Repost!  Sharing information is an important function of When I discover something that is timely, accurate, from a reputable source and I deem it beneficial, I like to pass it on. read more arw

This Election Day has great importance across our state, a fact that most of us fail to realize. This occurs when there are no opposing-party challengers. Therefore, many local and state contests will be decided on March 3rd. read more arw

“You can observe a lot by just watching,” - Yogi Berra. We have all been watching as the one-sided story developed in Barbers Hill relating to a dress code issue which has gone nationwide. Today, Barbers Hill superintendent Greg Poole responds with an article in The Baytown Sun, “Separate is still not equal.” read more arw

Repost!  There are articles in most every Texas newspaper today announcing that today, January 15, is the first day for candidates for public school board members to sign up. There is always a little anxiety when this day comes around regarding the possibility of your adversaries signing up to run. - You will need to get new board members (and even those wishing to become board members) involved in training activities ASAP.  read more arw