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Jimmy Don Aycock, former Chair of the House Education Committee, is a politician that I hold in high regard. I like the way he communicates with the people of Texas - Unlike “yellow belly” politicians, he simply “tells it like it is”. I appreciate that. read more arw

Congratulations to the following New Supers

Gerald Chandler, current Assistant Superintendent of Lumberton ISD , has been named New Super of Lumberton ISD.

Tammy Jones, current Assistant Superintendent of Palestine ISD, has been named New Super of Troup ISD.

Dr. Trent Edward Lovette, current Chief of Governance, Policy & Program Evaluation of Crowley ISD, has been named New Super of La Vernia ISD.

Mr. Gerald Nixon, current Executive Director of Human Resources of Sweeny ISD, has been named New Super of Hardin ISD.


40 Superintendent Vacancies Click to expand

Vacant Kemp ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational Services, Inc.INFO
Vacant Post ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational Services, Inc.INFO
Vacant Bandera ISD; Search by: Walsh Gallegos, Trevino, Russo, Kyle and Gary PattersonINFO
Vacant Judson ISD; Search by:​ Walsh Gallegos Trevińo Russo & Kyle P.C. & Educational Consultant Gary PattersonINFO
Vacant Anahuac ISD; Search by: ​Rogers, Morris & Grover, L.L.P. InfoINFO
Vacant Waller ISD; Search by: Rogers, Morris & Grover, L.L.P. ​InfoINFO
Vacant Texas Association of Rural Schools Executive Director; Search by: The Texas Association of Rural Schools (TARS) Executive Committee InfoINFO
Vacant Plainview ISD; Search by: Thompson & Horton LLPINFO
Vacant West Sabine ISD; Search by: West Sabine ISD School Board InfoINFO
Vacant Victoria ISD; Dr. Quintin Shepherd; Superintendent of Linn-Mar Community School District; Search by JG Consulting InfoINFO
Vacant Irion County ISD; Search by: Irion County ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
Vacant Vega ISD; Search by: Vega ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
Vacant Coleman ISD; Search by: Education Solution and Services InfoINFO
Vacant Quanah ISD; Search by: Region 9 ESC infoINFO
Vacant Sinton ISD; Search by: Executive Search Services InfoINFO
Vacant Dodd City ISD; Search by: Education Solution and ServicesINFO
Vacant Edgewood ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services infoINFO
Vacant Mission CISD; Search by: ​McShan Consulting Firm infoINFO
Vacant Veribest ISD; Search by: Region 15 ESCINFO
Vacant Dalhart ISD; Search by: Dalhart ISD Board of Trustees infoINFO
Vacant Donna ISD; Search by: JG Consulting InfoINFO
Vacant Lockhart ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services infoINFO
Vacant Gainesville ISD; Search by: Education Solutions and Services infoINFO
Vacant Union Grove ISD; Search by: Union Grove ISD Board of Trustees infoINFO
Vacant Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco ISD; Search by: O'Hanlon, Demerath & Castillo infoINFO
Vacant Rocksprings ISD; Search by: Region 15 ESC InfoINFO
Vacant Cisco ISD; Search by: Region 14 ESC InfoINFO
Vacant Santa Maria ISD; Search by: O'Hanlon, Demerath & Castillo InfoINFO
Vacant Wolfe City ISD; Search By: Education Solutions and Services InfoINFO
Vacant Dickinson ISD; Search by: Dickinson ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
Vacant Robstown ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services infoINFO
Lone Finalist Midway ISD; Randel Beaver; Retired superintendent from Archer City ISD; Search By: Region 9 ESC infoINFO
Lone Finalist Port Neches-Groves ISD; Dr. Mike Gonzales; Elementary Principal of Beaumont ISD; Search By: Port Neches-Groves ISD and Interim Superintendent, Dr. Jimmy Creel INFO
Lone Finalist Red Lick ISD;  Brandon Dennard; Assistant Superintendent of North Lamar ISD; Search By Red Lick ISD School BoardINFO
Lone Finalist Tarkington ISD ; Dr. Marc Keith; Assistant Superintendent of Port Neches- Groves ISD; Search By: Tarkington ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
Lone Finalist North Lamar ISD; Dr. Jason Adams; Superintendent in Kerens ISD; Search By: Education Solutions and Services with Letha Hopkins and Randy HancockINFO
Lone Finalist Lorenzo ISD; Kayla Morrison; Former Asst. Superintendent of Roosevelt ISD; Search By Region 17 ESCINFO
Lone Finalist Seymour ISD; Search by: Region 9 ESC and  Seymour ISD Board of TrusteesINFO
Lone Finalist Glasscock County ISD; Scott Bicknell; Elementary Principal of Glasscock County; Search by Glasscock County ISD School BoardINFO
