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SBOE honors departing members

December 0208:25 AM

The State Board of Education in November bid farewell to two board members who chose not to seek re-election. Those members are Martha M. Dominguez, D-El Paso, who was first elected to the board in 2012, and Thomas Ratliff, R-Mount Pleasant, who was first elected to the board in 2010. The board passed resolutions in honor of Dominguez and Ratliff and introduced their successors, Georgina Perez, D-El Paso, and Keven Ellis, R-Lufkin. read more arw

Educators and officials called it a textbook case of racism. Academics deemed it a “political trojan horse” littered with inaccuracies. The publisher denounced allegations as “slanderous, libelous, and defamatory.“ view article arw

Some professors, high school teachers and other education officials urged the State Board of Education to reject recommendations from a committee to delete language from high school biology curriculum standards that challenges the science behind evolution.  The 10-member committee, with members from around the state, was charged with streamlining the state’s biology curriculum standards amid complaints from teachers that the state requires too much material to be covered in a school year. view article arw

Members of the State Board of Education took a unanimous preliminary vote on Wednesday to reject the adoption of a controversial Mexican-American studies textbook riddled with untruths. The final vote on Friday is not likely to be any different.  The book in question — “Mexican American Heritage” which was meant to teach high school students about Mexican-American culture — has been the center of controversy and made national headlines for its highly offensive and inaccurate account of the role Mexican-Americans have played in Texas history. view article arw

The publisher of a proposed Mexican-American studies textbook suggested Tuesday that State Board of Education members would open themselves up to legal action if they rejected the textbook, saying they had been put on notice by a constitutional law firm. Cynthia Dunbar, a former Republican member of the education board who now heads the company publishing the book, said the board must approve the book because it meets all requirements.  “We really don’t want censoring to happen,” Dunbar said. view article arw

If the State Board of Education approves a proposed Mexican-American studies textbook this fall, Texas students could learn that the Aztecs waged war because of “bloodlust,” 19th-century Mexican industrial laborers often drank on the job and slavery was in swift decline just before the Civil War, scholars and activists said at a press conference Monday.   Activist groups and professors with the Responsible Ethnic Studies Textbook Coalition gathered Monday at the Texas Education Agency to list their concerns with the book, “Mexican American Heritage,” and call on the board to reject it.  view article arw

The State Board of Education voted 14-0 Wednesday to deny the adoption of a Mexican-American studies textbook decried by opponents as racist and inaccurate.  The textbook, titled “Mexican American Heritage,” was the only submission the board received when it made a 2015 call for textbooks for high school social studies classes, including Mexican-American studies.  But critics say the book is riddled with factual, “interpretive” and “omission” errors and doesn't meet basic standards for use in classrooms.  Wednesday's vote wasn't the last step, as the board will take a final vote Friday. The only board member not present for the vote was David Bradley. view article arw

Rejected - js - AUSTIN - The Texas State Board of Education voted 14 to 0 Wednesday to deny the classroom use of a Mexican American history textbook deemed inaccurate and offensive. At Dallas ISD's Moises Molina High School, Carmen Dominguez studies other culture's histories, but not her own.  "We learn a lot more about African Americans and what they went through, but you don’t see a lot about Mexicans and what they went through," said Dominguez.  And in 2016, why shouldn’t Texas students learn about Mexican-American’s who’ve helped shape the state?  "They should have done that a long time ago," said Dominguez.   Her wait will now be a little longer. view article arw

BASTROP — Bastrop school district voters rejected a $75 million bond and tax increase Tuesday night, while voters in the Smithville school district approved a $35 million school bond, according to the final unofficial election results.  Fifty-four percent (8,425) of Bastrop school voters rejected the bond, compared to 46 percent (7,190) who supported the measure. Sixty-four percent (9,820) of voters came out against the tax ratification, while 36 percent (5,617) supported the increase, which would have been 13 cents per $100 in taxable property value. view article arw

The Georgetown Board of Trustees has hired Fred Brent as the district's newest superintendent. view article arw