Centralized government (as opposed to local government) in Texas continues to be the trend of our current so called conservative leadership. Slowly but surely the concept of “local control”, a conservative concept, is being lessened by the actions of our current state government leaders. In 1995 the Texas Education Code was re-written by Lt. Governor Bill Ratliff with the focus on “local control,” but since that era, local control has been methodically eroded by actions of short-sighted politicians for their own political benefit. read more arw

Creating a culture of voting in Texas is an admirable goal, especially in a state that has the least percentage of its population that votes in the nation. For this to be recognized by our educators and then having them step forward to lead the way, is to be commended. read more arw

I must comment on Jim Largent, Superintendent of Granbury ISD, who announced his candidacy for State Representative District 60 Monday. I can’t think of a better candidate for the people of that area. read more arw