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Governor Greg Abbott today sent a letter to Texas' public university systems and community colleges directing them to not comply with President Joe Biden's recent revision of Title IX and to refrain from implementing any new system-wide policy related to this revision. "As I have already made clear, Texas will not comply with President Joe Biden's rewrite of Title IX that contradicts the original purpose and spirit of the law to support the advancement of women," reads the letter. "Last week, I instructed the Texas Education Agency to ignore President Biden's illegal dictate of Title IX. Today, I am instructing every public college and university in the State of Texas to do the same. I signed laws to ensure the safety of our students on campus and provide a process for adjudicating reports of sexual harassment and sexual assault with adequate due process for all parties involved, as well as laws to protect the integrity of women's sports by prohibiting men from competing against female athletes—and I will not let President Biden erase the advancements Texas has made." view article arw

We want to hear about how heated elections affect the people learning, teaching and living in districts across Texas. view article arw

It seems germane to preface the following bizarre installment in textbook censorship that Cy-Fair ISD is facing a $138 million budget shortfall for the 2024-2025 academic year. What should have been an innocuous item on textbook adoption after several hard budget decisions took an unexpected turn when a single board member, Natalie Blasingame, led a charge to remove 13 chapters from proposed textbooks covering biology, environmental science, earth systems, health science theory, and principles of education and training. All these textbooks have been adopted by the State Board of Education (a much more conservative body than in years past) and reviewed by district curriculum and instructional staff. The chapters removed by a 6-1 vote included “controversial” topics such as climate change, vaccines, and cultural   view article arw

Following severe storms on Thursday, Burton ISD in Washington County has canceled classes for Friday. Superintendent Rob Barnwell tells KBTX that trees are down on several bus routes and some areas of campus are flooded. A tornado-warned storm pushed through the area Thursday evening and then continued southeast to Brenham and the rest of the county before moving into the greater Houston area. view article arw

Due to widespread damage across Houston, HISD has coordinated with the City of Houston and is closing all campuses Friday, May 17. Schools will reopen Monday, May 20th. Any additional school closings will be included in the list below if and when they are announced. view article arw

Houston ISD Superintendent Mike Miles is calling allegations that he diverted Texas school money to his charter schools in Colorado “irresponsibly inaccurate.” His Thursday response comes after a report by Spectrum News that resulted in calls for a federal investigation by the Houston Teachers Federation, a coalition group of parents, teachers, and students, and Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis. Miles is also enduring tumultuous backlash from some parents and teachers after widespread job cuts to close a $450 million budget gap, along with a growing number of teachers and principals finding out they will not be asked back next year. view article arw

Tyler ISD recognized the accomplishments of nine students in the Learning Independence and New Knowledge program, including three who graduated, on Wednesday. The LINK 18+ Program gives students with special needs gain vocational and independent living skills by interning at local businesses. More than 50 local businesses have signed up to participate in the program. Tyler ISD partners with Tyler Junior College for the program. view article arw

Students at Lubbock ISD responded to a simulated car crash Wednesday, getting some hands-on experience in what could be their future careers. The Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center works to give students opportunities to use the real-life skills they’ve practiced all year. Its EMT, law and television programs collaborated to respond to a simulated serious car crash. view article arw

When Courtney Gore ran for a seat on her local school board in 2021, she warned about a movement to indoctrinate children with “leftist” ideology. After 2 1/2 years on the board, Gore said she believes a much different scheme is unfolding: an effort by wealthy conservative donors to undermine public education in Texas and install a voucher system in which public money flows to private and religious schools.  Gore points to West Texas billionaires Tim Dunn and brothers Farris and Dan Wilks, who have contributed to various political action committees that have poured millions into legislative candidates who have promoted vouchers. The men also fund or serve on the boards of a host of public policy and advocacy organizations that have led the fight for vouchers in Texas. view article arw

A state lawmaker and Houston teachers are calling for Houston Independent School District Superintendent Mike Miles to be investigated after a Spectrum News report revealed that millions in Texas public school tax dollars may have been funneled to a failing school in his Colorado charter school system. These findings come less than two weeks after the state-appointed administrator announced a $450 million gap in funding at HISD — resulting in districtwide layoffs for the upcoming school year. view article arw

Fort Bend ISD has changed valedictorians at two high schools, upending a hotly debated class ranking policy that students have lived under for four years as they are now set to graduate. In recent days, school officials said in a statement that they changed the valedictorians at Marshall High School and Willowridge High School "after a thorough assessment." view article arw

As the school year ends, some large districts are facing budget cuts and consolidation. The head of the largest district in North Texas, Dallas ISD, says DISD is in a good place overall, but more work needs to be done. "I'm most concerned about safety, and I would certainly be remiss if I didn't say that," said Dallas ISD Superintendent Dr. Stephanie Elizalde view article arw