Lone Finalist Cedars International Academy; Mr. Varghese Panachakunnil; Federal Programs Administrator of ​Pearsall ISD; Search by Dr. Mark Diaz, current Superintendent of Cedars International Academy, will be conducting the search for his replacement. InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Reagan County ISD; Bobby Fryar; Superintendent of Veribest ISD; Search by Reagan County ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Brownfield ISD; Chris Smith; Assistant Superintendent of Slaton ISD; Search by: Region 17 ESC InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Temple ISD; Dr. Bobby Ott; Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction from Temple ISD; Search by: Executive Search Services InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Anna ISD; Michael Comeaux; Superintendent of Post ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational Services, Inc.INFO
Lone Finalist Sharyland ISD; Maria Vidaurri; Superintendent of Robstown ISD; Search By Jones, Galligan, Key & Lozano L.L.PINFO
Lone Finalist Aledo ISD; Susan K. Bohn; Superintendent of Lockhart ISD; Search by Preston Educational ConsultingINFO
Lone Finalist Perryton ISD; Dr. Timothy Little; Superintendent of Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco ISD; Search by Region 16 ESC InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Tulia ISD; Tim Glover; Superintendent of Luling ISD; Search by: Tulia ISD School Board InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Aldine ISD - Dr. LaTonya Goffney, Superintendent,Lufkin ISD; Search By: Thompson & Horton LLPINFO
Lone Finalist Presidio ISD; Ray Vasquez; Assistant Superintendent of Brownfield ISD; Search by: Dr. Doug Karr InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Alice ISD; Carl Scarbrough; Assistant Superintendent of San Antonio ISD; Search by: Executive Search Services InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Region 14 Executive Director; Shane Fields; Superintendent of Albany ISD; Search by Region 14 Service CenterINFO
Lone Finalist Lake Worth ISD; Dr. Rose Mary Hargett-Neshyba; Superintendent of New Boston ISD; Search by: Bob E Griggs and AssociatesINFO
Lone Finalist Hunt ISD; Luci Harmon; District Principal of Nueces Canyon CISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services infoINFO
Lone Finalist Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD; John Chapman; Superintendent of Ennis ISD; Search by: Executive Search Services InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Lipan ISD; Dr. Ralph Carter;Superindent of Jessieville School District; Search by: Mike Vinyard, Search Consultant InfoINFO
Lone Finalist White Deer ISD; Dane Richardson; Elementary Principal of Wellington ISD; Search by: Region 16 ESC infoINFO
Lone Finalist Crosby ISD; Scott Davis; Superintendent of Rusk ISD; Search by: JG Consulting InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Kerens ISD; Martin Brumit; High Schoo Principal of Malakoff ISD; Search by: Leasor Crass InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Friona ISD; Search By: Region 16 and Robin Fulce InfoINFO
New Super Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) Executive Director; Dr. Kevin Brown; Superintendent of Alamo Heights ISD; Search by Arrow Educational Services, Inc.INFO
New Super Valley Mills ISD ; Mike Kelly; Middle School Principal of China Spring ISD; Search By: Valley Mills ISD Board of TrusteesINFO
New Super La Vernia ISD - Dr. Trent Edward Lovette, Chief of Governance, Policy & Program Evaluation,Crowley ISD; Search By: Walsh Gallegos & Education Consultant Gary PattersonINFO
New Super Olton ISD; Kevin McCasland; Principal of Seminole ISD; Search by Region 17 ESCINFO
New Super Hardin ISD; Mr. Gerald Nixon; Executive Director of Human Resources of Sweeny ISD; Search By Arrow Educational Services, Inc.INFO
New Super Lumberton ISD - Gerald Chandler, Assistant Superintendent ,Lumberton ISD; Search by TASB Executive Search Services InfoINFO
New Super Troup ISD; Tammy Jones; Assistant Superintendent of Palestine ISD; Search by The Board of Trustees of Troup ISD InfoINFO
New Super Anna ISD Principal; Shelly Anderson; Associate Principal; Sherman ISD  Search by: Arrow Educational Services, Inc. InfoINFO
New Super Fannindel ISD; Thomas Bradley; Search by: Fannindel ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
New Super Kenedy ISD; Diana L. Barrera; Executive Director of Elementary Curriculum in Somerset ISD; Search by: Walsh Anderson Gallegos Trevino Russo & Kyle P.C.INFO
New Super Caddo Mills ISD; Luke Allison; Superintendent of Normangee ISD; Search by: Executive Search Services InfoINFO
New Super Angleton ISD; Phillip Edwards; Superintendent of Kemp ISD; Search by: Executive Search Services InfoINFO
New Super Miles ISD; Clint   Askins; Director of Special Education/504 and Student Services of Floresville ISD; Search by CCR Educational Consultants Info.INFO
New Super Pine Tree ISD; Steve Clugston; Superintendent of ​Callisburg ISD; Search by: Executive Search Services InfoINFO
New Super Brock ISD - Cade Smith, Exec. Director of Campus Operation & Leadership,Georgetown ISD; Search by: Former School Board President, Bill C. Cooper InfoINFO
New Super Central Heights ISD; David Russell; Principal of Central Heights ISD; Search by: Executive Search Services InfoINFO

