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The Texas State Teachers Association today called on Gov. Greg Abbott and state Education Commissioner Mike Morath to begin developing and funding a plan for evaluating and providing education services to the growing number of immigrant children who are being separated from their families and detained on the Texas-Mexico border. read more arw

Special education teachers are the heart and soul of special education programs. They are among the most talented and hard-working educators in our state. Ask any special education teacher about the amount of data generated on individual students, and she will tell you that it is staggering. If that data is focused on the right things, it can go a long way toward proving that a school district provided a student with a free, appropriate public education (FAPE) as required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). If the data focused on the wrong things, all that effort was for naught.

U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen has granted an unopposed motion for voluntary dismissal of a $2 million lawsuit against the Brownsville Independent School District filed in 2014 by former BISD trustees Catalina Presas-Garcia and Lucila B. Longoria alleging libel, slander and other violations. view article arw

The U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights in Dallas is investigating a parent's complaint that Irving ISD discriminated against his son for being Indian and Muslim. The year-old complaint, filed by Iqbal Bhombal, alleges the school district failed to "take appropriate responsive action to address racially harassing conduct" against Bhombal's now 11-year-old son by other students at John Haley Elementary School.  view article arw

A board member of the Schertz Cibolo Universal City ISD is out on bond Thursday after being arrested on several charges including theft. Gary Inmon has been a trustee with the district since 2000. He's serving his second stint as board president. view article arw

A former Dallas-area middle school counselor is arrested for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a student. According to Bedford Police, 33-year-old Shannon Hathaway turned herself in on Thursday after an arrest warrant was issued on charges of improper relationship between an educator and a student. view article arw

A former Slaton ISD teacher and coach was indicted Wednesday (June 13) by a federal grand jury. KAMC News reports 28 year-old Dustin Ray Leonard was arrested in May for enticement of a minor. Leonard is accused of using a cell phone to solicit a student for sexual contact. view article arw

The parent of a Katy ISD special-needs student has sued the school district after her son was allegedly Tased by a school resource officer when the teen left a classroom because of a bullying incident. The civil rights lawsuit filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Houston alleges that the school district and the resource officer violated the constitutional rights of the Mayde Creek High School student, then 17. view article arw

Two families who lost children during the Santa Fe shooting are suing, and the language being used in the documents does not hold back. In an emotional petition to the Galveston County Court of Law, penned before the second family joined the lawsuit, one of the pairs of parents argues that the guardians of Dimitrios Pagourtzis, the 17-year-old suspected school shooter, are guilty of gross negligence. view article arw

Lawyers for the cheerleaders who sued Kountze ISD six years ago over religious run-through banners have asked the state's highest court to deny the district's appeal, arguing there is no conflict left to resolve. In a response filed this week with the Texas Supreme Court, First Liberty Institute attorney Hiram Sasser wrote that "it is time (past time, really) for KISD to accept that the Establishment Clause is not offended when cheerleaders have religious speech on their run-through banners." view article arw

Mother and son suing Moody ISD

June 0708:32 AM

A Central Texas mother is suing the Moody Independent School District and a former football coach. They claim the coach was negligent after her son was injured during a football practice. "Fight. Fight for your child," says mother Melissa Davis. After two years, Melissa says she's still fighting for the pain her son endured. "It's just unbelievable that anybody could not see that was negligent. It's just pure stupidity to me," Melissa says. view article arw

The family of a Katy ISD student shot multiple times with a stun gun has filed a lawsuit against the school district. Body camera video shows 17-year-old Jevon Washington trying to leave Mayde Creek High School after getting frustrated in class. view article arw

A second family has joined a lawsuit against the parents of the teen accused of shooting and killing 10 people at Santa Fe High School in May, claiming negligence led to the shooting. The parents of Chris Stone initially filed a suit accusing Dimitrios Pagourtzis' parents of gross negligence for allowing him access to the father's weapons, which according to the lawsuit, were a .38 handgun and a sawed-off shotgun. view article arw

