Arrow Educational Services, Inc. has been selected to assist the Texas Association of School Administrators in the search for an Executive Director to replace Dr. Johnny Veselka who is retiring in 2018.  read more arw

The Denison Independent School District board of trustees authorized district administration Tuesday to implement procedures and communications to maximize voting among employees and eligible students.  The board hopes to educate staff and students 18 years of age and older on the voting process prior to the primary election in March. DISD board President Randy Sedlacek explained the primary election is likely to have a profound affect on future education legislation.  Sedlacek said the Texas Educators Vote organization is encouraging all school boards in the state of Texas to adopt a resolution to promote a culture of voting.  view article arw

Good article Don Rogers - js - In 1991, following 17 years serving Eanes ISD as its fifth superintendent, Don Rogers retired. The district held celebrations at every one of its schools to bid farewell to its chief and named the district’s administration building in his honor.However, Rogers spent the next 11 years leading community schools, followed by five years working as a public education consultant and then a decade assisting rural school districts to make their mark in the state. view article arw

The scale and depth of Dallas' poverty is obscene, morally and economically unacceptable, and abnormally high compared with other major cities. We are replete with maps, reports, commissions and commentary that identify the problem and rightly express outrage. But here's the harsh reality: Despite the anti-poverty rhetoric, we continue to maintain the very structures and systems that cause and perpetuate poverty in the first place. Over many years, economic and racial housing segregation has remained one of the main organizing features of our city. Dallas is one of the most residentially segregated places in America, according to the Pew Research Center, with low-income families (disproportionately people of color) overwhelmingly clustered in areas of concentrated poverty, and high-income families (disproportionately white) overwhelmingly clustered in areas of opportunity. view article arw

Students at the new Belton ISD high school will have a name and mascot with some kick: the Lake Belton Broncos, the school board decided Monday. The Belton Independent School District board of trustees voted to name the second comprehensive high school Lake Belton High School, with a bronco as its mascot and red and silver as its colors. Trustee Sue Jordan had to leave the meeting shortly before the high school discussion came up, so the three issues were decided among six board members, leading to a tie on one motion. view article arw

Parents and other members of the community will address the Conroe Independent School District board after a student at The Woodlands High School went unpunished for sending a racial slur to an African-American student on Snapchat. The message read: "we should have hung all (racial slur) while we had the chance and trust me it would make the world better." view article arw

After a student at The Woodlands High School told a fellow classmate, an African-American girl, that all black people should have been lynched a long time ago, it turns out the boy who sent the message won't face any legitimate discipline after all, an attorney representing the girl's parents said Tuesday. view article arw

To address current and future growth within Coppell ISD, the 2016 Coppell ISD Bond called for several new construction projects. These include a new 9th grade campus at the current site of Coppell Middle School West and new construction of a middle school campus to replace West, both of which will open for the 2018-2019 school year. A District Naming Committee consisting of community members, staff, parents and students was formed to provide recommendations to the Board of Trustees on the names of the new campuses. view article arw

The College Station School Board discussed the next steps to becoming a District of Innovation at Tuesday's workshop According to a press release, the board received a report from Superintendent Clark Ealy on the timeline for the designation. The next step will be a public meeting of the District Educational Improvement Council to consider the final version of the plan. Pending approval by the council, the board will take action on the final version on Nov. 14. view article arw

A Roosevelt ISD mother, Michelle Decker, is speaking out against the school district after she said the assistant principal used excessive force when disciplining her fifth grade son with corporal punishment after he talked back to a teacher. “She said Gianni has two choices, he can either go to ISS for three days or he can get three swats,” Decker said. “Gianni told me he didn’t want to go to ISS, he said, ‘I’ll take the swats Mom'” view article arw

Gregory-Portland Independent School District was awarded more than $100,000 to aid in needs related to accommodating families displaced by Hurricane Harvey. Before Harvey struck the Texas coast Aug. 25, Gregory-Portland ISD's enrollment was at 4,545 students, district spokeswoman Crystal Matern said. view article arw

