The Sherman Independent School District is looking at taking its food service on the road. District officials started discussing the possibilities of a food truck for the district at the beginning of the year.   Last week, the school board approved a $96,527 contract with ATX Food Truck Builder for the conversion of a decommissioned district school bus into a new food truck. Officials with the district said the truck will allow the district to set up a mobile kitchen during sporting events and as a part of its summer feeding program. “It is going to be a new innovative way to feed our students and the community,” Sherman Communications Director Kimberly Simpson said Feb. 11. Simpson has previously seen similar projects used in other districts with successful results. view article arw

The Flour Bluff Independent School District made a survey to see what their students thinks about their school lunch menu. "Wouldn’t it be great if the school cafeteria served food that you looked forward to eating? Please fill out this survey and help us improve our school’s menu," the application says. view article arw

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Flour Bluff Independent School District made a survey to see what their students thinks about their school lunch menu.  "Wouldn’t it be great if the school cafeteria served food that you looked forward to eating? Please fill out this survey and help us improve our school’s menu," the application says. view article arw

Votes are in for WFISD new menu item

February 0308:15 AM

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Thursday was the final day of voting for Wichita Falls Independent School District students.  On Thursday they decided which food item will be added to the lunch menu.  “There is an element to this that’s kind of fun getting younger people in the habit of voting and letting them know their vote matters. We’ve heard a couple of them say that my vote doesn’t matter and we correct them it does,” said Marketing Specialist, Emily Kincaid.  WFISD is one of 150 school districts nationwide who participated in the Chartwells K-12 Student Choice Program. view article arw

PECOS, Texas — Get in gear because the purple people feeder is ready for business.   That's right, I'm talking about the new $100,000 school food truck in Pecos. Peters and her team brought this idea to the school board about a year ago.  They voted to allot funds for the truck last May and now their dream is a reality.   "We're always trying to innovate, in fact, that was our big focus this year," Peters said.  One big reason for this truck was the idea of having accessible warm meals.  view article arw

One of the proposed rule changes could make SNAP recipients ineligible if their vehicles are valued at more than $4,650.  Vanessa Wilson’s white Chevy SUV has sat untouched on the patch of land outside her family’s trailer in Austin for months. It’ll be there for a while.  Drenched with water three months ago after she accidentally left the sunroof open, the car’s electrical system is shot, along with Wilson’s two-year Lyft gig, which she relied on to pay the bills. view article arw

AMARILLO, Texas — One in five children in our community is food insecure. Kids Cafe confronts childhood hunger and obesity by providing meals and snacks that follow USDA recommended nutritional guidelines.  Tina Brohlin, from the High Plains Food Bank, and Denise Blanchard from Amarillo ISD, have more on how you can support the Kids Cafe by buying a bowl of stew. view article arw

PORT ISABEL — From juice boxes to chicken quesadillas and even tamales, Jordan Badilo, 9, took his time sampling different foods and drinks that were displayed on several tables in the cafeteria.  Immediately after tasting each item, Jordan searched for a clear spot on nearby tables so he could write how he felt about it on his product evaluation form. view article arw

SPRING, TX – Jan. 16, 2020 – For Spring ISD parents who made a New Year’s goal to pack their child’s lunch more often, the district’s Child Nutrition department has a solution for students at Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) campuses: Pack the entrée and they can grab a fruit, vegetable and milk for free.  The idea of the program is that students at CEP campuses can pick three items from the lunch line to complement their lunch from home. Students at non-CEP campuses who qualify for free and reduced meals can also take advantage of this opportunity. view article arw

Now the district needs your help coming up with a unique name.  PECOS, Texas — Pecos Barstow Toyah ISD has purchased one of the first school district food trucks in West Texas. The truck will be used at extracurricular activities as well as on special days.  The district also says it will be used for the summer feeding program, allowing them to take it on the road and ensure children who can't get into town for the free lunch won't go hungry. view article arw

ALVIN, Texas (KTRK) -- A group of Alvin ISD students are competing to show off their culinary talents on the International Space Station.  "It's really cool to think about, that you're making something that astronauts could eat," said senior Angel Garcia. view article arw

ODEM, Texas — Students across the Odem Independent School District are now able to go home on a full stomach.  From chocolate milk to apples, students don't have to wait for dinner at home with an after school super program. The program is designed to help students that struggle financially.  view article arw

It's the season for giving and a former Conroe ISD student did just that, by giving to his alma mater. On Tuesday, Conroe ISD announced that a graduate from Conroe High School donated funds totaling over $7,000 to pay off the lunch debts of Washington Jr. High and Conroe High School students. view article arw

Hundreds of dollars in unpaid school lunch debt have been paid off in one Manor Independent School District elementary school, thanks to contributions from the community. view article arw

