At Monday night’s board meeting, trustees issued a statement on the Axberg v. Kilgore ISD case, which has been continuing for several years.  “Kilgore Independent School District has always relied on the Court to interpret the law. We appreciate TASB (Texas Association of School Boards) Risk Management’s ongoing support and willingness to defend and pay the legal defense for this important case. Although KISD is disappointed the Texas Supreme Court did not find this case regarding statewide school finance worthy of review, we will return to the local court, consistent with the latest mandate issued by the 6th Appellate District Court of Appeals, and let the trial court determine the end result,” the statement read.  The statement was issued following a closed session consultation with KISD attorney Dennis Eichelbaum. The board filed a motion for a rehearing of the case in the Texas Supreme Court Sept. 16, which was denied Oct. 18. view article arw

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM)- The El Paso Independent School District Board of Trustees unanimously approved a local policy Tuesday evening that would allow the school board to consider and accept applications from businesses looking to build in the district.  The policy allows the school board to review, consider and accept applications from potential companies wanting to bring their businesses within the school district boundaries. view article arw

Kilgore ISD board members have decided to let a long-running lawsuit against the district be taken to a lower court for final judgment after a denial for rehearing by the Texas Supreme Court. view article arw

A Gregg County Appraisal District error has left local governments to adjust their budgets for losses into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. At almost $500,000, Longview ISD took the biggest loss in property tax levy from the mistake that involved two of the district’s school campuses, Chief Appraiser Libby Neely said. view article arw

State lotteries have long been dogged by accusations their games prey on the poor, who studies show tend to play more often and spend more money than high-income players.  This month, the Texas Lottery Commission is poised to make tickets available at every check-out aisle in the state’s nearly 1,500 Dollar General stores. The agency also will plaster each store with Texas Lottery advertisements.  The commission expects the deal, which has yet to be officially announced, will dramatically increase lottery sales.  Dollar General’s own description of its customers indicates the state’s biggest major lottery sales push in years will land heavily on poorer Texans. view article arw

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Dallas County Commissioners will take up an order at their Tuesday meeting to have tornado destroyed properties reappraised. If passed, the measure would likely bring some property tax relief to victims of last month's twisters.  view article arw

Longview ISD is set to receive about $3 million more in local tax funding than budgeted for 2019-20. Trustees this week approved $4.147 billion in taxable value, which is the value of all property in the district minus exemptions and values that are frozen for homeowners 65 and older. The district is set to receive $65.459 million in tax funding, the Gregg County tax assessor-collector reported. Longview ISD’s budget included $62.44 million in local tax collections, a difference of $3.018 million. view article arw

Longview ISD could approve the 2019-20 tax roll at its school board meeting at noon Wednesday at Forest Park Magnet School, 1644 N. Eastman Road, Longview. A tax roll is the list of taxable property in the school district. Approving the tax roll is the only action item on the agenda. view article arw

Spring Branch ISD homeowners are getting a tax reprieve courtesy of the district’s board of trustees. On Sept. 23, the board unanimously approved a reduced tax rate for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. The new rate is $1.32098 per $100 property valuation, a drop of more than 7 cents from the previous $1.3945 rate. view article arw

Portions of four lakes on the Guadalupe River in Guadalupe and Gonzales counties are open again, with some areas near the dams still restricted after a panel of engineers weighed in on dam safety.  The report released Monday by three engineers detailed areas deemed safe for swimming and boating, as well as some areas where the threat of a dam failure and the resulting fast currents still posed hazards for recreation. The areas the panel deemed unsafe are much less extensive than those proposed by the Guadalupe Blanco-River Authority earlier this year when it said the lakes would have to be drained. view article arw

A very important issue will be presented to taxpayers in Broaddus in November considering whether voters will approve Broaddus Independent School District purchasing enrollment credits from the state of Texas. Broaddus ISD recently fell into Chapter 49, also known as the Robin Hood program. The program was launched in 1993 to take funding from school districts with higher property values within their boundaries and give it to poorer school districts which can’t raise much money, according to the Texas Education Agency. view article arw

Creating a personal income tax in Texas isn't easy. But supporters of a proposition on the Nov. 5 constitutional amendment ballot want to make the prospect of such a tax even more remote. Currently, the Texas Constitution requires voters to approve an individual income tax in a statewide referendum, which legislators can ask for with a simple majority in the House and Senate. Proposition 4 would raise the bar, amending the constitution so that any income tax resolution would need two-thirds support in both legislative chambers before the matter goes to voters, who would ultimately decide. view article arw