A Galena Park teenager with purple hair was recently crowned North Shore Senior High School’s homecoming queen. However, when the news was posted on the school district’s website, Ebony Smith’s hair was edited to look brown. Bright hair colors are considered a dress code violation. “It’s embarrassing. It wasn’t even Photoshopped correctly. You can still see purple outlining. It’s just very embarrassing,” said Smith. view article arw

Abigail Guerra just wants what's best for her 4-year-old son. "We just have to work more," said Guerra, of Victoria. "It's little by little, but he'll get it." Guerra was among more than 50 parents who attended the Spectacular School Race at Hopkins Elementary School on Wednesday. view article arw

The Gregory Portland ISD received a generous donation at Monday's night school board meeting. Four donors presented checks to the school district with a total sum of more than $100,000. The money will go towards helping the district in their efforts to help students who have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey. Two of the donors were the Portland Cha view article arw

You know the hustle and bustle of your day -- work, school, emails, traffic -- lots of things to add stress. Many adults are constantly working to find a way to slow it all down, find peace and relaxation. Now, one Austin ISD counselor is teaching her students how to do that early in life, with yoga. "Breathing in, breathing out,” said Cunningham elementary counselor Kimberly Skinner. view article arw

Wow!  Schools will continue to grow. - jaA Fort Worth pediatrician who supports continued federal backing of health insurance for children of the working poor suggested it’s an important issue in these parts because 10 percent of Americans start as Texans.  In October 2017, Joyce Mauk, president of the Texas Pediatric Society, was quoted by the Austin American-Statesman as saying: "One in 10 babies born in this country is born in Texas, and so it affects us disproportionately if access to health care is compromised for children. There is nothing good you can say about taking away access to health care for children." view article arw

WASHINGTON — State election officials, worried about the integrity of their voting systems, are pressing to make them more secure ahead of next year’s midterm elections.  Reacting in large part to Russian efforts to hack the presidential election last year, a growing number of states are upgrading electoral databases and voting machines, and even adding cybersecurity experts to their election teams.  view article arw

Presidential scholar Larry J. Sabato of the University of Virginia has said, "Every election is determined by the people who show up." We, of course, agree, but we might add "people who bother to show up" This is written only a few days after 1,251 people voted on a Bryan school tax rate election -- an election that would affect how much residents of the school district pay in property taxes. Thankfully, the election passed overwhelmingly, 1,141 to 110, and that is good news, indeed. view article arw

In March 1971, my hometown felt like it was exploding. Someone had firebombed five black churches, destroying two of them. The bombings followed a race riot at Texas High School, where hundreds of white and black students clashed. Police responded, and suspensions of students followed. view article arw

Developing out of Port Aransas. This will be the first full week of classes for the independent school district. After a long delay thanks to hurricane harvey, students, faculty and staff will be back learning. More than six-weeks have passed since the storm struck delaying school. view article arw

Antwon Patrick started third grade just a month ago, but he's already been enrolled in two schools. His family's first-floor Houston apartment flooded during Harvey, causing mold concerns. On Sept. 11, the day after his 9th birthday, Patrick began school in Alief ISD's Outley Elementary. "It's cool because at my old school they didn't have this type of playground," he said. "They just had soccer fields, but here they have slides and everything." view article arw

Standing in the library among shelves of young adult books, David Goltl lowered his voice to a whisper as if he was about to say a bad word. They call this "the bad school," he said. He's talking about Robert T. Hill Middle School — the East Dallas campus near White Rock Lake on Easton Road where his son, Miles, entered eighth grade this fall. It's become a pattern for parents afraid of hallway fights and lax instruction to avoid the school during their children's awkward adolescent years in favor of magnet, charter and private schools. view article arw

