lear Creek ISD leaders will, for the first time, formally re-examine votes from a school board election after receiving a request for a recount in District 5. A general election was held May 1 for Districts 4 and 5, as well as for at-large Position A, and a May 10 board of trustees workshop was dedicated in part to the canvassing and declaration of election results. The recount petition applies to District 5 only, meaning the results of the District 4 and at-large position races are not being contested. view article arw

Dallas ISD trustees met in a special called meeting Monday afternoon to discuss two resolutions that address legislation headed to the statehouse floor — including a bill that will bar schools from teaching Critical Race Theory. “This would gut many of the items that we care so much about in the racial equity policy that the board passed unanimously and a lot of the training that the board has participated in, and we would even be prohibited from hiring external consultants to help do the training,” Dallas ISD superintendent Michael Hinojosa told the board. “I’m concerned that we would have to change some courses and the master schedules would have to be changed for next year.” Hinojosa pointed out that the margin a bill passes on impacts when it goes into effect – by a wide margin, it can go into effect immediately. If not, it would go into effect in September. view article arw

Cumby ISD administrators recently recognized the Cumby ISD Board of Trustees President Jason Hudson for 20 years of “outstanding leadership, devotion, and commitment to the Cumby ISD Board of Trustees.”  Slaughter and school administrators arranged for Cumby ISD Board of Trustees President Jason Hudson’s family to be on hand when they celebrated his two decades of service on the school board. Slaughter presented Hudson with a plaque as well as cards and notes from the school offices and campuses during the May 6 school board meeting. view article arw

Longview ISD Board of Trustees welcomed newly-elected Place 3 representative Dr. Samir Germanwala during Monday night's regular meeting. Trustees canvassed the results of the Place 3 board election showing Dr. Germanwala earning 66 percent of the votes (261-134). "I am honored to be given the opportunity to represent District 3 in the Longview Independent School District," he said. "It has been a humbling experience to meet the families of our district during this campaign, and I look forward to representing those families in the upcoming years." view article arw

WATCH LIVE: Amarillo ISD board meeting, May 11 - The Amarillo Independent School District Board is expected to meet at 8:30 a.m. today, May 11. view article arw

SOUTHLAKE Voters who turned out in record numbers to support the candidates who won the divisive Carroll school board election sent a strong message that they do not want a diversity plan they believe pushes a “leftist” ideology in the school district. Hannah Smith and Cameron Bryan, who will be sworn in Wednesday, each received almost 70% of the votes in an election that attracted a turnout of around 10,000 voters.   Smith could not be reached for comment, but she told Fox and Friends that “it was a radical response to fight the false narrative that the community is racist.”  Smith, an attorney who also clerked for Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, described how people move to Southlake because it’s a good place to raise children in the “award-winning” school district, and said there is unity among those who live there.  “And so, when the mainstream media was saying that we are an awful town, people are racist, our kids are racist, our schools are systemically racist, it just wasn’t right,” Smith said. “And so, people turned out to the polls in record numbers.” view article arw

Three years ago, a video went viral of a group of teenage students chanting the n-word at a private party in Southlake, Texas. Now, as the school district tries to incorporate cultural awareness into the curriculum, a group of parents is fighting back. Southlake is not a racist community -- that was the consensus among many parents at a school board meeting for the Carroll Independent School District in Southlake on Monday. view article arw

Three years ago, a video went viral of a group of teenage students chanting the n-word at a private party in Southlake, Texas. Now, as the school district tries to incorporate cultural awareness into the curriculum, a group of parents is fighting back. Southlake is not a racist community -- that was the consensus among many parents at a school board meeting for the Carroll Independent School District in Southlake on Monday. view article arw

The City of Jasper and the Jasper Independent School District held elections on Saturday with several positions and a bond election on the ballot for voters to decide. Officials were pleased with the turnout in early voting as 541 votes we cast for the mayor’s race and 824 votes were tallied for the $18.5 million dollar school bond issue. The numbers from election day were also encouraging to officials as more than 800 voted in the mayor’s race and more than 1,200 cast ballots on the bond issue. view article arw

