The Fort Worth Police Department is investigating after a Keller ISD student reported suspicious activity at a bus stop Friday. The incident occurred at the bus top near North Beach Street and Basswood Boulevard, where the suspect claimed that the student’s mother asked her to give the student a ride. view article arw

As measles cases rise, more vaccine exemptions are being demanded by parents concerned about government control or worried about the now-debunked link between immunization and autism. This year’s back-to-school season coincides with the worst measles resurgence that the nation has seen since the disease was declared “eliminated” nearly two decades ago. view article arw

The Hays Consolidated Independent School District administration is working on a multi-prong action plan to tackle the vaping epidemic impacting students as young as middle school. The district told CBS Austin News, more than 100 incidents of students vaping were reported during the 2018-2019 school year. view article arw

A teen with a loaded gun prompted the lockdown at Langham Creek High School Friday morning, according to school district officials. David Hughes, principal of Langham Creek, issued a statement that says shortly before 10 a.m., Cy-Fair ISD police officers received a tip that a former student inside the school was reported to be in possession of a weapon. view article arw

An armed 17-year-old former Cy-Fair Independent School District student walked onto a high school, prompting a lockdown at the campus before being arrested, district officials said. Cy-Fair ISD Chief of Police Eric Mendez confirmed media reports that a gunman had walked onto Langham Creek High School early Friday, which resulted in a temporary school lockdown and an early dismissal at the campus during an off-site news conference. view article arw

A scare for fans at Burleson High School's Football game Friday night, when police asked them to stay in the stadium while they investigated reports of shots fired in a nearby neighborhood. At about 10 p.m. police were called about a man discharging a weapon from a vehicle traveling along John Jones Drive from Alsbury Boulevard. view article arw

Police in Texas say two people were injured when gunfire erupted at a youth football game. Authorities say a woman was struck in the leg and a girl was grazed in the back when shots rang out during the game among elementary school-aged children Saturday afternoon in Fort Worth. Both were transported to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. view article arw

Ysleta Independent School District students, administrators, and parents came together Saturday morning for their third ‘SAFE’ Conference. SAFE stands for Safe and Supportive Schools for Everyone. This year, the conference was held at two locations in the district, at Parkland Middle School and Eastwood High School. The district held the conference to help address public concerns about safety and security in the weeks following the August 3 Walmart shooting. In addition to active shooter training, participants also learned about other important topics facing students such as bullying, and how to talk to kids after a traumatic event. Longtime educators at YISD say these conversations go beyond school doors. view article arw

Following a unanimous vote of the Denton school board, three of the six gas wells on Guyer High School’s campus will be capped. Existing pipes on the south side of the campus will be relocated elsewhere on the property where they won’t be below district facilities. The district has faced criticism in the past for the proximity of the wells to high school practice fields. While a gas well operates close to the location of the new Denton High School campus along North Bonnie Brae Street, Superintendent Jamie Wilson said the site is not owned or operated by the school district. view article arw

Lucas McClain started smoking cigarettes in high school but switched to vaping after he heard e-cigarettes were a safer alternative. His vape of choice became the Juul, the king of electronic cigarettes — which comes with a king-size nicotine hit, NBC News reports. Now 21, McClain wants to quit so badly that he’s turning back to the problem he fled in the first place: good old-fashioned cigarettes. view article arw

A 10-year-old Valley Mills girl Friday continued to battle a rare brain infection caused by a deadly amoeba she is thought to have contracted last weekend while swimming in the Brazos River.  State health officials were investigating the case of Naegleria fowleri while family members used social media to give updates on the girl, Lily Mae Avant, who was at Cook’s Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth. view article arw

A young Texas girl is fighting for her life after she was infected with a deadly brain-eating amoeba following a day spent swimming in a river, according to reports. Lily Mae Avant, 10, went swimming over Labor Day weekend in the Brazos River near Waco — where doctors believe she contracted the often-fatal Naegleria fowleri amoeba, news station KWTX-TV reported. view article arw

Vape related illness raise questions

September 1608:30 AM

Tyler teen, Witney Livinston, was hospitalized when she started having trouble breathing and was vomiting. The senior at a Tyler High School started vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking two years ago. Her mother, according to an article by WFAA Channel 8, regrets allowing it, but also thought it was a safer choice. She is currently on a ventilator, and although her condition has not been specifically tied to vaping yet, the symptoms are suspicious. The teen had been feeling ill and is now hospitalized with a case of double pneumonia, the likes of which the doctor has not seen before. Her fate is still in question. view article arw

