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Omar Garcia with BOK Financial Securities has a new release (Release 7 dated 07/29/2019) that is now available for download.  This new release includes a few additions and corrections from the prior release. Please read the notes on the Notes tab before entering data.  There may be more to come, so as always, please stay tuned for any new developments. view article arw

Montague Independent School District recently announced the construcƟon of a new gymnasium. The gymnasium is set to be completed in the Summer of 2019, with the ribbon cuƫng ceremony scheduled August 15th. Government Capital CorporaƟon was selected to provide a unique financing structure. view article arw

On Tuesday, the Lubbock-Cooper ISD announced a pay raise for teachers related to recent changes approved by the Texas Legislature. A reform package in 2019 included more state money for teacher pay and it also limited the amount of property tax increases local governments can levy via higher property valuations. view article arw

Jacksonville Independent School District employees will be able to pad their bank accounts with a bit more money this school year. According to the district, at the regular monthly meeting of the JISD Board of Trustees, Lindy Finley, Associate Superintendent of Business & Finance, outlined the newly adopted budget for 2019-2020. Within that budget, teachers with more than five years of teaching experience will receive a $7,500 pay raise starting in September, while teachers with less than 5 years will see a $7,000 increase averaging 16.76% pay increase per teacher. view article arw

Kerrville ISD trustees adopted the 2019-20 budget for the school district at the July 22 meeting by a unanimous vote, following a presentation and a public hearing at which no citizen asked to speak. The adopted budget is balanced at $41,757,001; and Jarrett Jachade and Superintendent Mark Foust told trustees and the staff members attending that this will require no use of the district’s fund balance. view article arw

At a called meeting this Tuesday, the Greenville Independent School District Board of Trustees will consider approving the district’s budget for the 2019-20 school year. There is no public hearing about the budget on the agenda, nor is there a “receive individuals and/or delegates” – or “citizens to be heard” planned, but the board members will discuss and possibly vote on the budget in open session. view article arw

On Thursday, Hutto Independent School District announced its board of trustees approved a 2019-20 plan that would raise pay for employees up to 9%, based on experience. view article arw

School is almost back in session, and Hutto educators will have something extra to smile about with upcoming pay raises. Hutto ISD approved its revised 2019-20 staff compensation plan with a 5-1 vote at its July 25 meeting, with more than $2.8 million in salary raises accounted into its academic year budget. Board member Edgar Padilla was not present for the meeting. view article arw

A week after passing across-the-board raises for district staff with new money from House Bill 3, Northside Independent School District trustees approved a health insurance plan Tuesday night that will cost the district 5.8 percent more. However, not all of the cost increase will be passed on to the more than 10,000 people enrolled in the plan, NISD Director of Benefits Chris Rice said. Depending on the employee’s chosen insurance plan and the district’s contribution, the cost increase for employees will vary. view article arw

Magnolia ISD employees could see 4%-4.5% teacher and staff raises, $500-$1,000 one-time bonuses and a $50 monthly increase in health care contributions in the fiscal year 2019-20 preliminary budget, MISD Assistant Superintendent of Operations Erich Morris said at a July 22 budget workshop. House Bill 3—the school finance reform bill signed into law June 11—made changes in the funding formula, such as removing the cost of education index and shifting districts from using prior-year property values to current-year property values to estimate annual school funding. This caused districts such as MISD to not reap the same benefits as smaller or slower-growing districts, Morris said. view article arw

The Humble ISD Board of Trustees took one more step toward being reimbursed by FEMA for damages done to their facilities by Hurricane Harvey during their monthly meeting on July 24. The school board approved a measure to renew their contract with Disaster Recovery Services, LLC for one more year. view article arw

Millsap ISD board of trustees discussed the 2019-20 budget during a special meeting on Monday. Administrators presented different budget scenarios to the board, but nothing was officially proposed and many details about the budget are still unknown, Chief Financial Officer Kim Alexander said. Superintendent Deann Lee started the discussion by reviewing House Bill 3 — the state’s new school finance reform law — with the board. HB 3 would result in a basic allotment increase of more than $1,000 per MISD student and several changes to individual funds and allotments. view article arw

HERMLEIGH, Texas — House Bill 3 is touted as a sweeping and historic financial bill, but it could lead to devastation in smaller school districts such as Hermleigh ISD.  The bill, passed on June 19, has been praised for raising teachers' salaries and putting more money into classrooms across the State of Texas.  Hermleigh ISD received over $500,000 in tax breaks from local wind farms last year, but this year, those tax breaks rolled out. view article arw

Kilgore ISD school board trustees voted unanimously Monday to approve a compensation and benefits plan for the 2019-2020 school year which includes an additional $1.9 million investment, leading to substantial pay increases for full-time teachers and other district employees. The pay increases are a direct result of additional state funding for Texas schools mandated by House Bill 3, a measure signed into law by Gov. Abbott in June. “Kilgore ISD is anticipating additional state funding for our 2019-2020 school year,” said Superintendent Dr. Andy Baker. view article arw

Carthage ISD’s proposed 2019-20 budget will drop the tax rate by seven cents and will include pay raises for staff and teachers throughout the district. District officials offered a preliminary look at the overall numbers at a school board meeting Monday. They also set a public hearing to consider the budget and proposed tax rate for Aug. 19 at 6:15 p.m. Business Manager Kathy Worley said the proposed budget is expected to generate about $28.5 million in revenue — a number based on an increase in state funding and a state-mandated compression of the tax rate. view article arw