The Friendswood community is reflecting on the many roles that Michael “Mike” Shaw filled during his life. In a statement on the Friendswood ISD website, Superintendent Thad Roher had this to say about the former trustee in the district, who died May 1: “As he served on the Board, he was the voice of Mustang Pride and a keeper of the many traditions that contribute to the culture of FISD. What an outstanding man.” view article arw

The school board of Carroll ISD voted Monday evening to end the requirement of masks as of June 1. Masks are optional at some other districts in North Texas, including Joshua ISD, Weatherford ISD and Melissa ISD, where they were voted on by school boards. Vaccines haven't been approved for children yet, but The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is expected to authorize Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine for young adults age 12 and older by next week, according to a federal official and a person familiar with the process. view article arw

Jay Cunningham held his District 5 spot on the Clear Creek Independent School District Board of Trustees on Saturday, despite a heated and unusually partisan campaign. Cunningham took 1,406 votes, about 62.3 percent, to Christine Parizo’s 841 votes and Keith Esthay’s 10 votes, according to complete but unofficial returns. Parizo had positioned herself as the conservative choice for voters and spent the months ahead of the election recording videos warning voters that district leaders could introduce critical race theory if she wasn’t elected. view article arw

It’s been a tough month for Maddox Cozart, the bi-racial student who spent two weeks suspended in school because of his braided hairstyle, which violated the school’s dress code. “The educators and people who he looks up to have come down on him and told him he’s wrong and punishes him for how he looks,” said Maddox’s Mother Hope Cozart. view article arw

SOUTHLAKE, Texas - The issue of race played a big role in Saturday's school board elections in Southlake. Two new board members were elected after they campaigned against a plan that would address issues of racism in the Carroll ISD.  Voters in the Carroll ISD spoke decisively by electing two candidates backed by a conservative political action committee who opposed a plan to teach the history of racism and promote cultural awareness.   Attorney and educator Hannah Smith captured just over 69% of the vote.  Cameron Bryan, an aviation management leader and youth athletics coach, claimed more than 68%. view article arw

SOUTHLAKE, Texas — Nine months after officials in the affluent Carroll Independent School District introduced a proposal to combat racial and cultural intolerance in schools, voters delivered a resounding victory Saturday to a slate of school board and City Council candidates who opposed the plan.  In an unusually bitter campaign that echoed a growing national divide over how to address issues of race, gender and sexuality in schools, candidates in the city of Southlake were split between two camps: those who supported new diversity and inclusion training requirements for Carroll students and teachers and those backed by a political action committee that was formed last year to defeat the plan.    (03) view article arw

One new member of the Spring Branch ISD Board of Trustees was elected Saturday, and a veteran board member won reelection without opposition. Complete but unofficial results show Christopher Earnest was elected to the Position 4 seat, and incumbent Minda Caesar was reelected to Position 3. Each board member serves a three-year term. Earnest received 5,291 votes in the complete but unofficial results, defeating Virginia Elizondo, who received 3,467 votes for the Position 4 seat. Earnest succeeds board member Chris Vierra, who did not seek reelection to Position 4. Caesar received 5,499 votes for reelection. The election drew a large voter turnout compared with recent years. A total of 8,769 votes were cast this year, compared to 1,559 votes in 2019 and 3,294 votes in 2018. view article arw

The unofficial results of today’s elections across Cherokee County are in. Jacksonville Mayor Randy Gorham retains his position, earning 412 votes to challenger Sonya Baker’s 126. Blake Stevens will remain the Place 5 trustee on the Jacksonville Independent School Board, winning the election with a vote of 442 to 126 over Loretta Doty. In a close race for the District 1 position on the Rusk city council, Kendall Pharis defeated Ben Mims, 28-24. The seat was previously held by Ben Middlebrooks who ran unopposed for mayor of Rusk. By a nine vote difference, 35-26, Homer Dickey unseated Fielding Winchester for the Place 4 position on the Troup ISD board of trustees. Stephanie Luper will continue serving as Place 4 trustee for Bullard ISD, having earned the place in a 219 to 171 vote. view article arw

