Governor Abbott is thinking about instituting “Red Flag” laws to deal with school shootings. What is a “red flag law”? Wikipedia gives us some insight. In United Kingdom, the Locomotive Acts was a policy requiring self-propelled vehicles to be led by a pedestrian waving a red flag or carrying a lantern to warn bystanders of the vehicle's approach. In particular The Locomotive Act 1865, also known as Red Flag Act, stated: read more arw

Congratulations to the following New Supers

Diana L. Barrera, current Executive Director of Elementary Curriculum of Somerset ISD, has been named New Super of Kenedy ISD.

Luke Allison, current Superintendent of Normangee ISD, has been named New Super of Caddo Mills ISD.

Phillip Edwards , current Superintendent of Kemp ISD, has been named New Super of Angleton ISD.

Clint Askins, current Director of Special Education/504 and Student Services of Floresville ISD, has been named New Super of Miles ISD.


38 Superintendent Vacancies Click to expand

Vacant Rusk ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational Services, Inc.INFO
Vacant Kemp ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational Services, Inc.INFO
Vacant Post ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational Services, Inc.INFO
Vacant Bandera ISD; Search by: Walsh Gallegos, Trevino, Russo, Kyle and Gary PattersonINFO
Vacant Waller ISD; Search by: Rogers, Morris & Grover, L.L.P. ​InfoINFO
Vacant Texas Association of Rural Schools Executive Director; Search by: The Texas Association of Rural Schools (TARS) Executive Committee InfoINFO
Vacant Plainview ISD; Search by: Thompson & Horton LLPINFO
Vacant West Sabine ISD; Search by: West Sabine ISD School Board InfoINFO
Vacant Victoria ISD; Dr. Quintin Shepherd; Superintendent of Linn-Mar Community School District; Search by JG Consulting InfoINFO
Vacant Vega ISD; Search by: Vega ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
Vacant Mission CISD; Search by: ​McShan Consulting Firm infoINFO
Vacant Dalhart ISD; Search by: Dalhart ISD Board of Trustees infoINFO
Vacant Gainesville ISD; Search by: Education Solutions and Services infoINFO
Vacant Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco ISD; Search by: O'Hanlon, Demerath & Castillo infoINFO
Vacant Cisco ISD; Search by: Region 14 ESC InfoINFO
Vacant Santa Maria ISD; Search by: O'Hanlon, Demerath & Castillo InfoINFO
Vacant Wolfe City ISD; Search By: Education Solutions and Services InfoINFO
Vacant Dickinson ISD; Search by: Dickinson ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
Vacant Robstown ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services infoINFO
Vacant Friona ISD; Search By: Region 16 and Robin Fulce InfoINFO
Vacant Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD ; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services infoINFO
Vacant Fort Sam Houston ISD; Search by: ​Walsh Gallegos Trevińo Russo & Kyle P.C. & Educational Consultant Dr. Ann DixonINFO
Vacant New Boston ISD; Search by: New Boston ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
Vacant Desoto ISD; Search by: JG Consulting InfoINFO
Vacant Mt. Vernon ISD; Search by: Education Solutions and Services infoINFO
Lone Finalist Midway ISD; Randel Beaver; Retired superintendent from Archer City ISD; Search By: Region 9 ESC infoINFO
Lone Finalist Port Neches-Groves ISD; Dr. Mike Gonzales; Elementary Principal of Beaumont ISD; Search By: Port Neches-Groves ISD and Interim Superintendent, Dr. Jimmy Creel INFO
Lone Finalist Red Lick ISD;  Brandon Dennard; Assistant Superintendent of North Lamar ISD; Search By Red Lick ISD School BoardINFO