HOUSTON State leaders seek campus security upgrades, but hefty bill looms

May 2405:02 AM

Less than a week after the Santa Fe High School shooting that left 10 people dead and 13 others injured, political and education leaders across Texas are proposing ways to avoid the next campus shooting: more law enforcement officers, more counselors, more metal detectors. All of which requires more money — something many cash-strapped school districts do not have right now. Legislators and school district governing boards soon will start grappling with how to pay for expensive upgrades designed to keep Texas schoolchildren safe, as state leaders seek more secure campuses in light of last Friday’s massacre. The cost of those improvements, however, likely will extend into the hundreds of millions of dollars statewide, at a time when many school districts are dipping into reserves to balance their budgets. view article  arw

Preventive Law: SB 585 Take Ten for Patriotic Societies

May 0108:35 AM

In another example of the Texas Legislature taking over classroom instruction, beginning this year the Legislature has told us we must now step down and stop education in order to permit “Patriotic Societies” to have ten minutes to make a presentation to our students. Moreover, this practice should be in place by now. So what does this involve?

Lufkin ISD plans to fill superintendent vacancy

May 2405:17 AM

Within the next two months the Lufkin Independent School District will be loosing their superintendent to a district in the Houston area. Starting July 1, 2018 Dr. Latonya Goffney will begin her journey at the Aldine School District, leaving the Lufkin school board to begin their search to fill that vacancy.  Diane Hineman's two sons have grown up in the Lufkin school district.  Hineman said last week's confirmation about Superintendent Latonya Goffney was not a surprise.  "I think it's a part of life that we do what we can and then move on," Hineman said.  Hines said the next steps the district takes is in the hands of the school board.  According to school board President, Scott Skelton, the process to filling that vacancy has begun.  "We're looking for a superintendent that is right for our district where it is right now," Skelton said.  Legally the district has to post the opening of the position for ten school days before they can hire a candidate.  "The last time I was involved in this process there were about 50 people who applied, but ultimately we interviewed 7 people," said Skelton. view article  arw

Texas governor’s school safety talks to tackle gun control

May 2308:41 AM

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's meetings on school violence and safety promised to wade into the thorny issue of gun control with the next round, even though the Republican has been a staunch supporter of gun rights and worked to expand them in the state in recent years.  Abbott called for a series of high-level policy meetings after a high school near Houston became the latest to have a mass shooting. Eight students and two teachers were killed last week at Santa Fe High School and more than a dozen wounded. view article  arw

Seguin ISD weighs in on Weinert

May 2308:41 AM

For the past few months, the future for the leadership at Weinert Elementary has been uncertain after allegations of benchmark testing and STAAR test irregularities were made regarding the campus.  Seguin ISD spokesman Sean Hoffmann released an official statement on Tuesday going into further detail about the incident and the investigation surrounding it. view article  arw

Holding parents accountable and getting troubled kids help discussed during Texas gun violence summit

May 2308:41 AM

AUSTIN — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott kicked off a three-day summit on gun violence Tuesday afternoon, four days after 10 Santa Fe students and teachers were killed in the country's latest mass shooting. Abbott reminded the politicians, law enforcement and education leaders who gathered in the state Capitol about their shared mission — "to protect innocent lives in the state of Texas."  "Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, whether you are pro-gun or believe in more gun regulations, the reality is we both want guns out of the hands of those who would try to murder our children," Abbott said. "The question is what are we, the leaders of Texas, going to do to prevent this from happening again?" view article  arw

