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Spurger ISD announced today that district campuses will be closed Friday, Dec. 15 due to the number of students and staff with the flu and flu-like symptoms. view article arw

Beaumont ISD's decision on the future of Central High School hinges on cost estimates and insurance payments for the Old Town campus, where leaks and mold continue to be an ongoing issue, Superintendent John Frossard said Thursday. "We're spending money on water mitigation so that we don't compound mold and water issues," Frossard said, "but every time it rains, we have more problems." The district has not released cost estimates for the work that has been done at the campus since it closed due to leaks and mold on Sept. 22, but manager A.B. Bernard said BISD is "spending a ton of money" trying to salvage the building. view article arw

White Oak ISD will not have classes Thursday or Friday because a growing number of students were becoming sick with flu- and strep-like symptoms, Superintendent Mike Gilbert said. "We were looking at an escalating problem," Gilbert said, adding that the district hopes taking two days off before a weekend will give students a chance to recover.   view article arw

Argyle High School has changed over the past five years. Only one of four doors at the campus entrance is unlocked.  But once you walk in, a school staffer must provide clearance for all visitors, while sitting behind a sliding security glass. The added layer of campus access is part of a school district security plan that also includes loaded handguns. “Our staffers have their weapons on them all the time,” Argyle ISD Police Chief Paul Cairney said Thursday.On the four campuses that make the Argyle ISD, appointed and trained staffers are designated armed employees. view article arw

Paducah ISD has released a statement in regards to an investigation into threats made to a PISD campus. PISD Superintendent Gary Waitman said in a statement: view article arw

A Dallas-area school district has canceled classes to try to prevent further cases of the flu as more and more students were absent because of illness. Sunnyvale Independent School District officials announced Monday that Tuesday and Wednesday classes were canceled. The district has about 1,820 students and includes an elementary, middle school and high school, all located on the same site. Superintendent Doug Williams says the district will be disinfecting while the students are out.  view article arw

Felony warrants have been issued for the five East Texas junior high school students who reportedly sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl. According to the Texarkana Police Department, the warrants were issued for students at Pleasant Grove Junior High School who allegedly assaulted the victim on a school bus while returning from a basketball game in Paris on November 30, 2017. view article arw

On Dec. 14, 2012, the nightmare of many parents became a reality. Five years ago Thursday, 20 children were shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. The gunman also killed six adults at the school and his mother before taking his own life. view article arw

Just two weeks ago, La Villa ISD held an active shooter drill at the La Villa Early College High School. "We did an active shooter training so that our teachers would know what to do and what to be on the lookout," said La Villa ISD Superintendent José Cervantes.But Tuesday, it was almost the real thing. Police and school officials put the La Villa High School on lock-down at around 1:30 p.m. after school security reportedly notified officials about a Snapchat video from a student showing what appeared to be two guns in a backpack. view article arw

The secretary at the Rancho Tehama Elementary School made a split-second decision on a Tuesday morning last month: to get all the children inside the building within seconds of hearing gunshots. "Because that call was made then, 47 seconds later, we had a completely locked-down school. Ten seconds after that, the shooter was in the quad firing shots," Rick Fitzpatrick, the superintendent of the Corning Union Elementary School District in California, told ABC News. "We had a 10-second cushion." view article arw

Classes are canceled in Sunnyvale ISD Tuesday and Wednesday as the district tries to stop the spread of the flu, which they say kept more than one in 10 elementary school students home Monday. Over the next two days, the district says janitors will work to disinfect all three of its campuses, even though the majority of the illnesses have been at Sunnyvale Elementary School.   view article arw

A man has died after a collision with an Amarillo Independent School District bus before 8 a.m. Thursday. Amarillo Police responded to the intersection of Bell and Sandie Drive for an accident involving a school bus and a white van.  Officials say the school bus had been northbound on Bell Street and was in the turning lane to go west on Sandie Drive.  view article arw

Many people are familiar with typical corporate training to prevent sexual harassment: clicking through a PowerPoint, checking a box that you read the employee handbook or attending a mandatory seminar at which someone lectures about harassment while attendees glance at their phones.  At best, research has found, that type of training succeeds in teaching people basic information, like the definition of harassment and how to report violations. At worst, it can make them uncomfortable, prompting defensive jokes, or reinforce gender stereotypes, potentially making harassment worse. Either way, it usually fails to address the root problem: preventing sexual harassment from happening in the first place. view article arw

