A male juvenile is in custody and is facing charges after officials say he trespassed onto school property and subsequently caused McAllen Memorial High School to temporarily go on lockdown Monday afternoon. The male juvenile, who is not a McAllen ISD student, has not been identified. Officials say at about 2:37 p.m., they received a call about a suspicious person outside the building. view article arw

SAN ANTONIO - During a school - board meeting Monday, the La Vernia ISD Board of Trustees did approve by a vote of seven to zero to allow a school guardian program. What the school guardian program does is allows authorized school staff members to carry guns on campus during school hours. view article arw

On Monday night, La Vernia ISD board members voted unanimously to allow select staff members to carry concealed weapons as part of a district guardian program. The conversation about arming staff members at La Vernia ISD began in January. “We had some unwanted visitors trying to make entry into the campus,” said Dr. Michael Duffek, director of safety and security for La Vernia ISD. view article arw

Like many adults, students feel the toll of the pandemic compounded by day-to-day responsibilities. It’s why Dallas School’s Department of Mental Health Services has made the case for additional licensed mental health professionals on campuses across the district. Between exams, peer pressure, home life and a global pandemic, students, are juggling a lot. Dallas ISD senior Iris Rivas says she’s been bogged down with college applications. “We were all just worried like ‘am I going to make it on time, is this going to be good enough, am I good enough?’” Rivas said. “That was the worry, especially trying to balance our school life.” School leaders recognize students’ mental health is part of overall health. It’s why DISD’S Department of Mental Health Services wants to add roughly 30 to 40 licensed mental health clinicians to the district roster. view article arw

Two Ingleside High School students are making sure their peers feel safe when it comes to talking about their mental health. The hallways of high school can be a scary place, but one room at Ingleside High School takes those fears away. “It’s a room that’s providing opportunity for us to grow and expand our club and really shed a light and let the community know what’s going on in our educational society,” said Junior Mia Reed. view article arw

Throughout the last two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost everyone in some way. From the physical and health impacts of the disease to the mental health and anxiety issues that followed alongside the pandemic, few people have not been changed by the disease. Among the groups impacted the most are the youth of this generation who experienced the uncertainties of the era alongside having much of their social and support networks disrupted during a major developmental point in their lives. This week, three teenagers spoke about their experiences during the pandemic and their work in helping fellow students work through complicated emotions during the sixth annual Community Behavioral Health Conference. view article arw

An 18-year-old Belton High student has been officially charged with murder after another student was fatally stabbed on campus. All classes at Belton High School with be canceled on Thursday. The Belton Independent School District and law enforcement were investigating after senior Jose Luis Ramirez Jr. was stabbed during a fight in a school bathroom on Tuesday. view article arw

NUEVO PROGRESO, Mexico — Maria laid the pregnancy test facedown on the counter in her boyfriend’s bathroom in McAllen and set a timer for the longest three minutes of her life.  She watched the timer tick down, mentally running through her litany of reassurances: They’d used a condom; she’d taken the Plan B pill; maybe her missed period was just an anomaly.  “I was just praying, please don’t let this be the case,” she said. “I had no idea how I’d navigate the situation. But what can I do but flip this test over?”  It was positive.  Maria, who was a 17-year-old high school junior at the time, spoke with The Texas Tribune on the condition of anonymity and is identified in this story with a pseudonym because she fears repercussions from her family for sharing her experience. view article arw

BELTON, Texas (KWTX) - Mental health experts are offering guidance about how parents of Belton High School students can help their children cope with the on-campus murder of one of their classmates on May 3. Caysen Tyler Allison, 18, is accused of stabbing fellow classmate Joe Ramirez Jr. to death at Belton High School Tuesday morning. As students were being dismissed early on Tuesday, many recounted witnessing the deadly stabbing. Mental health experts say there is no doubt this is a collective trauma, especially, for a generation of students that have grown up seeing school shootings on the news. view article arw

