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 A new computer program introduced to Waco ISD schools at the beginning of 2018 is already making an impact.  All of the district's schools are using Achieve 3000 to improve reading skills by catering to each student's individual needs.  Nearly 15,000 students across Waco now use computers daily to complete assignments that test their reading comprehension. view article arw

With events planned encouraging students, teachers, parents and administrators to walk out in protest of gun violence in schools, one Houston-area school district says students will not be allowed to participate on its campuses. view article arw

Alamo Heights Independent School District has adjusted their curriculum to help students stay digitally responsible and safe while online. "We think it's important to start at a really young age," said Sandra Shelton, Director of Technology at Alamo Heights ISD. "We want students to understand how to use the devices before they even get a hold of them." view article arw

Educators are always looking for ways to implement new technology to make learning fun, comfortable and effective, but access to the internet come with plenty of pitfalls. Lubbock ISD is bringing net-books into the classroom and with them, new training. Sherry Mitchell, the digital learning coordinator said it is one of the most effective ways to learn if you are careful.  view article arw

The Dallas Independent School District plans to implement many of the strategies in place in the Cypress-Fairbanks ISD near Houston as they prepares to launch their own bus service to replace troubled bus agency Dallas County Schools, officials say. Records show CFISD has remarkably low transportation cost per student. The district provides bus service to a far higher percentage of its students and uses new technology Dallas does not have to boost safety and please parents. view article arw

Celina ISD Instructional Technology Specialist Tisha Poncio was recognized last week by the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) as one of the top three Instructional Tech Specialists in Texas. Poncio, who has been with the district for 18 years, spent nine years teaching a variety of subjects in the classroom. She now works at Celina High School with the teachers and students implementing the 1:1 technology, which provides tech to every student. view article arw

Nearly 500 students plus parents and teachers from across Longview ISD packed Lobo Coliseum on Saturday in pursuit of recognition for their scientific or technological exploits, but educators say the true prize was exposing young minds to interactive learning. The district has had an annual science fair for several years, but Saturday marked the first STEM Fair, in which students in grades five through 12 competed for a chance at scholarships and advancement to the regional science fair this spring in Kilgore, said Longview ISD STEM Coordinator Shalona McCray. view article arw

The Lufkin ISD Learning & Innovation Showcase will be from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Thursday at Lufkin High School. The 2018 Digital Learning Day will fall on the same day, and Sheila Adams, LISD’s executive director of communications and public relations, said the two events go hand in hand.“Digital Learning Day is not about the latest technology per se,” Adams stated in a press release. “It’s about utilizing innovative learning in the classroom.” view article arw

A McLennan County school district has implemented emergency planning software aimed at making inside knowledge about its facilities easy for first responders to access during dangerous situations, including gas leaks, natural disasters or even active shooter situations. Robinson Independent School District, the Robinson Police Department and the Robinson Volunteer Fire Department have spent the past year adopting CommandScope, and the $2,300 program recently became fully functional for all three entities, said David Wrzesinski, the district’s special programs director in charge of safety. Robinson is the first in Texas to adopt CommandScope, according to the company. It is one of many incident pre-planning programs available. view article arw

Pine Tree ISD has found a way to help not only students, but also parents and faculty, to report their concerns about bullying, depression, and even school violence to administrators. "We encourage the students that if they see something to say something." student services director Shalonda Adams said.  view article arw

Students who knew Nikolas Cruz, the teenager who opened fire on a Florida high school, recall his Instagram posts about killing animals and posing with a gun. Those are the kinds of posts Round Rock Independent School District administrators are looking for on the internet. The district partners with Social Sentinel, a company that searches for threatening words on social media. If the threat mentions a Round Rock school or if the person making the threat goes to Round Rock ISD, the district gets an alert. view article arw

Students in the Lewisville ISD had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity Wednesday to learn about our country's space program. And the lesson went well beyond the textbook. view article arw

Forty-five schools in the Socorro Independent School District were sent back in time after lunch on Monday. The district says a day of learning wasn’t stopped without what may seem like modern day necessities. view article arw

A first cohort of students who aim to become former migrant farmworkers has started training in a pilot program at the Cameron County Educational Initiative trade school in Brownsville to become certified phlebotomy and EKG technicians.  Motivation Education and Training Inc., an assistance agency for migrant and seasonal farmworkers based in Harlingen, funds the program in a cooperative agreement with CCEI. The six students in the inaugural class said they intend “not to have to go to work in the fields anymore.” view article arw

Nearly two years after Georgetown ISD launched an aerospace engineering program that teaches high school students how to build a functioning airplane, the program is reaching new heights. Students from East View and Georgetown high schools who enroll in the program, which is one of GISD’s career and technical education courses, gain experience offered by few other high schools in the country, according to the district. The program’s enrollment has reached its 24-student capacity in each of the two school years GISD has offered classes. Students who enroll are taking their first steps into a potentially lucrative career field that is in demand. view article arw

“I spent nearly every day of my senior year in here, as early as 7 a.m. and as late as 6:30,” Katie Swarts said, a bit stunned by her own words. Now a student at Texas State University, Swarts stood in Mike Baker’s engineering design and development class at Hendrickson High School, where she worked on her class project two years ago. view article arw

The Socorro Independent School District says an off-site incident damaged their internet and phone systems Monday afternoon, causing a district-wide outage that could last up to two days. The SISD broadband communication line was damaged and crews with the district say they're working with the service provider to repair the line as soon as possible.  view article arw

An area school is warning parents of a phone scam impacting their town. Claude Independent School District has issued a notice that a scammer has been impersonating them. view article arw