Suspected Santa Fe HS shooter violated district trench coat policy

May 2308:41 AM

Students said Dimitrios Pagourtzis often wore the same coat to school, which was adorned with pins and medallions representing rebellion and evil.  It’s unclear why suspect Dimitrios Pagourtzis was wearing a duster-style trench coat during the shooting rampage at Santa Fe High School on Friday, considering the district’s dress code policy prohibits that type of clothing.  Many school districts changed their clothing policies since the 1999 Columbine High School massacre in Littleton, Colorado. Both gunmen in that mass shooting wore long coats and were investigated for ties to a student group known as “The Trench Coat Mafia.” view article  arw

Gov. Greg Abbott’s school safety talks to tackle gun control

May 2308:40 AM

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's meetings on school violence and safety promised to wade into the thorny issue of gun control with the next round, even though the Republican has been a staunch supporter of gun rights and worked to expand them in the state in recent years.  Abbott called for a series of high-level policy meetings after a high school near Houston became the latest to have a mass shooting. Eight students and two teachers were killed last week at Santa Fe High School and more than a dozen wounded. view article  arw

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott touts immediate plans to stop school shootings, but avoids talk of a special session

May 2308:40 AM

After a closed door meeting Tuesday on school safety and gun violence, Gov. Greg Abbott proposed a series of initiatives to prevent future school shootings, though he largely avoided talk of a special legislative session to immediately pass new laws. The roundtable discussion was the first of three scheduled this week to discuss school safety and gun violence following a massacre at Santa Fe High School last week. view article  arw

Santa Fe High’s disastrous year: From devastating floods to tragic school shooting

May 2308:40 AM

The school scared them now. One terrible day had passed since the shooting, but Reagyn Murphy and Kalysta Dodson had to return to collect the purses and car keys they’d left inside. The best friends, both sophomores at Santa Fe High School, boarded a short yellow bus and rode through their shattered small town. Nobody on the bus spoke. Ten students stared through hazy windows that framed their town's panic. They passed the flashing lights and plastic flowers, the memorials that had appeared in the day since a gunman opened fire, killing eight students and two teachers.  view article  arw

‘See something, say something’ emphasized as Lake Houston area ISDs examine safety measures post-Santa Fe

May 2308:40 AM

After a deadly school shooting at a high school near Texas City, Lake Houston area school districts are examining safety protocols to find additional ways to enhance student safety. Humble ISD is participating in the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office’s initiative to increase law enforcement presence on school campuses across Pct. 4. “We have close to 500 patrol deputies and due to the recent shooting, we got with (Pct. 4 ISD) police chiefs and strategized,” said Constable Mark Herman. view article  arw

Gov. Abbott to consider Lubbock-area program for preventing school violence

May 2308:40 AM

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Three roundtable discussions are planned for this week by Governor Abbott to talk about ways to prevent violence in schools.  One of the topics on the agenda is mental health solutions. This includes consideration of a program that started right here in the Hub City to help prevent school shootings in West Texas, the TWITR Project.  TWITR stands for Telemedicine, Wellness, Intervention, Triage, and Referral.  The TWITR Project started back in 2014 with a grant to the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. Since then it has been used in schools across the South Plains. The goal of the project is to get kids the mental health treatment they need. view article  arw

After Santa Fe High School shooting, Magnolia ISD announces plans to add police officers at every campus in August

May 2308:39 AM

Magnolia ISD Superintendent Todd Stephens sent a letter to families within the district Monday, May 21, in response to a shooting at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe ISD on Friday, May 18. view article  arw

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Construction Procurement
Episode I: A Bid to Survivie - The Rise of the Procurist


If you only attend one construction procurement training this year, this is the one to choose. Whether you are new to construction procurement or it’s been a while since your last project, you will get the foundation you need to succeed. Ask around, if you come to this training you will be ready to go when the board says it’s time to build. 


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This session teaches how to handle negotiations, communications, and pressure when dealing with designers, contractors, and even the board; unique problems and features of the available methods of delivery; and what your architect and construction manager should deliver during the design phase.


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Construction Phase and Beyond
Episode III: Operation Build


In this, the third of our three-part series, learn how to get what you paid for. That means knowing what you paid for in terms of the responsibilities of the design pro’s and construction team. It means knowing how to document unsatisfactory performance, knowing when to pay the money, and how not to pay more than you owe. Termination, warranties, construction claims, change orders, time extensions, final payment, and bond claims are all essential concepts we cover in this training.


