Beaumont ISD is one step closer to adopting new textbooks for high school English and English as a second language classes after giving teachers a chance to meet with potential vendors at an event Tuesday.  “We do this every time there is a new adoption,” BISD’s Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction Jenny Angelo told The Enterprise. “This is for one called proclamation 2020, which mostly involves high school English language arts and reading, AP literature and composition, journalism and some of our English language learner texts in the other room.” view article arw

Interview with Kimberly McLeod

December 1808:40 AM

We continue on with the State Board of Education, which is that entity that is subject to redistricting that gets the least amount of attention. view article arw

Do you know a business or organization that allows employees to be actively involved with their children’s public schools? Do their employees attend parent-teacher conferences or volunteer in the schools? read more arw

State Board of Education Agenda

November 1408:43 AM

November 12-15, 2019 -  Complete November agenda (PDF, 11 MB) - LIvestream  Note:  Tuesday, November 12, 2019  1 p.m. - Committee on School Finance/Permanent School Fund Work Session (Room 1-104) (This committee meeting has been cancelled.) read more arw

"We will be passing this," said Pat Hardy, a Republican on the Texas State Board of Education.  After years of bitter debate over whether ethnic studies courses are racially divisive, the Texas State Board of Education appears poised to approve its first African American studies course next year.  The 15-member board, which is responsible for setting curriculum standards and adopting textbooks for Texas public schools, heard from dozens of students, educators and advocates at a public hearing Wednesday, most who favored the new course. view article arw

Texas may change how your child understands biology when taught in a public high school classroom. The Texas' Board of Education tentatively approved changes to portions of the states Biology curriculum. Instead of asking Texas public school students to “evaluate” scientific explanations for the origins of DNA and the complexity of certain cells, the state will now ask that the students "examine" the scientific explanations for the origins of DNA and complexity of certain cells. In the past, some educators have argued that the word "evaluate" encouraged students to challenge the scientific theory of evolution and opened the door to teaching creationism. view article arw

The Georgetown Board of Trustees has hired Fred Brent as the district's newest superintendent. view article arw