Lone Finalist Tarkington ISD ; Dr. Marc Keith; Assistant Superintendent of Port Neches- Groves ISD; Search By: Tarkington ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
Lone Finalist North Lamar ISD; Dr. Jason Adams; Superintendent in Kerens ISD; Search By: Education Solutions and Services with Letha Hopkins and Randy HancockINFO
Lone Finalist Lorenzo ISD; Kayla Morrison; Former Asst. Superintendent of Roosevelt ISD; Search By Region 17 ESCINFO
Lone Finalist Seymour ISD; Search by: Region 9 ESC and  Seymour ISD Board of TrusteesINFO
Lone Finalist Glasscock County ISD; Scott Bicknell; Elementary Principal of Glasscock County; Search by Glasscock County ISD School BoardINFO
Lone Finalist Cedars International Academy; Mr. Varghese Panachakunnil; Federal Programs Administrator of ​Pearsall ISD; Search by Dr. Mark Diaz, current Superintendent of Cedars International Academy, will be conducting the search for his replacement. InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Reagan County ISD; Bobby Fryar; Superintendent of Veribest ISD; Search by Reagan County ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Brownfield ISD; Chris Smith; Assistant Superintendent of Slaton ISD; Search by: Region 17 ESC InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Temple ISD; Dr. Bobby Ott; Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction from Temple ISD; Search by: Executive Search Services InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Anna ISD; Michael Comeaux; Superintendent of Post ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational Services, Inc.INFO
Lone Finalist Sharyland ISD; Maria Vidaurri; Superintendent of Robstown ISD; Search By Jones, Galligan, Key & Lozano L.L.PINFO
Lone Finalist Aledo ISD; Susan K. Bohn; Superintendent of Lockhart ISD; Search by Preston Educational ConsultingINFO
Lone Finalist Perryton ISD; Dr. Timothy Little; Superintendent of Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco ISD; Search by Region 16 ESC InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Tulia ISD; Tim Glover; Superintendent of Luling ISD; Search by: Tulia ISD School Board InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Aldine ISD - Dr. LaTonya Goffney, Superintendent,Lufkin ISD; Search By: Thompson & Horton LLPINFO
Lone Finalist Presidio ISD; Ray Vasquez; Assistant Superintendent of Brownfield ISD; Search by: Dr. Doug Karr InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Region 14 Executive Director; Shane Fields; Superintendent of Albany ISD; Search by Region 14 Service CenterINFO
Lone Finalist White Deer ISD; Dane Richardson; Elementary Principal of Wellington ISD; Search by: Region 16 ESC infoINFO
Lone Finalist Crosby ISD; Scott Davis; Superintendent of Rusk ISD; Search by: JG Consulting InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Kerens ISD; Martin Brumit; High Schoo Principal of Malakoff ISD; Search by: Leasor Crass InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Edgewood ISD; Eduardo Hernandez, Chief of Schools/Chief Academic Officer of Duncanville ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services infoINFO
Lone Finalist Coleman ISD; Brandon McDowell; Superintendent of Loraine ISD; Search by: Education Solution and Services InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Dodd City ISD; Dr. Jon Hill; Secondary Principal of Danbury ISD; Search by: Education Solution and ServicesINFO
Lone Finalist Quanah ISD; Melissa Sulak, Assistant Superintendent of Venus ISD, Search by: Region 9 ESC infoINFO
Lone Finalist Union Grove ISD; Kelly Moore, High School Principal of Hawkins ISD, Search by: Union Grove ISD Board of Trustees infoINFO
Lone Finalist Irion County ISD; Brian Gray, Superintendent of Union Grove ISD

