The property tax rate is going down in the Abilene Independent School District, but taxes are going up. School trustees voted unanimously, 6-0, Monday evening to adopt its 2017-18 budget and set the tax rate. The new rate is $1.1983 per $100 of assessed value, down from the current rate of $1.2041.  view article arw

Northwest: District sets tax rate

August 2908:25 AM

Northwest ISD trustees unanimously approved levying a $1.49 per $100 valuation total tax rate, increasing the district’s interest and sinking tax rate 4 cents as part of its May 2017 $399 million bond package. view article arw

The Kilgore ISD school board adopted a $36.6 million total budget Monday, keeping the tax rate unchanged and providing raises to employees districtwide. Teachers, as well as nonteaching staff, will receive a roughly 2 percent increase from the midpoint raise this year. Trustees also voted Monday to give Superintendent Cara Cooke a 1.68 percent increase on her base salary, bringing it to roughly $145,440 from her 2016-17 base of $143,037. view article arw

Austin school trustees Monday night adopted the district’s 2017-18 school tax rate, which remains unchanged from last year. The school board adopted a tax rate of $1.192, with $1.079 for maintenance and operations and 11.3 cents for debt repayment, per $100 valuation. While the tax rate remains flat (and is the lowest among Central Texas school districts), the average homeowner should expect to pay more in school taxes. The owner of the average valued home of $359,947 will pay $4,291, up $374 over last year. view article arw

Mayor Steve Adler will not pursue a tax swap with the Austin school district this year after all, but maybe next year, the mayor said Friday in a post on the City Council’s message board. “The message I’m getting from the community is that the tax swap concept is not ready yet, but I’d like to continue the conversation and see if we can get it ready for next year,” Adler wrote. view article arw

Saturday voting results are in. Voters in Woodville and Chester were voting on tax measures this year.  Woodville ISD voters rejected a proposed tax rate of $1.17 to offset the loss of a million dollars in state revenue this year by a vote of 207 for to 302 against.  Chester voters passed a tax swap measure, 123 to 31. The measure does not create a tax increase, but rather makes the district eligible for new state revenue. view article arw

Quinlan ISD tax referendum passes

August 2808:40 AM

Voters in the Quinlan Independent School District have overwhelmingly voted  in favor of a plan to ratify the district’s property tax rate. Unofficial final totals for Saturday’s election indicated more than nine out of 10 of the voters approved of the proposed property tax rate for the district’s maintenance and operations, which is higher than the rollback rate. However, the district’s overall tax rate is not increasing, as the Quinlan ISD Board of Trustees decreased the interest and sinking rate by the same amount. view article arw

Voters in the Troup and Chapel Hill school districts approved higher tax rates in tax ratification elections on Saturday.  Troup initially sought voter approval for an additional 13 cents on top of its tax rate of $1.17 per $100 in property valuation, bringing it to $1.30 per $100. That was to make up for some state funding that was going away. view article arw

Woodville ISD Superintendent Glen Conner said he has been pleased at the turnout during early voting in the district's tax ratification election. Tuesday was the final day for early voting, but those who have not yet made by to cast their ballot can stop by the WISD administration building between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.  When the votes are counted, the Booster will make those results available online at Saturday night.  Conner also notified trustees that taxpayers could see a bit of relief with the passage of HB 21 during the special session that concluded last week. view article arw

The Troup Independent School District is seeking to raise the tax rate to $1.22, which is $0.05 higher per $100 valuation than the rollback tax rate. There will be a Tax Ratification Election (TRE) as required by state law when the tax rate is higher than the rollback rate. The TISD school board held a meeting Aug. 15 to present information to residents in the district and answer any questions or concerns. There were 11 people aside from the school board in attendance. view article arw

New Diana ISD voters will head to the polls in November to decide two referendums: a $5.5 million bond measure to expand Robert F. Hunt Elementary School and a separate 7-cent tax ratification election. Both referendums will take place during the general election and, if both approved, would raise the district's total property tax rate to $1.27 per $100 valuation. That's a 15-cent increase, and a homeowner whose house is valued at $100,000 would see an estimated $150 per year tax hike if both referendums are approved. view article arw

Spending priorities outlined in Belton Independent School District’s approved $117.6 million budget are in line with its improvement plan, a school official said. The budget breaks down into three main categories: a $95,884,717 general fund, a $6,591,948 school nutrition fund and a $15,160,310 debt service fund. These categories are listed separately in accordance with state law. view article arw

