Philanthropist Betsy DeVos, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for Education Secretary, did not succeed in getting a school voucher program off the ground in her home state of Michigan. But her advocacy helped influence the program in neighboring Indiana, which is expansive, entrenched — and could be a model if Trump and DeVos move forward with trying to push a national voucher program. read more arw

In an attempt to provide motivation for school choice, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick made it clear that we need school choice because no parent should be forced to send their child to a school that's a D or an F or a C —  or, quite frankly, any school that they don't think serves their child. read more arw

The House and Senate will gavel in at noon today. There will be many education issues decided between now and the end of May. You can watch here. Comptroller Glenn Hagar delivered the revenue estimates for the spending budget yesterday. (BIENNIAL REVENUE ESTIMATE 2018-2019) read more arw

UPDATED: Fake news became an issue in the recent presidential election. If you read a lot of news publications, these fake articles and issues are fairly easy to identify. To those less informed, fake is not so easy to identify. This has been going on in Texas for some time. Yesterday, I commented on our state's leadership and the agendas of some of our state leaders. Today, I am reposting that simple message. However, I am adding the fact that much of our state level education agendas has originated with unproven ideas (fake issues) Many of the proposals are directed at non existent problems (fake issues). Educators have a difficult time defending their work in an environment they don’t identify with. Normally, we read these allegations that we do not identify with,(fake)  we feel bad, but go on our way with our commitment to educating children. That is apathy as John Wink, Blue Ridge Superintendent, describes it. He prescribes a four step solution in his blog post, The Greatest Enemy Against Public Education. read more arw

The legislative session is upon us… And the same old issues will be debated again. However, there will be new information (some of which may be mis-information), and there will be new things with. Neither my position nor my passion for public education has not changed. However, some old issues, neatly wrapped in new packaging, will be touted as “new and improved”. Don't fail to look back, examine the origin and note that perception is absolutely reality at the Capitol. Focus on changing the perceptions because the facts have not changed. read more arw

Repost!  We received resolutions  from Quitman ISD Superintendent Rhonda Turner and CFO Melinda McGinnis  that were passed by their school board. The intention was to correct a 30 year old part of the complicated public school funding formula which has been described as baseless, not related to any costs associated with educating children and punitive. read more arw

Updated! A final vote will be made on Friday from the State Board of Education on the controversial history textbook about Mexican-Americans. read more arw

Repost! with Updated data: This morning I have been reviewing and updating the bond and TRE results. I discovered an additional TRE that was held on November 8 - Royal ISD. It was not ratified. According to current data, there were 11 school district TREs held on November 8th. Six were ratified and five were not. For the year 2016, of the 49 elections that have been held, 40 (81.6%) were ratified and 9 (18.37%) were not supported by the voters. Needville ISD will hold a Tax Ratification Election on December 17, 2016. read more arw

Updated 12:45 PM - According to data,  there were 10 School District TREs held on November 8th.  Six were ratified and four were not.  For the year 2016, of the 49 elections held, 40 (81.6%) were ratified and 9 (18.37%) were not supported by the voters.  Needville ISD will hold a Tax Ratification Election on December 17, 2016.   read more arw