportunity to learn about the various programs. From programs like robotics, culinary arts, agriculture and more, the programs serve as a gateway to real-world experience in their chosen career paths. “We have our students here from all of our career and technology programs, to just showcase what they do. They interact with the adults in the businesses and industries who need there future employers,” said Darryl Flusche, Canyon ISD superintendent. view article arw

Houston ISD said cellphones have been at the center of fights at the school and will no longer be allowed in an effort to keep students and staff safe.  Cell phones will be prohibited at Madison High School starting Monday, according to Houston ISD.  The district said there were at least half a dozen fights on campus this week, centered around cellphones, and because of that, students will no longer be able to use them while on campus. view article arw

A no-exceptions policy restricting cell phone usage went into effect at Madison High School at Houston ISD on Monday. Triggering protests from students late last week and Monday, the uncompromising policy restricts them from bringing cell phones into the school. view article arw

Madison High School in southwest Houston was placed on lockdown Friday after recent fights and a new ban against cell phones. Several students walked out in protest that same afternoon. Houston Independent School District officials told ABC13 there have been multiple fights on campus recently. view article arw

Phone system issues recently affecting the Beaumont Independent School District are being blamed on a national outage with the district's phone service. The district's phone service was affected by a national outage due to a cyber attack on the district's phone service vendor according to BISD spokesperson Jackie Simien. view article arw

A total solar eclipse is coming to Central Texas on April 8, and many local school districts have announced they plan to be closed for the big day.  April 8, 2024, is set to be a big day in Central Texas, as a total solar eclipse passes overhead, blocking out the sun around 1:36 p.m.  With the population of some cities and counties expected to double for the event, many communities in Central Texas are already preparing.  Several local school districts are also taking precautions for the eclipse, with many having already canceled classes on the day of the astronomical event. view article arw

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the case. view article arw

A meeting for the Fort Worth ISD’s School Health Advisory council Monday took a turn when “some attendees during the online meeting displayed inappropriate content on their screens instead of identifying themselves or using a blank screen, according to the district. The district says the hacking incident, described as pornographic, that interrupted the Zoom meeting on Jan. 22 around 5:50 p.m., is being investigated. view article arw

Louisville father Robert Bramel began to panic. Hours after the first day of elementary school ended in August, his two sons hadn’t yet returned home, and he grew frightened for their safety. It wasn’t until after 7 p.m. that evening when the boys, 5-year-old William and 8-year-old Joseph, arrived on a school bus unharmed.Their delayed return was the result of what officials at Kentucky’s Jefferson County Public Schools dubbed a “transportation disaster”: A tech-enabled bus routing system implemented to improve efficiency backfired and some kids didn’t make it home until nearly 10 p.m. view article arw

Fort Worth ISD students are a step closer to again being taught sex education in school classrooms. Yet, before the board-appointed School Health Advisory Council voted to recommend a sex education curriculum called Choosing the Best to parents and Fort Worth ISD board members, the Zoom meeting was interrupted by porn. view article arw

The Austin Independent School District will hold a virtual meeting Tuesday evening about a program to increase internet access for students in some neighborhoods. According to a Dec. 7 announcement, “Project Lighthouse” will involve the installation of low-footprint broadband communications towers, or “monopoles,” at nine schools over its winter break. view article arw

Last month, security researcher Jeremiah Fowler discovered 800 gigabytes of files and logs linked to school software provider Raptor Technologies. The firm provides software that allows schools to track student attendance, monitor visitors, and manage emergency situations. Raptor says its software is used by more than 5,300 US school districts and 60,000 schools around the world. view article arw

SAN ANTONIO - Currently at Northside ISD, there is a glitch within their payroll system that has prevented some employees from receiving their paychecks. This problem affects maintenance workers. view article arw

BRYAN, Texas — 14-year-old Josh Kelbly is hard at work, learning how to lay down brick, one at a time. “I was never really good at that until today,” Kelby said. Like Kelby, dozens of other Bryan ISD construction students are adding another skillset to their education. With the help of the Texas Masonry Council, local contractors are showing students the basics of laying down brick structure. view article arw

CCoppell ISD recently announced a robotics and automation technology Career and Technical Education (CTE) program of study that will be introduced to Coppell High School’s curriculum starting in the 2024-2025 school year. The addition of the robotics and automation technology program at Coppell High School comes from a result of student interest, feedback from the CTE Advisory Committee and labor market data. “This new CTE program of study aims to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in a multitude of postsecondary paths, all of which are in high demand and fully supported by current and future labor market data,” said Josh Howard, CISD's director of career and technical education. “This comprehensive curriculum has been developed based on insights presented at the 2023 Region 10 College, Career and Military Readiness (CCMR) Summit by such contributors, including UT Dallas, view article arw

The main goal of the workshop is to teach educators how to incorporate this year's unique eclipse into their classrooms. view article arw

