Template Correction

posted on June 22 - 05:00 AM
By Joe - TexasISD.com

A message from Omar Garcia:  This only applies to “Harvey” districts – the number of “Harvey” pennies that auto-load in Cell C165 is a negative number and should be a positive number.  The easiest way to fix it is to simply change the negative number to a positive one.  The ‘official’ way it will be corrected is as follows:     (23)

  • In a hidden tab labeled “DE1” in Cell C164, the formula in that cell reads:
  • =VLOOKUP(C2,HarveyPennies!B1:D1228,2,FALSE)
  • And it should read: =VLOOKUP(C2,HarveyPennies!B1:D1228,3,FALSE)
  • The formula was referring to Column 2 instead of Column 3.