An Austin non-profit focused on educating and empowering women victims of sex trafficking has just received a $25,000 grant from State Farm. More than 2,000 organizations submitted a cause that they need funding for earlier this year. Forty of those organizations were selected to receive the Neighborhood Assist Grant, including the Adamo Group's Adamo Nail Lab. "It was all based on a public vote so we really had a ton of support," said Ashley Chavez of the Adamo Group.  view article arw

In a surprise move, Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday dispatched the Texas Rangers to conduct a “detailed investigation” into growing allegations of sexual misconduct and assaults in state-run lockups for teenaged lawbreakers. Top state officials quickly confirmed the inquiry is a likely prelude to significant reforms the governor wants enacted in the agency that incarcerates 1,000 youth offenders — moves that could cut the number of youths who are behind bars at state facilities in half, and increase Texas’ reliance on community-based programs to lower the number of youths who end up in state prisons. view article arw

Pine Tree ISD has scheduled a lockdown drill at 12:30 p.m. today at Pine Tree Primary School, the district announced Wednesday. view article arw

A school district in southeast Iowa has apologized after disciplining a student for dress-code violations when she covered her head after losing her hair during cancer treatments. Chloe Terpenning, 15, was disciplined last week at West Burlington High School for not following the school's dress code regarding head wear, the Hawk Eye reported . Chloe is currently in remission, after completing five rounds of chemotherapy and 15 days of radiation in July for Hodgkin's lymphoma. view article arw

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Anguished mothers with mentally ill children have sought out Liza Long for help ever since she wrote an essay, "I am Adam Lanza's Mother," comparing experiences with her son to the emotionally troubled 20-year-old who carried out the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  The massacre sounded alarms nationally about gaps in mental health care and led to calls for better screening and services, especially for young people showing a propensity for violence, but some key reforms enacted in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting depend on funding that has yet to be delivered by Congress. And Long still hears almost daily from families overwhelmed by their children's behaviors and struggling to get treatment. view article arw

A "vague message" brought forth by a student led to an investigation by Gatesville ISD.  On Tuesday, the school said that a message was written in chalk in November that said "11-11." The message was recently smudged and rewritten to say "12-12, just wait". The district posted on Facebook Monday evening about an unknown incident that occurred at Gatesville High School. The post, which was a letter sent to parents, said that a concerned student had brought the message to the attention of school officials.  view article arw

A longtime Northside ISD employee is out of work, facing accusations of abuse. The special education assistant at Boone Elementary resigned after a teacher reported they witnessed the woman hurting a child. Oscar Mohedano and his wife have two children with autism who attend Boone Elementary in the Northside ISD. Mohedano says that he'll never forget the phone call he got a few days ago from the school's principal. view article arw

The Odessa Police Department is currently assisting ECISD police with a threat that was made at Permian High School.  We're told that earlier in the day a threat to shoot the school at noon was found on the wall of a boys' bathroom.  view article arw

Two men were shot in the parking lot of Sam Rayburn High School on Tuesday, according to Pasadena Independent School District police. Pasadena ISD said two men in their early 20s were delivering supplies to a relative on campus for a choir performance earlier in the night, and as they were about to leave, a gun accidentally went off inside the car. "They were driving off, the gun went off, shot one of them in the hand and the other in the stomach," said Art Del Barrio, director of communications for Pasadena ISD. view article arw

School and health officials met with parents Tuesday night following the announcement of a potential tuberculosis exposure at Hanks High School. The meeting between Public Health Department staff, Ysleta Independent School District staff and parents was a "tuberculosis 101" course, according to Superintendent Xavier De La Torre. In the meeting, the health department showed videos about the disease, symptoms and how it is spread. view article arw

