The vote by the SBOE on the Social Studies textbooks and other action items from this weeks meeting will take place today.  The meeting starts at 9:00 AM.   read more arw

Congratulations to the following New Supers

Vick Orlando, HS Principal Bangs ISD, has been named New Super of Blanket ISD.

Steven Snell, Asst. Superintendent Hutto ISD, has been named New Super of Spring Hill ISD.


51 Superintendent Vacancies Click to expand

Vacant Chillicothe ISD; Search by Chillicothe ISD Board of TrusteesINFO
Vacant Medina ISD; Search by TASB ESS Search Team INFO
Vacant Rising Star ISD; Search By Ronnie Kincaid, ESC XIV Info (Search Suspended)INFO
Vacant Red Lick ISD; Red Lick ISD Board of Trustees  Info BrochureINFO
Vacant Bullard ISD; Search By TASB Excecutive Search ServicesINFO
Vacant Breckenridge ISD; Search by TASB Executive Search Services INFO
Vacant Region 9 ESC Executive Director; ESC 9 Service CenterINFO
Vacant Lake Worth ISD; Search by Bob Griggs & AssociatesINFO
Vacant Austin ISD; Ray & Associates, Inc. INFO
Vacant Calhoun County ISD; Search by  Bob Griggs & AssociatesINFO
Vacant Little Elm ISD; Search by Bob Griggs & AssociatesINFO
Vacant Ballinger ISD; Search by Ballinger ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
Vacant Everman ISD; Search by TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO
Vacant Dumas ISD; Search By Dumas ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
Vacant Castleberry ISD; Search by Castleberry ISD Board of Education BrochureINFO
Vacant Judson ISD; Search by McShan Consulting Firm InfoINFO
Vacant Burnham Wood Family of Charter Schools ; Search By Burnham Wood Family of Charter Schools InfoINFO
Vacant West ISD - TASB Executive Search Services; TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO
Vacant Maypearl ISD; TASB Executive Search Services INFO
Vacant Gruver ISD
 ; Search by Gruver ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
Vacant Longview ISD; Longview ISD Board of Trustees & Dr. James WilcoxINFO
Vacant Prairie Valley ISD; Darren Francis, Deputy Executive Director-Region 9 ESCINFO
Vacant Kermit ISD; Search by TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO
Vacant Borden County ISD; Search by TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO
Vacant Jacksonville ISD; Search by  TASB ESS Search Team INFO
Lone Finalist Frankston ISD - , Asst. Superintendent,Longview ISD; Search By Arrow Educational ServicesINFO
Lone Finalist Grape Creek ISD - Barbie McMath, Asst. Superintendent,Whitesboro ISD; Search By Grape Creek ISD School Board InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Balmorhea ISD - Miguel Espino, Interim Superintendent,Balmorhea ISD; Search by TASB ESS Search Team INFO
Lone Finalist Freer ISD  - Steve VanMatre, Interim Superintendent,Freer ISD; Search by Freer ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Alvin ISD - James "Buck" Gilcrease, Superintendent,Hillsboro ISD; School Executive ConsultingINFO
Lone Finalist San Benito CISD  - Dr. Marc Puig, Superintendent,Cullberson Co.- Allamore ISD; Waterford School Services, Inc. InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Giddings ISD  - Roger Dees, Superintendent,Chireno ISD; Search By TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO
Lone Finalist McKinney ISD - Rick McDaniel, Asst. Supt. for Student Services,McKinney ISD; Search by School Executive Consulting, Inc. INFO
Lone Finalist Huntsville ISD - Dr. Howell Wright, Deputy Superintendent,San Marcos ISD; TASB Executive Search Services INFO