A judge Monday denied the San Antonio Independent School District teachers’ union’s request for a temporary injunction to stop a charter school network from taking over operations of Stewart Elementary School. The union, the San Antonio Alliance of Teachers and Support Personnel, had sued to nullify the contract between SAISD and Democracy Prep Public Schools, which takes effect July 1. In Monday’s ruling, state District Judge Karen H. Pozza denied requests from SAISD and Democracy Prep to dismiss the lawsuit outright. view article arw

After censoring the Eagle Nation Online three times this academic year over concerns that stories made the school look bad, the principal of Prosper (Texas) High School, located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, will not renew the contract of a nationally acclaimed newspaper and yearbook adviser. view article arw

Three middle school students face charges of making a terroristic threat. They’re accused of making threatening phone calls to the main office at Metzger Middle School Tuesday. “No weapons or explosives were found in connection with these calls, and there were no signs of any threatening plans among the students,” said Steve Linscomb, Director of Communications for the Judson Independent School District. view article arw

The Killeen Independent School District has confirmed Killeen High School Assistant Football Coach James Crossland has resigned after allegations he sent inappropriate messages to a female student. view article arw

The Allen Independent School District has reversed its decision to call a transgender student by his birth name at graduation. For months, 18-year-old Jay Alfie says district officials refused to call him by his preferred name when he walks the stage. His sister Isabella started a petition and late Tuesday, they received word the name change will be honored at Friday's graduation. view article arw

A transgender grad says he’s fighting Allen ISD’s decision to call his given name at graduation.
 Jay Alfie says they notified him that he would be addressed by his given, female name. Alfie started his transition as a freshman, and says everyone knows him as Jay. That’s why he says the name he identifies with is the one that should be called as he crosses the stage.

“I hope my school realizes this Is the right thing to do,” he says. “It’s just important to me to be called down as Jay as I walk the stage so I can be proud of myself.” view article arw

A former teacher's aide is charged with improper relationship with a student after police detectives say she became intimately involved with an 18-year-old Texas City High School student. view article arw

This article originally appeared in the Friday, May 18 issue* The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission slapped a paralegal who worked for state Rep. Sergio Muñoz Jr. with a $180,000 civil penalty last week for defrauding the La Joya Independent School District. Mario Hinojosa, 58, of Mission created a company called Barcelona Strategies LLC, which he promoted with a misleading brochure. view article arw

According to court records, Barbera Lynn Orpineda, 32, a former Arp ISD employee, was indicted on Wednesday for improper relationship between a student and educator. view article arw

The 17-year-old who allegedly shot and killed 10 people and wounded 13 others at a Texas high school used his father's legally owned shotgun and revolver during the rampage. The Santa Fe school shooting Friday has prompted a lot of debate among state politicians about the causes of the violence, which they attribute to everything from violent video games to the many ways people can get in and out of schools. view article arw

The audit, officials have said, was the impetus of a multiagency fraud investigation that has led to the arrest of seven people, including four Precinct 1 and 2 county tax office employees, since Friday. Twelve other employees were placed on leave Friday by Bruce Elfant, the county’s tax assessor-collector, who said he acted “out of an abundance of caution.” view article arw

I don't believe I have seen an article about SOAH before. - js- When it comes to Texas agencies, the State Office of Administrative Hearings operates in relative obscurity. Ask the average person what the office does, and he or she probably won’t have an answer.  But the office, whose judges preside over disputes involving state agencies, made headlines this year when an administrative judge was forced to resign after presiding over a case involving the Texas Medical Board.  The chief judge who forced that resignation is now taking fire from people, including administrative law experts and her predecessor, who say her actions threaten the agency's independence. But the judge, Lesli Ginn, says she was justified in asking for the judge’s resignation. view article arw

The Navasota ISD Board of Trustees approved a settlement Monday night in the ongoing four-plus year litigation surrounding Rattler Stadium and other Navasota High School facilities. According to Superintendent Dr. Stu Musick, the settlement encompasses flooding that has been occurring in the high school hallway between the band hall, choir hall and the gym. view article arw

