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Congratulations to the following New Supers

Ritchie Bowling, Asst. Superintendent Howe ISD, has been named New Super of Maypearl ISD.

Walter Jackson, Area Superintendent Alief ISD, has been named New Super of Brenham ISD.

Tim Norman, Center ISD High School Principal , has been named New Super of Chireno ISD.

Dr. Brad Schnautz, Magnolia ISD High School Principal , has been named New Super of Lexington ISD.

Marshall Harrison, Comanche ISD Superintendent, has been named New Super of Blooming Grove ISD .


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  - Troy Seagler, High School Principal,Gruver ISD; Search by Gruver ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
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New Super Walnut Bend ISD - Kelly Carrell, Principal,Miami ISD; Search by Walnut Bend ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
New Super Natalia ISD - Michael Steck, Superintendent,Marlin ISD; Walsh Anderson, Gallegos, Green and Trevino, P.C. Info INFO
New Super Whiteface CISD - Cassidy McBrayer, Asst. Superintendent,Snyder ISD; Search by Ronnie Kincaid, ESC 14 Executive DirectorINFO
New Super Medina ISD - Penny White, Superintendent,Yantis ISD; Search by TASB ESS Search Team INFO
New Super Maypearl ISD - Ritchie Bowling, Asst. Superintendent,Howe ISD; TASB Executive Search Services INFO
New Super Brenham ISD - Walter Jackson, Area Superintendent,Alief ISD; Search by TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO
New Super Chireno ISD - Tim Norman, High School Principal ,Center ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational ServicesINFO
New Super Lexington ISD - Dr. Brad Schnautz, Principal West High School,Magnolia ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational Services INFO
New Super Blooming Grove ISD - Marshall Harrison, Frmr. Superintenedent,Comanche ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational ServicesINFO

House Public Education Posting for Tuesday April 21

April 2008:55 PM

Review the Agenda - There are Important bills to be considered. - 

Information Related to House Bill 1759

April 2008:45 AM

The following information was provided by Chairman Aycock when he introduced HB 1759 models are included. 

Preventive Law: End of Year Options-Program Change Reduction in Force

April 1408:30 AM

Notwithstanding the current legislative “promises” of more money for public education in the coming biennium, school districts may still be considering program changes or other avenues to whittle away some of their personnel costs.  Certainly, “program change” at the end of a school year is always the preferable mechanism to tackle that problem.  While the district may be feeling a pinch in its finances, it really is not advisable to use “financial exigency” for end-of-year decisions because of the limitations implicit in using that reason, which is now subject to definitions established by the commissioner under the authority of Texas Education Code section 44.011. view article arw

Bond or TRE coming up?  We’d love to know!

February 1308:45 AM tracks bond and TRE elections to gather data to be analysed and used in various research projects.  If your district is holding an election, please let us know view article arw

New From TEA

February 1208:45 AM

Voucher bill not likely to help special education students

April 2010:18 PM

The Texas Legislature should take heed of the law of unintended consequences this week as lawmakers consider the latest proposal to introduce vouchers to Texas schools. Even with the latest window dressing, the current version of Senate Bill 4 does not change the fact that the Senate’s plan for tax-credit funded “scholarships” would leave Texas public schools in tatters and harm the same populations lawmakers claim to want to help. The Texas House has shown less of an appetite for vouchers, but earlier in the session passed up an opportunity to make their opposition clear. view article arw

Seliger’s education bill draws praise, criticism

April 2008:38 AM

This month, the Texas Senate passed a bill that a local state legislator said would improve educator training, while critics said it could reduce teachers’ access to raises. Senate Bill 893, authored by state Sen. Kel Seliger of Amarillo, would allow Texas Education Agency to create an annual evaluation system that includes students’ academic performance and data measures, according to the legislation.  view article arw

San Benito schools super has a new plan

April 2008:37 AM

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Marc A. Puig has a three-year plan for as an alternative solution to the district's initial plan that called for almost a 300-person reduction in staff and will put $14.5 million back into the fund balance. view article arw

Controversial School Voucher Proposal Set for Lege Debate This Week

April 2008:37 AM

The Texas Senate this week is expected to take up a voucher plan, the Texas Credit Scholarship Program would, for the first time, divert tax money to private school to help pay for student tuition, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports. It is one of the most hotly debated issues before the Legislature this year, with teachers unions holding a series of rallies at the Capitol, incluidng one on ... view article arw

Bill may change teacher salary structure

April 2008:37 AM

SAN ANTONIO - Teachers are concerned over two proposed bills they say could heavily impact their salaries. "It completely takes away any form of salary schedule at the state level," says Shelley Potter, with the San Antonio Alliance of Teachers and Support Personnel.  Many teachers across the state are concerned that Senate Bill 893 and House Bill 2543 will dramatically affect their pay scale for the worse.  "It basically does away with the entire concept of experience playing into the salary schedule in some sort of way." view article arw

