When the La Joya school board met to discuss teacher pay last week, members of the American Federation of Teachers had signs ready. Superintendent Gisela Saenz and the school board discussed a $2,000 raise for teachers during July. After reviewing the raises approved by other districts, though, the AFT pushed for higher pay. view article arw

Three Pearland school officials are being sued along with the school district after a seventh-grade student was made to fill in his hair design with a black Sharpie earlier this year.  The federal civil rights lawsuit was filed Sunday, characterizing the act as racist and saying the boy was humiliated and shamed by it. view article arw

When Longview ISD schools open Monday, about 140 new teachers will welcome students into their classrooms. The district lost about 25% of its 584 teachers after the 2018-19 school year. That’s above the state turnover average of 19.5% for a district with between 5,000 to 9,999 students, according to the Texas Education Agency. That state number is for the 2017-18 school year, the latest data available. view article arw

Pictured are, back row, Ashleigh Walton, Greg Gaston II, Ross Nichols, Trey Marks, Angela Garcia, BreAnn Clinton, Cody Ross, front row, Carolyne Taylor, Avery Malone, Mallan Morris, Cami Marks, Shelbi Allen, Molly Skeen and Sally Ross. view article arw

Dickinson ISD has partnered with a consultant group on a districtwide initiative to boost teacher-student relationships by setting expectations and having youths participate in activities as classroom circles. The district’s partner is the Texas-based National Educators for Restorative Practices (NEDRP) — an organization that teaches educators six practices to help them build relationships and reduce behavior problems. view article arw

Students in Williamson County will be able to graduate high school as licensed cosmetologists through a new program Georgetown ISD started this year. “We have plenty of students who are very interested in this program,” said Cynthia Pike, director of college, career, and military readiness in the district. “In fact, we have waiting lists for students to get into this program.” Students will start in the classroom to learn the basics, then move on to mannequins before eventually opening up their new cosmetology lab to friends, family and the general public for haircuts. view article arw

Back in June, Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 3 into law.  The sweeping school finance reform package included $4.5-billion that is currently being pumped into public school classrooms, as well as funding for pay raises for teachers and other staff members across the state. "Future generations of children in Texas will be better off because of education reforms passed this session," Abbott said. view article arw

School districts across the Lone Star State have announced big pay raises since Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 3, which provides $11.5 billion for Texas public education, in June. Temple Independent School District held off on its announcements. The reason: The school district wanted to ensure they could give new teachers one of the best offers around.  view article arw

A Cy-Fair ISD assistant principal asked to leave campus over nude photos of himself circulating online was cleared on a criminal background check, despite having a conviction for indecent exposure. view article arw

After working at the Crowell Independent School District for less than two months athletic director Austin Flores is no longer employed by the district. Flores’ employment status was confirmed to Texoma’s Homepage by Superintendent Pam Norwood Thursday evening. According to Flores’ Twitter account, he also served as head football coach. view article arw

Fulton Learning Center (FLC) fourth grade English, reading, and social studies teacher Laura Groseclose was recently named the 2019 Education Service Center’s (ESC) Region 2 Teacher of the Year. A ceremony for Groseclose was held to commemorate her achievement Friday, Aug. 9 at FLC. When Groseclose first heard the news from Aransas County Independent School District Superintendent Joey Patek, she didn’t believe it at first. view article arw

As the 2019-2020 school year begins in College Station today, five district employees are going into the new year with regional recognitions. Julie Cooper, Erin Stutts, Josh Symank, Michael McEver and Rocco Grande all received recognitions during the Aug. 9 awards banquet at the Region 6 Education Service Center. view article arw

Belton ISD Superintendent Susan Kincannon announced today that she will recommend Samuel Skidmore as the district’s next athletic director. Skidmore will work in a dual role this fall, remaining the Tigers’ head football coach and serving as athletic director until shifting to full-time AD after the season. view article arw

Temple teachers will get a $3,000 to $5,725 boost on their paychecks this school year. Superintendent Bobby Ott announced Temple Independent School District’s new compensation package Wednesday morning during its annual convocation event. view article arw

Two teachers were hired the day before school started due to a surprisingly high influx of kindergartners at a local school district. Canyon ISD received a pleasant surprise during their school enrollment, prompting them to hire two kindergarten teachers a day before school started, making that a total of three new kindergarten teachers in two weeks. view article arw

At convocation Wednesday morning Temple Independent School District Superintendent Bobby Ott announced that every person the district’s payroll would be getting a pay raise. view article arw

First-year teachers at Spring ISD can expect a starting salary of $54,000 this school year following a unanimous vote by the SISD board of trustees Aug. 13. The board previously approved a 2019-20 starting teacher salary of $53,400 in June—up from $52,275 in 2018-19. However during the board’s workshop meeting Aug. 8, trustees and district officials discussed the possibility of further increasing the district’s starting teacher salary to stay competitive with neighboring districts. view article arw

On Tuesday the Fort Worth ISD Board of Education will consider the “Compensation Allotment” (pay increases) required under HB3 passed by the 86th Texas Legislature. view article arw

The Smithville school board approved $679,581 in raises for teachers, counselors, bus drivers, administrators and other staff on Aug. 5, doling out one of the largest district-wide pay increases in recent history, officials said. The district’s 148 teachers, librarians, counselors and school nurses will receive the lion’s share of the increases, with about $526,000 going toward their pay. view article arw

