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As part of a new anti-vaping campaign in Frisco ISD, assistant principals from all 10 high school and 17 middle school campuses underwent prevention training aimed at combating e-cigarette use among students.  "Vaping has become a national epidemic. It's certainly not something that's special to our area, it's everywhere and the more we know, the more we can educate kids and families," said Independence High School assistant principal Ryan Solano. view article arw

September 6, 2019, Wimberley ISD employees are certified QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) Gatekeepers—trained to recognize when someone may be having a mental health emergency, to ask them directly about it and to persuade them to get help and then to refer them to help. Jenny Kenley, a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in the area of suicide prevention trained WISD employees as part of their in-service training in August. view article arw

Leander ISD’s board of trustees took the next step to bring major security enhancements to its last 10 schools lacking them at a regular meeting Oct. 17. Trustees voted 6-1 to select two architectural firms to design the security upgrades. Scheduled to be completed in summer 2020, the enhancements will mark the final step in a seven-year endeavor by LISD to make all its 43 schools substantially safer, according to LISD officials. view article arw

A seven-year-old Wisconsin boy was caught vaping CBD oil right in the middle of his second-grade class last week, according to a police report. The incident happened Oct. 8 at Country Dale Elementary School in Franklin, a suburb of Milwaukee, investigators said. view article arw

When the Allen Independent School District (ISD) in Collin County, Texas, set out to complete a $97 million new-build high school to accommodate its ever-growing student population, officials were unaware of the national fire code requiring that all new-build structures incorporate Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA) as part of a comprehensive Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement System (ERCES). Armed with this newfound knowledge, building officials attempted to source UL listed BDA technology. Due to a lack of prior experience with life safety systems, they were unable to identify a certified fire and life safety integrator or code compliant product. view article arw

Contrary to popular belief, you should not wait until November or December to get your flu shot. The time is now, experts say. “With the flu season starting earlier in Australia, and us already seeing cases of confirmed flu even in September, it's worth getting your flu shot now and ideally before Halloween,” Dr. Ali Raja, the Executive Vice Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, told Fox News. view article arw


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Thirty-seven. The number of lives lost from the twenty-six active shooter situations in 2010. Almost 50 were wounded. Six of these shootings were in schools. Two of those were in elementary schools. Twelve of the shootings were in places of business, usually perpetrated by an employee, a former employee, or someone in a relationship with an employee. In the wake of an active shooter situation, we often find ourselves searching desperately for answers. Why would someone do something we find so unthinkable? In the a sense of logic, we are left with speculation. view article arw

A 16-year-old Corsicana High School students faces an assault charge after an attack on a younger student on a district school bus Oct. 4, caught on video by another student. The video, included in the report published by WFAA Channel 8's Matt Howerton last week, shows the older student violently attacking a 13-year-old student seated on the bus. According to reports, the older student boarded the bus to confront the younger student. view article arw

Brenham ISD is responding to a potentially threatening message. Here is a statement sent to Brenham High School parents Friday morning: view article arw

Twice last year, a mother took lunch to her son, a kindergartner enrolled in the Southside Independent School District. This year, however, school personnel turned her away, saying the form of identification she presented was invalid. She now needed a Texas driver’s license to be allowed in the school. Dozens of concerned parents, many who have similar stories of being denied access, stood around the mother who only gave her first name — Sandra — as she addressed the district’s board of managers during their regular meeting Thursday night. view article arw

A threat discovered at Crandall High School has been "isolated" as district police and officials continue to more thoroughly investigate, according to a statement from the district on Thursday night. A threat, directed at a date next week, was discovered at Crandall High School earlier today. view article arw

After Plainview ISD received an email threat from a foreign IP address this week, KCBD talked to Lubbock ISD about how they handle threats and how they let parents know whats going on. LISD said there are about 27,500 students per day in Lubbock ISD’s school system at 51 different schools. So what happens if there’s a threat made? “We look at it and investigate it the best we can, and try to get as much information as we can,” said Jody Scifres, Lubbock ISD’s Police Chief, “if serious enough or eminent enough, then we would need to use our standard response protocol that we would use.” view article arw

