Mesquite police are investigating a possible threat to West Mesquite High School and Frasier Middle School. Mesquite ISD and police were notified Sunday evening of a non-specific social media threat that was circulating for an event at the schools on Monday, according to officials. Investigators are working to identify the person behind the online threat, a news release from the Mesquite Police Department said. view article arw

A potential external threat has forced four Southwest ISD Schools to go on lockout. Bexar County Deputies and State Troopers are searching for a man who ran off during an attempted traffic stop. Resnik Middle School and Southwest Legacy High School along with Spicewood Elementary and Bob Hope Elementary on lockout while they search for the man. view article arw

Cheerleader Tyra Winters is Rockwall High School's homecoming hero and it wasn't for anything that happened on the field. The 17-year-old senior was riding on a float in the homecoming parade when she saw a desperate mother and a little boy who needed help. "I see the kid. I see a little bright red face and his mom's holding him up, begging for help, screaming, asking 'someone help me someone help me,' Winters said. view article arw

A person making multiple phone call threats to Marshall High School and the Marshall ISD administration building led to the district locking down all nine of its campuses for more than an hour on Thursday while police investigated. Marshall ISD spokesman David Weaver said the four threatening calls all came from the same caller. At the time of this publication Thursday evening, no arrests had been reported. view article arw

After a drunken man with a knife in his pocket walked onto a Florida high school campus, Volusia County district officials are working to patch the holes it revealed in their security precautions. Derek Marlowe, 51, told the school resource deputy at Spruce Creek High on Friday he did him a favor and tested the school’s security, according to an incident report. As it turns out, his trip to campus did just that: it unveiled “security lapses” that made it possible for him to enter the school attended by more than 2,500 students, at a time when school security is at the forefront of every parents’ mind — and school district’s budgets. view article arw

Every day, Maria Caiseda, a fifth-grade dual-language and language arts teacher at Langford Elementary School, takes a moment with her class to breathe and share their thoughts. This year, as the Austin Independent School District introduced Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) into their schools, Caiseda believed kids needed a safe place to channel their emotions.  view article arw

The lockdown has been lifted at all Marshall ISD facilities following threats made against the district Thursday morning. According to Marshall ISD, all campuses and buildings are back to normal schedules. The lockdown was prompted after Marshall High School and the Marshall ISD Administration Building received a series of threats over the phone.   view article arw


October 0408:30 AM

Even before the outbreak, schools were struggling to crack down on vaping because the devices are easy for students to hide. More than 1 in 4 high school students reported vaping in the past month in the most recent government survey. Health officials have warned for years that the popularity of flavored vape products among kids could result in lifelong tobacco use. With concern about teen vaping already high, the health crisis spurred some states to stop the sale of flavored e-cigarettes or raise the minimum age for buying e-cigarettes to 21. Massachusetts suspended sales of all vape products for four months, a move that’s been challenged in court. The White House announced plans to ban flavored vape products. view article arw

To some, vapes, e-cigarettes and Juul devices may have once seemed like a harmless alternative to smoking cigarettes, but recent data has painted a different picture of a new habit that is quickly becoming a national epidemic. Consider a Juul device. It looks like a computer flash drive, is easily concealed in the palm of the hand and is nearly odorless. But inside that small device is a dangerous reality. “We talk about Juul a lot,” said CATCH Global Foundation Program Coordinator Patricia Stepaniuk. “Juul is a pod-based system so that means is you have a pre-filled pod that you put in the device, use it, then throw it away and start again. In one of those pods is the same amount of nicotine as one to two packs of cigarettes. I’ve heard of students using a pod a day or a pod every other day.” view article arw

A Bullard-based company that focuses “on the mission of school safety” has been chosen to perform Jacksonville ISD's school safety audit. Curtis Clay and Associates began preliminary work on the audit Oct. 1, following a brief meeting with the district's Safety and Security committee. Schools superintendent Dr. Chad Kelly said that “by utilizing outside eyes, we get a fresh perspective on the effectiveness of our safety procedures. As in any aspect of public education, we continually assess our capabilities and are eager to learn new best practices and implement new programs or strategies which are designed to keep our students, staff and visitors safe.” view article arw

