DC Prep CEO Laura Maestas and her colleagues had a lot of explaining to do. More than a dozen Ward 8 residents showed up to the DC Public Charter School Board’s Monday meeting irate. They carried signs that read “#NoDCPreponFrankford!” DC Prep is trying to open a middle school for 4th to 8th graders in Ward 8, likely at 1619 Frankford St. SE, and has enraged nearby residents in the process. The conflict pitted educators against homeowners, charter school heads against its board, and Ward 8 residents against Ward 8 residents. It’s the latest example of how the District’s lack of comprehensive planning for where to build new schools can create disarray.  view article arw

Carol Burris, a veteran educator and now executive director of the Network for Public Education, has conducted extensive research into the federal Charter Schools Program (CSP), which resulted in a report called Asleep at the Wheel. That report documented the waste of about $1 billion in federal funds spent on charters that either never opened or that opened and then closed in short order. At the time the CSP was created by the Clinton administration, there were fewer than 100 charters; the new program was supposed to help start-up charters. However, since Betsy DeVos became Secretary of Education, she has used the CSP as her personal slush fund, lavishing million on established corporate charter chains–especially IDEA and KIPP. view article arw

A recently fired Alabama charter school president is accusing the academy of breaching her contract, supporting a culture of nepotism and discriminating against students with special needs. Former LEAD Academy principal Nicole Ivey is suing Montgomery's first charter, alleging that among a dozen complaints, the school tries to discourage special needs students' enrollment in order to boost revenue and academic achievement. view article arw

Longview ISD trustees will host the final planned town hall meeting on districtwide charter plans at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Education Support Center, 1301 E. Young St. The district has hosted the meetings to clarify plans on possibly applying to make all its schools charter campuses under Senate Bill 1882.  The bill, passed by the Legislature in 2017, allows public school districts to partner with an outside entity to run campuses. view article arw

Yes Prep Public Schools is adding something new to its curriculum — two elementary schools. view article arw

In her education plan, Elizabeth Warren proposed eliminating the federal Charter Schools Program. This program was started in 1994 to help jumpstart new charter schools at a time when there were fewer than 100 charter schools in the nation. Now there are 7,000. view article arw

YES Prep Public School's third annual Leading Houston Forward Luncheon isn't a frills and thrills kind of event. There's very little air kissing, gushing over corporate sponsors or self-congratulatory remarks.  In many ways, the gathering is all-business. And that's a good thing. view article arw

It’s 7:35 on a September morning, and a DJ is pumping dance music into the thick, humid air. Parents and children, some teenagers and others as young as 4 or 5, emerge from cars that are whisked away by valets. Like celebrities on a red carpet, the families walk through a throng of applauding staff and teachers and pass under an arch of balloons at the door to Washington’s newest private school. view article arw