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Edinburg school district officials announced a delay in the start of summer classes for Thursday as the Valley expects more rain.The district will begin summer school programs at 9:30 a.m. and buses will being student pickups at 8 a.m.  District staff is scheduled to report to work at 9 a.m., but some might be asked to arrive earlier if needed. "Campus and District administration will make any any necessary arrangements with designated staff to arrive earlier than 9 A.M. if necessary," states a notification sent by Superintendent Rene Gutierrez Wednesday evening.  view article arw

Market Conditions: Gulf Coast districts generally experienced a relatively soft market, with several schools receiving reduced rates, as five of our seven early engagements did. Rates for 2018 ranged from $.10 to $.16 for Tier 2, and $.22 to $.33 for Tier 1 properties. Do not expect this to continue. When RMS 18 (loss modeling estimate) is calculated, expect rates to increase dramatically. Inland Texas is a different story. We are just now seeing renewals; so far the rates also range from $.10 to $.16 – for some districts that is a huge increase. view article arw

Replacing school buildings where mass shootings took place, mental health counseling for students and staff members, and even funerals are some of the expenses covered by insurance policies that protect school districts if an active shooter incident takes places, according to CBS News. view article arw

WHEREAS, due to the catastrophic damage caused by Hurricane Harvey, a state of disaster continues to exist in those same counties;  NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with the authority vested in me by Section 418.014 of the Texas Government Code, I do hereby renew the disaster proclamation for the 60 counties listed above. view article arw

Here’s yet another impact of the rash of school shootings that has plagued America in recent years: Interest in insurance coverage against such incidents is on the rise from both public and private schools. That’s especially so in the wake of the latest high-profile mass shootings that left more than two dozen dead at high schools in Florida and Texas, according to companies that sell this type of insurance. view article arw

A Texas appellate court recently wiped a $9.6 million judgment stemming from a Hurricane Ike lawsuit brought by the Dickinson Independent School District. In 2012, DISD, through Houston attorney Tony Buzbee, sued the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association, alleging fraud, breach of contract and insurance code violations. view article arw

More than nine months after Hurricane Harvey devastated homes in nearly 50 Texas counties, the state agency charged with overseeing the largest housing recovery in American history is trying to gauge how much devastation remains. The General Land Office is teaming with University of Texas at Austin researchers to survey Texans in the dozens of counties declared disaster areas after the storm slammed ashore and inundated several cities with historic floods.  view article arw

Recent high school graduate Anh-Minh Nguyen’s senior year didn’t go as he expected. While he and his classmates were worrying about applying to colleges, some of their teachers were dealing with flooded homes, lost cars and illnesses after the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. Nguyen said those obstacles made it feel like Harvey was hindering him and his classmates from reaching their full potential. But when he was having trouble with his application to Harvard, his teachers did everything they could to help him, even though they were dealing with many problems of their own. view article arw

On a bright Thursday in April, in Alief Independent School District’s Mata Intermediate School, sixth-grade teacher Justin Williams walked to his classroom door from the hallway and crooked a finger, beckoning a gangly 13-year-old to come outside. A teacher had caught Mekhi Coleman goofing around with another student, the two playfully kicking each other when they were supposed to be quietly marching to their next class. view article arw

What is the most important lesson you learned from Hurricane Harvey? "You can't stop them when they're coming. I don't know how you could have prepared for such a thing. From a school district standpoint and what happened to our buildings, when you get air conditioning units moved by the rain and wind coming through and water onto walls and floors and creating the different issues there: how to prepare for one will still be a big question to me. They don't just stop because you wave a white flag." view article arw

District officials say four to five buses were involved in the accident on Beltway 8 South near Blackhawk. They say nine students are being treated for minor injuries. view article arw

The Bonham Independent School District (ISD) recently received an Excellence Award from the Texas Association of School Boards’ (TASB) Risk Management Fund, along with $1,000 to be used toward risk management efforts. Bonham ISD was one of 10 Texas public school districts to receive the award during the TASB Risk Management Fund’s Members’ Conference May 4 in Austin. The district was recognized for its campus security systems, which consists of a box mounted on the outside of the building with a doorbell, as well as a camera and intercom. Visitors to the campus press the bell, which alerts the office staff. view article arw