A Gatesville High School student was arrested Thursday evening following the report of a threat the student allegedly made on a school bus, according to a news release from Gatesville High School Principal Yancey Sanderson. At about 5 p.m. Thursday GISD officials received a tip about a possible terroristic threat made by the student on the bus. School administrators contacted Gatesville Police and an arrested was made in connection to the incident. view article arw

Two College Station ISD schools were evacuated Thursday following fire alarms. College Station firefighters responded to an alarm at 11:35 a.m. at College Station high school. CSFD reports the alarm went off due to burned food in a microwave. view article arw

A threatening message written in a girl’s bathroom at the Alvarado Intermediate School on Wednesday was determined by school officials to hold no validity. The Alvarado ISD and Alvarado police departments worked together on Wednesday to quickly narrow their search for the students responsible. AISD Superintendent Kenneth Estes further addressed the matter at the Alvarado Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Thursday after Wednesday’s incident prompted rumors of other threats. view article arw

Kemp ISD confirms impetigo

October 0408:25 AM is reporting the Kemp Independent School District has confirmed new cases of impetigo, a highly contagious skin infection at Kemp High School. The letter reads in part “We have had a few confirmed cases of impetigo at the high school.” Parents are asked to keep any infected children home until a doctor says its okay to return to school. Typically it takes 24 hours after a person begins treatment with antibiotics. view article arw

Pflugerville is one of our area's fastest growing communities, and the booming school district now has its own police department. For many years, the Pflugerville ISD Police Department worked under contract with the city, but as of July 1, 22 school resource officers are district employees. “Pflugerville ISD reached out to us with open arms took us in to be their much, much larger family,” said Chief Patrick Petherbridge with the Pflugerville ISD Police Department. “It’s been absolutely amazing. The level of service that we provided on the last day of school last year and the level of service we provided the first day of school this year hasn’t changed.” view article arw

Kilgore ISD on Thursday kept students at several campuses indoors for a time after a break in a natural gas line in the area. view article arw

In a state famous for its high school football, the Laredo Independent School District is leading the charge in a movement aimed at improving player safety. LISD received a significant shoutout for its efforts this week with a personalized video from two-time Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning congratulating them on their implementation of Riddell's InSite smart helmet technology. view article arw

One Southwest ISD school is still under lockdown while three other schools in the area have been lifted from their lockout as law enforcement search the area for someone who fled on foot during an attempted traffic stop. view article arw

Suspicions have hung over the use of vapes and e-cigarettes like a misty cloud of suspect chemicals for more than a decade, but recent announcements from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have heightened concerns and led to a greater call to action for investigation and regulation of the devices. As of mid-September, the CDC had documented 805 lung injury cases across 46 states, and confirmed 15 deaths in 11 states related to vaping. view article arw

Vaping among teens is exploding at a staggering rate. At Churchill High School, students and administrators have launched a massive education plan to help quell student fervor. "We're the guinea pigs. no one has any idea what vapes can cause," says Maddie Castillo, a junior who is also vice president of the Churchill Winner's Club, a group advocating a drug-free lifestyle. "No one knows what's going to happen in the future. We are trying to be leaders because someone has to do it." view article arw

A Rio Grande Valley school district is doing more to protect student privacy on social media. The Brownsville Independent School District limits the interaction board members can have with students. During Tuesday's board meeting, Brownsville ISD Board of Trustees created some new limitations on how board members can interact with students. view article arw

Kilgore ISD is keeping its students and staff inside as a precaution today because of a broken gas line. A post on the Kilgore ISD Facebook page stated that the district was notified that a natural gas line was broken in the south part of the town around noon on Thursday. The break was near Kilgore ISD’s primary, Chandler, intermediate, and middle school campuses. view article arw

A two-hour search for a man who was allegedly driving a stolen truck Thursday morning on the South Side turned up nothing and put several area schools on alert. Sgt. Deon Cockrell, Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman, said a trooper stopped a stolen Ford F-150 at 9:30 a.m. on Southwest Verano Parkway near Legacy High School. view article arw