Search by: Irion County ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Donna ISD; Dr. Hafedh Azaiez; Assistant Superintendent for Middle Schools in Spring ISD; Search by: JG Consulting InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Rocksprings ISD; Daron Worrell; Middle School Principal of Sonora ISD; Search by: Region 15 ESC InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Lockhart ISD; Mark Estrada; Assistant Superintendent of  Curriculum and Instruction of Lockhart ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services infoINFO
Lone Finalist Veribest ISD; Mr. Ryder Appleton,Director of Career and Technical Education- Curriculum & Instruction of Abilene ISD, Search by: Region 15 ESCINFO
Lone Finalist Judson ISD; Jeanette Ball; Superintendent of Uvalde CISD; Search by:  Walsh Gallegos Trevińo Russo & Kyle P.C. & Educational Consultant Gary PattersonINFO
New Super Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) Executive Director; Dr. Kevin Brown; Superintendent of Alamo Heights ISD; Search by Arrow Educational Services, Inc.INFO
New Super Valley Mills ISD ; Mike Kelly; Middle School Principal of China Spring ISD; Search By: Valley Mills ISD Board of TrusteesINFO
New Super Olton ISD; Kevin McCasland; Principal of Seminole ISD; Search by Region 17 ESCINFO
New Super Anna ISD Principal; Shelly Anderson; Associate Principal; Sherman ISD  Search by: Arrow Educational Services, Inc. InfoINFO
New Super Fannindel ISD; Thomas Bradley; Search by: Fannindel ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
New Super Kenedy ISD; Diana L. Barrera; Executive Director of Elementary Curriculum in Somerset ISD; Search by: Walsh Anderson Gallegos Trevino Russo & Kyle P.C.INFO
New Super Caddo Mills ISD; Luke Allison; Superintendent of Normangee ISD; Search by: Executive Search Services InfoINFO
New Super Angleton ISD; Phillip Edwards; Superintendent of Kemp ISD; Search by: Executive Search Services InfoINFO
New Super Miles ISD; Clint   Askins; Director of Special Education/504 and Student Services of Floresville ISD; Search by CCR Educational Consultants Info.INFO
New Super Pine Tree ISD; Steve Clugston; Superintendent of ​Callisburg ISD; Search by: Executive Search Services InfoINFO
New Super Brock ISD - Cade Smith, Exec. Director of Campus Operation & Leadership,Georgetown ISD; Search by: Former School Board President, Bill C. Cooper InfoINFO
New Super Central Heights ISD; David Russell; Principal of Central Heights ISD; Search by: Executive Search Services InfoINFO
New Super Alice ISD; Carl Scarbrough; Assistant Superintendent of San Antonio ISD; Search by: Executive Search Services InfoINFO
New Super Lake Worth ISD; Dr. Rose Mary Hargett-Neshyba; Superintendent of New Boston ISD; Search by: Bob E Griggs and AssociatesINFO
New Super Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD; John Chapman; Superintendent of Ennis ISD; Search by: Executive Search Services InfoINFO
New Super Hunt ISD; Luci Harmon; District Principal of Nueces Canyon CISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services infoINFO
New Super Sinton ISD; Michael “Chad” Jones; Superintendent of Iola ISD; Search by: Executive Search Services InfoINFO
New Super Lipan ISD; Dr. Ralph Carter;Superindent of Jessieville School District; Search by: Mike Vinyard, Search Consultant InfoINFO
New Super Anahuac ISD; Mr. Dennis Wagner, Principal of Barbers Hill Middle School South, Search by:  Rogers, Morris & Grover, L.L.P. InfoINFO

RESULTS: Residents reject Klein ISD Tax Ratification Election proposal for 9-cent tax rate increase

June 1806:42 AM

Klein ISD voters came out against the Tax Ratification Election on Saturday that would have raised the district tax rate by 9 cents to $1.52 per $100 valuation. A total of 4,136, or 45 percent of voters, voted in favor of the measure, and 5,063 or 55 percent of voters, opposed it. A total of 9,119 voters, or 6.1 percent of those registered in the district, participated in the election. All votes are unofficial until canvassed. view article  arw

Challenger Justin Henry cruises in runoff for Dallas ISD District 9 seat, defeating incumbent Nutall

June 1806:08 AM

A day after dissenting members of Dallas ISD’s school board, with the help of District 9 incumbent Bernadette Nutall, thwarted an effort by Superintendent Michael Hinojosa to potentially raise the district’s tax rate, Henry announced his candidacy for the District 9 seat. On Saturday, Henry got a seat at the table. view article  arw

Preventive Law: The $100,000 Mistake Your Sped Teachers Could Be Making!

