Equity Center:  Legislative Update: Texas Commission on Public School Finance

posted on July 16 - 08:15 AM
By Joe - TexasISD.com

The Texas Commission on Public School Finance met Tuesday morning to hear discussions from the TEA and Legislative Budget Board on public education funding sources and trends, including the varying, and somewhat controversial, measurements of the state and local share of overall funding.  

TEA presented data confirming that as a percentage of overall funding the state contribution has dropped over the last five years from 39% in FY 2012 to 36% in FY 2017 while the local percentage of funds increased during that same time period from 46% to 50%. 

The Commission heard policy recommendations from the Outcomes Working Group, led by Commission member Todd Williams that included:
- providing additional funding for 3rd grade low income/English language learners; 
- educator incentive pay; 
- pre-k funding credits; 
- and, providing additional funding for 3rd and 8th grade students who meet state standards. 

Make sure to tune in later this week where we will be releasing a video Legislative Update with more commentary on the Commission meeting as well as events to come. 

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