Dozens of Weslaco ISD seniors spent two days in workplaces instead of classrooms as part of the third annual nCOURAGE program. Local banks, a bakery and The Monitor were just a few workplaces that hosted Weslaco High School and Weslaco East High School Students as part of the program. The program is sponsored the Weslaco Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with local businesses. view article arw

The Belton Independent School District community has shown its Tiger spirit for months as talk about the new high school has revolved around its name, colors and mascot. The board of trustees is poised to make decisions on those issues at its meeting Monday evening. The board will meet at 5 p.m. in the BISD administrative offices, 400 N. Wall St. One likely possibility: The school will have Belton in its name. view article arw

The Gladewater ISD board of trustees is scheduled to meet Monday to discuss possible revisions to the 2017-18 school calendar and a District of Innovation plan. view article arw

Pleasant Grove Independent School District trustees approved the purchase of new campus servers along with an amendment in the 2017-18 budget to include the purchase of large-screen jumbotrons at the high school. According to Superintendent Jason Smith, the four servers, which will cost $47,759, are up to 12 years old and don't have the capacity the district needs to back up everything. "We're moving toward a cloud environment. More and more things are going to be in the cloud and won't be on the servers," he said. "However, we do back up everything on a daily basis we have things that have to be backed up in-house and we do that on our own servers. The servers we have, they are outdated." view article arw

Lancaster ISD’s Rosa Parks Millbrook Information and Software Design Academy spent memorable moments on their campus with members of the Prairie View A&M Panthers Football team on Friday, October 6. The Prairie A&M team was in town for their State Fair Classic weekend of competitions and of course, the Prairie View vs Grambling Game. view article arw

At the recent joint conference of the Texas Association of School Administrators and the Texas Association of School Boards, Denton ISD students gave a professional performance par excellence.  view article arw

There are at least 112 high school students in Dallas ISD who live unaccompanied, in a car, park, campground or abandoned building. But that number could be reduced by a third. DISD is poised to take a big step in helping its homeless student population. During Thursday's board briefing, DISD trustees saw the first draft of an agreement to collaborate with nonprofits Promise House and CitySquare and philanthropist group Social Venture Partners Dallas to create a first-of-its-kind shelter for students. view article arw

A school employee with the Dallas Independent School District has been placed on administrative leave after cellphone video surfaced that captured the woman making a threat against Hispanic students at Roosevelt High School. Barely 10 seconds, it’s a brief video. During the video, a woman is identified as a Roosevelt High School employee and can be heard threatening Hispanic students by saying, “If you're here illegally, we can call immigration." view article arw

Librarians weren't focused on lost books.Or magazines. Or printed materials of any kind. Not even on the drenched furniture that floated away. The biggest loss for libraries deluged by Hurricane Harvey proved to be the community camaraderie they offered job seekers, lifelong learners, curious tots and new immigrants across all sectors of the Houston region. The buildings shut down during the multi-day storm that wrought heavy rain and flooding. And more than a month later, seven branches of the Houston Public Library remain closed and four damaged locations of the Harris County Public Library are shuttered until further notice. view article arw

There is excitement at Denison ISD as they have seen more and more students enrolling into their schools. "The increase in enrollment is a positive thing for our district," Denison ISD Director of Assessment and Special Programs Regina Prigge said. "We're excited to be seeing new families move into the area and our enrollment grow at each campus." view article arw

Most high school pep rally bands have piccolos and trombones. In Laredo, they do things a little differently. At Martin High School, just a few blocks from the Rio Grande, pep rallies mean striking up the conjunto band, complete with accordion, bajo sexto and drum set. What's more, the school's principal, Guillermo Pro, says it has helped boost test scores at the once-failing school. view article arw

Kudos to Travis Early College High School and Crestview Elementary for the enviable distinction of being recognized as National Blue Ribbon Schools. The awards, announced last month by the U.S. Education Department, was earned for each of the schools’ overall academic excellence. The schools are in an elite group of only 342 school nationwide selected for the recognition. They join more than 8,500 schools recognized by the Blue Ribbon program during the past 35 years. view article arw