This week’s voucher issue in the Texas Senate is getting enough votes to bring SB3 (to the floor). I am encouraged that there is resistance. The possible changes that would cause current “NO” votes to change to “YES” votes seems to be focused at rural senators. The other issue pointed out in several articles is that there is no fiscal note. In the Quorum Report, Kimberly Reeves and Scott Braddock observed, “CSSB 3 left the Senate Public Education Committee with no fiscal note attached. Taylor’s rough back-of-the-napkin estimate pegged the bill’s cost at $150 million.” read more arw

Joe’s Commentary: #TexEdTuesday

February 0709:00 AM

I am out of the office today.  Plan your next #TexEdTuesday.  - We at applaud John Wink, (Blue Ridge ISD), Doug Williams (Sunnyvale ISD) and Kevin Worthy (Royce City ISD) for their efforts in creating “TexEdTuesday”  to encourage everyone to thank Legislators who support public education. I will begin by recognizing my representative, Trent Ashby (R-Lufkin -  picture to the left) and my senator, Robert Nichols (R-Jacksonville)  for filing a bill that addresses the 300 square mile penalty.  Senator Nichols said, “It is unfair for a small school to be funded differently based on the size of the area they serve.”  NICHOLS, ASHBY FILE LEGISLATION TO IMPROVE SMALL SCHOOLS FUNDING  - js -- view article arw