CHI St. Joseph is providing Normangee Independent School District with five Stop the Bleed Kits. Texas legislation that passed this fall requires all school districts to equip their campuses with these kits and also train and develop procedures for how staff will utilize them. “We have five aid stations based around our small school districts. Obviously, we’ve got all kids from pre-k to 12th grade in one facility and so five kits going with each aid station made a lot of sense to us and it will definitely provide the equipment we would need in case they would ever need to be used," said Mark Ruffin the Superintendent of Normangee ISD. view article arw

Lubbock ISD is looking at ways to better protect students, faculty, and staff. Two proposals the district is considering involve arming teachers.   view article arw

Two East Texas high school students, who are also sisters, were killed this weekend in a wreck. view article arw

Caught off guard by the increase in teen vaping, schools are grasping every tool at hand, including expulsions and suspensions. In some districts, students can face harsh discipline and jail time for having a vape pen in their backpack.  Before entering the halls of Channing School high atop the Texas Panhandle last year, students were required to roll up their shirt sleeves to show they weren’t sneaking in e-cigarettes.  In North Texas’ Coppell Independent School District, “vape-detecting technology” — sensors akin to smoke alarms — are tucked in secret locations on campuses. They automatically ping administrators when suspicious chemicals wafting in the air indicate students might be vaping. view article arw

Lockhart police are searching for a man accused of shooting a teen on Friday near a school. Lockhart police, the Caldwell County Sheriff’s office and other agencies are searching for the suspect, identified as Isidro Navarrete. Police say the shooting happened around Maple Street and Mockingbird Lane in west Lockhart. A 15-year-old boy was shot and taken to Ascension Seton in Kyle to be treated for his non life-threatening injuries. His condition is unknown. view article arw

Millions Of Students Are Vaping

December 1608:30 AM

The CDC says almost 1 in 4 American teenagers used tobacco products this year. Younger people have started moving away from cigarettes towards vaping without realizing that vaping is highly addictive. Here's a story from NPR's Richard Harris that we first aired last week. view article arw

Just over a dozen people showed up to a meeting Thursday and told Manor school district officials they’d like them to hire a police chief who engages with the community and who understands how to work with kids. The Manor school district is expected to have its own police force by next August, joining a small number of area school systems that have their own law enforcement officers. The school board gave the green light in September to create the new district police department. view article arw

An Arlington pastor facing a charge related to child pornography also has ties to a local school, district officials confirmed Friday. Brett Monroe, 38, was arrested Wednesday by the Arlington Police Department on one count of child pornography possession. The Arlington Independent School District confirmed Monroe is a registered volunteer at Corey Academy of Fine Arts & Dual Language. view article arw

From the second you park your car to the long walk you make to the entrance of Weiss High School in Pflugerville Independent School District, every moment is watched closely. Cameras are mounted outside and inside the school, but also several people stationed at the front entrance are looking for anything unusual. It’s the campus of the future equipped with the latest technology and security. view article arw

HOUSTON (AP) — Dozens of people were decontaminated as a precaution Sunday after trace amounts of mercury was spilled at three locations in Houston, city officials said.  Fire Chief Sam Pena said at a news conference Sunday evening that the situation was under control and crews were cleaning up the spills. There's no timetable for when the cleanup will be complete.  Someone called 911 around 11:15 a.m. to report a white liquid on the ground, Pena said. Officials later determined that mercury was spilled outside a Walmart, a Sonic Drive-In and a nearby gas station. All three locations were evacuated and between 30 and 60 people were asked to take decontamination showers as a precaution, Pena said. view article arw

Katy ISD confirms there was a stranger danger bulletin issued Thursday after an attempted abduction of a student at the park across the street from McDonald Junior High, which is near Lakes of Bridgewater Dr. The school district said a student was approached by a Hispanic man when walking to school alone towards Lakes of Bridgewater Drive. The alleged suspect showed the student an inappropriate picture on his phone and asked the student if the student knew the person shown, according to the Katy ISD notification. view article arw