Texas Parks and Wildlife officials, along with outdoor enthusiasts, are looking to lock in funding for the state’s parks during November’s constitutional amendment elections. Should it pass, Proposition 5 will change the Texas Constitution so that money generated from the existing sales tax on sporting goods can be given only to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Historical Commission. Texas' parks were initially funded by a penny tax on cigarettes, but the Texas Legislature passed a law in 1993 allowing all of the sporting goods sales tax revenues to be used for the upkeep and expansion of parks and historical sites. view article arw

Gladewater ISD trustees will look at tax items when they meet at 6 p.m. Monday at the Gladewater Middle School library. The board could approve a tax refund and the 2019 tax rolls. The tax rolls are related to a mineral and real estate recap for the mineral and real estate tax levy. view article arw

Fear is a tactic politicians use to scare and distract voters from the real threat. This tactic is on full display in this November’s election in the form of Proposition 4, which would needlessly ban the Texas Legislature from adopting an income tax. Texas is one of only nine states that does not have a broad-based personal income tax, and no one in the Legislature has proposed creating one in recent sessions. view article arw

The China Spring Neighborhood Association announced Tuesday the McLennan County Commissioners’ Court voted unanimously to approve the County Tax Abatement to Glory Leasing for the $70 million solar farm project. view article arw

Administrators for a Rio Grande Valley school district are looking to help with a problem next door. view article arw

A Chicago company is taking steps to place a $500 million, 500-megawatt solar farm in Falls County that would feature 1.6 million solar panels, making it among the largest in the United States, state and local officials report.  Proposed to occupy more than 6,000 acres between Mart and Riesel, most of the farm would lie within the Mart Independent School District. Mart ISD Superintendent Betsy Burnett said the district has hired an Austin attorney to assist with securing tax breaks for the applicant. view article arw

This November election, Texans will be asked if they want to ban a personal income tax — in a state that doesn’t have one.  Under the law, voters already have the final say on adopting a personal income tax.  If a majority of lawmakers pass a resolution to put a personal income tax on the ballot, the specific rate has to be approved by voters in a statewide election. And if enacted, Texas law requires that a portion of the revenue go toward reducing school property taxes and funding education. view article arw

Months after approving the state’s first quarter-trillion-dollar budget, lawmakers got word Thursday that the state’s income forecasts are even better than they expected. In his latest official revenue estimate, which figures in the costs of legislation passed by lawmakers earlier this year, Comptroller Glenn Hegar said Texas government should end its current two-year budget period with $2.89 billion in cash left over. And it will have $9.35 billion in the Economic Stabilization Fund, better known as the rainy day fund. view article arw

Alvin ISD tax rate drops by 5 cents

October 1108:16 AM

Thanks to new homes, healthy property values and a restructured state school finance system, the Alvin Independent School District has lowered its property tax rate by slightly more than 5 cents to $1.3977 cents per $100 valuation for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. view article arw

Homeowners zoned to Spring ISD may see some relief this tax season, as the district’s board of trustees approved its lowest tax rate in 20 years. The board unanimously approved a tax rate of $1.43 per $100 valuation at its Oct. 8 meeting—down $0.08 from $1.51 per $100 valuation in FY 2018-19. The tax rate is broken down into $0.97 for maintenance and operations and $0.46 for interest and sinking, which supports the district’s debt service, Chief Financial Officer Ann Westbrooks said. view article arw

Thanks to new money from the state following the passage of House Bill 3, Clear Creek Independent School District taxpayers will enjoy the district’s lowest property tax rate in 27 years. view article arw

As part of the fiscal year 2019-20 budgeting process, on Sept. 30, the Clear Creek ISD board of trustees officially adopted a property tax rate of $1.31 per $100 valuation, the lowest tax rate in CCISD in 27 years. The tax rate, which will be reflected in tax bills sent to residents and business owners in November, includes $0.97 per $100 valuation for maintenance and operations and $0.34 per $100 valuation for debt service. The previous tax rate of $1.40 per $100 valuation had not changed since FY 2013-14. “We are pleased to be able to pass [these]significant tax savings to our residents and business owners while simultaneously providing our staff record compensation packages,” Superintendent Greg Smith said in a press release. view article arw