The safety and security of our students and campuses is always a priority for the Lufkin school district. We are working to be proactive to ensure the safety of our students, schools and staff.  We are thrilled to welcome two additional officers to the district, Jeff Taylor and Gilbert Tinajero, who are both experienced and proficient police officers.  In the next month or so, we will post for an additional two officers to be hired this fall and be on board by the end of the semester. This will bring our total force to 11 officers and our canine officer, Iggy.  Having additional officers also will allow our canine officer to be more visible as he visits all of our campuses.  It’s disheartening that we live in a time and world where children, and adults in charge of supervising children, have to address safety and security issues like never before. view article arw

All parents want peace of mind that their kids are as safe as possible when they're at school. That was the goal of a meeting Thursday night hosted by Robstown ISD. Parents learned about what their children and teachers do during an emergency on campus, which is referred to as Standard Response Protocol (SRP). Tanya Olmeda, whose daughter is in the 8th grade, attended the training at Seale Junior High School. She said she wanted to learn the protocol for herself after seeing how her daughter responded to mock drills that were done on campus. view article arw

There are accidents that can be avoided, TxDOT Public Information Officer Octavio Saenz says. In an effort to reduce pedestrian and auto accidents, the Texas Department of Transportation has begun a safety campaign to remind drivers and pedestrians to slow down, be alert and obey traffic laws. “Every accident is unique, but the one thing we can say is there is a responsibility from drivers and the pedestrians themselves to be safe on the roadway,” Saenz said. view article arw

Bullying is a problem at most schools and a school counselor said it's important to talk about bullying with your kids as soon as possible. “If the child’s being bullied, there’s numerous signs. That’s why it’s so important for a parent to be 100% involved in a child’s life. Know who they hang out with. Know who they talk to on the phone. Know who they’re involved with on social media,” said Dyann Wilson, an eighth-grade school counselor in Houston, board member of the Texas School Counseling Association and Texas Counseling Association. view article arw

Garrett Anz may by less than a month into his first year in the Midway Independent School District’s transition program for special needs students, but he is already learning skills he never would have in a classroom.  He is learning job skills at a local hospital. He is learning how to do his own laundry and cook his own meals. He is learning how to be independent.  The transition program, called MPower, helps students with special needs who have left high school transition into adult life by teaching them life and work skills, district Transition Specialist Kimberly Johnson said.  view article arw

The first new storm shelters in Carroll ISD were recently completed ahead of the 2019-20 school year. During the first few months of 2017, the city of Southlake was in the process of adopting new building codes related to storm shelters, said Julie Thannum, assistant superintendent for board and community relations. In light of these new codes, the district decided to schedule new storm shelter projects at each of the district’s 15 facilities. “We will do all the projects [from the 2017 bond],” Thannum said. “If the storm shelters put us over, we will use interest earned on bond funds or fund balance.” view article arw

A former Cy-Fair Independent School District student armed with a gun was arrested Friday after running from officers who confronted him on campus, police said. Cy-Fair ISD police Chief Eric Mendez said officers were alerted to an armed person that was headed to Langham Creek High School. Officers located the person, but that person fled the campus when confronted by officers, Mendez said. view article arw

As health care expenses rise across the country, Midland ISD wants to ensure its employees do not bear the brunt of the costs. Instead, it created an optional wellness program for its faculty and staff to participate in – at their own discretion – to encourage healthy living. The district’s director of benefits and risk, Amanda Jacquez, said the wellness program is standard for most insurance companies. She gave an example of what the two health care plans look like, paired with the wellness program. One plan is a free employee-only plan, and the other is a family plan. view article arw

As the Trump administration works on a plan to ban the sale of flavored electronic cigarettes, a Central Texas superintendent says the serious health crisis has gotten so bad students are vaping in the classroom. Dr. Eric Wright, the Hays CISD Superintendent, told KXAN concerned students were the ones who brought the major problem to his attention. view article arw

Canyon High School is participating in the country’s expanded teen Mental Health First Aid (tMHFA) pilot program. The school will train more than 300 sophomore students, this year. The training is the first of its kind developed for high school students in the U.S. “This is a special opportunity for Canyon High School to be honored as a grant recipient. Canyon High was selected as one of 35 high schools in the country to implement teen Mental Health First Aid,” said Dr. Darryl Flusche, Superintendent of Canyon ISD. “tMHFA is equipping young people with the knowledge and skills they need to foster their own wellness and to support each other.” view article arw