A ban on vaping will soon extend to "every inch" of the Texas A&M University System, according to a Tuesday memorandum from Chancellor John Sharp that cites recent revelations about how electronic cigarette use or vaping can lead to lung illnesses. "I do not want to take any unnecessary chances with the health of our students, faculty and staff," Sharp wrote in a memo sent to the heads of the system's 11 universities and eight state agencies. "This health threat is serious enough that I want to see the ban include every building, outside space, parking lot, garage and laboratory within the Texas A&M System," as well as research facilities and other properties. view article arw

East Chambers ISD says after further investigation, a threatening statement made by an unnamed student presented 'no credible threat' to the junior high campus. "After further investigation, working through all of our protocols and working with law enforcement, ECISD reports that we found no credible threat to our junior high campus, its student body or staff, but, as always, we remain vigilant," Superintendent Scott Campbell said in a statement.  view article arw

Bullying is such a big deal in so many schools. Even schools soaring academically deal with students having problems in the halls and lunchroom. Students at Wilemon STEAM Academy shared their experiences with bullying. "A little boy was bullying me. He would not stop touching me. He would not stop leaving me alone and scratching me and leaving marks on me," one student said. First grader Emmalyn told us that bullying made her sad and want to cry. view article arw

After Texas A&M’s Chancellor announced Tuesday he’d ban e-cigarettes across the university’s campuses, KXAN looked into how the policy works at the University of Texas. “We can’t control what happens off of our campuses, but we sure as heck can control what happens on the campuses, and so until we figure out what’s going on, we’re simply going to not have it,” said Texas A&M Chancellor John Sharp. view article arw

Lee student hit by vehicle

October 0308:25 AM

A Lee High School student was hit by a motor vehicle around 12:56 p.m. Wednesday on the intersection of Tarleton Street and Shandon Avenue. Midland Police Department immediately responded to the vehicle-pedestrian accident. The student was injured and taken to the hospital, and the driver, who was in a red 2006 Mustang at the time, was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. view article arw

Students, staff, teachers and parents at Bryan’s Houston Elementary School raised more than $2,000 in honor of first grader Aisley Putz, who is battling cancer. To celebrate exceeding their fundraising goal of $500, the school put on a pep rally during which Aisley — with help from some teachers — painted Houston Elementary Principal Mandy Wells in gold spray body paint. With gold representing the ribbon color for childhood cancer, the fundraising campaign was called “Going Gold for Aisley.” Aisley’s mom, Tracy Putz, said the color represents how children are “more precious than gold.” view article arw

Bridge City Middle School was placed on lockdown Wednesday morning because of an angry parent, according to the school district. In a post on the Bridge City ISD Facebook page, officials said that the parent confronted administration around 8 a.m.  view article arw

At a workshop Oct. 1, the Conroe ISD board of trustees compared notes on how CISD is prepared to protect its students from dangerous situations, such as school shooters, and on how the laws have changed surrounding school safety. Trustees heard a joint presentation at the workshop from Deputy Superintendent Chris Hines and Brian Zemlicka, deputy director for administrative services for the Education Service Center’s Region 6. Regions serve as a liaison between the districts and the Texas Education Agency. Zemlicka said Region 6 governs 57 school districts. view article arw

In a letter to parents on Wednesday, the Kemp Independent School District (ISD) confirmed "a few" cases of Impetigo, a highly-contagious skin infection, at Kemp High School. "We have had a few confirmed cases of Impetigo at the high school," stated the letter. view article arw

Students are being allowed back inside Stephen F. Austin Middle School, according to Bryan ISD officials. The school and district offices were evacuated Wednesday due to a bomb threat. view article arw

At a campus of the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Austin Area, a group of six teens joined together to share their experiences with mental health. This Digital Teen Town Hall is part of KXAN’s ongoing Save Our Students coverage — a long-term project examining the challenge schools face related to mental health and safety as well as the solutions being used to address those challenges.  view article arw

Navarro ISD officials sent a letter home on Monday advising parents that several high school students were being treated for a staph infection. Navarro ISD Superintendent Dee Carter said in her letter to parents that areas of the school where the infection may have originated were treated and sanitized last weekend. view article arw