A Donna ISD Principal and a Curriculum Specialist are on paid administrative leave Thursday morning in regards to “personnel issue.” We’re told this involves staff from Garza Elementary. At this point, it is unclear as to the exact reasons why the principal and curriculum specialist have been placed on leave. view article arw

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A Houston middle schooler left his phone on in class and it got taken away by a teacher. He never saw it again.   If this phone was off at school, it would never be in this situation.  But that's not the case, and as we investigated we found several curiosities.  It happened inside the Jane Long Academy not long ago. Inside a classroom, student Jonathan Rodriguez's cell phone rang. It's not supposed to be on during class. view article arw

A former Cy-Fair middle school teacher is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a female high school student. According to court documents, Justin Washington is charged with an improper relationship with a student, which is a felony. Washington, 26, was a teacher at Hamilton Middle School when the alleged incident happened in September 2017. view article arw

Texas Targets DACA

May 1708:40 AM

Following last year's ICE raids and the passage of Senate Bill 4, Liam Garcia considered moving away from Texas. The 31-year-old Austinite – brought to this country from Mexico by his parents when he was 2 years old – sees protection from deportation through the Deferred Action for Child­hood Arrivalsprogram. Since 2012, DACA has granted two-year safeguards to undocumented residents, including 120,000 Texans who came to the U.S. with their parents, so that they can work and go to school. Since the Trump administration decided to end the program – a move now partially blocked by a federal judge – Garcia's future has been on pause. view article arw

The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged an Edinburg-based company and its owner with defrauding the La Joya school district. Mario Hinojosa of Mission and his company, Barcelona Strategies LLC, were charged by the SEC last week with misrepresenting his financial experience — a breach of fiduciary duty — and failing to disclose a conflict of interest when he served as municipal adviser to the school district between January 2013 and December 2014. During that time, the company served as municipal adviser on three bond offerings — a means for entities to raise funds to finance public projects. As such, Hinojosa earned $386,876.52 in fees. view article arw

The principal at Hillcrest High School in Dallas says he feels “betrayed” by the 25-year-old man who posed as a 17-year-old basketball player. “It’s a painful thing for us to process,” said principal Chris Bayer. “There’s kind of like a grieving process for us. We’re still kind of in the shock phase.” view article arw

My 14-year-old son went to high school with a 25-year-old man posing as a 17-year-old student. Which only sounds like a movie you've seen before. My boy and his buddies at Hillcrest High School, which my dad and brother also attended, knew him as Rashun Sidney Richardson, star of the Dallas ISD school's varsity basketball team — the high-scorer. "By far," said one of my son's friends who played on the team with Rashun. The boys say the district's offensive player of the year was nice enough, well-liked.  Yeah, maybe he seemed a little older than his age. But they just figured he had been held back a time or two. My son and his friends play baseball, besides, and there are guys on the varsity team with thicker beards than I could ever hope to grow. They also didn't think twice about the fact he sometimes cradled a baby girl on the sidelines of ball games, because, you know, it happens. view article arw

A Carthage resident has filed several complaints with the Texas Education Agency, the Department of Justice, the Office for Civil Rights and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, claiming Carthage ISD violated several laws. Among Leo Graves’ complaints, he says the district fails to follow its own policies and the state’s policies for disciplining students of different races. “Just as it did in the past, CISD still is struggling with race and employment issues,” Graves said in a statement. He said white students and black students are treated unequally, citing the arrest and placement in alternative school of three black students earlier this year after officials said they made threats against a campus compared with a white student who was not punished by the district after allegations that he secretly recorded a nude female student. view article arw

You ask whether a school board of trustees may establish term limits for trustees as part of the district's governance policy. 1 You inform us that several bills filed in recent legislative sessions proposed granting school boards the specific authority to adopt term limits for their trustees.2 Because school boards possess broad powers of governance and rulemaking, you ask whether the authority to adopt trustee term limits must be stated specifically in a statute. Request Letter at 1-2.  view article arw