The school scared them now. One terrible day had passed since the shooting, but Reagyn Murphy and Kalysta Dodson had to return to collect the purses and car keys they’d left inside. The best friends, both sophomores at Santa Fe High School, boarded a short yellow bus and rode through their shattered small town. Nobody on the bus spoke. Ten students stared through hazy windows that framed their town's panic. They passed the flashing lights and plastic flowers, the memorials that had appeared in the day since a gunman opened fire, killing eight students and two teachers.  view article arw

On April 11, 2016, the North Texas area was hit by a record-setting hailstorm that caused an estimated $300 million in damage. The community of Wylie, TX suffered some of the most significant damage, with 80 percent of the city’s homes damaged. The Wylie Independent School District sustained damage to all 20 campuses as well as its entire bus fleet. City officials began rebuilding immediately and school was only cancelled for one day. For many, including safety personnel, the storm served as a reminder about what it takes to be prepared. view article arw

How do you prepare for thisi? - js - EL PASO, Texas (AP) — Authorities are trying to determine how a box of ammunition fell from a military helicopter and crashed through the roof of an elementary school in Texas.  The Ysleta Independent School District says no one was injured when the ammo box hit Parkland Elementary School in El Paso on Thursday afternoon. The ammo box left a hole in the roof and caused a power outage in part of the building.  Officials at nearby Fort Bliss say they'll reassess flight patterns as part of their investigation. view article arw

Tensions between many Texas cities and counties and Gov. Greg Abbott over the use of the state's $11 billion rainy day fund to pay for costs associated with Hurricane Harvey resurfaced Wednesday after a group of local officials sent a letter to the governor asking for money. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, who was among the nearly 60 leaders of communities hit hard by Harvey who sent the letter to Abbott, said Wednesday that it wasn't intended to be antagonistic toward the governor but to highlight that many local governments need help. The letter sent Tuesday asked that Abbott tap the fund to help match federal grants that can be used on flood mitigation projects. view article arw

Lewisville ISD released the following letter to parents of students who attend the Dale Jackson Career Center in response to a fire: view article arw

Due to the power outage Sanford-Fritch Independent School District has closed for the day. view article arw

We have had several inquiries as to why we cancelled school today at 9:30. Listed below are the steps and or reasons for the closure. As these decisions are not always best for the parent, we appreciate your understanding and acceptance in our decisions to do what's best for students. view article arw

Police have charged a woman they believe intentionally crashed her car into an elementary school building. Anterra Gatson, 30, of Marshall is charged with felony criminal mischief and attempted aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. About 12:30 p.m. on April 11, Marshall Police Department officers responded to Price T. Young Elementary School where a vehicle had crashed into a classroom. view article arw

Two families claim the Round Rock Independent School District refuses to take responsibility for car accidents on their campuses. Both accidents involved head injuries. “It’s pretty scary,” said Christy Litz, who was injured April 5 at Walsh Middle School. view article arw

Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday approved Harris County’s request to call a multi-billion-dollar bond election to pay for flood control measures on Aug. 25, the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey. view article arw

Many Districts use charter buses for special trips. We recently were asked by a district to review the insurance certificates provided by operators. Of the 11 certificates reviewed, not a single one complied with the district’s insurance requirements. We use a worksheet to check for compliance. Additional Insured, Waiver of Subrogation and Notice of Cancellation endorsements are required. This form can also be modified and used for other required insurance certificates. view article arw

HASKELL, Texas — Severe storms left their mark on the Big Country on Wednesday evening and repairs to the areas hit the hardest by the storms were underway on Thursday.  Since Wednesday evening, it has been all hands on deck at Haskell High School in terms of gathering materials and cleaning up after the mess that the severe weather system that hit the Big Country on Wednesday evening created, which caused roughly 50 yards of damage to the roof of the school.  “It peeled off a bunch of the metal roofing and caused a lot of water damage to desks, floors, carpet, hardwood internally,” said Haskell CISD Superintendent Bill Alcorn. view article arw