Video games have done nothing but increase in popularity since the days of the quarter arcade machines. Working for a gaming company can be very lucrative, and that’s why many schools have classes geared towards game design. And a Longview ISD instructor can offer his students some inside information, as he’s been designing his own game for several years. view article arw

HOMENEWS WEATHER SPORTS PROGRAMMING COMMUNITY CONNECT CONTESTSNOTICIAS RGV CANAL 5.2TAKE 5SUBMIT A TIPSEARCH New partnership provides free tablets, internet for Brownsville ISD students December 12, 2023 1:16 PM in News - LocalBy: Bella Michaels Share: Easing the financial burden of internet access is the goal of a new effort at Brownsville Independent School District to provide free internet and tablets to students. Brownsville ISD partnered with the RGV Philanthropic Foundation and the public wireless company's educational technology program to bridge the digital divide. "We're the boots on the ground. We're trying to make sure that the people that qualify and need this service in our region, receive it," RGV Philanthropic Foundation Executive Director Dr. Diane Milliken Garza said. view article arw

Elon Musk is said to be planning to establish a new educational institution in Austin, Texas, starting with a school for elementary through high school-age children. Musk has committed a $100 million donation to a newly formed charity, aptly named The Foundation. view article arw

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Two Abilene schools are slated to become STEM campuses as part of a new program that’s going to bring big changes to the district. Abilene ISD decided to take part in the System of Great Schools program through the State beginning in the 2023-2024 school year, with hopes of boosting the district’s academic performance. The program has been monitoring individual campuses all semester to try and identify changes that could help accomplish that goal. view article arw

In an unprecedented move, Europe is setting the stage for a comprehensive regulatory framework for artificial intelligence with the proposed AI Act. Originating in 2021, this act is not just a regional affair; its ripples are likely to be felt across the globe, particularly in the United States. As educators, it’s crucial to understand what this means for the future of AI in our schools. view article arw

Yondr’s revenues, driven mostly by sales to school districts, have seen more than a 10-fold increase since 2021.  Business is booming at Yondr, a company that produces neoprene pouches to lock up students’ cellphones — a clear sign that the movement to keep phones out of classrooms is spreading across the U.S.  Since 2021, the company has seen more than a 10-fold increase in sales from government contracts, primarily with school districts — from $174,000 to $1.91 million, according to GovSpend, a data service. The Holyoke, Massachusetts, and Akron, Ohio, districts are among those requiring all middle and high school students to slip their phones into the rubbery envelopes each morning and unlock them with a magnet at the end of the day. view article arw

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Two Abilene schools are slated to become STEM campuses as part of a new program that’s going to bring big changes to the district. Abilene ISD decided to take part in the System of Great Schools program through the State beginning in the 2023-2024 school year, with hopes of boosting the district’s academic performance. The program has been monitoring individual campuses all semester to try and identify changes that could help accomplish that goal. view article arw

The hotspots Houston ISD will use to replace the free home internet access previously provided to students by Verizon will cost the district $15 per student per month, district officials confirmed Wednesday. The Verizon Innovative Learning Program, which distributed free laptops and data plans to tens of thousands of students and teachers, expired last month after appointed Superintendent Mike Miles refused to let the company train teachers, a condition of the partnership, according to the Houston Landing, which first reported on the saga. “We’re not going to have anybody from the outside professionally develop our teachers on the quality of instruction, instructional strategies or techniques,” Miles said at a November news conference. view article arw

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - 100 Lubbock-area students now have new laptops to expand their opportunities in and out of school. “There’s a whole gambit of things that a student in a rural school district doesn’t have compared to right here in Lubbock,” CEO of Communities in Schools of the South Plains Kenna West said. One of those is access to the internet. It is estimated that more than 1 million students in Texas lack access to the internet and the problem worsens when it comes to rural areas. “There’s not as many resources in a rural area and so it’s more difficult to get everything you can think of,” West said. view article arw

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Houston Independent School District said it has a broadband provider in place after ending its deal with Verizon last month, which provided free internet and devices to thousands of students and teachers across the district. Still, this new plan will cost the district, and now, the district and state lawmakers are clashing over the decision. The Verizon Innovative Learning School Program brought free internet and laptops to 56,000 students and 2,000 teachers across the district. That ended in mid-November when HISD chose not to opt back into the program. "The instructional model that the Verizon program wanted to continue does not align with what the district wants," HISD Chief Technology Officer Scott Gilhousen said. view article arw

T-Mobile will be opening up 18 new retail stores in Texas, as part of its plans to ramp up its presence in the state in now through 2024. The new stores have created about 120 new jobs for the state. New store locations opened in 2023 include Brownfield, El Campo, Liberty, Port Lavaca, San Antonio and Vernon. Since 2021, T-Mobile has also made substantial network investments in Texas. By installing more than 1,200 new cell sites and upgrading close to 2,000 existing sites with 5G wireless service, T-Mobile’s 5G network now covers 99% of people in Texas across approximately 198,385 square miles. T-Mobile 5G Home Internet is available to more than 45% of homes in Texas. view article arw