A few Texas school boards taking much harder anti-testing line: Arlington, Katy

April 2008:35 AM

A few years back, more than 800 Texas school boards passed a resolution that was a nuanced pushback against the state testing and accountability system. After a bunch of “whereas” clauses, here was the bottom line on the template resolution distributed by the Texas Association of School Administrators: view article arw

Houston teacher champions adding Mexican-American studies in Texas schools

April 2008:35 AM

Ask Latino high school students these days to name five prominent Latino national figures, and they’ll likely name one. And it’s usually a singer. That’s not the answer Houston educator Tony Díaz has in mind when he puts the question to students taking his class on Mexican-American literature. He also asks them to name five Latino writers, five films by or about Latinos, and five Latinos with doctoral degrees. view article arw

Voucher bill not good public policy

April 2008:34 AM

Passage of a voucher bill or school choice legislation, as proponents like to refer to it is a high priority in the state Senate this legislative session, but the bills on the table raise serious concerns. view article arw

Bullard: City, ISD officials tackle growing pains

April 2008:34 AM

Located in one of the fastest-growing areas in the state, municipal and school leaders are joining efforts to help ease Bullard's growing pains. “You guys have knowledge in some areas we don't, and we have knowledge of our own, and I thought it was time that we did this, talk to each other and share ideas,” City Manager Larry Morgan told Bullard ISD trustees during a joint meeting Thursday view article arw

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Round Rock ISD approves digital textbooks

April 2008:33 AM

The Round Rock ISD board of trustees debated technology in the classroom at its meeting April 13. Chief of Teaching and Learning Robbin Gesch asked the board to approve a $7.1 million instructional materials allotment, or IMA, proposal that will shift students from hard textbooks to their digital counterparts for the 2015-16 school year. The proposal, dubbed Proclamation 2015, has been in the works since April 2014, Gesch said. IMA selection committees included teachers from all grade levels throughout the district. Gesch said in addition to the digital textbooks, 35 hardcover textbooks would be allocated to each classroom. view article arw

School poised for boom

April 2008:33 AM

With a rebounding economy, Crowley ISD leads the southern metroplex in growth, said Dr. Dan Powell, CISD superintendent.  Giving the Crowley Lions Club the bottom line on the state of the school district, Powell said hammers and nails are being heard across the district.  "Residential development is coming in heavy in the southern and western parts of the district," he told Lions and their guests last Wednesday, pointing to a map. "Our district is 59 square miles with 75 percent of that area in Fort Worth. At this time, only about half of the land in our district is developed." view article arw

Tale of two Parent-Trigger Bills: Texas’ Moves Forward While Tennessee’s Stalls

April 2008:32 AM

While Texas senators approved a bill that would make changes to its current parent-trigger law, Tennessee lawmakers shelved legislation that would have given parents the right to petition for big changes at low-performing schools. Texas' current parent-trigger law allows parents to petition to convert a school into a charter if a school is rated "unacceptable" by the state for five consecutive years. Texas senators voted 25-6 on April 15 to reduce that time period to three years, according to the Houston Chronicle. view article arw

Lozano advocates $3 billion increase to schools funding

April 2008:32 AM

Austin, Texas) The Texas House of Representatives is considering a $3 billion increase to education funding, a proposal advocated by education champions in the Texas House of Representatives. House Bill 1759 by Public Education Chairman Aycock changes the school funding formula and increases funding to 95 percent of Texas students. view article arw

El Paso:  Bob Geske appointed to EPISD Board of Managers

April 2008:32 AM

El Paso Independent School District trustee-in-waiting Bob Geske will take over Blanca Enriquez's seat on the district's Board of Managers for the remainder of the board's term.  Enriquez resigned from the board this month after she was named to lead the national Office of Head Start in Washington, D.C. Geske was elected to the EPISD board in 2013, the first election after a district-wide cheating scheme came to light. A few days before the election, Texas Education Commissioner Michael Williams removed the trustees and installed the five-member Board of Managers. view article arw

No out of the ordinary misconduct in Marshall ISD schools

April 2008:31 AM

With a little more than 5,500 students enrolled in Marshall Independent School District, it has been reported that less than .42 percent could be considered "discipline problems. view article arw

Texas House, Senate at severe odds on tax cuts

April 2008:31 AM

State lawmakers are poised to give billions back to taxpayers during the 84th Legislature. They just cant agree which taxpayers should share in the tax break, leading to some heated exchanges between Republicans in the House and Senate over whether to cut business taxes, cut sales taxes or increase the states homestead exemption. view article arw