Lone Finalist Bronte ISD - Tim Siler, High School Principal ,Hamlin ISD; Search by CCR Educational Consultants Brochure InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Lago Vista ISD - Darren Webb, Superintendent,Garrison ISD; TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO
New Super Central Heights ISD - Bryan Lee Iredell ISD Superintendent, Superintendent,Iredell ISD ; TASB Executive Search Services INFO
New Super Cleveland ISD - Dr.Darrell Meyers, Superintendent,Livingston ISD; Region VI ESC - Dr. Brent HawkinsINFO
New Super Spring Hill ISD - Steven Snell, Asst. Supt.,Hutto ISD; Search by TASB ESS Search Team INFO
New Super North Lamar ISD - John McCullough, Superintendent,Sulphur Bluff ISD; Search by TASB ESS Search TeamINFO
New Super Axtell ISD - JR Proctor, HS Principal ,Scurry Rosser ISD; Education Solutions and Services, Inc. Michael T. Smith & Don RogersINFO
New Super Coppell ISD - Michael Waldrip, Deputy Superintendent,Frisco ISD; Search By TASB Excecutive Search ServicesINFO
New Super Snook ISD - Brenda Krchnak, Asst. Superintendent of Administrative Services,Coldspring-Oakhurst CISD; Search By Region VI ESC -  InfoINFO
New Super Kingsville ISD - Carol Perez, Asst. Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction,Kingsville ISD; Search By TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO
New Super Fayetteville ISD - Jeff Harvey, Principal,Tom Bean ISD; Fayetteville ISD School Board InfoINFO
New Super Harris County Department of Education - James Colbert, Superintendent,West Orange - Cove ISD; Search by TASB Executive Search Services INFO
New Super Texhoma ISD - Steve Lenz, Superintndent,Azleway Charter School ; Search by Interim Superintendent, Mike Jackson and the Texoma ISD Board of TrusteesINFO
New Super Burkeville ISD - John Kent, Former Superintendent,Chester ISD; Search by Region V ESC - Danny Lovett & Marianne KondoINFO
New Super Anna ISD  - Pete Slaughter, Superintendent ,Whitesboro ISD; Search By: Arrow Educational ServicesINFO
New Super Hemphill ISD - Reese Briggs , Superintendent,Kounze ISD; Search By Region V ESC - Danny Lovett & Marianne Kondo Info INFO
New Super London ISD - David Freeman, Asst. Super/Chief Academic Officer,Wichita Falls ISD; Search By Texas School SolutionsINFO
New Super Nazareth ISD - Glen Waldo, Superintendent,Sunray ISD; Search by Nazareth ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
New Super Tom Bean ISD - Troy Roberts, Principal ,Grand Prairie ISD; Search by Search by: Tom Bean ISD Board of Trustees & Interim Supt. Dr. Larry BlairINFO
New Super Winters ISD  - Bruce Davis ​, Former Superintendent ,Thrall ISD; Casey, Cox & Robertson Educational ConsultantsINFO
New Super Cleburne ISD - Kyle Heath, Asst. Superintendent,Mansfield ISD ; Search by Bob E. Griggs & AssociatesINFO
New Super Region 8 ESC Executive Director - David Fitts, Superintendent,Lake Worth ISD; Search By Education Solutions & Services, Inc.INFO
New Super Garner ISD - Rebecca Hallmark, Asst. Superintendent,Eastland ISD; Search by Bob Griggs & AssociatesINFO
New Super Lubbock-Cooper ISD - Keith Bryant, Superintendent,Bullard ISD; Search By The Lubbock-Cooper ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
New Super Whitesboro ISD - Ryan Harper; Whitesboro ISD Board of TrusteesINFO
New Super Meyersville ISD - Kelly Dunn, Principal ,Lampasas ISD; Search By TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO
New Super Corpus Christi ISD  - Dr. Roland Hernandez, Chief Administrative Officer,Corpus Christi ISD; Search by George McShan, Nolan Estes and Reuben Olivares of BWP & AssociatesINFO