DANBURY — At the next meeting of the Danbury ISD Board of Trustees, three new members will take their seats for the first time, replacing trustees with decades of combined service to the district.  In the most surprising outcome of the night, Dory Mitchell will take the place held for six terms by board president Daryl Peltier. Mitchell secured the Position 5 seat with 390 votes, or 68.3 percent, to Peltier’s 181 votes, or 31.7 percent. view article arw

This election cycle, Sweeny ISD had not one but two contested races, and both incumbents emerged victorious, according to final, unofficial results released Saturday night by the Brazoria County Elections Division. Competing against newcomer Ron Stewart, a recently retired teacher and coach in the district, Bohlar-Schroeder secured 606 votes, or 60.97 percent to retain her Position 2 view article arw

All incumbents running for re-election in the races for Allen ISD Board of Trustees won decisive victories Saturday night, with all three candidates having well over a 100% advantage over their challengers. view article arw

After months of work and community input, Eanes ISD is considering a new mission statement—a public declaration to guide, inspire and unify the district.  The board of trustees reviewed the newly proposed statement during an April 27 board meeting. An official decision was not made; trustees will vote on the new statement at a later board meeting.  The process began last March, when the district discussed the possibility of a new mission statement, according to Deputy Superintendent Jeff Arnett.   view article arw

The Dripping Springs area has elected three new officials to public office, while two additional incumbents will hold onto their positions, according to final May 1 election results released by Hays County. Dripping Springs City Council In the Dripping Springs City Council race, challenger Sherrie Parks defeated incumbent Council Member Wm Travis Crow, receiving 64.08% of the 412 votes cast in the Place 5 election. view article arw

Over a span of four minutes, the House Committee on Elections meeting Thursday morning quickly devolved into shouting matches and chaos after state Rep. Briscoe Cain, R-Deer Park and chair of the committee, tried to rapidly pass the controversial Senate election bill without listing it on the agenda for the day or holding public testimony, as all attention from the public was on a number of other high-profile committee hearings going on simultaneously. Right before the committee had to recess to attend the floor session, Cain called up Senate Bill 7, which was not on the meeting's agenda. view article arw

The findings are echoed in the halls of the Texas Legislature, where lawmakers are wrestling with proposed restrictions to the state’s voting laws amid unsubstantiated questions about voter fraud and the integrity of the process.  Asking whether the state’s election system discriminates against people of color depends on whether you are talking to Hispanic voters, who are split, Black voters, a majority of whom say it is discriminatory, and white voters, most of whom say it isn’t, according to the new University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll.  Overall, 52% of Texas voters said the system doesn’t discriminate. But the question is divisive: 73% of Democrats said it does and 88% of Republicans said it doesn’t. Among white voters, 62% said the system doesn’t discriminate, but 58% of Black voters said it does. Hispanic voters were divided, with 43% saying it does discriminate and 42% saying it doesn’t. view article arw

Carey Watson Hildebrand, who is running for an Alamo Heights Independent School District board seat in Saturday’s election, has touted her work experience high up in Wyoming’s education bureaucracy, but people who were there now disagree about the job title she claims she held. Since starting her campaign in February, Hildebrand, 41, has said she spent a year as the chief of staff for the director of the State Board of Education in Wyoming, from 2004 to 2005, after serving in various assistant roles within that state’s education department. view article arw

Dripping Springs ISD is receiving pressure from parents who disagree with the district's current policy requiring the use of masks on campus. At the April 26 meeting of the DSISD board of trustees, more than 20 parents spoke in favor of the district repealing or loosening its masking rules. The meeting began on a stern note, with board President Barbara Stroud asking people in attendance who had taken off their masks to put them back on. view article arw

