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Design Phase

Episode II: The Best Laid Plans

April 2019

This session teaches How to handle negotiations, communications, and pressure when dealing
with designers, contractors, and even the board; unique problems and features of the available
methods of delivery; and what your architect and construction manager should deliver during
the design phase.


To get the true benefit of your contract, you have to know what to expect from your contractor
and from your design professional. This advanced course provides you with a next-level
understanding of the generally recognized responsibilities of the design professional, the
construction team, and the owner. We take complicated industry norms and break them down
into simple requirements so you won’t get lost. The purpose is to wool-proof your eyes.


Who Should Attend

Superintendents, CFOs, Assistant Superintendents, District Construction Professionals, Board Members, Purchasing and Procurement Managers, Coordinators, Agents, Specialists, Directors, Contract Coordinators, Business Managers, Bond Professionals, Controllers, Auditors, Buyers, Finance Directors, Facilities Directors, Business Services and Operations Directors, Accounting Directors, and Accountants.


When and Where

4/23/19  |  9:30 am - 2:30 pm  |  Austin, TX


Register online at www.edlaw.com