June 0108:31 AM

Special education teachers are the heart and soul of special education programs. They are among the most talented and hard-working educators in our state. Ask any special education teacher about the amount of data generated on individual students, and she will tell you that it is staggering. If that data is focused on the right things, it can go a long way toward proving that a school district provided a student with a free, appropriate public education (FAPE) as required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). If the data focused on the wrong things, all that effort was for naught.

New Dallas ISD Trustee Has an Appetite for Change

June 1808:41 AM

One day after his big win, Justin Henry said he's really looking forward to setting policy. He now has a seat at the table and an appetite for change. Dallas ISD’s newest trustee is a father, an attorney, and a former teacher. Armed with a master's degree in education, Henry said he's ready to get to work for Dallas. "When we talk about community engagement, where there are these big discussions happening with the board or the media, or city council, we need to make sure that our community is fully informed about what that means, how that impacts them, the positive and the negative," said Henry, who will represent District 9. view article  arw

Property tax appraiser calls on state lawmakers to fix system

June 1808:40 AM

SAN ANTONIO – Are you upset about your property tax bill? The chief of appraiser of Bexar County says, so is he.  Mike Amezquita is now speaking out about why your property taxes keep going up.  He says about 16% of your tax bill goes to the city and county, while the state takes about 55% to pay for public schools. view article  arw

Varnett charter school founders sentenced to prison, ordered to pay $4.4M restitution

June 1808:40 AM

Comparing them to villains from a Charles Dickens novel who steal from the poor, a federal judge on Friday sentenced Varnett charter school founders Marian Annette Cluff and Alsie Cluff Jr. to 10 years and 3 years in prison, respectively, for running an embezzlement and tax scheme that bilked low-income parents. ollowing a nearly-five-hour hearing, during which victims lamented their financial losses and the Cluffs pleaded for mercy, U.S. District Judge Melinda Harmon sentenced the married couple to the maximum sentences outlined in their plea agreements and ordered $4.4 million in restitution. view article  arw

Houston ISD Board will need a budget do-over

June 1808:39 AM

Houston ISD trustees narrowly rejected the district’s proposed $2 billion budget, did not move forward with making Interim Superintendent Grenita Lathan the district’s permanent leader and voted to end the employment of acclaimed Furr High School Principal Bertie Simmons during an eventful meeting Thursday. view article  arw

Austin school board on path to deplete district reserves in 3 years

June 1808:38 AM

As Austin school board members on Monday weigh a $775.2 million operating budget, their spending plan for the 2018-19 school year is overshadowed by future budget forecasts that threaten the school system’s solvency.  For the second consecutive year, the district will pass a budget with a deficit – this year $29 million — and pull from its reserves to cover the expenses. view article  arw

Tyler ISD board could take action on potential Robert E. Lee High School name change during Monday meeting

June 1808:38 AM

After nearly a year of discussion and community action, the Tyler ISD board of trustees could take action to rename Robert E. Lee High School at Monday’s board meeting. The district will receive an updated cost analysis on any potential name changes to its high schools and later in the meeting consider changing the name of Robert E. Lee High School to “Lee High School.” view article  arw

After resignations, Abilene Independent School District makes administrative changes

June 1808:35 AM

Abilene Independent School District Superintendent David Young on Friday temporarily addressed one of the recently opened vacancies in his administrative cabinet, naming a new interim executive director of human resources. Young also named a new director of human resources to work beneath the temporary executive, according to a news release from the district. Larry Blair, a retired superintendent who has run Mansfield and three other ISDs and served in an interim superintendent role in four other districts after his retirement, will serve as the interim executive director of HR, the release said. view article  arw

Edinburg schools to hold own elections

June 1808:35 AM

District to spend nearly $400,000 to purchase voting equipment.  EDINBURG — The school board here voted Tuesday to purchase electronic voting machines at a cost of $374,643 to run the upcoming Nov. 6 election in-house. The move was discussed at previous meetings with the board split due to the purchase of the equipment alone being more than five times more expensive than the usual contract with the Hidalgo County Elections Department, which would have been about $65,000 in total.  The Edinburg school district board approved the purchase of 58 voting machines and 20 electronic polls using local funds from Elections Systems & Software. view article  arw