State Board of Education Agenda November 18, 19, 20, and 21, 2014

November 2009:25 AM

November 18, 19, 20, and 21, 2014 view article arw

2014 Tax Rate Survey

October 3108:43 AM

Help!  Please take a moment and look at our Tax Rate Survey and make any corrections by clicking on the link on the spreadsheet and then enter the correct data.


October 1708:31 AM

PayTek returns lost funds to your budget by electronically recovering bad checks and direct depositing recovered funds on a weekly basis! The service is FREE to the school district, FRIENDLY to the check writer, and recovers your funds FAST. PayTek is currently serving over  80 Texas School Districts  Register Here for a no obligation online presentation!     view article arw

Site Allows Users To Track Ebola Monitoring In Dallas County

November 2108:42 AM

Dallas County Health & Human Services has launched a website which allows users to track the number of individuals currently being monitored for Ebola county-wide. Officials announced on Thursday that 13 people across Dallas County are currently being monitored for Ebola.  Eleven individuals are considered “low” risk, while two have “some” risk. view article arw

Texas Vote Could Change Your Kid’s View of America

November 2108:40 AM

The national debate over how to teach history is heating up in Texas, with the State Board of Education planning to hold a preliminary vote on history and social studies textbooks Tuesday afternoon.  Barbara Cargill, chair of the Texas State Board of Education, sits at the center of the debate that could shape how students view the United States and the world. The daughter of a World War II veteran, she is fighting for a conservative, positive view of the country that focuses on its heroes. view article arw

State Board of Education hearing highlights frustrations over Texas math standards

November 2108:40 AM

The Texas education commissioner may be grilled about the state's toughened math standards Friday, if a committee hearing of the State Board of Education today was any indication.The committee on instruction heard from teachers, parents and school administrators from across the state. All expressed frustration with the difficulties that teachers and students are having this year with the new math requirements."The standards are good," said Earl Snyder, director of K-6 math for Aleif ISD. "The kids can do it. It's a matter of the timeline." view article arw

Textbook vote expected Friday from State Board of Education

November 2108:40 AM

 A big vote from the State Board of Education is expected Friday on what history and social studies textbooks students in K-12th grade will learn from next school year. The board postponed their vote on Tuesday to allow textbook manufacturers to make some changes to factual errors found in the textbooks being considered.  Still, some critics say that’s not enough because of how some of these books depict history. The Republican controlled board is considering around 100 books and e-books. But for months academics and activists have said they are concerned some are too sympathetic to Islam while others exaggerate the importance of Moses on the formation of American democracy. In order for Texas’ 5-million public school students to get their textbooks by next fall the board must approve their textbook list by Friday. view article arw

SBOE defers new textbook decision

November 2108:40 AM

After an afternoon spent wrangling over the proper definition of jihad and the influence of Moses on the Founding Fathers, it was Common Core that ultimately derailed the State Board of Education’s initial vote on giving a stamp of approval to new social studies textbooks Tuesday.An initiative spawned by the National Governor’s Association to set uniform academic standards across U.S. public schools, Common Core has become a frequent punching bag for conservative activists who believe it injects liberal bias into the classroom. view article arw

Texas Trying To Approve New Textbooks Again

November 2108:40 AM

A Texas panel is again attempting to approve new history and social studies textbooks for use in classrooms across America’s second largest state.The previous vote by the State Board of Education collapsed amid widespread criticism.  The Republican-controlled board is considering around 100 books and software lessons and must decide by Friday in time for Texas’ 5-plus million public school students to get them next fall. view article arw

Dallas ISD financial chief says district in best financial shape ever

November 2108:34 AM

Jim Terry, Dallas ISD chief financial officer  Dallas ISD financial chief Jim Terry said Thursday that the district is in the best financial shape ever following its annual financial audit.The district's external auditors, Deloitte & Touche, presented the annual report to trustees on Thursday. It shows no major material weaknesses but does show a few less severe deficiencies in internal controls.Terry said the district's unassigned fund balance, or reserve fund, also grew by about $38 million.  "Our financial position in this district is probably stronger than it's ever been," Terry said. view article arw

Texas asks for federal funding for pre-k vouchers

November 2108:34 AM

Teacher groups are up in arms as Texas seeks millions from the federal government to fund a new pre-K voucher program that would begin next fall.Last month, the Texas Education Agency applied for $30 million in prekindergarten grant funding from the U.S. Department of Education, its share of the $160 million federal Preschool Development Grants Program. If approved, officials plan to use 25 percent of that money to pay for full-day, high-quality preschool for eligible children in Harris, Fort Bend and Brazoria counties. view article arw

5 members of ETX family killed in overnight crash in West Monroe La.

November 2108:33 AM

A family of eight headed on their trip of a lifetime, to Disney World, were involved in an accident Wednesday night on I-20 just west of Calhoun in Louisiana. Louisiana State Police report, the dead include 3 children ages 4, 7, and 15 as well as 2 adults, Michael and Trudi Hardman of Terrell, Texas. The 16-year-old driver, who was properly restrained, was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries. Two additional passengers were taken to local hospitals with moderate injuries. None of the ejected passengers were wearing a seatbelt. view article arw

Fix property taxes by just getting rid of them

November 2108:33 AM

The 84th Texas Legislature, which convenes in less than two months, should consider a proposal that would benefit all Texans: the elimination of local property taxes. To replace this lost tax revenue in a way that would be least costly to taxpayers and boost the Texas economy in the process, lawmakers should reform sales taxes.A study led by the prominent economist Arthur Laffer recommends raising the total sales tax rate, which includes the state and local portions totaling 8.25 percent, to 11 percent. This plan would also broaden the tax base by taxing property and all goods and services taxed in at least one other state.  view article arw

Child homelessness increases in Texas

November 2108:33 AM

A new report on child homelessness found that the number of homeless children in Texas increased by almost 20 percent from 2011 to 2013, from 159,086 to 190,018.  Texas ranked 39 out of 50 states in in terms of the number of homeless children, with 50 being the worst. In the fiscal year 2012, child homelessness was 177,706. view article arw

Bulletin Board

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Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Mehl, P.C.

