The Dallas Independent School District Board of Trustees voted Thursday night to ask voters for the district’s first tax rate increase in more than a decade. The ballot measure voters will weigh in on this November would raise the district’s maintenance and operation tax by 13 cents — from $1.04 to $1.17, the highest rate the state allows. view article arw

The Lufkin ISD Board of Trustees set the 2018-19 tax rate, announced new security measures and addressed the TEA A-F Accountability Ratings Thursday night. This year, the board approved a property tax rate of $1.45 per $100 of a property’s valuation, which Chief Financial Officer Charlotte Bynum said is lower than expected. Exactly $1.17 of that is used for manufacturing and operational costs, and 28 cents makes up the interest and sinking rate. The initial projections for the tax rate were higher.  If passed, the district projected the bond would increase the interest and sinking rate by 28.05 cents, according to Lufkin ISD administrators. The total tax rate would have increased to $1.4935. view article arw

Dallas ISD superintendent Michael Hinojosa flashed a little smile beneath his salt-and-pepper mustache before the vote went down. After three years of trying, DISD will finally present a 13-cent tax increase to voters on the November ballot. “At least I didn’t strike out,” Hinojosa said. “I’ve played a lot of baseball, and at least I didn’t strike out. I had two strikes.” view article arw

Pine Tree ISD trustees this week adopted a balanced budget and lower tax rate for the 2018-19 year. The amended budget is balanced at $39.13 million. The final approved tax rate drops 3 cents to $1.5250 per $100 valuation, from the 2017-18 rate of $1.5550 per $100 valuation. view article arw

Sweeny ISD taxpayers will see a two-cent tax increase on the ballot this fall, but their wallets will not notice, district officials say. Board members will meet Monday to officially call a tax ratification election for Nov. 6, Sweeny ISD Superintendent Tory Hill said. view article arw

Levelland ISD voters went to the polls Tuesday, and spoke rather strongly in favor of more funding for Levelland ISD operations. Levelland ISD called the tax ratification election in June to allow the district to move two cents from the Interest and Sinking or Bonded Indebtedness to the Maintenance and Operations.  view article arw

Voters in the South San Antonio Independent School District have struck down a property tax hike. The highly debated issue came to an end Tuesday night when residents rejected raising the local tax rate by 13 cents per every $100 of property value. So what does this mean for the area? This means the district will miss out on about $6.3 million. view article arw

Tuesday’s rejection of a proposed tax hike by South San Antonio Independent School District voters has district leaders preparing to cut expenses — including a still-unknown number of staff cuts — to meet a budget deficit, officials said. view article arw

In the midst of a contentious election, where the South San Antonio Independent School District is seeking voter support for a tax rate increase, the 8,600-student school district is busing employees to polling sites.  Superintendent Abelardo Saavedra confirmed to the Rivard Report that South San is using district school buses Tuesday to transport South San employees to polling sites located at the central office administration building and South San High School. view article arw

Voters on Tuesday rejected a tax rate increase for South San Antonio Independent School District by 57 percent of the vote. Trustees called the tax ratification election in June to increase South San’s property tax rate by 13 cents. In Texas, school districts are largely funded by property tax revenue. With an increased rate, which was proposed to become $1.58 per $100 of property tax valuation with voter approval, South San would have collected an additional $6.3 million in revenue. view article arw

Voters in South San Antonio Independent School District opposed a tax hike Tuesday evening, setting the district up for a spate of cuts to close a multimillion-dollar budget deficit. Unofficial vote totals showed 57 percent of South San residents who voted in the tax ratification election opposed raising the local tax rate by 13 cents for every $100 of property value. Around 43 percent of the 1,853 people who cast ballots were in support of the measure. view article arw

Moody Independent School District will bring in about $450,000 more in state revenue after residents voted last weekend to change the district’s tax rate structure, district officials said.  The overall tax rate will remain the same, at $1.36 per $100 of property value. The “penny swap,” as the district calls it, refers to a 13-cent increase in the district’s maintenance and operations tax rate and 13-cent decrease in the district’s debt service rate.  “I am extremely proud of this community and the people that voted,” Superintendent Gary Martel wrote in an email Monday. “I think it shows they trust this school board and our administration and staff.” view article arw