The Longview ISD school board approved an attendance waiver on Monday night. The waiver was requested due to low student attendance on April 8, the day of the total solar eclipse. The waiver excuses any instructional days due to inclement weather, health, or safety-related issues from TEA funding calculations. Specifically, the attendance has to be at least 10 percent below last school year’s overall average attendance. view article arw

A retired couple from Sun City in Georgetown surprised every teacher and staff member in Jarrell ISD with $100 in cash last week. Dave and Jill Gaulden were at the district's Double Creek Elementary School campus to hand out some of the money Friday. The pair greeted and shook hands with every one of the school's teachers and staff members before handing each a $100 bill. view article arw

Cameron Tufino teaches 7th grade English Language Arts and Reading at Losoya Middle School. Southside ISD nominated him for the award for his excellence in class, bringing top education to his students. KENS 5 Anchor Sarah Forgany and partner Credit Human visited Tufino in his classroom to present him with the award including $1,000. view article arw

A new school choice plan by a former state education board member could be a winner when the Texas Legislature considers the hot-button topic next year.  Cynthia Dunbar is proposing the Education Emancipation Act, a tax exemption plan for school choice that she says should unite conservatives because it avoids state appropriations of funds, thus the threat of government regulations tied to such funds.  “This is the first solution that actually allows for school choice with parental rights without regulatory control and strings attached,” Dunbar told a group at an event Monday in Frisco hosted by the conservative grassroots organization Daniel Nation.  “It’s specifically drafted for Texas… it’s ready to go,” she added. view article arw

School Board President Victor Perez says the district will fully cooperate with any Department of Education requests.  Just months after Katy Independent School District trustees adopted a pro-parent gender policy, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights has opened an investigation. In August, the Katy ISD board of trustees adopted a policy that focuses on allowing parents full authority over their child’s health and well-being, separating locker rooms and restrooms by biological sex, and ensuring pronouns are used based on the child’s biological sex. The policy also adds that faculty and staff are prohibited from teaching or providing instructional materials on gender ideology in classrooms.  While the board members were discussing the item, many sexual preference and gender ideology activists came out to condemn the board for even considering the policy. Many resorted to calling the board members “bigoted” and “hateful.” Despite the insults, the board approved the policy in a 4-3 vote.   On Monday, the DOE officially opened an investigation to determine if the policy discriminates against gender-confused students.  view article arw

EL PASO — Dozens of people crammed into a conference room on the eastern edge of El Paso on a recent Thursday evening. Some brought signs, some wore t-shirts, others diligently wrote their feedback on notecards. But the message was resounding: Don’t build a highway near our wetland.  Conservation advocates in El Paso say the Texas Department of Transportation should steer clear of the Rio Bosque Wetlands Park as it considers potential highway expansion in southeast El Paso County. TxDOT is in the early planning phase to improve mobility in the Mission Valley. A corridor study identified three possible routes to extend a highway through the area. All three routes run alongside the Rio Bosque, a 372-acre park managed by the University of Texas at El Paso and the local water utility, El Paso Water. view article arw

At Yellowstone Schools, the separation of church and state is a staircase. In the first-floor classrooms of a refurbished historical schoolhouse in Houston’s Third Ward, kindergarten-through-5th-graders pray before going to lunch and gather each day for Bible study. A large, green banner saying “He Is Risen” is posted on the hallway wall. That all changes in sixth grade, when they move one floor up — and into a publicly funded charter school. view article arw

Royse City ISD Principal Wendy Prater has been named the 2024 NAESP National Distinguished Principal for Texas. Prater will be recognized at the TEPSA Awards Celebration Wednesday, June 12, at the Round Rock Kalahari during the TEPSA Summer Conference. view article arw

The Texas Education Agency opened a review into Prosper ISD Superintendent Holly Ferguson earlier this year. The notice from TEA’s Educator Investigations Division was placed on Ferguson’s educator certification on April 10, a TEA official said in an email. view article arw

More than a dozen chapters including content on vaccines, cultural diversity, climate change, depopulation and other topics deemed controversial by conservative Cypress-Fairbanks ISD trustees will be removed from textbooks in the state's third largest school system for the 2024-2025 school year. Trusteed voted 6-1 late Monday to omit the material, after an hourslong discussion about a $138 million budget deficit that is forcing the district to eliminate 600 positions, including 42 curriculum coaches, dozens of librarians and 278 teaching positions. view article arw

ERCOT issues Weather Watch as blistering heat threatens Texas  ERCOT has issued a "Weather Watch" for Wednesday, May 8 as an upcoming early-season heat wave hits Texas.  The power grid manager said in a statement: "ERCOT has issued a Weather Watch for Wednesday, May 8, due to unseasonably high temperatures, high levels of expected maintenance outages during the spring shoulder months, and the potential for lower reserves."  In 2023 of May, peak demand was 68,159 megawatts. The current all-time peak demand record is 85,508 megawatts, which was set later that year on Aug. 10, according to ERCOT.  ERCOT said, at the moment, no action is needed. view article arw