Louise: LISD sets superintendent goals, employee contracts

April 2008:30 AM

Superintendent goals and employee contracts top the agenda when Louise ISD trustees meet Monday. Board members met in closed session last month to discuss goals for Superintendent Mike Seabolt for the 2015-16 school year. view article arw

Dallas ISD trustees face off again over Mike Miles

April 2008:29 AM

Dallas ISD trustees are locked in a battle over scheduling a meeting that could determine whether Superintendent Mike Miles keeps his job. Three trustees who have been critical of Miles’ performance — Joyce Foreman, Elizabeth Jones and Bernadette Nutall — are demanding that a meeting be set for Tuesday, which they believe is the deadline for board action on requests they made in February. view article arw

San Antonio: SAISD superintendent finalists introduced to media

April 2008:29 AM

San Antonio Independent School District is one step closer to selecting its next superintendent. On Thursday, the two finalists, Pedro Martinez and Scott Muri, were introduced to the media. Both men were chosen from a competitive pool of 40 candidates from across the country. view article arw

Midlothian:  MISD trustees name district superintendent sole finalist

April 2008:29 AM

The Midlothian ISD board of trustees voted unanimously to name Lane Ledbetter the sole finalist for the district superintendent position. The announcement was made at a special called meeting on Thursday. Trustee Duke Burge was not at the meeting. “After extensive research that was very positive, I move to select Lane Ledbetter,” said trustee Matt Sanders. view article arw

Canyon ISD names lone finalist for superintendent

April 2008:29 AM

Canyon Independent School District Board of Trustees has selected a Frenship Independent School District administrator as its lone finalist to succeed retiring Superintendent Mike Wartes.  During its regular meeting on Thursday night, the board named Darryl Flusche, Frenship ISD’s assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, its lone finalist for the position. view article arw

NBC5: Threat spread on social media prompts extra security at Keller ISD high school

April 2008:27 AM

A photo of a threat circulating on social media is causing major concerns at Keller ISD's Timber Creek High School. The photo of a message written on a bathroom wall has been re-tweeted hundreds of times, so the district addressed it all through social media as well. view article arw

What Undocumented Students Bring to the Classroom

April 2008:27 AM

Teaching requires flexibility, the ability to manage a class that could be made up of English-language learners, half-comatose stoners, and confident National Merit semi-finalists alike—and somehow inspire all factions. At the California public school where I currently teach, the population is roughly two-thirds Latino; the ratio was far larger on my last campus. Some of these students are undocumented and, in my experience, likely to have language-acquisition needs, contend with family and work obligations, and feel alienated in the school community. view article arw

The Watchdog: The state of Texas is selling your information for profit

April 2008:26 AM

Not school related just an interesting FYI - js - Do you know who makes millions of dollars selling your personal driver’s license information to dozens of companies? Do you know who sells information on what vehicles you own to hundreds of other companies?  The state of Texas.You probably didn’t know this because the state does not give you a privacy statement alerting you when you apply for or renew your driver’s license or pay your annual vehicle registration. view article arw

Take the STAAR math test alongside Texas’ 5th graders

April 2008:25 AM

Whoever first used the word "elementary" to descibe something simple or obvious clearly wasn't talking about Texas' standardized test. Monday, public school students across the state will take the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) exam, and as these fifth grade math questions show, nothing is elementary about the test. view article arw

EPISD board to consider modernization plan, health magnet at Franklin High School

April 2008:25 AM

Opening a health magnet at Franklin High School won't cannibalize the current Silva Health Magnet School, El Paso Independent School District Superintendent Juan Cabrera said. Cabrera said he hopes the proposed Franklin magnet will draw students from Canutillo, Anthony and New Mexico, in addition to EPISD students who don't want to commute to Silva. view article arw

House approves bill that could expand enrollment footprint for state-authorized charter schools

April 2008:25 AM

The proposal would permit select out-of-zone students — those who qualify for free-and-reduced lunch, who have failed statewide achievement tests, or whose parents or relatives work at an ASD school — to comprise up to 25 percent of students in any school operated through the ASD, most of which have been transitioned to charter school operators. Currently, only students who are zoned to a school in the ASD or another school in the bottom 5 percent are qualified to attend a school in the turnaround district. view article arw

Texans rally for public education at Capitol

April 2008:20 AM

Thousands of people across the state are taking a stand for public education  and hoping to make it a top priority. A rally was held at the Capitol on Saturday for that reason. High school  student Regan Lively received a $16,000 scholarship for her high GPA, but since she can't pass one section of the STAAR test, it might all be taken away. view article arw

Dallas: Local parents protest STAAR testing

April 2008:19 AM

Students across North Texas will begin the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness testing this week. However, some parents are protesting the standardized test by opting to keep their children home during the testing. They're joining thousands around the country who say they're fed up with the standardized tests. They say the high-stakes tests put too much pressure on students, teachers and schools. view article arw