Magnolia ISD voters opposed the Tax Ratification Election on Tuesday that would have provided the district with more funds for its day-to-day operations without increasing the total tax rate.  About 51.3 percent of voters, or 1,686 individuals, voted against the tax swap while 48.7 percent of voters, or 1,598 individuals, supported the measure, according to information from the Montgomery County Elections Office. In total, 3,284 voters cast a ballot during the early voting and election day periods.  All results are unofficial until canvassed. view article arw

Friends of Moody ISD, We appreciate the overwhelming support and trust the voters showed our School Board and Staff in the recent Tax Ratification Election. Moody ISD students were the ultimate winners on Saturday August 11, 2018!  The district will now continue moving forward with our current District Initiatives: read more arw

Signs across the City of Bevil Oaks proclaim it "Hawk territory" and its residents proud to be part of Hardin-Jefferson ISD, a welcome change for parents and a hopeful spark for growth in the small west Jefferson County town. Many Bevil Oaks residents haven't returned since Tropical Storm Harvey inundated the city of roughly 1,200, according to Martha Vautrot, a city councilwoman and local restaurant owner. view article arw

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Members of the Lufkin ISD School Board proposed an increase to property taxes during a budget workshop Monday, which followed the passage of the 2018 LISD school bond.  Members proposed a 23.7-cent increase on the previous rate of $1.23 per $100 property valuation. The new rate would be $1.45 if it's approved by the Lufkin ISD board. A meeting to discuss the proposal is scheduled for Thursday. view article arw

Voters in Pflugerville will decide in the Nov. 6 election whether they want a portion of Pflugerville ISD to be annexed into the Austin Community College taxing district. The ACC board of trustees voted to call the election at its meeting on Monday, Aug. 13. If voters approve the annexation, property owners within all of PfISD will pay taxes toward ACC. Only the section of PfISD within the city of Austin is part of the ACC district. The existing tax rate property owners pay to ACC Is 10.08 cents per $100 of assessed valuation.  view article arw

The Ector County Independent School District Board of Trustees will consider adopting the proposed 2018 proposed tax rate and calling a tax ratification election on Nov. 6 during a special meeting set for 6 p.m. today in the first-floor board room of the administration building, 802 N. Sam Houston Ave. view article arw

The Greenville Independent School District produced and released a marketing video recently promoting support for the property tax "swap and drop" that has been discussed as an option by the Board of Trustees. The board scheduled a public hearing for Monday, Aug. 13, to hear from residents before they officially decide whether to call a tax election to ask voters to approve the swap and drop; notably, the GISD video pushing voter approval of the swap and drop was released by the district before the measure had even been officially agreed upon by the board – at least according to the public agenda documents.  view article arw

The Magnolia ISD board of trustees will ask voters Aug. 14 to approve a Tax Ratification Election, which would provide the district with more funds for its day-to-day operations without increasing the total tax rate. Election Day is Tuesday, Aug. 14. view article arw

Henderson ISD trustees are expected to approve the district’s 2018-19 property tax rate and amend a compensation plan approved in June. The recommended rate would remain at $1.27 per $100 valuation.  view article arw

The Union Grove ISD board of trustees is expected to approve the district’s 2018-19 property tax rate and review budget proposals during a Monday meeting. The tax rate listed on a draft budget is $1.52 per $100 valuation. Trustees also will learn the district’s certified values from the Upshur County Appraisal District and schedule another budget workshop. view article arw

Leading Off (8/10/18)

August 1008:40 AM

Voters May Finally Get To Decide on Dallas ISD Tax Increase. The school board has rejected proposals to put a 13-cent hike on the ballot in recent years, but newly elected trustee Justin Henry should be the decisive swing vote to make this thing happen. view article arw

Caddo Mills ISD Proposes Tax Swap

August 1008:22 AM

The Caddo Mills ISD will put a tax swap proposal to voters this October. The district is looking to swap 13 cents from its interest rate for a 13-cent raise in its maintenance and operations tax. If voters pass the idea, board officials say it will not change tax payments but will put more money into operating costs for the district. The question will be on a public ballot on Oct. 13. view article arw