Belton ISD will resume High School classes Monday, May 9 after listening to feedback from students and parents on Thursday. The district also went on camera for the first time since Tuesday's deadly stabbing, which happened at the school after a fight broke out between 18-year-olds Joe Ramirez and Caysen Allison, according to the Belton Police Department. Ramirez later died at the hospital from his injuries. Allison was arrested after the incident and charged with murder the next day. view article arw

An Athens ISD school bus collided with another vehicle Thursday morning. According to a social media post by Athens ISD, the driver of a Mustang pulled out in front of the bus on Robbins Road as the bus was traveling westbound on Loop 7. Neither the bus driver nor the driver of the Mustang required medical attention. Three students were transported to UT Health - Athens to be treated for minor injuries. view article arw

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls mother is jailed after officers with the Wichita Falls ISD Police Department said she assaulted her 14-year-old son in the Barwise Middle School office and was verbally abusive to school staff.  According to authorities, Teresa Fondren, 43, left the school without her son and was later arrested and charged with injury to a child.  The investigating officer said he was called to the assistant principal’s office at Barwise Middle School about 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, May 3, 2022 in reference to a disturbance. view article arw

PHARR  – Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD (PSJA ISD) in collaboration with It's Time Texas and the City of Pharr hosted the first ever PSJA Tri-City Victory Celebration on Wednesday, May 4, 2022 at the PSJA Stadium. read more arw

The court-appointed watchdogs expressed concern after learning that a caretaker accused of exploiting children at a state-licensed facility in Bastrop had been previously fired from a state juvenile justice facility for misconduct. view article arw

After more than two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, our teenagers are now facing a new crisis: rising mental health problems. The Centers for Disease Control reported in a recent survey that 44% of high school students said they persistently felt sad and hopeless to such an extent that it kept them from participating in normal teenage activities. That's more than one in every three teens. Nine percent even considered suicide. view article arw

BELTON, Texas (FOX 44) – The Belton Independent School District released a statement Wednesday night concerning the murder charges filed against 18-year-old Caysen Tyler Allison. He is accused of stabbing Jose Ramirez, Jr. and causing his death Tuesday, May 3rd. We have been made aware that the Belton Police Department has charged one of our students with murder. We are fully cooperating with law enforcement and appreciate their professionalism through this process. We continue to work with our law enforcement partners as we plan for the safe return of our students and staff. We will share additional information about resources and support for our students and staff later today. Our continued thoughts and prayers go out to our entire Big Red Community.” BELTON ISD The district says the Belton community is devastated to lose Jose Ramirez, Jr. view article arw

When Politico published a draft opinion leaked from the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday, the nation confronted the reality that Roe v. Wade and constitutional protections for abortion may be overturned as soon as this summer. But for many in Texas, that day is already here. The second-largest state in the country has been living under the nation’s most restrictive abortion law since Sept. 1, when legislators managed to skirt judicial precedent and ban all abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy. “We have been living the last eight months in a post-Roe Texas,” said Neesha Davé, deputy director of the Lilith Fund. “It has been absolutely devastating for people seeking abortion care … As we have been navigating this, we have learned a lot.”    (4) view article arw

The child, who was attacked in Lake Highlands, was taken to the hospital in critical condition, Dallas police said.  For about a month, Karin Saucedo said she had been trying to educate neighbors about the importance of hazing, or scaring away, coyotes that get too close to them or their homes. She even offered air horns to people in her Lake Highlands neighborhood to deter the wild animals.  On Tuesday, she and other neighbors were horrified to learn that a coyote had attacked a 2-year-old child who police have said was sitting on the porch in the 9200 block of Royalpine Drive, near White Rock Trail. The child, who was not identified, was taken to the hospital in critical condition.  (5) view article arw

