If you were to ask Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, or Mark Zuckerberg’s Jarvis (aka Morgan Freeman) what legal issues often arise with the use of personal work phones, they would hopefully answer, “Public information requests, records retention, and security concerns.” If by chance 2017 technology has yet to discover the rugged frontier of education law, read on for a short synopsis of the common pitfalls of personal work phones.

A new Rockwall ISD website debuted Jan. 5, prior to the start of classes for the second semester of the 2016-2017 school year. Rockwall ISD Chief Communications Officer Renae Murphy said the new website was inspired by wanting to expand communication efforts. view article arw

Henderson Junior High students got quite the surprise last week when Stephenville ISD kicked off its iChampion iPad rollout. "We deployed a total of 525 iPads on the 11th and 12th," said SISD's Executive Director of Technology and Digital Learning Shelby Womack. "We will deploy an additional 30 on the 17th to those who were absent or out due to a basketball game." view article arw

Parents will have an opportunity to voice their opinions about a law that requires surveillance cameras in special education classrooms statewide. view article arw

At first, it was just a few Northside ISD staff members who went to the district's IT department, concerned about some random emails from strangers with attachments they were afraid to open. Back in August, school district officials thought maybe just a few NISD email accounts had been compromised but brought in a computer forensics team just to be sure, says district spokesman Barry Perez. As the team investigated, the problem kept ballooning. By last month, Perez says, the district had learned that personal information of some 23,000 current and former students and staff — like addresses and social security numbers — had been exposed during the security breach. view article arw

At first, it was just a few Northside ISD staff members who went to the district's IT department, concerned about some random emails from strangers with attachments they were afraid to open.  view article arw

The Northside Independent School District has sent letters to about 23,000 former and current students and employees regarding a security breach that might have put their personal information at risk. NISD spokesman Barry Perez said school district officials first got a hint about the trouble in August when it was discovered that someone hacked into the email accounts of some employees. An internal investigation later revealed that the breach might be more widespread, he said. view article arw

The personal information of thousands may have been compromised by a security breach in San Antonio’s largest school district, only it happened in August and the affected students and staffers are first learning about it now. Northside Independent School District Superintendent Brian Woods sent letters in late December to roughly 23,000 former and current students plus employees about a hack that might have put their personal online data at risk, KSAT reported. In the correspondence, Woods wrote the district “immediately took steps to secure the email accounts and launched an investigation to determine whether any sensitive information was accessed or acquired.” He also stated that Northside ISD reported the incident to the proper law enforcement agencies. view article arw

A data hack that occurred last summer could have compromised the personal information of almost 23,000 students and staff members at Northside Independent School District, district spokesman Barry Perez said Wednesday. view article arw

The personal information of nearly 23,000 former and current students and staff members at Northside Independent School District could have been comprised by a hacker who broke into email accounts last summer, school officials said Wednesday. view article arw

ECISD issues Twitter challenge

January 0507:45 AM

The Ector County Independent School District Instructional Technology Department has issued a 30-day Twitter challenge to campuses, principals and teachers to try to get them comfortable with using it. view article arw

As many as 20 Anderson teachers have been using the Canvas digital instruction platform for about a year. On Tuesday, those teachers led initial training sessions on the learning management system, or LMS, at AHS for their colleagues employed at schools that make up the Anderson vertical team. These schools include Anderson High School, Murchison Middle School, as well as Doss, Davis, Pillow, Summitt and Hill Elementary schools. Beginning this month, the BLEND program will be piloted at each of these campuses. view article arw

It's the wave of the future. Almost every valley middle and high school, even some elementary schools, are getting into robotics these days. Competition can be fierce, to say the least. This is the annual TSA Robotics Competition. Most of our middle schools and elementary schools are here participating in a district event. That is, it is basically a qualifier for a larger event with the students competing with students from all over the valley. view article arw

There are more computer science jobs in Texas waiting to be filled than there are graduates to fill them each year. view article arw

Dallas ISD trustees took a first, cautious step during Wednesday's board meeting to begin the exploratory stages of becoming a "District of Innovation" - approving a strictly framed resolution by board president Dan Micciche to examine changing the district's start date and loosen requirements in hiring dual-credit and career and technical teachers. view article arw

Both Eanes and Lake Travis ISDs officially became districts of innovation Tuesday after their respective boards of trustees approved DOI plans. The actions immediately give the districts increased local control in the form of exemptions of certain Texas Education Code mandates. view article arw