CALDWELL, Tex. (KBTX) - Caldwell voters will decide on changes to the school district's finances this weekend. The district is holding a Tax Ratification Election.  School officials are hoping to get additional funding from the state, but they need voter approval to make changes. The tax rate won't be going up if voters approve the change.  Caldwell ISD Superintendent Andrew Peters tells us if approved the district would have a balanced budget for the first time in about eight years. view article arw

A public hearing by Alice ISD’s School Board was held Saturday to discuss and approve the district’s budget and tax rate. The district proposed to move $0.06 from the Interest and Sinking Fund (I&S), which is used to pay off debts, to the Maintenance and Operations Fund M&O). According to the district, this will cost the taxpayers nothing. view article arw

During a special-called meeting Thursday, LISD trustees approved a decrease in the tax rate, a bump in substitute teacher pay and a payment plan for the replacement of iPads for students. A tax rate of $1.3697 per $100 property valuation was adopted for the 2017-18 fiscal year, which begins Sept. 1. Laredo Independent School District's current tax rate is $1.3897. view article arw

Cleburne ISD has good news for Cleburne residents. After last year’s increase for the bond, there will be no tax increase this year for the district. The board of trustees approved the maintenance and operations tax rate of $1.17 and the interest and sinking tax rate of 46 cents, with a combined tax rate of $1.63 per $100 of valuation during Monday night’s meeting. view article arw

DONNA — The board of trustees at Donna school district held a public hearing Tuesday to discuss the upcoming year’s budget and tax rate, which for the most part will remain the same. However, the district might see increased revenue due to an increase in property values.  School district administrators proposed maintaining a tax rate of $1.258 per $100 valuation, which the board approved during a regular board meeting that followed the public hearing. view article arw

Eanes ISD board of trustees met Monday, the first day of school, to set the 2017-18 tax rate and discuss enrollment and new hires for the school year. The board of trustees set the total fiscal year 2017-18 tax rate a $1.20 per $100 valuation, a decrease of 1.25 cents from the FY 2016-17 tax rate. The district’s maintenance and operating tax rate was increased by 2 cents while the interest and sinking tax rate was decreased by 3.25 cents. view article arw

Last-minute action by Texas lawmakers last week will ease the pressure on Troup Independent School District, so when its voters go to the polls on Saturday to decide a new tax rate, the hike will only be 5 cents per $100 in property valuation – not the 13 cents first proposed. Lawmakers last week approved a partial solution to a problem that Troup and other districts are facing. The state’s ASATR program - Additional State Aid for Tax Relief - was scheduled to end, leaving Troup down $772,000 for the coming school year. view article arw

Once again the Buffalo Independent School District held a public hearing on taxes and no one cared enough about school taxes to participate. One citizen observer was present, but did not wish to speak. About five minutes after the hearing was opened it was adjourned.  view article arw

In an effort to alleviate a small amount of taxpayers’ burdens, the Weatherford ISD lowered its tax rate by a cent and a half last week and approved its 2017-18 budget. Due to higher property values across the county, the district was able to initially propose the lower rate of $1.454 per $100 valuation and ultimately adopt that rate at the August 14 meeting. The rate is divided into a $1.17 for maintenance and operations and .284 cents for interest and sinking. view article arw

North Texas homeowners will likely pay more in taxes next year, even as local government leaders vow to hold the line on property tax rates. City, county and school district levies are based on property values. In many locales, those property values continue to rise. And so will property assessments. "These really are tax increases," said Bridgette Wallis who operates the McKinney Citizen to Citizen website and Facebook page. "Even if the tax rate stays the same, they're still getting a lot more of our money based on the appraisals." Only a few entities -- including Dallas, Collin and Rockwall counties, as well as the cities of Rockwall, Royse City and Wylie -- are talking about holding the line by not asking their residents to pay more taxes in the 2017-18 fiscal year. view article arw

When the Dallas Independent School District begins classes on August 28, only 14 campuses will be listed on the state's "improvement required" list.  It's the lowest total in years, but concerns exist from observers on whether the state's second largest district can maintain those gains amid dwindling funding from the state.  Frustrations boiled over Friday night when a divided school board failed to advance three different tax hike plans that would have infused millions into programs for the 158,000 student district.  It is the second time in two years the board has failed to reach an agreement on a Tax Ratification Election that voters would then vote on. view article arw