Like in many other school districts across Central Texas, Del Valle teachers and other staff members will soon be getting a raise. The Del Valle ISD Board of Trustees on Tuesday approved salary increases for teachers, librarians, counselors and registered nurses.  Those with one to five years of experience will be receiving a 7% salary increase from last year and those with six or more years will receive a 9% increase. view article arw

Big raises may be coming to Wylie Independent School District teachers, thanks to the new funding formula and a few factors beyond the school district's control. Superintendent Joey Light said administration is proposing an average salary increase to teachers of about 9 percent more than this past school year. Overall, the district will add about $1.2 million in salaries to its budget for the 2019-20 school year. view article arw

The story of Richardson ISD’s generous school bus driver just got a little sweeter. Last year, on the day before winter break, Curtis Jenkins surprised 70 students on his bus route with Christmas gifts that he had bought with his own money.  That act of kindness went viral. Media outlets around the world shared the story, including The Dallas Morning News. (Here’s a column from Sharon Grigbsy about Jenkins’ efforts, which extend far beyond the holiday season).  view article arw

While some Georgetown ISD teachers will see a salary increase as high as 5.27% for the 2019-20 school year, many believe it is not enough compared to area districts that will see a higher percent pay raise. In June, the GISD board of trustees voted to raise teacher, librarian, counselor and nurse salaries by 5.27% at the midpoint of the salary scale for those with six or more years of experience and a 4% pay raise at the midpoint of the salary scale for those with up to five years of experience. This would increase salaries by $3,000 for teachers with six or more years of experience and increase salaries by $2,278 for those with less. view article arw

The Sanford-Fritch Independent School District is preparing for the first day of school (Thursday) Aug. 15. The district is now required by the state to offer full-time Pre-K. In years past the district offered part-time Pre-K. Since the district is in a rural setting, hiring new teachers from job fairs at Texas Tech, North Texas and West Texas A&M University can be challenging. “We see really two problems,” said Jim McClellan, Superintendent at SFISD. “One, there’s fewer candidates and two, those candidates want to be in the bigger metroplex areas.” view article arw

A 2018 survey by the United States Department of Education found that 94 percent of U.S. teachers spent their own money on school supplies. Reagan Elementary School reading specialist Tonja Gray is one of those teachers, who pays for most, if not all, of her classroom supplies out of her own pocket. view article arw

The beginning of a school year can be stressful and even a little scary, especially when starting at a new school. But students aren’t the only ones facing new faces and challenges. Vernon Middle School is one of many facilities with new teachers moving into their classrooms to begin their first year of teaching. One teacher starting his career in Vernon says it’s the guidance of those with experience that have helped him settle into his new classroom and get ready for the first day of school. view article arw

The three public school systems on local military installations have adopted budgets for the coming year that include some of the highest teacher pay raises in the San Antonio area, with Randolph Field Independent School District approving increases ranging up to 12.4 percent. view article arw

The Mineola ISD Board of Trustees voted on Monday to raise salaries for teachers beginning the 2019-2020 school year. According to a news release from Mineola ISD, the teachers will be receiving “well above the state requirement.” view article arw

United ISD Police Chief Ray Garner and Superintendent Roberto J. Santos welcomed two new police officers to the district's police department during a special ceremony at United ISD Police Headquarters. Family members and visitors beamed with pride as Jessica Munoz and Gilbert A. Maldonado took their oaths and received their badges. Prior to the ceremony, Chief Garner took a few moments to reference the mission of the men and women who serve as police officers in the District. view article arw

Mineola: Mineola Independent School District teachers will receive above the state required amounts in pay raises beginning the 2019-2020 school year. The MISD Board of Trustees voted Monday, August 5 to grant pay raises for all personnel with teachers receiving well above the state requirement. view article arw

Frisco ISD is contracting with a sourcing company this upcoming school year in an effort to fill needed substitute teacher and aide positions. The need for substitute teachers in FISD increased by approximately 14% between the 2016-17 and 2018-19 school years—and for aides, by almost 42%. But the ability to fill those absences has become more challenging. FISD approved a contract with substitute sourcing company ESS South Central at a July 10 special board meeting. The contract adds $2.2 million to the budget for the upcoming school year. view article arw

A Pampa ISD employee has been arrested for sexual assault and having an improper relationship with a student. According to the City of Pampa, police received a report of a possible sexual assault and inappropriate relationship between an educator and a student on July 1. An investigation began, and the Pampa Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division notified the Pampa Independent School District Administration of the allegations. view article arw

The Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District recently welcomed their new educators at the annual new teacher coffee and celebration event dubbed, “Best Year Ever.” Teachers had the opportunity to meet other new teachers from across the district and speak with district administrators. view article arw

Denison ISD teachers found out about their pay raise in a meeting with superintendent Dr. Henry Scott last week, and those teachers are coming back to school this year with a little more excited than usual. "We're getting a nice chunk of change, all the teachers are buzzing about this," said Denison High School history teacher Roger Mitchell. view article arw

Back to school is already underway in some North Texas school districts, including in the Plano, Garland and Kennedale Independent School Districts. And while great efforts have been made to ensure attendance for the tens of thousands of students in those schools, as well as others across the area that start back later this week and a week from today, many of the teachers who greet those kids on day one will be substitutes. The reasons for the substitutes vary, including the position not yet having a full-time teacher on staff, but the results are similar for school districts in the region.  view article arw