A Friday afternoon bomb threat that was later cleared left the streets around Longview High School heavily congested as parents pulled up to roadsides to pick up their children and some students walked off campus.  A sweep of the campus declared it clear around 2:05 p.m. A call was placed from a disposable cellphone to the Longview Police Department about a bomb threat to the high school, according to the police department’s Facebook page. view article arw

A woman who says she was first sex-trafficked at the age of 4 has filed a lawsuit against three hotel chains, claiming the businesses were complicit by "enjoying the profit from rooms rented for explicit purposes."The defendants —  listed as Best Western International, Inc., Hyatt Corporation, and Red Lion Hotels Corporation — are accused of renting rooms to F.M.'s sex traffickers knowing she would be sold for sex. view article arw

After spending more than 25 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a former federal agent is now serving as the new Director of Safety and Security for Tyler Independent School District. Jeffrey Millslagle’s resume includes leading the FBI’s response to the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster and recovery in 2003, and two FBI deployments to Iraq in 2004 and 2007. “Following graduation from law school, I went into the FBI,” said Millslagle. “After training, I went to Dallas, Texas with the FBI. I spent one day in Dallas and they said ‘you’re transferred to Tyler.'" view article arw

Page, along with Google cofounder Sergey Brin, stepped back from Google's parent company earlier this month, leading to speculation about what he might get up to next. Page is one of the wealthiest people in the world with a net worth of almost $65 billion. According to TechCrunch, Page has been involved with funding flu vaccinations. He is reportedly funding an initiative called "Shoo the Flu," which offers free flu shots to schoolchildren in Oakland, California. According to TechCrunch, which obtained documents detailing Page's involvement with anti-flu causes, the initiative is in fact wholly funded by a for-profit company controlled by Page. view article arw

Two Cedar Park High School students were arrested Thursday, Dec. 12, for making terroristic threats against the high school's students and staff, according to a release by the Cedar Park Police Department. The department received the initial report about the threats Wednesday from a parent, who advised her child had shown her a social media video of two young boys threatening to cause harm to those at the school. Officers quickly identified the two boys, charged them and have taken them to the Juvenile Justice Center in Williamson County. view article arw

A Florida grand jury looking into last year's Parkland school shooting chided schools, law enforcement and other local jurisdictions over continued "turf wars" that could hamper the response to another crisis. In a report released late Wednesday, the statewide grand jury said the continued squabbling and other "systemic" failures were urgent enough for it to speak out before its term. It suggested that lawmakers give the state Department of Education authority to monitor and enforce compliance with a raft of laws put in place following the shooting that killed 17 people, including 14 students, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February 2018. view article arw

The Lufkin Police Department has filed first-degree-felony warrants on two former Pineywoods Community Academy students stemming from an investigation that began earlier this year. On April 5, the Department received a report of a possible threat to student/campus safety made by Ty Hodges – a 17-year-old junior at the time. view article arw

For years, Manor ISD has been contracting with the Travis County Sheriff's Office to help patrol its schools. “We realized early on that the potential for having an increased number of officers existed if we have our own police force,” said Daniel Vera, assistant superintendent of operations at Manor ISD. view article arw

Right now mental health care continues to be a challenge for a school in San Antonio, but a new center could bring help to thousands. After one startling discovery, it took Nathaniel Soto, Marc Mendiola, and Augustin Perez just a few months to accomplish a goal that had been taking years for healthcare giants in San Antonio. "We started to realize students had things happening behind closed doors that we didn't know about, we all started realizing everyone was dealing with something," Mendiola said. view article arw

The Desoto Independent School District identified the students responsible for issuing a threatening, hand-written note at Desoto High School earlier this week. According to the district, the students were identified on Thursday. view article arw

