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Scenarios for Reopening our Schools

posted on May 22 - 09:00 AM
By Joe -

It seems reasonable to expect that schools would be allowed to reopen in a similar way as businesses. An Austin ISD task force is developing a range of scenarios for reopening considerations. One is the possibility of only having 25% of students return to in-person-learning at the same time.  This would allow schools to develop some very interesting schedules.

I read two articles today about this topic.  Maybe we should start talking about these solutions in our schools and communities.

  • AISD re-entry task force examines possible scenarios for returning to school in fall
  • AISD considers only allowing 25% of students into school in the fall

While these scenarios may work for some school districts, it appears to me that both would be very costly. However, they should be discussed.  - js -