The Wichita Falls ISD board voted to approve a new budget today which removes any additional funding the district might have received from the tax ratification election. This is after wording in house bill three annulled the new tax ratification, which was passed just three months ago. “Due to the restraints of House Bill 3, Texas Education Agency has requested Wichita Falls Independent School District set a tax rate of $1.15,” said the district’s chief financial officer Tim Sherrod. view article arw

Wichita Falls ISD set a property tax rate of $1.15 -- 7 cents lower than last year's -- for 2020 in a special meeting Monday, but the state nullified the district's Tax Ratification Election because of a new law, officials said. The TRE approved by voters June 15 was to result in $1.4 million more in state funding for WFISD while reducing the property tax rate, officials said. view article arw

Round Rock school board trustees on Thursday adopted a $1.23 per $100 property valuation district tax rate, reducing the rate by 7 cents from last year.  Despite the fiscal year 2020 tax rate receiving the highest reduction the district has seen in years, the average homeowner will see a nominal decrease in district property taxes due to rising property values.  A homeowner in the district with an average property value of $318,783 after a homestead exemption will pay $3,936 in district property taxes under the new tax rate. That payment is compared to $3,948 in property taxes the average homeowner paid last year with a property value of $302,571, after a homestead exemption. view article arw

While trying to limit the annual growth of property taxes in Texas, the Legislature gave local governments an incentive to raise taxes nearly 8% this year. Maybe it was unintentional, but the state gave the locals a reason to raise property taxes faster than they would have without state action. Everyone who’s seen a car dealer’s TV spots or commercials for a year-ending sale at a furniture store understands how this works: It’s a classic closeout sale. You tell the customer there’s a big change right around the corner — a new model year, higher prices, new rules. And you add that there’s a better deal for anyone who acts quickly, to help the dealer clear the car lot, to assist that poor furniture store owner who wants to reduce inventory before the new year begins. view article arw

While trying to limit the annual growth of property taxes in Texas, the Legislature gave local governments an incentive to raise taxes nearly 8% this year. Maybe it was unintentional, but the state gave the locals a reason to raise property taxes faster than they would have without state action.  Everyone who’s seen a car dealer’s TV spots or commercials for a year-ending sale at a furniture store understands how this works: It’s a classic closeout sale. You tell the customer there’s a big change right around the corner — a new model year, higher prices, new rules. And you add that there’s a better deal for anyone who acts quickly, to help the dealer clear the car lot, to assist that poor furniture store owner who wants to reduce inventory before the new year begins. view article arw

Cy-Fair ISD is the second-largest school district in Harris County, with student enrollment projected to exceed 117,000 in the 2019-20 academic year.  view article arw

Property owners within the Katy ISD geographic boundary will see a lower tax rate in fiscal year 2019-20. The KISD board of trustees approved a total tax rate of $1.4431 per $100 of valuation at the Sept. 23 meeting. This is a $0.0735 reduction from the FY 2018-2019 tax rate thanks to the passage of House Bill 3, the state Legislature’s school finance reform bill. view article arw

In an effort to create jobs, the Needville ISD school board voted last week to limit property tax collection on a solar field in the Guy area. The board accepted an application for a Value Limitation Agreement from Cutless Solar regarding a proposed solar field at the intersection of FM 361 and Boothline Road. An appraised value limitation is an agreement in which a taxpayer agrees to build or install property and create jobs in exchange for a 10-year limitation on the taxable property value for school district maintenance and operations tax purposes. view article arw

Huffman ISD’s property tax rate will remain the same for the 2019-2020 fiscal year as it was for the previous fiscal year At its meeting on Sept. 24, the Huffman ISD Board of Trustees approved a tax rate of $1.40 per $100 value. Though it is the same overall tax rate as the previous fiscal year, the specific allotments are different. view article arw

The Ector County ISD Board of Trustees approved a total tax rate of $1.17 per $100 valuation during their meeting Tuesday. A school district’s taxes are made up of maintenance and operations and interest and sinking to pay debt. The maintenance and operations rate will be $1.06835 per $100 valuation and $10957 for iterate and sinking. No one attended the meeting to comment on the tax rate. view article arw