Odessa school superintendent now understands why he had to experience Hurricane Harvey

posted on September 05 - 08:41 AM
By Joe - TexasISD.com

Ector County ISD Superintendent Scott Muri's response to the Odessa shooting is a study in leadership during a crisis. How I first found out about it as my police chief called and said that the officers of our school district had been asked to participate in what was turning into a mass casualty incident. And so the first scenario for us as a system was to deal with stopping the violence and being a part of that.  And so what is our response? First safety check. Are staff members okay? Are families okay? Are students okay? And then we started to find out that we had in the school district a student, family members that were involved. Everything from the death of a student to the death of one of our staff member's brothers, to kids that lost a parent to kids and staff members that were in these incidents. - Read More Dallas Morning News