ALDINE, Texas (KTRK) -- Two Aldine ISD educators have been charged after a first-grade student who has autism was allegedly physically injured in the classroom.  Britnee Vaughn, a teacher for kids with special needs, and teacher's aide Maria Gonzalez-Valencia both face felony charges of injury to a child  In a statement issued on Tuesday, Aldine ISD said both educators are no longer employed by the district.  In an interview last week, the 6-year-old's parents, Pablo Reyna and Angelica Frias, said they noticed their son would return from Raymond Elementary School with random scratches, bruises and bumps on his head. view article arw

Fifteen-year-old X, who is trans, feels like he can be himself at his magnet school in the North East Independent School District. “It's not just the regular school, it's also the art school and it's the International School of the Americas. ISA is very, like, socially active, so I think that helps,” said X. “And also, (a lot of the people at my school) are also members of the LGBTQ community.” TPR is using his and his mom's first initials to protect their safety, due to Gov. Greg Abbott’s anti-trans executive order to investigate gender-affirming care as child abuse. But outside that bubble, there are a lot of things happening that make X and his family feel less welcome and less safe: Abbott’s executive order to investigate gender-affirming care for trans youth as child abuse; Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s pledge to make a so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill a priority the next legislative session; and North East ISD’s decision to remove dozens of LGBTQ+ books from its libraries. view article arw

The Comal ISD board of trustees May 3 unanimously approved a compensation plan for the upcoming school year that includes a 4% salary increase for all employees. During an April 28 board meeting, the board voted to postpone the approval of salary increases after district staff unexpectedly changed their recommendation from a 3% salary increase to a 4% increase the afternoon of the meeting. In November, voters approved a voter-approved tax ratification election that increased the district’s maintenance and operations tax rate on the condition that the district would utilize revenue generated to raise staff pay and to hire new positions. Through the election, all staff and teachers are guaranteed at least a 3% pay increase each year starting with the 2021-22 school year over the next four years, said Bobbi Supak, CISD assistant superintendent for human resources. view article arw

Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez-Valencia is charged with injury to a child. She's accused of hitting a 6-year-old, non-verbal student with autism after he touched her desk. view article arw

School districts stepping up security with funding from bonds School districts stepping up security with funding from bonds view article arw

To that end, according to Santa Fe ISD, a handful of their school busses have been outfitted with automated camera systems that are designed to record vehicles that do not obey the extended stop signs on the busses. The systems are also evidence used to levy $300 plus fines issued to the owners of the vehicles, which aren’t necessarily the drivers of the vehicles. Some residents have complained that the system is not fair and is quick to generate tickets when the situation is questionable or downright unwarranted. view article arw

Cali Byrd is a junior at Booker T. Washington High School in Dallas. She remembers when a group came to talk to her class about sexually transmitted infections in eighth grade. The talk involved a bunch of tennis balls with the names of STIs written on them. "They had a couple of kids come up, put on gloves, and said, 'If he throws the ball to her and she has a glove on, then she's protected. But if she doesn't have a glove on, then she'll get the disease or something,' " Byrd said. "It was really weird." Byrd said the instructors never explained what the STIs were, just that people should wear condoms to prevent them. "It really was not helpful," she said. view article arw

FORT WORTH, Texas - Fort Worth ISD is investigating racist comments made during a class presentation on slavery at Paschal High School. The superintendent addressed the incident, and he's recommended the teacher be fired. But still, some community leaders say more needs to be done. The recording is roughly three minutes long. It shows a freshman making a class presentation that references slavery, and he uses a racial epithet and the N-word multiple times. Some students laugh, others can be heard saying, "Oh my God." The teacher attempts to add clarity, then tells the student to continue. "We’re trying to stay as true to the original text as possible. Okay, go ahead," the teacher was heard saying. view article arw

Lily Lane is Dallas ISD’s Teen School Board president, something she counts as one of her biggest accomplishments. “I saw the real impact that Teen Board had on the district,” said Lily. “I knew that I wanted to lead my peers toward making lasting change for future students.” Being a voice for Dallas ISD’s student body isn’t the only change Lily was looking to make. Ever since she was a young girl, she always knew she wanted to be a surgeon to help people have a second chance at life, just like she was given. view article arw

