Don't know how much of this is true but you need to read it. -js - In a huge victory for taxpayers, a North Texas resident has won a three-year fight to hold her local school district accountable for unlawfully using tax dollars to promote a school tax increase. view article arw

Muenster ISD makes way for wind farm

January 0808:30 AM

Members of the Muenster Independent School District Board of Trustees are hoping for extra revenue from development of a wind farm in the area.  During a specially called board meeting Wednesday, Dec. 18, board members agreed to approve a Chapter 313 tax abatement with Texas  Comptroller Glenn Hegar’s Office for Wildcat Creek Wind Farm LLC. - All members were present; however, Matt Sicking abstained from the vote. view article arw

The Superintendent’s Budget Advisory Council reviewed projects funded, in process and completed with funds from the tax ratification election passed in 2018. This was the first meeting in several months and of the new year.  The meeting was held in the Ector County ISD  administration building.  Superintendent Scott Muri said the first meeting of the facilities review committee meeting was held in December. About 140 people gathered for that.  “They will spend the next six months together looking at the facilities and the need for facilities across our system,” Muri said. view article arw

Dripping Springs City Council confirmed Dripping Springs ISD Superintendent Todd Washburn’s appointment to the city’s Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone, or TIRZ, board at a Dec. 17 meeting. The unanimous council vote came one day after the DSISD board of trustees also voted to approve Washburn’s appointment to the board, a move that board Vice President Mary Jane Hetrick called “perfunctory.” Washburn succeeds former interim Superintendent Nola Wellman in his new board position. view article arw

Public hearings over designation of reinvestment zones and the Hopkins Solar appraised value limitation agreement will be conducted during SBISD’s regular board meeting Thursday, Dec. 19. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m., but may be delayed a bit until the group can get out to Sulphur Bluff. Sulphur Springs ISD trustees on June 10 accepted an application to agree to consider a value limitation for the 40 percent of the proposed facility to be located within the school district boundary and hired Powell Youngblood & Taylor to assist the district with legalities of the project. view article arw

Louise ISD grants solar tax breaks

December 1808:30 AM

In divided votes, the Louise ISD school board approved Chapter 313 tax abatement agreements with solar companies Hecate Energy Ramsey, LLC and SunChase Power, LLC at Monday night’s meeting. The board, with Alfred Ochoa Jr. absent, voted 5-1 in favor of approving the agreement with Hecate and 4-2 in favor of the agreement with SunChase. Board member Jay Heard voted against both agreements, and Board Member and Secretary Pro Tem Amanda Cox voted against the agreement with SunChase. view article arw

A representative of the Gas Compressor Association gave Panola College a check for $17,000 this past week. The donation, presented by Gary Farr from Cummins Compression to college President Greg Powell, will be used to help Panola College’s School of Energy. view article arw

At Monday night’s board meeting, trustees issued a statement on the Axberg v. Kilgore ISD case, which has been continuing for several years.  “Kilgore Independent School District has always relied on the Court to interpret the law. We appreciate TASB (Texas Association of School Boards) Risk Management’s ongoing support and willingness to defend and pay the legal defense for this important case. Although KISD is disappointed the Texas Supreme Court did not find this case regarding statewide school finance worthy of review, we will return to the local court, consistent with the latest mandate issued by the 6th Appellate District Court of Appeals, and let the trial court determine the end result,” the statement read.  The statement was issued following a closed session consultation with KISD attorney Dennis Eichelbaum. The board filed a motion for a rehearing of the case in the Texas Supreme Court Sept. 16, which was denied Oct. 18. view article arw

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM)- The El Paso Independent School District Board of Trustees unanimously approved a local policy Tuesday evening that would allow the school board to consider and accept applications from businesses looking to build in the district.  The policy allows the school board to review, consider and accept applications from potential companies wanting to bring their businesses within the school district boundaries. view article arw

Kilgore ISD board members have decided to let a long-running lawsuit against the district be taken to a lower court for final judgment after a denial for rehearing by the Texas Supreme Court. view article arw