Eanes ISD’s board of trustees will have an opportunity lower the district’s overall tax rate from $1.2125 to $1.20 per $100 valuation for fiscal year 2017-18 at its meeting Monday afternoon, Superintendent Tom Leonard told Community impact Newspaper on Aug. 18. By combining a “penny exchange” with a “drop” in the district’s interest and sinking tax rate, Leonard said the board would give the community the chance to lower the overall tax rate for residents while saving $3 million this year that would otherwise be subject to the state recapture system. view article arw

After more than a year of false starts and failed votes, Dallas ISD won’t be asking taxpayers for more money after all. On Friday night, the district’s board of trustees failed to reach the required six-vote super-majority on any of the three tax plans discussed during its special meeting. Each would have provided voters the opportunity to vote on whether to give the district millions of dollars in additional funding, maximizing state aid in the process for one of the state’s most challenging urban districts. view article arw

Gonzales ISD sets tax rate

August 2108:15 AM

Gonzales Independent School District Board of Trustees met in a special meeting Monday to approve the districts 2017-2018 budget and to set the district tax rate. The districts new tax rate is $1.16. With $1.04 of that that tax going toward maintenance and operations and the other 12 cents going toward debt service. view article arw

SAN ANGELO, TX — “In ten years I won’t be able to afford a home.” Johnson Brown told Tom Green County Commissioners during a public hearing on the County’s proposed three cent property tax rate increase Tuesday.  Brown was one of five taxpayers who testified at length before the court opposing the proposed increase.  He was referring to the increase in his property tax appraisal which comes from the Appraisal District of Tom Green Countyand not the Commissioner’s Court. The appraisal district sets the value of property.  The court sets a tax rate each year as does each taxing entity including cities, school districts, counties and special districts like water districts and emergency services districts which collect property tax to fund services. view article arw

The Dallas school board Thursday night will consider whether to ask voters for more money this fall. At a special meeting, they’ll discuss a TRE — a tax ratification election. Fort Worth approved one of these this week. view article arw

Despite the Pflugerville ISD tax rate remaining the same for the sixth year in a row, residents can expect their taxes to increase by about $300 per year for a homeowner with an average price home of $200,000. Trustees approved Thursday night by a vote of 5-2 to keep the tax rate at $1.54. This rate is made up of two portions: $1.04 for the Maintenance & Operation rate and $0.50 for the Interest & Sinking rate that pays down the district’s debt. view article arw

Tomorrow, Dallas ISD trustees are going to take a vote. There are nine of them, not 12. This is not one person who needs help overcoming long odds; it’s 158,000 of them, all kids. The majority of them are brown, a lot of them are black, and almost all of them are poor. And tomorrow we find out if we chose a just jury to decide the fate of those children. Tomorrow, their legacy will be written. We will know if they want to do something right.  Here is what’s at stake: view article arw

Weatherford Independent School District voted to lower its tax rate Monday evening, following a trend countywide that has seen the city and other educational institutions such as Weatherford College, lowering their tax rate because of an increase in property valuations over the past year. The tax rate dropped roughly by 1.5 cents from $1.469 to $1.454 per $100 valuation, further distancing itself from the district’s 1.488 rollback rate. view article arw

Taxpayers in the Fredericksburg Independent School District will go on their 11th year of no increase, even as their property values have risen steadily.  On Monday at its regular meeting, FISD trustees adopted a tax rate of $1.1462, which includes $1.04 for maintenance and operations, and another 10.62 cents for its interest and sinking (debt) fund. view article arw

Lake Travis ISD board of trustees tonight set the fiscal year 2017-18 tax rate, triggering a tax ratification election for Nov. 7. The board action was the first step in conducting a “penny exchange,” which—with voter approval—would move 2 cents to the district’s maintenance and operating tax rate from its debt service tax rate “to maximize the state finance system,” said Johnny Hill, the LTISD assistant superintendent of business.  A successful tax ratification election would allow the district retain about $2.1 million dollars that would otherwise be subject to the state recapture program, without increasing the overall tax rate. view article arw

While state legislators have inflamed emotions across the state with their consideration of a North Carolina-style bill to restrict bathroom use for transgender people, the Amarillo ISD Board of Trustees is taking on a bathroom measure of its own. Members are mulling more than $23 million in upgrades to bathrooms around the district as part of a proposed $100 million bond proposal they hope to put on the November ballot. view article arw

The Denison Independent School District’s new budget and tax rate were the main focus of Tuesday’s board meeting. In a unanimous vote, the board approved a budget of $50.95 million for the 2017-2018 academic year. Of that, $24.9 million will be spent on instruction, $6 million on facility maintenance and operations, and around $5.2 million on debt repayment. view article arw