Chef Rudy Vasquez is busy deep-frying one of today’s lunch specials, chicken fingers. Only there’s no wheat on the flour-dredged meat. The breading is gluten free because some people are allergic to it or have celiac disease.  “And so we experimented with a number of different flour blends. Some of them had too much of one particular flour, such as rice or tapioca or potato starch. And some didn’t have enough. So we had to find the right balance," Vasquez said.  The University of North Texas says it has opened the state's first college cafeteria called Kitchen West that is free of the “big eight” ingredients that cause most food allergies. These ingredients are milk, eggs, peanuts, wheat, soy, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. view article arw

After a full morning of science and new math, lunch is that long-awaited break to just be a kid. At least that's what it should be. Lately, lunch at school keeps raising eyebrows. Parents sent to collection agencies over bills and hot meals taken away from kids. view article arw

The grant was given to the district by the Food Research and Action Center Breakfast Expansion Effort via General Mills. It paid for new breakfast carts for Lockhart High School and new breakfast rolling coolers for the elementary schools. view article arw

LITTLE CYPRESS, Texas — Students at some Little Cypress-Mauriceville schools may have eaten lettuce that was on the FDA recall list before the district was notified. Mauriceville Elementary, Mauriceville Middle and LCM High School all served the lettuce to a 'minimal number of students' on Thursday.    Anyone who believes they are having these symptoms after eating at one of these campuses should see a doctor. view article arw

Manor ISD is set to launch a new donation-driven program to help tackle the $1,500 lunch debt in their district. Starting Friday, Dec. 6, all campuses that charge students for lunch will have a “Lunch Buddy” account. The funds in the Lunch Buddy account were provided by parents and community members through donation. view article arw

In an attempt to ensure all students receive a hot meal, Manor Independent School District is starting a new donation-driven program at their schools to help pay for the lunches of children with negative balances. Manor ISD said starting Friday, all campuses that charge for lunch will have a "Lunch Buddy" account that students with negative balances can use to pay for their lunch. They said donations have been made by parents a view article arw

More than 18% of Texas children ages 10-17 are obese. Meanwhile,1 in 4 youth in the state experience hunger. Either way, kids who don’t get sufficient or nutritious meals start life at a serious disadvantage. Nutrition is one of 10 components for the CDC's recommended Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model and it plays a large role in the well-being of a student. A nutritious diet can lead to healthy behaviors and better performance in school.  view article arw

Manor ISD will soon be opening new donation accounts district-wide to ensure all students have access to a good meal during the school day. "Sometimes you just don't have the means or maybe you have a lot going on and you're not thinking about checking the account,” said mother Mayokia Fowler. Fowler’s five-year-old daughter is a kindergartener at ShadowGlen Elementary. She says her daughter has reached a negative balance on her school lunch account in the past. view article arw

An anonymous donor moved by the spirit of giving paid off hundreds of dollars in lunch dues for Conroe students. Conroe ISD told Eyewitness News the person donated over $1,400 just before Thanksgiving for students at Oak Ridge Elementary School. The school principal says the donor has no connection to the school and just wanted to pay it forward after witnessing his father do a similar deed.   view article arw

Free lunches will be offered to all students at Myatt Elementary starting in the 2020-2021 school year, after the El Campo ISD school board voted unanimously in favor of implementing a federal program Tuesday night. The board also approved changes to the district mission statement, but took no action on which courses will be added to the El Campo High School curriculum next year. view article arw

The Houston Independent School District announced on Wednesday that it had received approval from the United States Department of Agriculture and the Texas Department of Agriculture to waive the required application process for the National School Lunch/Breakfast Program. "All HISD students will eat all school meals for free during the 2017-2018 school year," the district said in a release Wednesday morning. Families still need to apply for this waiver though. view article arw

Fort Bend ISD is going to begin serving up something different for some students who continually fail to pay for their lunches -- a cold cheese sandwich with a side of milk, and that's not sitting well with some parents. We're not talking about students who qualify for free school meals. But apparently, these repeat offenders have gotten so "forgetful" that it's draining the district's budget by hundreds of thousands of dollars. view article arw

Study: Eat school lunch after recess

January 1508:18 AM

Because of a federal rule, kids throw away millions of dollars of fruits and vegetables every single day at school. But a new study shows a simple, no-cost trick that should leave federal policy makers saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?” When recess takes place before kids sit down to eat – instead of after - fruit and vegetable consumption increases by 54%. view article arw

Beaumont Public Health director Sherry Ulmer says West Brook High School cafeteria workers did not want old sandwiches to rot outside during the Beaumont Independent School District Thanksgiving week-long break, since they were not sure when the trash would be collected.  view article arw