Attorney Position Available

Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Mehl, PC, has a position available in its Plano office to work primarily with Arlington ISD as “in-house” counsel. Candidate must have 5+ years of experience in defending governmental entities and prefer substantial experience in contracts, human resources, open meetings act, and public information act. Negotiable salary and great benefits. To apply, please email your resume to

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Repairs to begin soon on Allen ISD stadium press box

November 2108:33 AM

Phase 3 of construction work at Allen ISD's Eagle Stadium is expected to begin soon, according to a briefing to the school board this week.  Bidding for the work was scheduled for Nov. 18. Since architects PBK and contractor Pogue Construction are covering the costs, the district doesn't do the bidding anymore. The work involves repairs to the press box, which was supposed to be designed and built to withstand 90 mph winds. It cannot take that lateral force, so bracing will be necessary to strengthen that part of the stadium. view article arw

Abilene ISD reports more than 700 ‘homeless’ children

November 2108:32 AM

Abilene ISD is doing its part to help the growing numbers of 'homeless' children.  However, the definition of homeless may be different than what you expect.“Homeless is not having a permanent, adequate night time residence,” said Heather Melchor, a Mckinney-Vento social worker for AISD. “They could be doubled up with relatives or with friends, sleeping their living room, or even sharing a bedroom or hotel room.”  Melchor handles cases of homeless students, as well as unaccompanied youths that do not have contact with their parents or legal guardians. view article arw

Jeb Bush offers nuanced defense of Common Core education standards

November 2108:31 AM

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush (R) offered a nuanced defense of the Common Core State Standards during a speech Thursday in Washington, trying to mend the divide within the GOP over the standards as he weighs a 2016 presidential bid. “I respect those who have weighed in,” said Bush, who is in the minority among the GOP’s top-tier potential presidential candidates when it comes to support for the Common Core, a set of K-12 standards in reading and math that has been adopted by 43 states and the District of Columbia. “Nobody in this debate has a bad motive.” view article arw

Natalia superintendent on way out

November 2108:29 AM

Natalia school trustees have approved a separation agreement with SuperintendentGuillermo Mancha Jr., who last month was placed on administrative leave, that calls for him to resign effective Jan. 31.  The reasons behind Mancha’s departure after nearly four years leading the 1,100-student district weren’t revealed publicly at the special meeting Wednesday where the agreement was endorsed by a 6-0 vote of trustees, board president Eric Smith said Thursday. view article arw

Education briefs: Dumas ISD board names Hysinger superintendent

November 2108:29 AM

Dumas Independent School District will start 2015 with a new superintendent.On Wednesday, Dumas ISD’s board of trustees voted to name Monty Hysinger superintendent of the district, board president Johnny Schmucker said. “Monty’s very professional, and other folks in his district had glowing recommendations,” Schmucker said.Hysinger will succeed Larry Appel, who has served as interim superintendent since the death of Mark Stroebel in May. view article arw

Education briefs: Dumas ISD board names Hysinger superintendent

November 2108:29 AM

Dumas Independent School District will start 2015 with a new superintendent.On Wednesday, Dumas ISD’s board of trustees voted to name Monty Hysinger superintendent of the district, board president Johnny Schmucker said. “Monty’s very professional, and other folks in his district had glowing recommendations,” Schmucker said.Hysinger will succeed Larry Appel, who has served as interim superintendent since the death of Mark Stroebel in May. view article arw

CCISD board names superintendent lone finalist

November 2108:29 AM

The Calhoun County Independent School District board of trustees named Dr. James Cowley the lone finalist for the CCISD superintendent position at a special called board meeting Wednesday evening. Cowley is currently the superintendent of Linden-Kildare Consolidated Independent School District and has experience as an assistant superintendent position at Sunnyvale Independent School District as well as other administrative positions and classroom experience. view article arw

