Superintendent Micael Hinojosa and Dallas ISD are putting forth an excellent response to Sunday’s storms which left the district with several severely damaged campuses plus three or four that are totally destroyed. We can watch Hinojosa respond in this video. Obviously, there will be challenges getting the students back in school. Barely 24 hours into this recovery and the administrators already have viable plans for relocating students. The most impressive part of their response is that that it appears those students may not lose but a couple of days of instruction at the most. Once power is restored to all locations, a more complete analysis can be made. read more arw

Those feelings, plus a plethora of others, ran through the minds of the second-grade students in Karen James's Ortiz Elementary classroom Wednesday. And the teacher's. First days have a tendency to scare everyone. No one knows exactly what to expect. "Some of them are nervous about school," James said. "Some are excited about school. So, we talk about the different feelings that there are at the beginning of the school year. Some are really scared to be here and don't know what to expect." view article arw