A Jefferson ISD student is soon to be taken off of life support a family friend said on Saturday, following injuries sustained in a car wreck earlier in the week that also left his two older brothers hospitalized. A Go Fund Me page has been set up for the Anderson family of Jefferson after mom Kim Anderson and her three sons were involved in car wreck while driving to a football game on Thursday, family friend Heather Branyan said on Saturday.  view article arw

A bitter child custody dispute became a flashpoint in the state’s culture wars this week as Gov. Greg Abbott and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton urged state involvement. view article arw

If passed, Proposition 6 on the Nov. 5 ballot would allow the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas to take out an additional $3 billion in debt, doubling its initial bonding authority since its creation in 2007.  Karlee Steele was diagnosed with an aggressive type of melanoma in 2015. Within weeks of the skin cancer forming, it spread to the lymph nodes under her right arm and looked like it might be deadly. view article arw

A Denton teacher’s attention to detail turned into a race against time to save a little girl’s life. Taryn Hope is a pre-Kindergarten teacher at Gonzalez School for Young Children and being credited with saving the life of one of her students, 5-year-old Gia Garza. view article arw

Corpus Christi Independent School District police are investigating a student’s social media video allegedly involving weapons and drug use. The student did not make a threat, but he appeared to have weapons in the video, school district police Chief Kirby Warnke said. The school notified parents of the investigation Thursday afternoon. District spokeswoman Leanne Libby said the incident “has been addressed according to the Student Code of Conduct.” view article arw

In a statement initially shared with the Kirbyville Banner, the Kirbyville CISD said a junior high football player was injured Thursday night. The seventh grade student had to be taken to a hospital by medical helicopter after being injured in the fourth quarter of the game. The player's name is not being released at this time.  view article arw

Senate Republicans have proposed a plan to reduce school shootings in part by incentivizing schools to surveil students and monitor their online activities. The bill, introduced by Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, advocates for a number of disparate proposals aimed at deterring or preventing shootings, such as expediting death penalties for people who commit mass murder, cracking down on unlicensed firearms dealers, and increasing funding for local and state authorities to partner with mental health providers. view article arw

Suicide rates in teens have risen 56 percent nationwide according to a recent CDC report, making suicide the second leading cause of death, following death by accidents. When it comes to Amarillo, the suicide review team typically reports about 40 deaths by suicide per year. With three months left in the year, there are currently 42 deaths recorded. “When you have you know, kids that are 14/15 years old up to young adults at 24 that are in a high teen suicide rate that has a high mental health rate of seeking mental health, courses, aid, doctors or psychiatrist, you’ve got a real problem. You hate to use the phrase, ‘It was different in my day than it is now,’ but it is,” said Dave Clark, Chairman of Panhandle Behavioral Health Alliance. view article arw

In our community, children have varying experiences. Some which are classified as ACEs, or adverse childhood experiences. ACEs can include neglect, significant loss, abuse or a variety of other things. These adverse childhood experiences can lead a child to act out in school, or even experience physical pain. view article arw

Thursday October 24, 2019: The Midlothian Police Department is investigating a possible attempted abduction that occurred today at approximately 4:30pm. A female student from Walnut Grove Middle School was walking home in the Kensington subdivision. She was walking west on Newgate St. and observed a black in color pickup truck, possibly a Toyota, pass her going east on Newgate St. view article arw

Boerne Police Officer and School Resource Officer Michele Van Stavern, along with several other first responders who also served as special guests, rushed the football field with the team on Thursday night. Van Stavern was struck and nearly killed by a suspected drunken driver while she was directing traffic following a football game in late August. view article arw

Each day on average, nine drivers are killed and more than one thousand are hurt in crashes linked to distracted driving, according to the Centers for Disease Control. view article arw

Mildred Athletics continues the tradition of giving back to the community. Each October, Mildred ISD works to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness month. The Mildred Pink Out t-shirt honors and remembers all those who have faced cancer. Their Pink Out t-shirt provides the community the opportunity to put someone's name on the back of the t-shirt to honor someone who is currently facing cancer or who has survived their battle, or as a way to remember someone who lost their battle with cancer. Each name is a $5 donation. view article arw

During this month’s Mesquite ISD Board of Trustees regular meeting, Sgt. Mark Bradford with the Mesquite Police Department presented proposed changes to the district’s lockout and lockdown procedures. Bradford said he approached Superintendent David Vroonland over a month ago about specific ideas the department wanted to implement to make it a safer community for the school staff and students. view article arw

A seventh-grade Tennyson Middle School student was detained after police found a BB gun in the student's locker Thursday morning, Waco Independent School District spokesman Kyle DeBeer said. view article arw

Twenty million families fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid every year, but members of Congress say many others give up because the form is too complicated. A Republican from Tennessee and a Democrat from Alabama say college isn’t for everyone, but they want to make sure students who want to enroll can afford it. “This is the FAFSA.” view article arw

A Round Rock principal on Wednesday made a plea to students to avoid perpetuating rumors after a false threat against the campus circulated on social media. Round Rock High School Principal Matt Groff sent an email to parents Wednesday afternoon about the possible threat posted on Anonymous Alerts, an app students can use to anonymously report bullying and other issues. view article arw

An Alief ISD employee has been charged for his or her role in a crash that injured a student Wednesday afternoon. The employee, who has not been identified, was driving a red sedan in the 4400 block of Cook Road near Hastings High School when they struck the male. Police said the driver over-corrected, drove onto a sidewalk and collided with another car after striking the student. view article arw