Inside the Former Walmart That Is Now a Shelter for Almost 1,500 Migrant Children

June 1808:33 AM

BROWNSVILLE, Tex. — In the loading docks, children sat in a darkened auditorium watching the animated movie “Moana.” Where there were once racks of clothes and aisles of appliances, there were now spotless dorm-style bedrooms with neatly made beds and Pokemon posters on the walls. The back parking lots were now makeshift soccer fields and volleyball courts. The McDonald’s was now the cafeteria. All this made it difficult to visualize what the sprawling facility used to be — a former Walmart Supercenter. view article  arw

Four Generation Twenty-Three charter school applicants complete process

June 1808:30 AM

AUSTIN – Four Generation Twenty-Three charter school applicants today successfully completed the final step of the state’s charter application process allowing them to begin operation in Texas for the 2019-2020 school year once any contingencies are met. view article  arw

Bulletin Board

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Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Mehl, P.C.

2018 Texas Title IX Administrator Conference

October 17 & 18, 2018

A Title IX Conference specifically designed for K-12 administrators!

Join us for our fourth annual forum for Title IX coordinators. This conference is designed to provide realistic support to school administrators in order to protect both their students and their districts in matters such as promoting gender equity in athletics and providing an environment free from gender-based harassment.  


This conference is appropriate for Title IX Coordinators, Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Campus Administrators, Athletic Directors, Coaches, School Board Trustees, and Teachers.


Title IX Administrators Conference

Wednesday, October 17


Valerie Bonnette - Title IX and Gender Equity Specialist
Ann Patton - Texas Education Agency
Doug Phillips - Texas Education Agency
Dennis Eichelbaum - Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Mehl, P.C.
Heather Rutland - Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Mehl, P.C.


Day 1 Registration Fees

$275 - first person
$200 - each additional person from same district


Title IX Coordinator Boot Camp

Thursday, October 18


The History of Title IX
A Day in the Life of a Title IX Coordinator
How to do an Investigation
Ask the Attorney - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Being a Title IX Coordinator



Dennis Eichelbaum - Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Mehl, P.C.
Holly Wardell - Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Mehl, P.C.


Day 2 Registration Fee

$150 per person


Attend Both Days

Registration Fee

$425 - first person
$350 - each additional person from same district


Hotel Info

Austin Marriott North
2600 La Frontera Blvd
Round Rock, TX 78681

Room rate - $142/night  

How to make your reservation:

Call (512) 733-6767 and ask for the "Title IX" block of rooms or click here to make your reservation online.


Continuing Education

Participants are eligible to receive 5 hours of continuing professional education credits through HRCI, SBEC, and Texas Association of School Business Officials.

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Nearly 750 charter schools are whiter than the nearby district schools

June 1808:30 AM

This was clearly no ordinary public school. Parents of prospective students converged on Lake Oconee Academy for an open house on a bright but unseasonably cold March afternoon for northern Georgia. A driveway circling a landscaped pond led them to the school’s main hall. The tan building had the same luxury-lodge feel as the nearby Ritz-Carlton resort. Parents oohed and aahed as Jody Worth, the upper school director, ushered them through the campus. Nestled among gated communities, golf courses and country clubs, the school felt like an oasis of opportunity in a county of haves and have-nots, where nearly half of all children live in poverty while others live in multimillion-dollar lakeside houses. view article  arw

Riddick: Midland ISD takes bullying allegations seriously

June 1808:30 AM

Over the past several weeks, there has been a number of allegations and statements made attacking and falsely accusing the school district of “sweeping under the rug” “covering up,” and “withholding” information regarding bullying instances throughout our district. Incredibly harsh accusations and attacks against our campuses and staff have run rampant like wildfires in the media and throughout social media.In all of my years in education, I have learned that this type of behavior stems from misunderstanding, mistrust and lack of collaboration between the community and a public school system. As your superintendent of schools, it is my commitment to you to be forthright and transparent in all areas that impact our school district, including academics, finance, facilities, safety and security, etc. view article  arw

Superintendent Search: Judson ISD has announced a Lone Finalist

June 1808:29 AM

Judson ISD Board of Trustees has chosen Jeanette Ball, Superintendent of Uvalde CISD, as the Lone Finalist for Judson ISD Superintendent of Schools. Details and updates will continue to appear on our search page as things progress.

