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Memo from TEA:  2019-2020 Summary of Finances (SOF) Report

posted on June 07 - 08:40 AM
By Joe -

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The summary of finances (SOF) report for 2019-2020 located on the School District State Aid Reports webpage is based on current/old law. Given the magnitude of changes prescribed by HB3, it will be several months before the agency can put up a new report with all the new data fields and allotments. The foundation school fund allotment will be updated prior to the first payment in September, even if the SOF report is still being updated.

Stay tuned for more information on the release of the TEA’s state aid template that should be posted well in advance of the SOF report being updated for FY2020. Ultimately the summary of finances is the “final answer” on school finance formulas.

Additional correspondence on a variety of school finance topics is forthcoming as we work through the implementation of HB3.

For all other state funding matters, please contact a state funding consultant at (512) 463-9238 or