Seniors in high school are teaching one-on-one cellphone lessons this year at the Stanford House as the senior activity center expands its partnership with Gainesville Independent School District. Seniors in the Gainesville High School National Honor Society sat with 14 senior adults Monday morning, Oct. 7, teaching them one on one how to use their cellphones’ tools and apps. It was the first of a monthly class series this year pairing high school students with elderly Cooke County residents. Chris Glover, NHS adviser at the high school, said the project benefits both the high school seniors and the Stanford House seniors. view article arw

Since STEM was coined, it’s been a movement built on fundamentally shifting the way we think about education. STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering, Math—and its variations, STEAM (with its “A” for Art) and STREAM (with its “R” for Reading and wRiting), have their differences and their advocates. Whatever your stance on the acronyms—STEM, STEAM, and STREAM—education is essential to building a foundation for a robust, high-tech workforce. It’s an umbrella concept, with each entity working together. And, it can have a significant impact on the workforce, fueling the future of the talent pipeline.  view article arw

Dallas ISD is stepping into the world of competitive video games. The district recently announced that 64 schools will be participating in competitive electronic gaming, otherwise known as "Esports."  The program will serve middle and high schools in Dallas through "season passes, equipment, tournaments and incentives." view article arw

In an after-school program at Southside Elementary, second grade kids are learning to use code—the building blocks of computer programming; in the coming months they eventually will use it to build a robot. Not many 7 and 8-year-olds get the opportunity to learn robotics, but high-tech, kid-friendly kits called Playosmo Osmo are making it possible for these second-graders —along with help and patience from teacher Julie Schoppe. The children are learning skills that will open doors for them later in life. It's all part of the Texas Afterschool Centers Program (TACE). The students learn the basics of coding, the sequential process that underlies computer language and programming. Those skills will give them a head start in robotics and computer science. view article arw

Skyline freshman Jesse Garcia admitted that he wasn’t too familiar with the game, so senior Wilver Amaya walked him through the paces, just like a good teammate would. His help, though, wasn’t aimed at better understanding a football play or chess strategy. Instead, he was giving pointers on various characters in the Nintendo Switch fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. view article arw

Voters in Angleton ISD will get their first chance to vote on a $90 million bond program Oct. 21, with district officials emphasizing the $53.4 million Career and Technology Center at its core. view article arw

Students at six high schools in the Dallas Independent School District will be receiving laptops and free Wi-Fi hotspot devices to take home for the school year. Students were excited Thursday as they were called to the library of South Oak Cliff High School to pick up their new Chromebook laptops. The campus is the first distribution site under a new technology pilot initiative in Dallas ISD. view article arw

KXAN's Steffi Lee shows us some tools Texas districts are getting to root out and prevent potential violence. view article arw

Small cellphone pouches made by Yondr are being used at an Abilene Independent School District campus to help improve their students' focus on their education. “I like it because it helps me concentrate more and get my work done rather than being distracted,” said student Sabrina McVey. view article arw

Students in Joshua Villarreal's advanced video production class at Madison High School are learning creative skills that will serve them in a rapidly changing digital world. Their classroom serves as a kind of production house. "He's the best teacher. He has helped me learn all that I know about graphic design, animation and digital illustration," said Lauren Cantrel, a senior who will pursue those skills in college. view article arw

Esports is growing across the country with colleges now offering scholarships to students. Dallas ISD just launched a pilot program allowing students to compete in esports with coaches that set a curriculum. view article arw

A global educational software company is offering free credit monitoring services to Round Rock school district students and parents after a data breach exposed information on thousands of students. In a mailed letter sent to district parents Friday, a Pearson representative said the company believes an unauthorized third party accessed student directories that included first and last names, and in some cases birth dates and email addresses, from 2001 to 2016. The data is stored in Pearson’s AIMSweb 1.0 platform used by the Round Rock district and thousands of other educational institutions across the United States. view article arw

Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD is planning on revamping its website. The Board of Trustees recently approved entering in a contract with FinalSite for the redesign of the district website. Scott Monore, chief technology officer, said the current website has had some challenges including ADA compliance issues. The website’s aging design prompted the district staff to look at different solutions for an upgrade, Monroe said. view article arw

In this week's Cool Schools Weekly Spotlight, we're featuring Sheldon ISD and their innovative middle school STEM academies. The program is entering its third year of helping students hone their science, technology engineering and math skills. view article arw

Some students at Robert Driscoll Elementary School in Robstown are testing out new 4D technology in their 21st century community learning after school program. The four-dimensional z-space technology was implemented this school year, and has so far been a hit. The students are focusing on learning STEM, which is science, technology, engineering and math. This program looks like games to the kids, but it tells them exactly what they're learning. view article arw

Canutillo High School has turned one of their classrooms into a fully operating business, ran by its students. The DigiPrint Shop is introducing local high school students to the foundations of graphic design and business. They are being taught how to create designs on programs like Photoshop and how to transfer them onto products like t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, stickers, phone cases, canvas bags, and tiles. view article arw

A data breach has hit the Round Rock ISD community. District officials say Pearson, one of its third-party service providers, experienced the breach, impacting 13,000 districts and universities across the country. view article arw

“We’re coming out of a different decade, a different century into the new century and we have a lot of new technology that we’re very excited about,” said Matt Ammerman, Borger High School Principal. There’s excitement indeed at Borger ISD as back in May 2017, Borger citizens approved a nearly $41 million bond to provide, what Ammerman said, were much-needed upgrades, especially at the high school. “We’ve been in a building, the first and second floor that really was not up to date and the kids could feel that,” said Ammerman. view article arw