The Plainview Independent School District Police Department and the Texas Department of Public safety are working together to investigate a threat made to the district. Plainview ISD sent out a public statement Thursday morning and said a threat was made from a foreign IP address. Both entities are currently looking into where this threat came from. However, after investigating the issue, PISD and law enforcement found the source of the threat was not credible. view article arw

The number of counselors at Lake Travis ISD increased from seven to eight in the 2019-20 school year, reducing the workloads for department staff, LTISD officials said at a board of trustees meeting Oct. 16. “Suicide is the second leading cause of death for individuals between the ages of 15 and 24 years old … We have to be aware of that,” said Jennifer Lyon, the LTISD director of social and emotional learning. view article arw

The Reagan County Independent School District has placed all of its schools on a precautionary lockdown Thursday. According to a Facebook post by the Reagan County Sheriff's Office, the lockdown went into place after a chat room comment was intercepted by federal authorities. The comments reportedly mentioned a "Texas school". view article arw

No one knows when they will need to step in and help save someone’s life in an emergency situation, and local school districts are making sure students are ready if they are ever in such a scenario. On Wednesday, A&M Consolidated High School became the latest local high school to receive hands-on training in how to respond to a bleeding emergency. The Stop the Bleed training included both a video component and hands-on experience in which students learned how to pack a wound, apply the appropriate amount of pressure and secure a tourniquet to stop bleeding. view article arw

Mineral Wells ISD on Wednesday announced it has implemented Shareit, an anonymous reporting platform for the school community. Many schools all over the country are implementing anonymous reporting tools as a way to connect with students and community members who may be fearful of speaking up or feel like they aren’t able to use their voice on a public platform. view article arw

Holding signs that read “This is what a mental health patient looks like,” and “Our lives are in your hands,” a group of South San Antonio High School students stood behind their classmates, showing support as their peers urged South San Independent School District trustees to devote more resources to mental health services. Some students teared up at the April school board meeting while others angrily demanded changes. At the time, the 9,000-student school district has just one social worker and behavior specialist, Susan Arciniega. Since then, the district has added another social worker to serve its students. Nearby districts employ more social workers; Edgewood ISD had 12 social workers on staff and Harlandale had 14 last school year. view article arw

A grandmother is requiring her child to go to class in a HAZMAT suit now in response to a bedbug being found inside a Michigan high school.  On Monday, the Carman-Ainsworth school district sent a letter to parents telling them what they are doing in regards to a recent bed bug found in a district building. view article arw

The Susan Hall Community Health Clinic stands just feet away from Southside ISD headquarters. It's a quick trip for anyone feeling under the weather. DeAndra Ransom, a physician's assistant with University Health System, which operates inside the clinic, said she's already treated a few patients since the clinic officially opened to the public last Monday. view article arw

Nueces County is launching an initiative to deal with mental health issues head-on. Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales held a meeting Tuesday to announce a plan the County is working on with the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute to evaluate current mental health services as well as identify and implement new strategies and procedures. The evaluation will involve state and federal services, health care providers, and public schools. view article arw

Seventh- through ninth-grade Leander ISD students will learn about human reproduction, sexuality and abstinence in a series of three-day classes, according to an LISD press release. The three-day learning block will be held at every LISD high school and middle school from Oct. 21-May 26, according to LISD. The course is part of the science program in seventh through eighth grades and health curriculum in ninth grade. The classes will be led by Austin LifeGuard, which, according to its website, “is apolitical and provides Austin area teens with medically accurate information and factual data about the risks, potential consequences and options regarding sexual activity.” view article arw

The topic of safety in schools has been a topic of heightened importance in recent years following a series of highly-publicized shootings across the country and Sherman Independent School District’s school board took time this week to recognize some employees that make sure students return from school in the same state that they left for school. Both weeks of recognition will be held from Oct. 21 through Oct. 27 and is being observed by both the National School Safety Center and National Association for Pupil Transportation. “I would just like to recognize all school safety efforts, especially with what has happened in the last few years,” SISD Director of Safety & Transportation Brett Counce said. “It’s those recent events that make this something of national awareness.” view article arw

