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Construction Procurement

Episode I: A Bid to Survive - The Rise of the Procurist

December 1, 2017

If you only attend one construction procurement training this year, this is the one to choose. Whether you are new to construction procurement or it’s been a while since your last project, you will get the foundation you need to succeed. Ask around, if you come to this training you will be ready to go when the board says it’s time to build. 


Who Should Attend

This seminar is appropriate for Superintendents, CFOs, Assistant Superintendents, District Construction Professionals, Board Members, Purchasing and Procurement Managers, Coordinators, Agents, Specialists, Directors, Contract Coordinators, Business Managers, Bond Professionals, Controllers, Auditors, Buyers, Finance Directors, Facilities Directors, Business Services and Operations Directors, Accounting Directors, and Accountants.

This training will be conducted by David P. Hansen.


The Story

Meet Ted Brown. After 11 years of trying, Ted’s employer, the Rascall Independent School District, just passed its 375-million-dollar bond. Ted is new to the district and has some experience and training in construction procurement, but he is about to take on full responsibility for contracting out 375 million dollars of bond money.

Impossible odds transform Ted into "The Procurist." Ted must turn 375 million dollars in funds into the 400 million dollars’ worth of projects the board expects.  

Meet Ted's boss, Mr. Speed Damon / AKA The Appropriator, who has a fondness for speed, thrift, and bids. The bond has everything in it from high schools to concession stands and it’s up to The Procurist and his team of experts [YOU] to keep him out of hot water with speed and to uphold the law.

You will be on one of two teams of experts who will compete in series of challenges along the way to help Ted survive the bond - if he can.  

In the last hour you compete for Ted and to become the MQBDCQ™. Who knows what happens? Does Ted get it done? Does his boss? Does he make it through the bond?  Being there is the only way to find out. 


Registration Fee

$200 per person
$100 per person for additional people from the same district


Click here for more information and to register online.

One explicit picture of a student can become a campus-wide sexting scandal. Vexing Sexting analyzes the legal issues involved in a sexting investigation: phone searches and seizures, evidence handling, FERPA compliance, and disciplinary options. It describes the state crimes at issue and when cooperation with law enforcement is required or preferred. The session will also address the role of extracurricular codes of conduct, bullying policies, and harassment regulations.


Registration Fee

$100 per computer



December 6, 2017  |  12:00 - 1:00 pm


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