EANES ISD Board trustees approved an Introduction to App Development course for both Hill Country and West Ridge middle schools Jan. 30. The course will be available to seventh- and eighth-grade students as an elective beginning in 2018-19. view article arw

Cruising down the Dudley Elementary School hallway, 4-year-old preschooler Abel Salazar smiles as he honks the horn on his new miniature cherry red Jeep. The Victoria Advocate reports the Captain America shield decal on the car's hood gives him the courage of his favorite superhero. view article arw

If all goes according to plan, Deborah Marin will graduate from high school in Houston ISD, become a first-generation college student and land a job as a petroleum engineer. It's a potentially lucrative career path for Marin - federal data show petroleum engineers had a median annual salary of about $128,000 last year - in a profession that's expected to add 5,100 employees over the next decade. view article arw

At Elgin ISD, a high-tech kid robot is helping students with autism. His name is Milo and he's working to transform how they interact with others. "We have 14 students who are working with Milo," Elgin ISD special education teacher Dr. Shannon Darst said.      "He's meant to be basically a teacher or a co-therapist," Milo's creator Richard Margolin said. view article arw

Chapin High School is working on new techniques to educate students with the latest technology. El Paso Independent School District launched "The Maker Space program." Chapin HS school's librarian, Pete Biddle, showcased a 3D scanner that creates a model and then sends it to a printer. view article arw

Thousands of families packed the Tyler ISD Career and Technology Center on Monday to celebrate learning and meet their favorite literary characters. Every campus in the district and dozens of other community partners came together for LitCon. The inaugural event was the brainchild of librarians and media technology specialists in the district. Parking was hard to come by during the two-hour event, with lines of cars waiting on Earl Campbell Parkway to get in. view article arw

El Paso Independent School District administrators are rolling out a new way to help tackle bullying. They’re using a tool several students are already familiar with to help more people speak up when they see bullying. “I've noticed it, but I haven't really done very much about it because I've been scared,” Joshua Richardson said. view article arw

Houston ISD high school senior Jesse Martinez hasn't had the Internet in his home for most of his childhood. And because many of his homework assignments require Internet access, Martinez has had to plan most school nights around trips to the library. But following a donation Monday from telecommunications giant Sprint, Martinez can log on from the comfy confines of home. Sprint is providing mobile hotspots and free wireless Internet access to about 14,000 Houston ISD students. view article arw

The technical world of cyber security, aimed at keeping networks safe from the hostile and the careless is the backdrop for a competition that appeals to certain kind of problem-solver. Cyber Patriot teams at the Killeen ISD Career Center and at Shoemaker High School are building new traditions, giving students a chance to work on their networking skills in real-life scenarios. Part of the Air Force Association’s National Youth Cyber Education Program, Cyber Patriot began in 2009. view article arw

Eagle News Network may not be something East Texas viewers see on TV, but students at Anderson Elementary School watch the news broadcast weekly. view article arw

The Eagle Pass Independent School District E-Mail System was hacked by an anonymous hacker on Wednesday, January 24, 2018 and a fake email was forwarded to over 3,000 District employees presumably from Deputy Superintendent Samuel Mijares that released the 2017-2018 salaries of all the District Administrators and Principals. view article arw

Academic legitimacy, tracking data, crime and bullying are some of the dangers today’s students have to navigate online, according to Weatherford Independent School District  Executive Director of Technology Cody Lee. Instead of focusing on preventing access, education about internet safety should be based on why certain sites and habits are dangerous, Lee said at a meeting the school district held for parents to talk about internet safety Thursday at Hall Middle School. view article arw

Seventh grade English teacher, Kishmi Davis, crossed off another life-accomplishment from her bucket list after publishing her first book, “Wi-Fi Kicked the Bucket.” The plot of the children’s book is based on a real-life experience Davis and her three children went through after their household router was turned off. The kids were left without Internet and forced to interact only with each other, face-to-face. Davis is a teacher at Finley Junior High School and has always dabbled in writing her own content but never had a story worth finishing. view article arw

Hallsville ISD unveils new website

February 0108:15 AM

Hallsville ISD has unveiled a new online website for parents, staff, students and community members."After more than 18 months of development, Hallsville ISD has unveiled a new website for its students, parents, staff and community. Today we are launching a new site which has been built and designed from the ground up by Hallsville ISD's team of developers, administrators, campus teachers, and departmental staff," the district posted on its Facebook page on Jan. 19. view article arw

Moving forward with Technology

January 2308:15 AM

In my last editorials, I shared West Orange –Cove’s Strategic Plan’s Mission, Vision, Beliefs, and Goals. Our Vision is “Empowering Lives Through Excellence Every Day!” Our Mission is “In partnership with our community, our mission is to transform lives through an exceptional educational experience.” view article arw

Dallas ISD is once again shining a spotlight on its work in science, math and technology instruction. The district is holding its annual STEM Department Expo, an event it touts as the largest of its kind in the state. On Saturday, over 5,000 registered attendees are expected at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center downtown. “Every year, it’s gotten bigger and bigger,” said Oswaldo Alvarenga, DISD’s STEM executive director. “The kids, and parents, really enjoy it.” view article arw

Mineola: Mineola ISD will continue to expand Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses with the announcement of funding from the award of two state grants. Preliminary notifications have awarded Mineola ISD with two grants for $150,000 over three years to allow Mineola ISD to set up labs and incorporate EKG and CNA classes along with Phlebotomy. It will also allow Mineola ISD expansion in offering Ranch Management and Educator programs.  view article arw