The Dallas school board will see little — if any — change as the district seeks to find its footing amid the coronavirus pandemic. Only one of three races is contested: the District 9 contest between board President Justin Henry and challenger Ulana Sigler. The board’s longest-serving members, Edwin Flores in District 1 and Dan Micciche in District 3, are both unopposed in Saturday’s election and will serve for three more years. view article arw

The Brownsville Independent School District is leaving no stone unturned in its effort to get a COVID-19 vaccine into the arm of any student, staff member or parent who wants one. This week the district is hosting vaccine clinics at all six early college high schools, offering either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine to all who qualify for the shot. As of a few weeks ago that includes anyone 16 or older, although parental permission is required for those 16-18. BISD regards the restriction as a chance to offer the shot to parents, guardians and other family members. “Yesterday we did a lot of parents, so we’re killing two birds with one stone,” Dustin Garza, director of employee benefits and risk management, said Tuesday morning at Hanna, where students and parents were filtering in for their turn to have a BISD licensed vocational nurse administer the shot. view article arw

Bullard ISD board of trustees voted Monday night to make masks and face coverings optional for both students and staff. Superintendent Jack Lee said in a letter to Bullard ISD families he made a recommendation to change the masking requirement, and the board voted unanimously in favor of the proposal. Effectively immediately, students and staff can choose if they want to use a face mask or covering on school property. view article arw

ROUND ROCK, TX — Round Rock ISD has launched an investigation after a school board trustee received threatening and racist comments on his school board Facebook page last week.  The district has spoken out, condemning the comments as "vile" and confirming that district police have launched an investigation, according to KVUE.  The comments reportedly came after Trustee Jun Xiao defended the benefits of mask-wearing in schools in a board meeting on April 15. He defended these comments again on a Facebook post on April 16.  The hateful speech comments soon flooded his page on different social media posts.  Screenshots from his page show comments calling Dr. Xiao "the biggest fraud & the most dangerous ISD Trustee in Texas" and calling Asians a "treacherous lot." There were also threatening comments alluding to the violent character, Ramsay Bolton, in the "Game of Thrones" series. view article arw

Highland Park ISD Place 1 trustee candidates Kelli Macatee and Doug Woodward’s second campaign finance reports were posted Monday. Macatee received $90,726.70 in political contributions from March 23-April 21, the largest of which was a $25,000 contribution from Harlan R. Crow, according to her report. Woodward received $25,067.07 in contributions between March 31 and April 23, the largest of which were five separate contributions of $970.70 each, according to his report. view article arw

After a Round Rock ISD School Board trustee received threatening and racist comments on his school board Facebook page, the district has spoken out, condemning the comments as "vile" and confirming that district police have launched an investigation. The comments reportedly came after Trustee Jun Xiao defended the benefits of mask-wearing in schools. Screenshots from his page show comments calling Dr. Xiao "the biggest fraud & the most dangerous ISD Trustee in Texas" and calling Asians a "treacherous lot." There were also threatening comments alluding to the violent character, Ramsay Bolton, in the "Game of Thrones" series. view article arw

The Killeen Independent School District Board of Trustees will be discussing planning for the upcoming budget at Tuesday’s meeting. The planning discussion at will be centered on property taxes and moving the board closer to finalizing a budget, which would need to be approved during an August meeting. view article arw

BEAUMONT — Beaumont ISD school board member Zenobia Bush is saying goodbye to a job she has relished for a total of 18 years. Bush has decided to retire and not seek re-election, but that doesn't mean she'll stop serving her community. view article arw

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — There is no change in COVID-19 precautions as CCISD prepares to ramp up summer programs. The district says the same rules will apply as has been in effect since the beginning of the school year. That includes social distancing, staying home when sick and wearing masks. view article arw