It's a big day for the San Antonio Independent School District as they broke ground on a brand new high-speed fiber network for the district. The groundbreaking happened at Barkley-Ruiz Elementary School on the West Side. view article arw

Students at Barkley-Ruiz Elementary School peered curiously from behind an iron fence Friday morning as an industrial machine bored a hole into the ground underneath their campus. They were there to witness the beginning of a months-long process to update San Antonio Independent School District’s internet infrastructure, increasing capacity and speeds. view article arw

Lumen Christi High School in Anchorage started the school year off with a 100% cellphone-free policy. After years of watching students distracted by pings and buzzes from their phones, teachers and staff decided they needed to make a change. “A cellphone really is an addiction and they couldn’t go without constantly being glued to the cellphone screen,” said Dr. Antje Carlson, Lumen Christi’s English department chair told KTUU. view article arw

Education prepares students for their futures. Some of those futures will come sooner than others, thanks to the training students can receive at Canyon Independent School District’s new Career and Technology Academy.Canyon ISD hosted an open house Tuesday evening so the community could view the new 19,368 square-foot facility. A ribbon-cutting was held earlier in the day. However, students have attended classes there since school started in August. “Our students in Canyon High School, Randall High School and Midway Alternative High School have opportunities in career and technology courses beyond what they ever had in the past,” Canyon ISD Superintendent Dr. Darryl Flusche said. view article arw

Now in its second year, the Waxahachie Independent School District’s Tech Tribe Program continues to give underprivileged students a leg up in an increasingly technology-based learning environment. The district has some 200 Google Chromebooks and mobile hotspots available to its 6th to 12th graders for home use. view article arw

A Rio Grande Valley school district is doing more to protect student privacy on social media. The Brownsville Independent School District limits the interaction board members can have with students. During Tuesday's board meeting, Brownsville ISD Board of Trustees created some new limitations on how board members can interact with students. view article arw

The America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education program is awarding Shallowater High School a $25,000 grant to improve the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) curriculum, thanks to support from local farmers. Grow Rural Education grants are provided through the Bayer Fund. Local farmers nominate a school or school district for a merit-based grant of either $10,000 or $25,000. Nominated schools then submit a grant application describing their STEM-focused project. The Grow Rural Education’s Farmer Advisory Council, consisting of approximately 30 farmer leaders from across the country, review the applications and select the winning school districts, according a release from Shallowater ISD. view article arw

Alice Independent School District officials alerted district parents about new rules to reduce "invasive recordings" among students. The message came from the office of the Superintendent and was sent via an alert system, Wednesday evening, Oct. 2. According to the notice, administration became aware of some students at William Adams Middle School who were inappropriately using their phones to illegally record other students. The incident is currently being investigated by police and the school. view article arw

Replacing prosthetic limbs for children as they grow each year can cost families upwards of $10,000. Ryan Kennaley and the robotics class at Burkburnett high school have a solution. “This only cost a couple of dollars to make and say you break a finger, well you just print another finger and put it on,” Kennaley said. view article arw

Another Day, Another Data Breach

October 0308:15 AM

Working with a local educator, a kind and wonderful school leader, I was astonished to see her face the real life consequences of a spouse's actions with online dating service. Her spouse, a respected individual who had gained a position of authority in a service industry (e.g. fire, police), took his own life before much more than his use of the online dating service could be revealed. view article arw

David Oestreicher has been selected as Hutto ISD’s new director of technology and digital learning, according to a Sept. 30 district news release. Oestreicher has 23 years of technology experience, including serving the previous 13 years as technology director at Lewisville ISD, Seattle Public Schools and Mineral Wells ISD, per the release. “I believe that the proper use of technology in education can benefit students through engagement, transforming learning, and teaching collaboration and other real-world skills,” Oestreicher said in the release. “I am passionate about technology in schools, and I am excited for what the future holds at Hutto ISD.” view article arw

McAllen ISD held a S.T.R.I.D.E ribbon cutting ceremony, Tuesday Sept. 24 at Achieve Early College high school. S.T.R.I.D.E is a permanent program targeted for special needs students allowing them to gain employability skills and become more independent. The acronym stands for - Supported Transition and Road to Independence: Development and Employment for Students. “We wanted to have something for the students after graduation and not just return home,” said Jose Rodriguez, special education teacher. view article arw

As part of Chevron's "Fuel Your School" program, Chevron donated STEM equipment to Lamar Early Education Center on September 30. Mrs. Merriman was one of many local teachers who submitted a classroom project request on Her project was then funded by the Chevron program, who surprised her classroom with the outdoor learning tools. view article arw

A San Antonio school district is investigating a threat made on twitter against Brandeis High School, discovered just moments after it was sent out. The tweet was discovered by a veteran-employed company, which monitors social media platforms to help detect and eliminate threats of violence. view article arw

More than 200 families were provided with computers and internet Saturday morning, as a part of an event put on by non-profit Bridging the Gap. view article arw

Bridging the Gap is an effort of multiple organizations to combat educational inequality by making sure families have access to technology at home. view article arw

Digital Tools Are Effective…?

September 2608:40 AM

Blake Howard, The Effortful Educator blog, shares his conclusions after exploring some survey results. Let's take a quick look at the results that left him scratching his head: “While educators think digital tools are effective for many learning activities, they need more information to gauge their effectiveness.  view article arw