Learn how to get what you paid for, handle designer/contractor turf wars, change orders, and delays. Learn document failures to meet contractual obligations, end relationships or try to save floundering projects. Learn bond claim essentials and strategies to avoid disputes and construction defects.


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5/17/18  |  9:30 am - 2:30 pm  |  Austin, TX
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The Latest: Santa Fe students to return to school next week; seniors to graduate June 1

May 2308:39 AM

The Santa Fe Independent School District sent a letter to parents on Tuesday announcing details for the upcoming graduation ceremony, opportunities for counseling and a reunification plan for students. According to the letter, seniors will graduate on June 1 at Joe Raitano Memorial Stadium in Santa Fe at 7:30 p.m. view article  arw

6 school threats in one day across Houston area

May 2308:35 AM

Parents, teachers and students are on edge after a rash of threats on the first school day since the deadly Santa Fe High School shooting. Monday morning began with the arrest of a Clear Creek ISD student who was allegedly found with a gun at League City Intermediate School. District officials told Eyewitness News the arrest came after a student reported to a teacher that someone brought a gun on campus. view article  arw

Austin ISD proposed 2019 budget includes salary increase despite $28.3 million deficit

May 2308:33 AM

Austin ISD could run at a $28.3 million deficit in fiscal year 2019, based on a presentation to the district’s board of trustees Monday about the recommended budget. Recommended budget expenditures for FY 2019 will total $1.613 billion, while revenues will total $1.4158 billion, according to the presentation. If approved, the recommended budget includes a 1.5 percent increase for regular, part-time and full-time employees that will cost the district $8.1 million. view article  arw

Houston:  Bertie Simmons to lose principal job at Furr HS, where HISD says it found grade manipulation

May 2308:32 AM

Campus administrators broke state law by changing student grades and engaged in other forms of records manipulation at Houston ISD’s Furr High School, where revered principal Bertie Simmons has been in charge for nearly two decades, district officials said Tuesday.  Although HISD officials did not implicate Simmons on Tuesday, the findings appear to spell an ignominious end to her five-decade career in HISD. Simmons’ lawyer said Tuesday that his client has been notified her employment in HISD will soon end. Simmons has been on administrative leave since last October. view article  arw

Bryan ISD hires new executive director of school leadership

May 2308:30 AM

Earlier this week the Bryan ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved former principal Dr. Brian Merrell for the new executive director of school leadership position. Merrell, who served as principal of Waller High School for the last nine years, will be responsible for the primary role of supervising and supporting campus administrators and staff in Bryan ISD and will report directly to the superintendent. view article  arw

Texas school shooter’s family likely not liable under gun access law

May 2308:30 AM

The 17-year-old who allegedly shot and killed 10 people and wounded 13 others at a Texas high school used his father's legally owned shotgun and revolver during the rampage. The Santa Fe school shooting Friday has prompted a lot of debate among state politicians about the causes of the violence, which they attribute to everything from violent video games to the many ways people can get in and out of schools. view article  arw

Over 100 Fort Worth ISD Teachers Face Uncertainty After They’re Told They Have to Move Schools

May 2308:30 AM

About 150 teachers in the Fort Worth ISD are ending the school year with a lot of uncertainty. They've been told they still have a job but not at their current campus, and it could be months before they learn where they're headed. It's all because the district has too many teachers in certain positions, at certain schools. That may seem confusing, because NBC 5 recently reported that Fort Worth ISD is actively recruiting out of state. view article  arw

Highland Park ISD receives record $10 million gift to support district teachers

May 2308:30 AM

Highland Park ISD received a $10 million grant Tuesday — the largest donation in the district's 104-year history — to support the long-term needs of its teachers. The Clements Foundation, named for the late former Texas Gov. Bill Clements, awarded the gift to the Highland Park Education Foundation, which raises private funds that cannot be diverted through state recapture legislation.  view article  arw

Audit: Title transfer irregularities might mean tax shortfall of $1M

May 2308:30 AM

The audit, officials have said, was the impetus of a multiagency fraud investigation that has led to the arrest of seven people, including four Precinct 1 and 2 county tax office employees, since Friday. Twelve other employees were placed on leave Friday by Bruce Elfant, the county’s tax assessor-collector, who said he acted “out of an abundance of caution.” view article  arw