By all appearances, the third time will be the charm for Dallas ISD.  Trustees were briefed Thursday about the district's latest plan surrounding a 13-cent tax increase, the third time in three years that district officials have asked the board for more funding.  This time, however, the effort looks like it will get past the board and head to voters in November. view article arw

For the third time in three years, Dallas ISD's superintendent wants to put a property tax increase before Dallas voters. It comes as property values have been on the rise, but Dallas ISD is not seeing any additional revenue. As Dallas homeowners write larger checks this year for property taxes, some may wonder why the district is making the case for a 13-cent tax increase.  One reason is that for the first time DISD is considered property rich. Therefore, it’s subject to the state's robin hood funding system. view article arw

As many of you know, South San Antonio ISD is holding a Tax ratification election, or TRE. Early voting will continue through Friday, Aug. 10, and election day is Aug. 14. If you are a SSAISD resident and voter, this is an important election for you. It is important to be informed about the TRE facts. This election has generated opposition, and much misinformation is being distributed. view article arw

Tomball and Magnolia ISDs are drafting balanced budgets for board of trustees approval in August with fiscal year 2018-19 approaching Sept. 1, despite increased expenses and limited revenues for the districts. Tomball and Magnolia ISDs are tapping alternative methods, including changing the fiscal year and calling a Tax Ratification Election, respectively, to craft balanced budgets as state funding formulas per student remain unchanged. view article arw

Lone Oak ISD opens tax-hike talks

August 0808:20 AM

With campuses growing more crowded and no funds available for expansion nor for recommended facility improvements, the Board of Trustees of the Lone Oak Independent School District on Monday began discussing the possibility of raising school property taxes. view article arw

Property owners in Gregg County haven’t seen their tax rate increase in at least 16 years. If the rate remains 26.25 cents per $100 valuation for a 17th year, it still amounts to a tax increase because of rising property values.  Pct. 2 Commissioner Darryl Primo made that point during a four-minute verbal spar with other county officials on Monday at the Gregg County Commissioner’s Court meeting. His motion to adopt a 2019 effective tax rate of 25.932 cents – the rate needed to raise the same amount of property tax revenue as the current year’s budget – failed by a 3-2 vote. view article arw

Two years after voters turned down a Frisco ISD tax ratification election, the district could be calling for another TRE as well as a bond election. This time, however, the district’s combined tax rate could be decreasing.  On Thursday, FISD staff proposed adopting a tax rate of $1.44 per $100 valuation, two cents less than the current tax rate. According to the district, the proposed tax rate, if adopted, is expected to remain the same for the next two to five years. view article arw

China is proposing a 25 percent tariff on imports of U.S. liquefied natural gas as part of an escalating trade war that could hinder an emerging industry that is attracting billions of dollars in investment to the Gulf Coast.  The retaliatory measure, proposed in response to the Trump Administration’s recent threat to expand tariffs on Chinese imports, could impede U.S. access to one of the world’s largest LNG markets during a time of intense competition for global export dominance. Numerous developers, including Houston companies Cheniere Energy and Tellurian Inc., are looking to secure investments and sales contracts to fund construction of massive terminals to rival those in Australia, the Middle East and Russia. view article arw

Leander ISD is in the process of developing its 2018-19 budget, which includes setting a district tax rate. LISD’s current property tax rate is $1.51187 per $100 valuation. School district taxes include two rates—the maintenance and operations tax rate and the interest and sinking fund tax rate, which funds debt payments, according to the Texas Education Agency. view article arw

People on the Southside are getting read to head to the polls. They'll be deciding if they support paying more in tax dollars to help the local school district. Voters are deciding on TRE, otherwise known as a tax ratification election. If it passers, property owners will have to pay $1.17 per $100 dollars in property value. view article arw

Before approving a balanced budget and lower tax rate to put up for public review, Waco Independent School District trustees decided Thursday the district will cover more of employees’ rising health care costs than originally proposed. During a previous budget discussion, the board considered splitting the health insurance cost increase evenly between the district and employees. “We’re really having to consider skyrocketing health insurance costs. … We’re really trying to be sensitive to our employees’ situations,” Superintendent A. Marcus Nelson said. view article arw