KINGWOOD, Texas (KTRK) -- A group of students and parents met at Kingwood Town Center on Monday afternoon seeking changes and justice for two students who were recently injured at Kingwood Park High School. "Two students landed in the hospital and that is absolutely unacceptable," said Casandra Magee, a sophomore student who helped organize the peaceful rally. view article arw

Coppell ISD is looking to improve based on student and community member feedback. Angie Brooks, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, and Angela Brown, communications and community engagement director, shared high-level results from feedback surveys the district held from April 4-14. Brooks and Brown presented possible areas of focus based on the feedback at a Monday Board of Trustees meeting. To encourage more relationship building, Brooks proposed greater focus in professional learning communities or multi-tiered support systems to determine necessary areas of support academically and socially for students. Additionally, Brooks proposed further strengthening social emotional support for students with more relationship building between teachers, counselors and students. Brooks also suggested the development of a multifunctional building to create a common workspace for professional learning among teachers. view article arw

Abbott said the money would be taken from the budgets of other Texas agencies, including nearly $210 million from the state’s Health and Human Services Commission over two years and about $160 million from the Texas Department of Public Safety.    (2) view article arw

SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Sherman ISD launched a new program called Pathways in Technology and Early College High School, or P-TECH, giving students the chance to jump into a career immediately after high school. The district says the idea came from a need they saw right here in Texoma. “There’s a need for a lot of health care workers, everything from entry-level nurses all the way up to registered nurses and doctors,” said Dr. Tamy Smalskas, the assistant superintendent of student support and engagement at Sherman ISD. Now the district is hoping to fill the vacancies with bearcats. view article arw


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Students in the Sealy Independent School District encountering mental-health issues do not have to face these challenges alone, according to SISD officials. There are plenty of resources to call upon for pupils and their concerned parents, added Mary Gajewski, director of SISD Special Programs. “Some of the very best resources we have available to our students and families are our SISD staff,” Gajewski said. Estimates indicate only half the people with mental illness receive treatment, according to the National Institute for Mental Health’s website, www.nimh.nih. gov/health/statistics. This includes teens. Suicide was the second most common cause of death in people ages 15-24 in 2019, according to the NIMH Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide. The website is www.stpsusa.org. view article arw

SAN ANTONIO — It's an alarming trend officials are hoping to reverse. There’s a rising number of suicide attempts among teenagers. Minerva Briones said although suicide is a difficult topic it’s important to talk about it. Briones lost her husband Francisco six years ago to suicide. She now works with a support groupcalled The Survivors of Loved One’s Suicide to help those who are facing the same situation, which includes parents who have lost their children. “We need to talk about this more, more. I know back in the day, we didn't hear that much. But now lately, we are listening more about that and making awareness that this is real, and it's happening more than we know more than we know,” Briones said. New research from JAMA Pediatrics shows adolescents now make up a larger number of suicides in more than a dozen states. This is on the heels of CDC numbers showing e-r visits for s view article arw

Several students from Garland's Naaman Forest High School have been booted off campus for making threats online.  Garland police say the FBI spotted threats to kill and harm other students and moved in on Friday morning. Lieutenant Pedro Barineau says they made quick work of the matter.  "This morning we were advised by the FBI that they served up search warrants on some students at Naaman Forest High School regarding a threat that was online made by a group of those students," Barineau said. "The online communication referenced harming or killing other students at the school." view article arw

PASADENA Texas - Officials at Deer Park ISD confirmed it has been working to address a rat problem in one of its elementary schools. In a letter addressed to parents, the principal at Parkwood Elementary confirmed there was "evidence of rodents in a few of [their] classrooms." This comes after several complaints were made to the school, but the principal noted in the letter she hoped to "provide factual information because there is a great deal of misinformation being given to our families." view article arw