With snow flurries falling on the chilly evening of Dec. 7, the Eanes school district made the decision to cancel school at all campuses the following day out of “concern of dangerous road conditions for staff who drive into the district and buses in hilly areas.” The alert was sent to parents via text, phone and email, posted on the district’s social media pages and posted to all district websites. “The decision to cancel school Friday was based on several factors,” Superintendent Tom Leonard said in an emailed statement. “Discussions from area conference calls warned of the potential for black ice on roadways early in the morning. We have staff coming in from as far away as Buda, Bastrop and Liberty Hill, so we took that into consideration.” view article arw

For the second day in a row, a threatening message was found scribbled on the wall of a school bathroom, this time at Ector Middle School, an Ector County Independent School District Facebook post said. Like Monday's message at Permian High School, this one talked of shooting up the school. Today's message was discovered near the end of the school day. view article arw

A flu outbreak has prompted the entire Sunnyvale school district to halt classes Tuesday and Wednesday, officials announced Monday. Not only are student absences soaring, but officials also believe kids needed to be separated to prevent further contamination. view article arw

A "vague message" brought forth by a student led to an investigation by Gatesville ISD.  The district posted on Facebook Monday evening about an unknown incident that occurred at Gatesville High School.  The post, which was a letter sent to parents, said that a concerned student had brought the message to the attention of school officials.  view article arw

Sunnyvale ISD will close for two days due to the number of students and staff members with flu-like symptoms, the district announced Monday.  On Tuesday, Dec.12 and Wednesday, Dec. 13, Sunnyvale Elementary, Sunnyvale Middle and Sunnyvale High School will be closed.  The district will use those days to disinfect all school buses and spaces because of the increase in influenza cases, district superintendent Doug Williams said in a letter to the community. view article arw

SUNNYVALE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – An entire school district in North Texas is closing its doors for a couple of days because of a high number of flu-related cases among students and teachers. Sunnyvale ISD administrators made the decision to close all three campuses on Tuesday and Wednesday after a spike in absences. view article arw

Update: PN-G ISD said Thursday that the student is not infectious and the illness is contained.  Original Story: Port Neches-Groves ISD officials and parents are bracing for the results of a student's meningitis test, which could force the removal of students without required immunizations from school.  Texas requires students to be vaccinated against diseases including meningitis, polio and measles before entering any public or private school, but exemptions are allowed for medical reasons or "reasons of conscience," including religious beliefs. Parents can submit a signed affidavit opting out of immunizations, which covers the student for two years. view article arw

AZTEC, N.M. — Students hid in their classrooms, some behind locked doors or in closets, as a gunman opened fire Thursday inside a New Mexico high school, killing two classmates before he died.  Authorities in the small town of Aztec near the Colorado border have released few details other than to say the two victims — Casey J. Marquez and Francisco I. Fernandez — attended Aztec High School. The identity of the shooter has yet to be released.  No other injuries were reported, and it was not clear if the shooter died by suicide or was killed by police. view article arw

Personal information from students in 39 Texas school districts was likely exposed in a data breach involving a Texas Department of Agriculture employee's laptop. The state-issued laptop was attacked by ransomware on Oct. 26, according to a Nov. 22 security notification from the agriculture department. The breach is said to have exposed Social Security numbers, home addresses, birth dates and personal phone numbers of students and their families. view article arw

The average age of “first use” for Midland ISD students using marijuana or alcohol is age 12. That information is part of the district’s “Safe and Drug-free Schools Survey, which can be found in the district’s Annual Performance Report. The district will host a public hearing on its 2016-17 performance report today during the board’s regularly scheduled meeting, which is slated to begin at 5:30 p.m. at the auditorium of Bowie Fine Arts Academy, 805 Elk Ave. view article arw

PN-G ISD said Thursday that the student is not infectious and the illness is contained. Port Neches-Groves ISD officials and parents are bracing for the results of a student's meningitis test, which could force the removal of students without required immunizations from school. view article arw

AZTEC, N.M. (AP) - Heaven Angelica Hughes and her classmates heard loud noises coming from the hallway just before bullets began flying through the window, striking a wall just over one student's head.  "Get down!" her teacher yelled. The 15-year-old freshman fell the floor and hid under her desk. Heaven then sent a text message: There's a shooting here at school, mom.  Across the hallway, David Stone, 16, heard the same booms while in math class. His teacher herded the class into a closet and locked the door.  "This is not a drill," an announcer over the school intercom told students. view article arw