Students in Windthorst had a late start this morning after their school took quite the beating from powerful thunderstorms that rolled through last night. The green house has taken a lot of damage. Superintendent Lonnie Hise says the green house is probably a total loss. view article arw

The tour company bus that crashed into an Alabama ravine while transporting at least 40 band students back to the Houston area from Disney World was traveling more than 55 mph, a preliminary report from the National Transportation Safety Board has revealed. view article arw

Update: The building has been cleared, Marshall ISD spokesman David Weaver said. There were never any flames, only a smoke smell around the office area due to a faulty motor on one of the air conditioning units, Weaver said. All students were safe.  Original story: Students at a Marshall ISD elementary school were evacuated Tuesday afternoon due to a smoke smell in the building which seems to have come from a faulty air conditioning unit, Marshall ISD Superintendent Jerry Gibson said on Tuesday in a social media post to the district’s Facebook page. view article arw

The U.S. Department of Education announced Monday that it has granted $89.4 million to Texas public and private schools ravaged by Hurricane Harvey.  The Texas Education Agency will disburse the money to help schools recover from the storm’s damage. The money comes from Congress’ $2.5 billion appropriation to help students affected by various natural disasters last year, including the California wildfires and hurricanes Irma and Maria.  Texas schools in the 47-county presidential disaster declaration are eligible for the money. The counties include Bastrop, Caldwell, Comal, Lee and Fayette. State officials haven’t decided which schools will receive the money. view article arw

LEOMINSTER, Mass. -- A Massachusetts school district was waiting Friday for its computer system to be "unlocked" after it paid a $10,000 bitcoin ransom to hackers following a cyberattack on its system. And despite the nefarious nature of the school system's lockdown, there is no criminal investigation into the matter because solving this crime is "impossible," said Interim Leominster Police Chief Michael Goldman.  "It's something that very, very likely came from out of the country, and trying to trace something like this down is impossible," Goldman told CBS Boston. view article arw

Head football coach David Woodard, like others in West, lost his home and his place of employment on a Wednesday evening five years ago, when an explosion at the West Fertilizer Co. plant rocked the town, killed 15 and injured hundreds. Woodard chose to rebuild and rely on the resilience he saw around him as community members immediately went into action, both before and after the blast, which came at 7:51 p.m. April 17, 2013. There was never a question of whether he and his family would choose to stay, Woodard said. view article arw

 Marathon ISD has canceled school due to an electrical outage. Classes will resume on Monday. view article arw

Bloomington Middle School principal Terry Young saw the 5,000-pound burdens of a devastating past be picked up and carried away. “It’s a sign of progress,” Young said Wednesday as the portable buildings that acted as temporary classrooms after Hurricane Harvey were taken away. “As long as they’re here, they will remind us where we’ve been.” In the eight months since the Category 4 hurricane damaged the entire school district, repairs have been made allowing some of the district’s about 900 students to return to their regular classes, while others are still displaced. view article arw

Texas, like the nation, has stagnated in elementary and middle school academic achievement and continues to fail to get black and Hispanic students performing as well as white students, according to a national "report card" out this week. view article arw

DONLEY COUNTY, TX (KFDA) - A 1930s-era school building went up in flames Tuesday afternoon in Donley County near Ashtola.  The fire burned the historic Ashtola school building, leaving nothing but brick walls behind.  Get the latest Amarillo news straight to your phone! Apple | Android According to the Clarendon Enterprise, Clarendon Fire Chief Jeremy Powell said a resident attempting to smoke out honey bees on their front porch accidentally set their yard on fire, ultimately burning 10 to 15 acres. view article arw

A Dallas teen was arrested Wednesday afternoon after police say he made a threat on social media against Frisco High School. Ronathan Livingston, 17, was taken into custody about 4 p.m. at a Dallas apartment complex. He is charged with making a false alarm or report, a state jail felony punishable by up to two years in jail. He was being held at the Frisco Police Department Detention Center in lieu of $10,000 bail. view article arw