Students at Barrera Veterans Elementary School are doing pretty much the same thing as their peers across the nation except for one 15-minute window each day. During that time, they’re using a new app called Yes! Our Kids Can, devised by a nonprofit of the same name. Lionel Sosa, a former marketing executive, political adviser and San Antonio resident, developed it two years ago and chose Barrera of the Somerset Independent School District for its test drive. He said he’s hoping to distribute it to the other elementary schools in the district next year and to expand its scope even further after that. view article arw

El Campo ISD officials are still struggling to improve district test scores in targeted groups. view article arw

A new digital tool was launched Tuesday at Somerset Independent School District to help students start thinking about college at a younger age. view article arw

Whether it’s dreams of growing up to be a mechanic, firefighter, doctor or teacher, the one thing most jobs have in common nowadays is the use of technology. view article arw

The Conroe ISD board of trustees unanimously voted to become a District of Innovation during Tuesday night’s board meeting. Becoming a District of Innovation—a new program approved during the 2015 state legislative session—grants school districts more flexibility and local control on certain state statutes. view article arw

While Marble Falls Independent School District recognizes the importance of students using the latest technology — the district issued many students Chromebooks — officials also know not every child has access to high-speed internet at home. To help those students, MFISD has created several Outdoor Access Points, available to secondary students for free. The points allow Wi-Fi access 24 hours a day seven days a week. view article arw

All high school students in Austin ISD will start getting their report cards digitally, giving families faster access starting this month. view article arw

An internship program launched last summer for Waco High School students will expand next summer by increasing the work time for students to gain more experience. Plus, it will expand to University High School students. In the program’s first year, 20 students spent 40 hours during a two-week period with local businesses to learn new skills and figure out if they were interested in certain career fields. view article arw

One route for people who want to work in technology as a programmer is to go to a coding bootcamp.  These are short programs which take people with minimal coding knowledge, and presumably, a few months later, they emerge from the school as employable software engineers.  But it turns out at least one big company synonymous with Silicon Valley doesn't see a coding school background as a positive.  view article arw

Technology industry leaders from across the country are visiting McAllen ISD. They are here to learn how students and the district are implementing the use of technology. view article arw

This is not the story we intended to report, about a fatal bus crash and injured cheerleaders and ecstatic celebration whipsawed into gut-punching tragedy. view article arw

Computer science is one of the fastest growing industries out there, and now the students in the Beeville Independent School District will be getting a leg up in that arena. District officials announced that they are making computer science classes mandatory for all grade levels beginning with Pre-K. Beeville is the first school district in Texas to take this step. view article arw

The cameras were rolling last week in some special education classrooms at Killeen schools.  Four classrooms in the district are now recording and monitoring classroom activity, Killeen Independent School District officials confirmed. The installation of the video cameras, which include microphones, stems from Texas Senate Bill 507, which went into effect in August.  Eight cameras have been installed — two in each classroom — and each camera was activated last Monday by the district in the four approved classrooms. KISD spokesman Shannon Rideout said last week the district has not received any additional monitor requests from parents since Nov. 1. read more arw

The wait is over: On Nov. 1, Microsoft released the full version of Minecraft: Education Edition, giving schools everywhere access to the incredibly popular block-building game. Through an early-access program that began June 9, more than 35,000 teachers and students tested the edition, submitting comments that Microsoft then used to fine-tune features. view article arw

The Pflugerville school district recently announced the creation of a Computer Science Academy of Innovation to be located at Connally High School beginning in 2017.  The academy will focus on some of the most innovative and in-demand aspects of the computer industry, including cybersecurity, programming and game design. The district will work closely with IBM and its Bluemix platform to give students in the academy real-world experiences, including a capstone internship or lab-based practicum during the senior year of the four-year program. view article arw

KILLEEN - District officials in Killeen turned on 8 monitoring cameras in 4 special education classrooms Monday morning, this comes after a number of parent concerns surfaced about the districts special education program.  The cameras were installed because district parents concerned about their students safety asked for them. Senate Bill 507 requires school districts to put cameras in special education classrooms upon request. However, parents can only request the cameras if their child spends more than half the day in the same special education classroom during school. view article arw

 Five middle schools in the El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) have joined the Verizon Innovative Learning initiative, including Armendariz, Bassett, Charles, Henderson and Morehead. As part of the initiative, the Verizon Foundation funded a grant of $8 million across all five schools – $1.6 million per school – to provide all teachers and students with access to technology tools, service, STEM education programs and training over a two-year period view article arw

When a 13-year-old student posted a threatening message on social media about Lumberton Middle School on Monday, Jess Drake found out on Facebook. view article arw

The Greenville Independent School District Board of Trustees plans next week to spend another $1.5 million for the district’s new Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) elementary school campus. view article arw