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Listen to Diane Ravitch clearly explain how public education is being damaged by the billionaires who want to destroy your community public schools. view article arw

Boxes and boxes of donations for victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas pulled out of San Pedro on Sunday, the efforts of a weeklong drive among schools in the Harbor Area. The amount of donations, said Lora Caudill, principal of Leland Elementary School in San Pedro, was overwhelming. view article arw

It took a lot of discussion and three attempts for a council consensus, but leaders of a local charter school finally got the approval for sewer service they wanted to built a new campus. Tuesday, the Flower Mound Town Council approved a master plan amendment that takes two tracts of land out of the Cross Timbers Conservation Development District (CTCDD) and gives them the land use designation “estate residential and institutional uses.” view article arw

Ohio leads the nation in letting low-performing public schools fail. But a report published Thursday shows that the controversial practice of shuttering public schools, which disproportionately affects minority and poor students, leaves families with about as good a chance of finding a better education as the flip of a coin. In fact, less than half of students displaced by school closings found themselves at better performing schools three years later. view article arw

Expanding charter schools around the country is losing support among Americans, even as President Donald Trump and his administration continue to push for school choice, according to a survey released Tuesday. Trump campaigned on a promise to dramatically improve school choice — charter schools and private school voucher programs — and his Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has made it a priority. But so far the message does not appear to have hit home with the public. view article arw

AUSTIN - The Texas House voted 98-43 for a bill addressing Gov. Greg Abbott’s top priority of curbing local officials’ authority over property tax increases Saturday.  The bill’s author said the measure would give taxpayers some protection but not “1 ounce” of relief.  People whose local property tax bills are putting a strain on their budgets are crying out for help, say Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and some other champions of the proposal to institute automatic rollback elections when property tax revenues rise above a certain level.  But House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dennis Bonnen, R-Angleton, said he can promise only that his proposal would give people the protection of having more say over proposed tax increases.  “It does not provide one ounce of property tax relief. It’s not intended to, and anyone who suggests that it is giving you bad information,” Bonnen said as he outlined the bill for the House. view article arw

If you are paying attention, the evidence about KIPP charter schools, a darling of the charter movement, is not all roses and bows. This blog actually began back in 2012 in response to a KIPP charter schools press release. The KIPP press office was trying to discount our research findings that we published in the Berkeley Review of Education about the attrition of Black students out of KIPP charters that we found in the Texas state data. view article arw

Houston ISD board members will meet behind closed doors Thursday to consider their next steps in dealing with the threat of state intervention due to chronically failing schools. Texas Education Agency officials will be on hand as the Houston ISD board grapples with how to avoid state takeover of the district or closure of campuses. Board members will meet in closed session because the discussions will likely involve legal matters and district personnel. view article arw

It is back to school time, but instead of buying pencils and book bags parents with students who attend the San Antonio School for Inquiry and Creativity are left scrambling. The move comes after the Texas Education Agency decided to close the school's doors for good. view article arw

As we approach the end of the special legislative session, it’s time for the final appeal to the state Legislature to address the state’s “byzantine” school finance system  view article arw

A few years after lawmakers created stricter rules for charter schools in Texas, student academic performance there is climbing. That's the big takeaway from a new report from Stanford University's Center for Research on Education Outcomes, or CREDO. Researchers found that, on average, Texas charter school students gained the equivalent of an extra 17 days in reading over the course of one school year compared to their peers in traditional district schools. view article arw

For the first time, Texas charter schools have outperformed traditional public schools in reading and closed the gap in math, researchers at Stanford University have found. Students at Texas charter schools, on average, received the equivalent of 17 additional days of learning per year in reading and virtually the same level of education in math when compared to traditional public schools, according to a study released Wednesday by the Center for Research on Education Outcomes, or CREDO. view article arw

The NAACP this week called for major reform within the charter schoolmovement, including a ban on for-profit charter management companies and changes to the school approval process. view article arw

The NAACP this week called for major reform within the charter school movement, including a ban on for-profit charter management companies and changes to the school approval process. Members of an NAACP task force concluded that greater transparency and accountability are needed in the charter school system. Their findings followed the organization's call for a moratorium on charter school expansion last year and a months-long, nationwide listening tour. view article arw

One Dallas area charter school network’s gradual expansion is having a direct impact on Texas’ 2nd largest school system: Dallas ISD. “Yes, we are aware of the impact,” Pamela Lear, Dallas ISD Chief of Staff said Wednesday. According to DISD data, 13 percent of its K-12 enrollment pool attends charter schools. That’s 20,000 students. Half of that figure is enrolled in one of 19 Uplift Education campuses within Dallas ISD boundaries. With names like Pinnacle and Peak, the 20-year-old charter system has pinpointed operations in South and East Dallas, offering families an option to their traditional neighborhood public school. view article arw

Mary Courtney was one of KIPP Houston's biggest advocates, even as she had to borrow money from relatives to keep up with payments to the charter school. She drove to Austin during School Choice Week, talking to lawmakers about why they should better fund charter schools. She volunteered on campus. She paid thousands in fees so her boys and other students could have access to books and science materials. view article arw

From almost the moment Michigan began allowing charter schools more than 20 years ago, the Detroit school district has been active in authorizing them. But that could soon change. Members of the board of education for the district have indicated in recent meetings they want to have a deep discussion about the district's role as an authorizer—a role that has contributed to the growth of charter schools in the city. view article arw

AUSTIN – Five Generation Twenty-Two charter school applicants today successfully completed the final step of the state’s application process allowing them to begin operation in Texas for the 2018-2019 school year once any contingencies are met. The five are: view article arw