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A retired Amarillo Independent School District teacher known for helping refugees in Amarillo will be honored for her volunteer work Friday by the State Board of Education. Evelyn Lyles was among 15 volunteers the board named Heroes for Children for volunteering in public schools in their communities. view article arw

Protesting a 2010 Arizona law prohibiting ethnic studies in the classroom, advocate and professor Tony Diaz once led a caravan of cars through Arizona that "smuggled" books removed from school shelves into "underground libraries" across the state.  Now he's following the letter of the law to get Texas to approve his proposal for the first state-adopted Mexican-American studies textbook, which would be used next school year. view article arw

Review Agenda - Public Testimony - Individual testimony will be taken at the time the related item comes up for committee discussion or action. The procedures for registering and taking public testimony at State Board of Education committee meetings and general board meetings are provided online. view article arw

For most high school seniors, the year is filled with many memorable experiences – prom, graduation, selection of the college they intend to attend and a host of other once-in-a-lifetime events. Avery Bullock’s last year will be no different but she will get to add one honor to her list that no other high school senior in Texas will be able to claim. Bullock, a Weatherford High School student and Lieutenant in the Blue Belles, was recently selected to an 18-member steering committee to help the State Board of Education (SBOE) develop a long-range plan for public education. view article arw

The Texas State Board of Education appointed an advisory committee to create a long-range plan for public education, but a board member said the committee does not accurately reflect the demographic makeup of students in Texas. The board created an 18-member advisory committee that selected five members from the State Board of Education (SBOE), three agency representatives, and 10 public stakeholders to “establish broad goals for the Texas public school system.” view article arw

The Civil War lessons taught to American students often depend on where the classroom is, with schools presenting accounts of the conflict that vary from state to state and even district to district. Some schools emphasize states’ rights in addition to slavery and stress how economic and cultural differences stoked tensions between North and South. Others highlight the battlefield acumen of Confederate commanders alongside their Union counterparts. At least one suggests that abolition represented the first time the nation lived up to its founding ideals. view article arw

State Board of Education: Summary of Action Items view article arw

In past legislative sessions, a bill this momentous would have been major news. But in the “worst Legislature ever,” it received almost no press coverage at all — elbowed out by bathrooms, vouchers, “show me your papers” legislation, religious freedom carve-outs and new restrictions on abortion. Senate Bill 801, authored by Senator Kel Seliger, R-Amarillo, and signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott on June 9, gives the controversy-plagued State Board of Education (SBOE) the authority to reject textbook content it deems not “suitable for the subject and grade level for which the instructional material was submitted.” That may not be as innocuous as it sounds. view article arw

AUSTIN - Revised high school English language arts and reading and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) standards, won final approval from State Board of Education members  June 23.The new high school TEKS will be implemented in the 2020-2021 school year.  The proposed revisions to the curriculum standards look significantly different from the existing standards because they are grouped into new strands, but the concepts remain similar. view article arw

AUSTIN — The State Board of Education will decide Friday whether to allow three new charter schools to open in the Houston area, including a school with a board member once accused of funneling contracts to her son.  The state board's Committee on School Initiatives voted 3-2 on Thursday to allow the Legacy School of Sport Sciences to go before the full board. The measure won initial approval despite objection by two Democratsconcerned  that the Varnet School's Interim Superintendent Margaret Stroud was listed as a board member of the proposed school. view article arw

Read! - AUSTIN — Members of the State's Board of Education overwhelmingly oppose school vouchers and state regulations about which bathrooms students should use -- including most of the board's Republicans. Both school vouchers and bathrooms are issues high on Republican Gov. Greg Abbott's wish list of 20 matters he wants lawmakers to tackle during this summer's special legislative session, which begins July 18. Both issues failed to win House approval during this year's regular legislative session. view article arw

Texas may change how your child understands biology when taught in a public high school classroom. The Texas' Board of Education tentatively approved changes to portions of the states Biology curriculum. Instead of asking Texas public school students to “evaluate” scientific explanations for the origins of DNA and the complexity of certain cells, the state will now ask that the students "examine" the scientific explanations for the origins of DNA and complexity of certain cells. In the past, some educators have argued that the word "evaluate" encouraged students to challenge the scientific theory of evolution and opened the door to teaching creationism. view article arw

The Georgetown Board of Trustees has hired Fred Brent as the district's newest superintendent. view article arw