Midway ISD Leader Selected as Region 12 Superintendent of the Year

June 1808:29 AM

Waco, TX - Midway ISD Superintendent Dr. George Kazanas has been named the 2018 Region 12 Superintendent of the Year and regional nominee for the Texas Superintendent of the Year. Kazanas has served as superintendent of Midway ISD since 2012 and as an educator for 27 years. The native Central Texan also received this highly esteemed recognition in 2004, while serving as superintendent in China Spring ISD. view article  arw

Decatur: Let Whitis continue job

June 1808:29 AM

Dear School Board Members, As Spiderman once said, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” I do not envy you your responsibility this week. You have been placed in a terrible position. Nearly a year ago, you, the DISD school board, were happy, excited and celebratory about hiring Dr. Judi Whitis. In February, you reviewed her performance and unanimously extended her contract. Now, in June, you find yourselves in a board meeting discussing Dr. Whitis and her performance, again. view article  arw

Whitis’ future at DISD uncertain; Discussions to continue on superintendent contract

June 1808:29 AM

A week after holding a seven-hour closed session, Decatur ISD trustees will meet again Monday and discuss the employment and duties of Superintendent Judi Whitis.The meeting will start at 6 p.m. with public forum at the Decatur ISD Administration Building. Trustees have moved closed session, usually held at the beginning of the meeting, to the end.  They’re scheduled to meet with the school district’s attorney, Paige Kyle of Walsh Gallegos, during closed session to discuss the employment, evaluation and duties of the superintendent. view article  arw

Superintendent will miss students, Uvalde

June 1808:29 AM

Jeanette Ball will miss the students of the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District and the community she has called home for the last five years, but she is confident the programs initiated under her tenure as superintendent will be in good hands.On Wednesday evening, the Judson Independent School District announced Ball as the sole finalist in that district’s search for a new superintendent. view article  arw

It’s official: Crosby ISD approves Scott Davis as next superintendent

June 1808:29 AM

After the legally mandated 21-day waiting period, the Crosby ISD school board voted unanimously to approve Scott Davis for the position of superintendent. The Crosby ISD board named Davis as the lone finalist to be the next superintendent May 22.   “I wouldn’t say weight, but there’s the knowledge of the true gravity of what that means when I say yes, I will lead your district, and I will take care of your children,” he said. “There’s no other way to explain it; you just have to wear that responsibility, and it’s one thing that I know I’m equipped to handle with the help of God.” view article  arw

Judson ISD Board of Trustees names its lone superintendent finalist

June 1808:29 AM

SAN ANTONIO - The Judson Independent School District Board of Trustees has named Dr. Jeanette Ball as the lone finalist for the district's next superintendent, the school district announced.  Ball is currently the superintendent of Uvalde ISD, a position she has held since 2013. She will replace outgoing Superintendent Carl Montoya. view article  arw

New Diana trustees approve campus improvements

June 1808:25 AM

New Diana ISD trustees approved several campus improvement projects Monday night. The high school will get new rooftop heating, ventilation and air conditioning units. Crews also are set to renovate the auditorium roof, gym floor and its drainage. Superintendent Carl Key said the improvements are general maintenance items that will cost about $187,000. view article  arw

TEXAS VIEW: School safety ideas are good, action and funding are needed

June 1808:25 AM

As Gov. Greg Abbott was conducting roundtable discussions aimed at finding ways to increase security for students in Texas schools, the News-Journal began convening a series of discussions to hear what East Texans had to say about the subject. In Austin, the governor met with student survivors, educators, safety experts and lawmakers, seeking their ideas on how to begin making our schools safer. Here, the newspaper brought together groups of students, parents, educators and law enforcers and asked them, in part, about the realities they see, the fears they face and the changes they hope to see. view article  arw