Police say two women beat a 12-year-old girl at Killeen High School and are now in the Bell County Jail. According to the arrest affidavit obtained by FOX44 News, the pre-teen told officers that she got into an argument with a fellow student at Killeen Middle School on June 12th of this year, and it led to an altercation with a relative of the other student, Chonda Edmond. view article arw

Two College Station ISD students are the latest to be arrested for making terroristic threats in the Brazos Valley. There have been nearly a dozen in our area this school year so far. In September the FBI launched a campaign in Bryan and College Station to stop hoax threats. This school year threats have been investigated in Brenham, Bryan, Centerville, College Station, Huntsville, Iola ISD's, and at the International Leadership of Texas Charter School in College Station. view article arw

Red Ribbon Week is a national campaign and it usually focuses on drugs, alcohol and other substance abuse, but now for Austin Independent School District, it'll only address vaping. "It's for all of us from all different departments to focus on training of the faculty, getting the message out, be more aware and then of course through health and physical education having lessons dealing with vaping and other issues," said Michele Rusnak, AISD's health and physical education supervisor. view article arw

Roma ISD PD arrested a woman for injury to a child earlier this month. Authorities arrested Elvia Saldivar on October 11, according to information released by the Starr County Sheriff’s Office. She was released the same day on a $1,500 surety bond as per Judge “Kiko” Perez. Roma ISD confirmed Saldivar was an employee of the district and that the incident involved a student. view article arw

An Alief Independent School District worker was charged Wednesday in connection with a crash that critically injured a Hastings High School student. The wreck happened at about 2:40 p.m. near Hastings High School at 4410 Cook Road. view article arw

Garland ISD offering flu clinics

October 2408:20 AM

In 2018-19, the flu caused 22,311 missed school days in Garland ISD, 1,538 hospitalizations in Dallas County, and 135 pediatric deaths nationwide. To help combat this, GISD Health Services has partnered with the Garland Health Department, The Doctor Spot, Blue Cross Blue Shield and CareVan to offer several flu shot clinics throughout the district until Nov. 13. view article arw

Kelsey-Seybold, a medical provider for employees of Fort Bend ISD, recently joined the district as it held the first “Kelsey-Seybold Night” in October. Among the events showcased for Fort Bend ISD employees by Kelsey-Seybold were chair massages, health screenings, fantastic raffle prizes, food and games. view article arw

When Evangeline Miller heads off to school at Wylie East Junior High, she uses two wheels instead of four, but lately, her and her brother have been putting on the brakes. “They can’t ride their bikes anymore, they can’t walk,” said their mother, Morgan Ashley. Ashley says they’ve stopped riding their bikes because of the lack of school zone signage near campus. view article arw

A Sinton Independent School District student was arrested Tuesday morning after allegedly making a threat against a school. view article arw

The male student was arrested, and was seen being taken away in handcuffs by Sinton Police Department officers after reportedly making a threat against Sinton High School on Tuesday. Sinton police, as well as the San Patricio County Sheriff's Office and the Department of Public Safety all responded to the incident after the district was informed a threat had been made through Snapchat. view article arw

A middle school student was removed from class after making a threat involving the use of a gun. Raymondville Independent School District released a statement on its Facebook page saying a student at Myra Green Middle School made the threat Monday. view article arw

A Leander ISD mom is asking the school district to do a better job keeping her daughter safe after her sixth-grader got injured just outside her school. Grace Jowers was crossing at a crosswalk in front of Leander Middle School Monday when she said a car quickly approached, causing her to worry she’d get hit. view article arw

A local organization is educating children on techniques to combat mental illness. Kids Get Fit is a non-profit that teaches healthy lifestyle practices through physical fitness, proper nutrition and mindfulness. They use different meditation practices and interactive ways to help kids understand how mindfulness works. Kids Get Fit believes teaching mindfulness at a young age will help with mental issues later in life. view article arw

Researchers found evidence of what might cause acute flaccid myelitis, known as AFM, a rare polio-like illness that affects children. According to a study published Monday in the journal Nature Medicine, a virus seems to be the culprit.  Since the first cases were documented in 2012, scientists have debated how children get AFM, which can cause weakness and paralysis. Some thought the cause was an autoimmune disorder, while others suspected a virus. Until recently, evidence of a virus was only circumstantial and couldn't be found in 98% of AFM patients who had their spinal fluid tested, according to the study. Using a virus hunting tool called VirScan, scientists were able to examine the spinal fluid of patients for an immune response to enterovirus and to thousands of other viruses simultaneously.  view article arw

Students at Magnolia, Magnolia West and Magnolia Junior high schools will see structural safety changes and upgrades as early as January 2020, Assistant Superintendent of Administration Jason Bullock said at the Magnolia ISD board of trustees meeting Oct. 14. House Bill 3, the school finance reform bill passed in the 86th Texas Legislature, included a school safety allotment of about $9.72 per student, which resulted in roughly $125,000 for Magnolia ISD to use for school safety improvements, Bullock said. view article arw

Florida:  The tragedy of the Parkland school massacre framed a developing political drama in Florida's capital, as a divided legislative panel on Monday sided with the state's Republican governor in removing a county sheriff accused of mishandling the response to the shooting that killed 17 people. The mostly party line vote by Florida's Senate Rules Committee sends the matter to the full chamber, which is expected to consider it Wednesday. view article arw

Cases of scarlet fever and strep throat are up at Hill Elementary School, according to school nurse Diana Pierson. A note sent out to parents last week by Pierson said there has been an increase in diagnosed cases of both illnesses. The symptoms Pierson has seen are: view article arw