Interesting read! - js -  President Trump’s first federal budget proposal seeks a $168 million increase for charter schools, which is a 50 percent funding increase from the current level set by the previous Obama administration. For Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, charters are one tool in the school choice tool box that they say will be front and center of their education reform agenda.   view article arw

Last year, the Texas Supreme Court called our state’s school funding system awful, inadequate and basically a mess – yet still ruled that it met some minimum standard for Texas students. When I asked one legislator to explain this, he said that only three or four people in Texas understood the school finance system — and he wasn’t one of them. Another legislator told me that it’s not about the funding, because if a teacher is good, he or she could just teach “under an ol’ shade tree.” Neither conversation inspired confidence. I’ve talked with many Texans about school funding, and here’s what they say: • We underfund Texas schools. • The system for sharing it is totally screwed up. • Property taxes are way too high. view article arw

Dinner with Diane

March 2006:21 AM

Diane Ravitch, the 2014 Friends of Texas Public Schools Friend of the Year honoree, will share her powerful arguments against the privatization of public schools and high stakes testing at our Dinner with Diane event on March 29. Author of Reign of Error and former Undersecretary of Education for George W. Bush, Ravitch is the foremost authority on the destructive effects of high stakes testing and privatization. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to dine with Diane… and Friends of Texas Public Schools! view article arw

A long-awaited proposal to prepare Texas in the event of a constitutional convention passed its first legislative hurdle Thursday when a state Senate committee approved a trio of bills assigning instructions to potential delegates and restricting their powers. view article arw

North American Solutions, a leading provider of insurance and risk management services for public entities, is excited to announce that Lauren Andreadis has joined the team as a Sales Representative. view article arw