Dr. Jim Largent, former Granbury superintendent and candidate for the Texas Legislature, is providing a needed service to school districts in an excellent way to broaden your knowledge of current issues in education. Jim’s podcast, Largent Unfiltered, is easy listening with a powerful message. We will be posting all future Largent Unfiltered programs on TexasISD.com. (Earlier programs are archived on his site.) read more arw

Repost!  Garrison ISD and Hubbard ISD (Hill Country) were the last two TREs of 2018, held on Saturday, December 15. The TRE season is not well defined but generally runs from May through December. read more arw

I watched the Texas Commission on Public School Finance - yes, the entire 6 hours - and have marked my calendar for the next meeting, December 19 at 10 a.m.If you wish to participate in the upcoming legislative debate on school funding this is the place to start. Remember, the last read more arw

Having it both ways is similar to having your cake and eating it too. This describes how I feel about the message we are hearing from the Commission on School Finance and Governor Abbott. On Tuesday, December 11, 2018, at 10:00 a.m., The Texas Commission on Public School Finance will meet to make recommendations to the full committee. (Agenda) . Later this month (possibly December 19), the committee meet again.  Will they vote on the recommendations? Will we know who is in favor and who is not? The subcommittees have previously taken votes, which leads me to think there may be a full committee vote. read more arw