Wylie Independent School District students enjoyed rocking and rolling to music during an interactive health show during the school day on Wednesday. "We know how important it is for kids to be healthy, so it's important we sing and dance about it," said Catherine Baird, who plays "Jill." The Texas Department of Agriculture Presents Farm Fresh Jump with Jill Live Tour, in support of Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller's Farm Fresh Initiative, helps children to eat nutritious food and exercise every day because it is good for their bodies. view article arw

A school in Arizona is effectively outlawing backpacks and instead asking that students carry clear totes. Douglas Unified School District #27 issued a memo about the new policy that requires students to use clear totes or one-gallon plastic storage bags. view article arw

A Klein Oak High School student is in critical condition after deputies said he was riding on the hood of a moving car for a long period of time and fell. The 17-year-old student was taken to Memorial Hermann via Life Flight with a serious head injury, the Harris County Sheriff's Office confirmed. view article arw

Even though the allegations weren't on the agenda Tuesday at a Montgomery Independent School District board meeting, the topic did come up. Before the meeting started, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office said it executed a search warrant and seized four phones that may contain video of the incident. view article arw

An East Texas student is accused of threatening violence at her school. “Nowadays, these are things we can’t joke about. We have to take things seriously,” New Boston, Texas, police Lt. Johnnie Millwood said. Authorities arrested New Boston High senior Serenity Laine Parks on Tuesday and charged the 17-year-old as an adult. view article arw

More than a third of a Round Rock ISD high school’s cheerleading team got kicked off the team, following what the district describes as “code of conduct” violations. Seven of Westwood High School’s 20 team members were removed, and two others quit. view article arw

Graham ISD school board approved the establishment of a threat assessment team, a requirement mandated in Senate Bill 11 for all public school systems to help identify individuals who may pose a threat and making a response before a violent incident occurs. According to information from GISD, the threat assessment process is a proactive and evidence based solution for identifying those who may pose a threat. Some behaviors listed in the SB 11 as harmful, threatening or violent include verbal threats, threats of self harm, bullying, cyberbullying, fighting, the use or possession of a weapon, sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, stalking or assault. view article arw

Close to 200 DISD teachers are better prepared to deal with life-threatening situations on campus. The teachers received special training on how to stop bleeding from gunshot injuries. The new training comes after Governor Greg Abbott's response to recent mass shootings in Texas. It’s now House Bill 496. view article arw

One adult and six juveniles were taken into custody by the Little Elm Police Department for their alleged involvement in several large-scale fights that broke out at Braswell High School on Oct. 1, a news release from the department said.  Charges range from misdemeanor assault to riot charges, and police said they expect to detain 19 more people on similar charges.  view article arw

The spokesperson for Laredo ISD says two people wearing masks were apprehended by Laredo police. According to a spokesperson from Laredo ISD about the Martin High School lockdown, a woman walking by the area believed she was being followed by two individuals. The woman then went into Martin and it was school officials who called authorities. view article arw

Carl and Kerri Schwartz say they have good medical reason for not vaccinating their disabled 11-year-old son, Thorn, and until recently his local public school went along with their family doctor's advice. That changed, the Schwartzes said, when New York state did away with religious exemptions for vaccines in the middle of a measles outbreak, and then clamped down on medical exemptions like theirs. Thorn is now barred from his school in Fairport while his parents challenge the district's rejection of his exemption. view article arw

Authorities evacuated an elementary school in Montana on Tuesday after officials found what they thought were the remnants of a homemade bomb that exploded, but it turned out to be a plastic bottle filled with nuts and bolts left in the schoolyard. School officials in Helena made the discovery shortly before classes began at Rossiter Elementary School. They blocked off the area and called 911, Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton said. view article arw