Texas schools have some of the highest participation levels in the School Breakfast Program compared to other states. (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture) WACO, Texas -- Texas is among the top states in the country for public school participation in the national School Breakfast Program. The 2017 School Breakfast Scorecard from the Food Research and Action Center ranked the Lone Star State eighth-best in the nation for the number of schools providing breakfast to low income students. Kathy Krey, director of the Texas Hunger Initiative at Baylor University, said it's important for students who participate in school lunch programs to be included in the breakfast program.  view article arw

A random act of kindness from a couple in the Pflugerville area triggered other people to pay it forward as well. Earlier this month, a couple walked into Pflugerville Independent School District’s Rowe Elementary School and offered to write a check to pay off all the students’ lunch balances. view article arw

Parents and teachers at an elementary school in Pflugerville are still in shock after a couple paid off lunch balances for their students. A couple walked into the front office with their checkbook in hand, and asked to speak to the school principal of 960 students. view article arw

Progress is underway to implement a ban on pre-K through second grade suspensions and discretionary removals, as evidenced by a presentation given Jan. 9 by district officials to the Austin ISD board of trustees. view article arw

Waco ISD and 16 other school districts in McLennan County are working with a local non-profit to help feed students during winter break. view article arw

Here's a statistic that even liberals should question: The amount of money spent on the federal food stamp program (now called SNAP) has basically doubled since 2008, now approaching $80 billion to serve 43 million people. That year was the start of the great recession, but the national economy has dramatically improved since then, with unemployment falling to a record low of 4.6 percent last month. view article arw

Before her fourth-grade students arrive each morning, Joann Perkins sets out the day's breakfast on their desks in red and white paper dishes with cartons of milk and juice. view article arw

When school lunches stop

December 0807:45 AM

This time of year, the United Way of Southern Cameron County is in the midst of orchestrating what has become known at the Snack Pack Project, a community effort to provide bags full of nutritious, healthy food to families who could use a little extra help getting through the holidays. view article arw

If an apple a day can keep the doctor away, imagine what an entire breakfast can do. view article arw

Dallas ISD is expanding its Breakfast in the Classroom program to all of its elementary schools this fall. view article arw

Fort Bend ISD is going to begin serving up something different for some students who continually fail to pay for their lunches -- a cold cheese sandwich with a side of milk, and that's not sitting well with some parents. We're not talking about students who qualify for free school meals. But apparently, these repeat offenders have gotten so "forgetful" that it's draining the district's budget by hundreds of thousands of dollars. view article arw

Study: Eat school lunch after recess

January 1508:18 AM

Because of a federal rule, kids throw away millions of dollars of fruits and vegetables every single day at school. But a new study shows a simple, no-cost trick that should leave federal policy makers saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?” When recess takes place before kids sit down to eat – instead of after - fruit and vegetable consumption increases by 54%. view article arw

Beaumont Public Health director Sherry Ulmer says West Brook High School cafeteria workers did not want old sandwiches to rot outside during the Beaumont Independent School District Thanksgiving week-long break, since they were not sure when the trash would be collected.  view article arw