Chip Roy along with 17 other congressmen asked Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to produce the exact number of illegal aliens residing in the U.S.  U.S. Rep. Chip Roy of Texas and 17 other House Republicans have sent a letter to U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayokas asking for a new report showing the number of illegal aliens currently residing in the United States. In April 2021, DHS released a report called “Estimates of the Unauthorized Immigrant Population Residing in the United States: January 2015-January 2018.” The report revealed as of January 2018, there were 11.4 million illegal aliens residing in the U.S.  view article arw

The biggest recipient of campaign donations from the industry isn’t Donald Trump or President Joe Biden, it’s a Texas House member who represents part of the Permian Basin. August Pfluger, an Air Force veteran and member of the U.S. House representing a small district in West Texas, isn’t exactly a household name on the national political scene, with little press coverage in the last two months outside a recent Fox News appearance.  But he is the country’s top recipient of campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry — out of all federal candidates, including President Biden, Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz — receiving $573,721 during the current 2024 election cycle, according to campaign finance data compiled by Open Secrets. Pfluger is running for reelection, though it’s not a competitive race in the strongly Republican district, which includes part of the Permian Basin, the largest oil-producing region in the country. view article arw

Leander ISD students who are interested in teaching have the opportunity to study the field of education and gain industry-based education certifications through participation in the LISD Career and Technical Education (CTE) Education and Training program. “I want to be a teacher because of the impact that my teachers have had throughout all the years – I still talk to my elementary school and middle school teachers because they’ve had such an impact,” Glenn High School Student Kendall Woods said. view article arw

Someone stole more than a dozen bags of team equipment from the Keller High School women's softball team. But that didn't stop the team from winning their big payoff game in Midland, TX on Friday. "This could have gone one of two ways," said Assistant Coach Jessica Pauls. "It could have been really just been a negative turning point." view article arw

The national holiday encourages children and teenagers to stay active while celebrating community. view article arw

The jail has failed to meet the minimum staffing standard of one detention officer for every 48 inmates.  The Harris County Jail must further reduce its inmate population or rapidly expand the number of deputies it has working in the jail according to a new order from the Texas Commission on Jail Standards.  The Harris County Jail has been out of state compliance since 2022. This latest decision came down during the most recent meeting of the TCJS where Harris County presented a progress report on some of its compliance issues. The presentation showed that it has continued to fail to meet the minimum staffing standard of one detention officer for every 48 inmates and did not meet the required times for their observational rounds consistently. While the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said they are closer to meeting the target, they are still understaffed and find it hard to meet the mark 100 percent of the time.  view article arw

The jail has failed to meet the minimum staffing standard of one detention officer for every 48 inmates.  The Harris County Jail must further reduce its inmate population or rapidly expand the number of deputies it has working in the jail according to a new order from the Texas Commission on Jail Standards.  The Harris County Jail has been out of state compliance since 2022. This latest decision came down during the most recent meeting of the TCJS where Harris County presented a progress report on some of its compliance issues. The presentation showed that it has continued to fail to meet the minimum staffing standard of one detention officer for every 48 inmates and did not meet the required times for their observational rounds consistently. While the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said they are closer to meeting the target, they are still understaffed and find it hard to meet the mark 100 percent of the time.  view article arw

More than 10,000 illegal aliens have been flown directly into Texas by the Biden administration. A new report from the U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security revealed documents showing that the Biden administration has flown thousands of illegal aliens into Texas airports. The committee report shows that the Department of Homeland Security has flown more than 400,000 illegal aliens into 50 different airports around the United States since January 2023. DHS officials did so using the Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan, and Venezuelan mass-parole program. The CHNV program was launched by the Biden administration in January 2023 and was meant to help curb illegal alien entries at the southwest border after the expiration of Title 42. The program is said to allow 30,000 nationals per month from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, and it allows for the illegal aliens to receive work permits and a two-year authorization to live in the U.S. view article arw

In response to the recent flooding, Cleveland Independent School District (CISD) has initiated a donation drive to support students and families who have been impacted. The District is reaching out to citizens and community members to contribute clothing, shoes, socks, toiletries, personal hygiene items, cleaning products, and more. view article arw

Weeks after a Klein high school teacher was arrested on claims that she compelled teens to be involved in a prostitution ring, the Klein Independent School District is making efforts to regain public trust. view article arw

Recent changes in Fort Bend ISD’s class ranking policy have sparked controversy as students find themselves ranked among students who don’t attend their same school, raising questions of fairness and equality. Community advocates have expressed concern about the effects of the policy shift on college admissions and scholarship opportunities for graduating students. view article arw

The Spring ISD community is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Reynolds Elementary School on May 3, according to an April 30 news release from the district. The 10 a.m. event will feature a mini school history museum, student performances and speakers talking about the school’s history. view article arw