The number of children in Texas shelters increased slightly last month, even as the number of migrants arriving at the border has surged. Federal officials say more than 144,000 migrants were apprehended or denied entry in May, a 13-year high — and more than half of those were families with children. About 8% were unaccompanied minors, who are sometimes sent to these shelters temporarily if officials cannot find U.S.-based sponsors to take them in. view article arw

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Christopher M. Huckabee, AIA, Chief Executive Officer of Huckabee (an educational architecture firm), was elected Chairman of the Texas Tech University System Board of Regents on March 21. Chris, a graduate of the Texas Tech College of Architecture, was appointed to the board in 2015 by Gov. Greg Abbott. He was named Vice Chairman in October 2018 and previously served on the Facilities and Investment Advisory committees. view article arw