School districts across Texas, including Pflugerville, are planning their financial futures after a new school finance reform bill is making some adjust how much financial burden they place on property owners. On July 18, the board of trustees at the Pflugerville Independent School District proposed lowering its property tax rate by seven cents because of House Bill 3. The trustees would like to set it at $1.45 per $100 valuation, which would be lower than the previous year’s rate of $1.52 per $100 valuation. view article arw

Kilgore ISD trustees voted unanimously Monday to approve a compensation and benefits plan for the 2019-20 school year that includes substantial pay increases for full-time teachers and other district employees. The pay increases are a result of additional state funding mandated by House Bill 3. view article arw

The Killeen Independent School District school board approved its $16.8 million salary increase package as a result of the passage of House Bill 3. At Tuesday's board meeting, the presentation and vote to approve across-the-board pay raises was passed unanimously and will begin in the 2019-2020 school year. view article arw

Nearly 5,000 teachers and other employees in Clear Creek ISD are getting raises as part of what the district is calling a "significant" compensation package totaling $11.3 million. On Monday, the district's school board unanimously approved directing those funds for pay increases for existing employees, as well as earmarking $370,000 to offset rising healthcare premiums for workers who are part of the TRSActive Care program. The district said the salary increases between 4 and 9.49 percent are a record for Clear Creek. view article arw

Huffman ISD joined school districts from across the state in approving raises for teachers and staff at its monthly board meeting on July 22. The move put the district in compliance with House Bill 3, a school finance bill that was approved by Texas legislators and was signed by the governor earlier this year. Huffman ISD Chief Financial Officer Tim Brittain estimates that the district will gain about $880,000 in increased revenue for the 2019-2020 school year due to HB3. view article arw

Texas pre-K programs are just scraping by after losing millions of dollars last year — and without sustainable funding, they could see greater problems down the line, school officials say. During the 2017 legislative session, lawmakers decided not to fund a $118 million high-quality pre-K grant program that was created in 2015 and championed by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott. The money had gone to 573 districts and charter schools that pledged to meet measures such as setting a lower student-teacher ratio, avoiding Common Core curricula and reporting student progress to the state. view article arw

Burnet school district officials were probably expecting to get more than two years from the synthetic turf installed at Bulldog Field in 2015, but that didn’t happen and it’s now set the district back $150,000. Burnet Consolidated Independent School District Superintendent Keith McBurnett, however, said the district is looking to get $105,000 back from one manufacturer. Last year, officials noticed some turf fibers sticking up higher than others, so they took a closer look, McBurnett said. “To most people, it probably wasn’t noticeable,” he said. “We had all the experts look at the field, and they looked at the backside. It needed to be replaced.” view article arw

On Saturday, voters who live within the Houston ISD will go to the polls to determine how - or if - the district will pay the state millions in "recapture" fees. Whatever voters decide on Proposition 1, the Houston ISD will take a financial hit, officials say. Recapture, and school finance, can be difficult to grasp. To help, here are the answers to some questions about the ballot measure. view article arw

The Round Rock school district awarded $1.9 million in grants to 34 campuses to help foster innovation in schools through programs, models or initiatives that enrich learning. The grants range from $7,500 to $100,000 and support the district’s strategic goal of implementing, enhancing and reinforcing innovative teachings and learning models, according to a district news release. view article arw

Fort Bend ISD is going to begin serving up something different for some students who continually fail to pay for their lunches -- a cold cheese sandwich with a side of milk, and that's not sitting well with some parents. We're not talking about students who qualify for free school meals. But apparently, these repeat offenders have gotten so "forgetful" that it's draining the district's budget by hundreds of thousands of dollars. view article arw

The Garland school district’s $453.8 million budget for 2015-16 passed this week. Here are the highlights: Taxes are going up: There’s a 10-cent per $100 valuation tax increase tied to theNovember 2014 passage of a $455 million bond package. Garland ISD previously had the second-lowest tax rate among 16 districts that tax in Dallas County; the bond will bring that closer to the midpoint. view article arw

The Lampasas Independent School District met Monday to discuss the district’s fiscal year 2016 budget and proposed tax rates. “My idea was still to give everyone a tax break, but to make it 1 cent right now, and we could change it in a year if we need to,” board member Sam Walker said. “I think we are jumping the gun by dropping it 2 cents.” view article arw

Marfa ISD is taking a proactive approach toward its potential Chapter 41 status, which would classify the district as a “rich” school. Chief Financial Officer Victoria Sanchez discussed with the board of trustees at the June 15 meeting five different options they could possibly choose for the Chapter 41 status and heavily stressed that the board should consider each option carefully as three of them would have permanent repercussions. view article arw

The Dallas Independent School District presented a draft version of a comprehensive plan for facilities and academic improvement to the board of trustees on Thursday. The long-range plan, which calls for $1.5 billion in funding, would be directed at school choice, pre-k expansion and career readiness, according to DISD officials. view article arw

Duncanville ISD thought it was getting a great deal when, one year ago this month, it switched electric providers and signed on with the State Power Program through the state's General Land Office. Just like that, Duncanville ISD's price-per-kilowatt hour dropped almost 20 percent, from 7.3 cents to a maximum of 6 cents. view article arw

Comal ISD paying off debt early

September 0208:05 AM

The Comal Independent School District is paying off bond debt early in an effort to save taxpayers money. The district's board of trustees voted Thursday night to pay off $6.5 million in bond debt ahead of schedule. view article arw