A Gregg County Appraisal District error has left local governments to adjust their budgets for losses into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. At almost $500,000, Longview ISD took the biggest loss in property tax levy from the mistake that involved two of the district’s school campuses, Chief Appraiser Libby Neely said. view article arw

State lotteries have long been dogged by accusations their games prey on the poor, who studies show tend to play more often and spend more money than high-income players.  This month, the Texas Lottery Commission is poised to make tickets available at every check-out aisle in the state’s nearly 1,500 Dollar General stores. The agency also will plaster each store with Texas Lottery advertisements.  The commission expects the deal, which has yet to be officially announced, will dramatically increase lottery sales.  Dollar General’s own description of its customers indicates the state’s biggest major lottery sales push in years will land heavily on poorer Texans. view article arw

For - 831 Against - 371 read more arw

Dallas County Commissioners will take up an order at their Tuesday meeting to have tornado destroyed properties reappraised. If passed, the measure would likely bring some property tax relief to victims of last month's twisters.  view article arw

Longview ISD is set to receive about $3 million more in local tax funding than budgeted for 2019-20. Trustees this week approved $4.147 billion in taxable value, which is the value of all property in the district minus exemptions and values that are frozen for homeowners 65 and older. The district is set to receive $65.459 million in tax funding, the Gregg County tax assessor-collector reported. Longview ISD’s budget included $62.44 million in local tax collections, a difference of $3.018 million. view article arw

Longview ISD could approve the 2019-20 tax roll at its school board meeting at noon Wednesday at Forest Park Magnet School, 1644 N. Eastman Road, Longview. A tax roll is the list of taxable property in the school district. Approving the tax roll is the only action item on the agenda. view article arw

Spring Branch ISD homeowners are getting a tax reprieve courtesy of the district’s board of trustees. On Sept. 23, the board unanimously approved a reduced tax rate for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. The new rate is $1.32098 per $100 property valuation, a drop of more than 7 cents from the previous $1.3945 rate. view article arw

Portions of four lakes on the Guadalupe River in Guadalupe and Gonzales counties are open again, with some areas near the dams still restricted after a panel of engineers weighed in on dam safety.  The report released Monday by three engineers detailed areas deemed safe for swimming and boating, as well as some areas where the threat of a dam failure and the resulting fast currents still posed hazards for recreation. The areas the panel deemed unsafe are much less extensive than those proposed by the Guadalupe Blanco-River Authority earlier this year when it said the lakes would have to be drained. view article arw

Texas makes mess of taxes

May 1607:45 AM

Count on the Texas Legislature to come up with a painfully complicated and inefficient way to repeal a painfully complicated and inefficient tax. Lawmakers deserve praise for targeting the Texas Franchise Tax, but their methods are unsound. The franchise tax, also called the margins or business tax, ranks consistently as one of the worst taxes anywhere in the country. It was the convoluted response to the Texas Supreme Court declaring the public school finance system unconstitutional. Lawmakers had to lower property taxes to comply with the court order, so to find replacement funds they rewrote the franchise tax, what businesses pay for the privilege to operate in our great state. view article arw

The Dallas school board Thursday night voted against putting a tax ratification election before voters this fall. The proposed 13-cent tax hike would have given the district $100 million to fund early childhood education and early college high school programs. The district also wanted to expand a program that pays extra money to top teachers who take jobs in some of the district’s toughest schools. view article arw

Trustees of the Wylie Independent School District proposed a tax rate of $1.13 per $100 of property value for the 2016-17 fiscal year — a tax cut of 2.4 cents — and added more money to the proposed budget for teachers' salaries during Monday's regular board meeting. Trustees conducted their third of three workshops for the 2016-17 budget of $32.340 million and set a special meeting for Monday, Aug. 29, at 6:30 p.m. to receive comments from the public on the budget and tax rate and then consider approval. view article arw

Kilgore ISD tax rate in the air

June 2407:38 AM

School trustees in Kilgore began their budget-writing season Monday with an overview of what is and isn’t known about financing the 2014-15 school year. view article arw