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Today, a Senate committee today is taking up the House’s chief school finance proposal

posted on August 11 - 06:50 AM
By Joe -

Today, a Senate committee today is taking up the House's chief school finance proposal — but don't hold your breath. The two chambers bickered over the issue during the regular session and haven't yet reached a compromise during the special session; The House is holding up a Senate proposal to create a school finance commission until the upper chamber acts on their school finance bill that would pump $1.8 billion into public schools — both of which are items Abbott wants passed during the 30 days. More than 1,000 school officials asked Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick yesterday to pass the House's school finance bill, but Patrick referring to the measure as a "Ponzi scheme" and the Senate Ed chairman saying he doesn't plan to accept the House's proposal probably tells us everything we need to know. Read More....