A month before what would have been his son Noah’s 13th birthday, Lenny Pozner told a jury about the last time he saw him, when he dropped him off at school on Dec. 14, 2012. “It was cold, but he jumped out not wearing his jacket, and he had one arm in one sleeve and his backpack on the other arm, and he was kind of juggling both and walking into the school that way,” Mr. Pozner told a Wisconsin jury in October. “And that’s — that’s the last visual that I have of Noah.” view article arw

When asked during the course of a three-hour deposition about his sources for years of claims that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax, Alex Jones answered “I don’t remember,” 44 times and “I don’t know,” 51 times. view article arw

Four students were detained and Cedar Ridge High School was placed on lockdown due to a report of a possible weapon on campus, according to Cedar Ridge Principal Jiae Kim and the Round Rock Police Department. The lockdown was lifted at 10:47 a.m. and no gun was found. Round Rock police said there is no danger to the public it is continuing to investigate. Round Rock ISD says the four students are no longer detained. view article arw

Two schools in Dallas were placed on lockdown after reports of a shooting near the campuses. Students, faculty and staff at Adamson High School and Garcia Middle School were relegated to the buildings and no one was allowed in or out. view article arw

Frisco ISD is moving forward with a more convenient way for students to receive the health care they need. Todd Fouche, deputy superintendent for business and operations, told the FISD Board of Trustees on Monday that the district plans to begin piloting its telehealth program this spring. The program is in partnership with Children's Health. Fouche said the first schools to use the program will be Christie, Rogers, Shawnee Trail and Taylor elementary schools, as well as Staley Middle School, the Student Opportunity Center and Lone Star High School. view article arw

Parents are concerned after getting word of a "hand-written threat" found in the restroom of DeSoto High School Tuesday. Panic set in when MaCrystal Wiley read her son’s name.“When you see a list that says kill students and your child’s name is on that list, it’s a little different,” Wiley said. view article arw

DeSoto ISD leaders and police are investigating what they call a “kill list.” It was a handwritten threat left in a DeSoto High School restroom. view article arw

Adamson High School was on lockdown for a time Wednesday morning after a 16-year-old student was shot near the campus in Oak Cliff. The shooting happened as classes were starting for the day, at about 9:30 a.m., at the Apollo Apartments on East 9th Street, which is across the street from the high school. view article arw

Canyon ISD is working with students and the community on better safety measures throughout the school day. The school district is aiming to reduce the number of incidents occurring on school campuses that go unannounced through their new “Hear Something, See Something, Say Something,” program. The school district is continuously working on ways to enhance student safety. view article arw

A juvenile is injured and four people in custody after a shooting sent two Dallas ISD schools into lockdown Wednesday morning, police say. view article arw

Amarillo ISD’s school board recently approved for the purchase and installation of a security fence to go around the perimeter of Palo Duro High School. They’re starting with Palo Duro because of security threats the school’s had earlier this year, but there are plans to install fencing at all four high schools in the district. view article arw

They were children themselves when they lost siblings, friends, and schoolmates in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Too young to comprehend the massacre, they spent years in shock and denial. Seven years later, some young people in Newtown, still struggling with the trauma, are emerging as new voices for school safety and gun violence prevention. The activism, they say, has been a way to turn something horrific into something positive. view article arw

School officials have cancelled classes at Glenmore Elementary for Wednesday, Dec. 11, after a gas leak shut down the school's heating system. The gas leak was detected at the campus at 323 Penrose St. on Tuesday afternoon, according to a news release issued Tuesday by San Angelo ISD. As a safety precaution, the gas has been turned off, which will lower temperatures in the classrooms. view article arw

We now know the amount of crystal meth brought by a fifth-grader to a Nacogdoches elementary school last week. In addition, another verification came today about the living situation of four children removed from their mother’s home. An affidavit of public record written by a Child Protective Service worker provides these facts concerning the children of Shatoya Doggett. It was reported the oldest child, a 10-year old boy, brought approximately 16.4 grams of methamphetamine to school on Friday. view article arw