2020-21 LPE-DPE Side-by-Side Template (r6,wb6)

posted on October 14 - 08:29 AM
By Joe - TexasISD.com

I have posted the 2020-21 LPE-DPE Side-by-Side Template (r6,wb6). This is an "enhancement" of Omar's template. I have downloaded 2019-20 PEIMS ADA/FTE's for comparison with "current" ADA/FTE's. I am "estimating" T-Values using the average T2 growth from 2015-2019. I will change to the the Comptroller's 2020 Preliminary T-Values in January (Remember this affects your "Local Fund Assignment" and re-capture).    (13)

Omar has the template set to default to the greater of "Hold Harmless" or actual ADA for the first three six weeks. If your ADA is greater than "Hold Harmless," you will need to enter your ADA/FTE's from TxEIS or Skyward combined tracks report into the blue cells of the "Summative Attendance" sheet.

Always import the latest Summary of Finance report from TEA's web page, and enter your "most accurate" projection of M&O tax collections.

This version combines tracks from both TxEIS and Skyward. No more entering tracks. Follow instructions from "Notes Woody" sheet.

Be sure to re-enter your previous and current six weeks attendance data since numbers often change with corrections.

2020-21 LPE-DPE Side-by-Side Template (r6,wb6)