Joe’s Commentary: Texas Commission on School Finance Meeting Archive Now Available

posted on July 11 - 09:00 AM
By Josh -

Repost! - The Texas Commission on School Finance met yesterday to hear a report from a sub committee, Outcomes Working Group, as well as reports from Leo Lopez, TEA Chief School Finance Officer, and John McGeady, Assistant Director, Legislative Budget Board.

Todd Williams made the presentation to the full committee from the Outcomes Working Group. I can’t say that any of the identified areas presented were not important or needed, but I will say the recommendations do not, in my opinion, represent a full picture of the needs of Texas Public Education. The presenters did an excellent jobs of presenting several pieces of very compelling information supporting the group’s recommendations.

Yesterday’s reports are posted on the Commission's website, the archive of the meeting is now available. I was unable to listen uninterrupted, so I will be listening again over the next few days. I encourage everyone to listen. - js -