Burkburnett ISD anonymous alerts app

September 1608:25 AM

The Anonymous Alerts anti-bullying and safety app reporting system helps combat bullying and other negative activity in schools by empowering students to speak up. Social and peer pressure are some of the hardest obstacles for students to overcome. The system allows for 1-way or 2-way anonymous encrypted communications between submitters (students or parents) and district administration and/or school staff. Users of the system have the option to remain anonymous or reveal their identity when submitting a report.  view article arw

To help address public concerns about safety and security in the weeks following the Aug. 3 mass shooting, the Ysleta Independent School District (YISD) will hold a special SAFE Conference on Saturday, Sept. 14, at two locations to equip and inform hundreds of YISD parents, counselors, and administrators about what they can do to keep their students, families, and schools safe. view article arw

Vaping!  With two suspected cases of vaping-related severe pulmonary disease in Brazos County, local health officials are encouraging those who use vapes or e-cigarettes to consider abstaining until more research can be done into the negative effects of the products.  “They have the reputation of being safe, and that evidence is showing that they’re just not as safe as we thought they were,” said Dr. Tiffany Skaggs, chief medical officer and family practice doctor at Texas A&M’s A.P. Beutel Student Health Center. view article arw

Vaping!  KYLE, Texas (KXAN) — As the Trump administration works on a plan to ban the sale of flavored electronic cigarettes, a Central Texas superintendent says the serious health crisis has gotten so bad students are vaping in the classroom. Dr. Eric Wright, the Hays CISD Superintendent, told KXAN concerned students were the ones who brought the major problem to his attention. view article arw

Vaping!  North Texas school districts are grappling with how to address vaping as a growing number of deaths and illnesses are linked to the trend popular among teens. Many, including Coppell and Allen, have already sent letters to parents this school year, urging them to start conversations with their teens. “Many school districts, including CISD, are seeing a significant increase in the use of e-cigarettes,” Superintendent Brad Hunt wrote. view article arw

East Central Independent School District said it is working with the FBI and other state and local agencies to find out who is responsible for circulating a flyer promoting the Ku Klux Klan.= Two flyers were discovered by a staff member and a student on the East Central High School campus. After the student found the flyer, which reads “Save Our Land Join the Klan,” he sent a picture of it to his mother. The student’s mother posted the photo of the flyer on social media, alerting school officials to the situation. view article arw

HOUSTON — After a 4-year-old girl walked away from Law Elementary School in Houston Tuesday, parents began asking questions about how that could have happened. Houston ISD is investigating how the girl was able to leave campus virtually unnoticed. The girl's mother, Ashley Palms, said after seeing the school’s surveillance video and speaking with her daughter, Alyssa, she was able to piece together what happened. view article arw

Tayler Seymour used to be a teacher and a coach Lockhart High School, but now she is behind bars and accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. Seymour, whose bond is set at $50,000, turned herself in on Tuesday, a day after Lockhart ISD officials alerted police about the alleged relationship. Seymour, who lives in Hays County, had worked for Lockhart ISD since 2016, according to a news release from the district. view article arw

Four patients from the Canutillo Independent School District have tested positive for Tuberculosis, health officials said. The City of El Paso’s Department of Public Health tested 165 individuals for Tuberculosis and only four tested positive, a news release said. view article arw

In Wylie, four close calls are four too many. School leaders are making changes after four bike-riding students were hit by cars heading to or from school — all since the beginning of the year. view article arw

Just before the final bell and release of students Wednesday at Bill Burden Elementary the school district was made aware of a threat against campus personnel. The campus was immediately placed in lockout, which meant no one was allowed in our out of the building as law enforcement sorted out the situation. “The original information we got was that a person had made a threat against the office staff,” said LHISD Superintendent Steve Snell. “That’s all the information we had and at the time yesterday nobody could locate the suspect. We took immediate action with police from the school district, the city and county were on campus providing security and looking for the suspect.” view article arw

Dallas ISD is investigating after a 5-year-old kindergarten student was able to walk off campus at Highland Meadows Elementary last week. The 5-year-old’s mother, Jenniffer Castaneda, said she didn’t know how her daughter got out. “I was really shaking. I was really, really upset.” Castaneda said. view article arw