Interesting Articles

posted on February 12 - 08:30 AM
By Joe -

Reppost!  Even if you already know who you plan to vote for next month - OR if high taxes, OR public education, OR the Teacher Retirement System OR Health Insurance is important to you, it is worth a few minutes to read these and share with other educators.  Then bring 10 with you to vote as a block of educators for ALL kids, teachers and taxpayers.  

I think you will find the following articles interesting:

On high property taxes --

One top republican's opinion --

A few rich folks using their $$$ to remake Texas in their vision --

On the largest single contributor to "Empower Texans" 190 or so $$$ members

And about his private school -- 


March 6 (1836,), was decision time for 186 heroic souls at the Alamo. 
March 6 (2018), is decision time for public educators/public education in Texas.
Failure to vote is a decision also.  Will you be counted among the movers and shakers of our state or among the apathetic?