Clarendon: CISD to consider interim superintendent

November 2108:29 AM

Clarendon school trustees will meet this week to consider naming an interim superintendent as they prepare for the expected January departure of Superintendent Monty Hysinger. The board plans to meet Thursday, November 20, in a called session at 7 p.m. The agenda includes possible action to hire an Interim Superintendent of Schools and consideration of Superintendent Search Services, Process, and Timelines. view article arw

Calhoun school board names finalist for superintendent

November 2108:29 AM

PORT LAVACA - The Calhoun County school board unanimously approved James Cowley the lone finalist for superintendent.  Cowley, who is the superintendent of Linden-Kildare County Independent School District, will take over the superintendent position after the first of the year. State law mandates a 21-day waiting period before a lone finalist can sign a contract. view article arw

Allen:  AISD names new elementary principals

November 2108:28 AM

Two new principals were voted on at Monday night’s Allen ISD Board of Trustees meeting. Melissa Pursifull was unanimously agreed upon as the new principal of Rountree Elementary School. Prior to this appointment, Pursifull was an educator and mathematics instructional coach at Rountree before she became the school’s assistant principal in 2010. view article arw

Sex Trafficking: How to spot teenage victims

November 2108:26 AM

The ugly reality of domestic minor sex trafficking is that the demand for young children is very high. More than 100,000 American children are trafficked every year and it's become a multi-billion dollar industry. Now, lawmakers are urging more Texas schools to help them fight the war on sex trafficking by training staff members to recognize potential victims in classrooms. Many young victims are forced to work at night and go to school during the day, where some victims are even recruited. view article arw

Columbia High locked down for 2nd time in a week

November 2108:25 AM

WEST COLUMBIA — Columbia-Brazoria ISD locked down Columbia High School for the second time in seven days Thursday, after officials said the district received another threat against the school. view article arw

Klein ISD set to sell $80 million in bonds

November 2108:25 AM

Eugene Shepherd of RBC Capital Markets said having the board approval is the first step in the bond sale. This initiates the process regarding the legal aspect of the bond process, he said. The company is preparing a draft preliminary official statement, which will be an invitation to bid on the bonds. view article arw

20 largest Texas public universities ranked by tuition increases

November 2108:23 AM

The cost of higher education in Texas continues to soar.  The statewide total academic charges for Texas college students taking 15 credit hours for a semester at a state institution has increased, on average, 104 percent from 2003-2013 to $3,951.  This increase in higher education cost is leaving students with more and more debt and Texas is one of the worst states in the nation when it comes to student loan default rates. view article arw

Canutillo ISD Trustee Breaks Down Costs of New Orleans Trip

November 2108:20 AM

The Canutillo Independent School District has come under fire for a trip board members took earlier this year. The district's seven board members, two administrators and the superintendent attended the National School Board Association Conference in New Orleans. The cost to taxpayers was nearly $30,000. ABC-7 spoke with district trustee Adrian Medina, who explained how the money was used during the four-day conference. view article arw

Garland ISD fires associate superintendent after visa inquiry

November 2108:18 AM

Nine months after being placed on leave, an associate superintendent in Garland ISD has become the highest-ranking casualty of a yearlong investigation into a visa program used to hire teachers. Gary Reeves was fired late Tuesday after 45 years with the district, more than half of those as an administrator. He had been the district’s interim superintendent in early 2013. view article arw

Growth in Leander ISD slows

November 2108:17 AM

Leander ISD’s ranking among large, fast-growth school districts in Texas fell from No. 5 in 2013 to No. 14 in 2014, according to a demography report released by Population and Survey Analysts on Oct. 9. Decreased student enrollment in early elementary grades was a lead factor in the change, PASA analyst Stacey Tepera told the LISD school board Oct. 9. However, LISD’s total enrollment increased by 742 students, or 1.83 percent, since last year, according to the report. Tempera said it is important to note enrollment is decelerating, not declining. view article arw

Cleveland ISD considers early college program

November 2108:16 AM

The Cleveland ISD board of trustees heard a presentation for an early college high school program during their meeting on Nov. 17  Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Maria Silva gave the presentation, noting that Splendora ISD is already implementing a similar program, which allows students to take college courses through a college or university while they are in high school.“Splendora ISD allegedly graduated students with Associates Degrees,” said Silva. view article arw

State investigates Beaumont ISD records

November 2108:14 AM

A Southeast Texas school district taken over this spring by the state amid financial and operational concerns violated attendance reporting rules for 2012-13. The Beaumont ISD said Tuesday it would not dispute results of the Texas Education Agency audit. view article arw