Longtime Mumford ISD Superintendent announces retirement

May 2308:29 AM

MUMFORD, Tex. (KBTX) - After 41 years as superintendent for the Mumford Independent School District, Pete Bienski announced Monday he is retiring. In a letter to district parents, students and friends, Bienski said he would be stepping down. He said the district has asked him to help, in a part-time role, while they transition to a new superintendent.  Bienski thanked the school board, staff and community for their support during his tenure.  His last day will be June 30. You can read his entire letter on the district's Facebook post below. view article  arw

Tyler ISD responds to rumors of Three Lakes Middle School threat

May 2308:26 AM

One-third of the students at Three Lakes Middle School did not show up for classes on Tuesday after a perceived threat made the previous day. Concern began to spread among parents on social media after an incident between students in class, which some took as a threat. view article  arw

Teachers return to Santa Fe High School Wednesday for first time since deadly shooting

May 2308:25 AM

Teachers will return to Santa Fe High School Wednesday for the first time since the shooting that killed 10 people and injured 13 more. Two teachers, Ann Perkins and Cynthia Tisdale, were among the 10 who died in Friday's attack. Perkins and Tisdale were killed protecting children. view article  arw

Dealing with threats at schools after Santa Fe shooting

May 2308:25 AM

In the days following the tragic Santa Fe High School shooting, there have been a number of threats at schools throughout the Houston area. Cleveland ISD Police Chief Rex Evans says credible threats typically involve a few key words that raise red flags. view article  arw

Highland Park ISD Officials Answer Questions Regarding Enrollment Policy Change

May 2308:25 AM

Highland Park ISD is discussing opening enrollment to allow children of faculty to attend its schools. The board has been researching and discussing the idea since January, and if approved, the policy would slowly phase in. The draft policy would allow non-resident, full-time professional contracted employees – including teachers, librarians, counselors, and professional staff – to apply for their child to transfer into HPISD schools. view article  arw

Highland Park ISD, Town Leaders Discuss Revised Design for Bradfield Elementary School

May 2308:25 AM

A proposed redesign for Bradfield Elementary School, developed during a peer review process with a classical architect from Houston, would cost an additional $754,000 to build, according to Highland Park ISD. That's $354,000 more than district leaders are willing to spend. Instead, the district will seek approval for design changes costing $399,000 more. The plan keeps a much-discussed colonnade in front of the entry courtyard and forgoes changes to a tower, but modifies window designs throughout the school and incorporates quatrefoils and more brick into the design. view article  arw

Two Robinson ISD principals accepted into the Harvard Leadership Institute

May 2308:25 AM

Two principals in Robinson ISD were recognized by the Raise Your Hands Texas to attend Harvard Leadership Institutes this summer. Kati Dietzman, Robinson Elementary principal, is going to the leadership institute for the second time this summer. view article  arw

Clements Foundation gives $10 million to Highland Park Education Foundation

May 2308:25 AM

The Highland Park Education Foundation (HPEF) announced Tuesday afternoon that it has received an unprecedented $10 million gift from Clements Foundation to establish the William P. Clements, Jr. Fund designated to meet the needs of teachers in the Highland Park Independent School District. The gift is the largest in the history of the Education Foundation and the district. "This gift recognizes our teachers' skill and dedication, and shows our appreciation of their commitment to our students," Nancy Seay said. Seay is the daughter of Governor Bill Clements and a board member of the Clements Foundation. "The goal of this gift to the Highland Park Education Foundation is to help the school district support our teachers." view article  arw

Cleveland ISD elementary student brings pellet gun to school, shoots 2 fellow classmates, police say

May 2308:25 AM

A Cleveland Independent School District student shot two other students with a pellet gun on Monday, according to school officials. The Eastside Elementary School students who were shot were not hurt. view article  arw

McKinney ISD to begin work on fine arts expansion at 3 schools

May 2308:25 AM

McKinney ISD will begin civil work for fine arts expansions at McKinney Boyd High School, Evans Middle School and Cockrill Middle School. Work is expected to begin when the 2017-18 school year ends and be complete by the first day of the 2018-19 school year Aug. 20, said Greg Suttle, executive director of facilities, services and construction. During Tuesday’s MISD board meeting, the board approved the civil package of these projects totaling approximately $1.64 million.  view article  arw

Friendswood ISD officials step up security measures

May 2308:25 AM

Friendswood ISD officials are working with a firm to review the safety plan for all district campuses, Superintendent Thad J. Roher said. In the aftermath of the May 18 shooting that killed 10 people at Santa Fe High School — and the May 21 arrest of a Friendswood Junior High School eighth-grader for allegedly making a terroristic threat — Friendswood also moved to boost security throughout the district until the school year ends May 31. view article  arw