Austin schools leader proposes spending $1.7 million on safety measures

June 1808:25 AM

Austin school district leaders want to spend $1.7 million in its upcoming budget on more police officers and cameras, enhanced background checks, and a bus tracking system, Superintendent Paul Cruz said in a letter Wednesday. “The safety of our students is our most important priority, especially as events throughout the state and nation continue to affect them,” Cruz said, without mentioning by name the school shooting last month at Santa Fe High School near Galveston in which 10 students and staff were killed.  view article  arw

Clear Creek ISD committee considers slew of campus safety measures

June 1808:25 AM

Metal detectors on Clear Creek ISD campuses. Facility upgrades to thwart attackers. Use of trustee-appointed employees with concealed handgun licenses as school marshals. These are some of the ideas being discussed by a Clear Creek ISD advisory committee tasked with developing a plan to increase security on district campuses. view article  arw

No tax rate increase, more money for special education, gifted and talented: What to know about the Spring ISD 2018-19 budget

June 1808:25 AM

Spring ISD’s 2018-19 budget adopted Tuesday includes no increase to its tax rate of $1.51 per $100 valuation. The budget will increase the district’s revenue from the maintenance and operations rate while slightly reducing the amount slated for debt service for one year in order to maximize the state funding formula in the year after a natural disaster, officials said. “We will collect less in debt service but will be able to use our debt service fund balance to make up the shortfall and still remain within the reserve levels established in our debt management policy,” SISD Chief Financial Officer Ann Westbrooks said. view article  arw

Forney becomes Triple Freeport economic player with school district participation

June 1808:25 AM

FORNEY, Texas — With action taken by the Forney Independent School District Board of Trustees earlier this week, the City of Forney joins the rank of Triple Freeport communities competing for new economic opportunities and commercial businesses. view article  arw

Austin ISD to hire more police officers, update security system

June 1808:25 AM

The Austin Independent School District will hire five more police officers in its next budget. Superintendent Dr. Paul Cruz told parents and staff about the changes in a "Dear Austin ISD Community" letter sent out Thursday.  In the new fiscal year, the district will also upgrade the Raptor safety check system, add another emergency manager to staff, a system to track students who ride the bus, and more call boxes and camera at all high schools and middle schools. view article  arw

Online crashes invalidate thousands of San Antonio STAAR tests

June 1808:25 AM

Online connection issues during state standardized testing this spring impacted thousands of local students, school districts in Bexar County reported, part of a statewide tally that climbed above 100,000. Local administrators expressed irritation and disappointment regarding the latest round of problems, the second such incident in three years. “While we see many benefits to online testing, our confidence in the state's ability to effectively implement online testing has been shaken,” said Carin Adermann, director of testing and evaluation for the Northside Independent School District, in an email.  view article  arw

Ector County ISD trustees delay vote on tax rate increase

June 1808:25 AM

While members of the Ector County Independent School District Board of Trustees agree that a tax increase is needed, they declined to take any action during a special meeting Friday in favor of taking more time to engage the community and explain the need for it. The district’s tax rate is a total of $1.15 per $100 valuation, including $1.04 per $100 valuation for maintenance and operations and 11 cents going toward debt. view article  arw

Bryan ISD working to better serve low income students

June 1808:25 AM

Seventy-five percent of Bryan ISD students qualify for free and reduced lunches. That's three out of every four students, though the number fluctuates each year. Last year, the district started a Culture and Climate Task Force to help address the needs of these families. view article  arw

Humble ISD safety app utilized in its first year, stats show

June 1808:25 AM

Humble ISD’s iHelp app, which was launched in fall 2017, received over 3,600 tip submissions within its first year of implementation. The app allows students, staff, family and other members of the Humble ISD community to anonymously submit tips about anything that may pose as a safety risk to themselves or others in the district — whether it’s an uncomfortable encounter with stranger, or alerting district officials to a student exhibiting unusual behavior. view article  arw