In an effort to make their schools a more conducive learning environment for students, Lockart ISD announced a new cell phone and electronics policy Thursday and a fine for devices that have to be taken away. The policy will require all students to power down their cell phones and electronics during the school day. The district wanted to emphasize this is not a ban and that it recognizes the need for parents to be able to get in contact with their children. It said if a parent needs to reach a child, they should call the campus’ front office and a message will be delivered to the student. view article arw

Students from Moore Middle School in Tyler got the opportunity to build and test their own rockets Wednesday and Thursday as part of the school’s first-ever rocketry-based STEM summer camp. Thursday’s activities gave incoming 7th graders an explosive preview of what awaited them in the upcoming school year. view article arw

Carroll ISD will be implementing stronger policies for electronic devices in schools for the upcoming 2019-20 school year. It is part of an effort to streamline these rules, said Janet McDade, the assistant superintendent for student services, during the July 22 school board meeting. These will be included in each campus handbook and be part of the student handbook and code of conduct. view article arw

Most of us have to have internet access these days for work and for our homes. For those living in some rural areas reliable internet is still a problem. Now lawmakers in Texas are hoping to plug everyone in. 20 years ago, the internet was mainly a luxury but today it’s no longer just a source of entertainment. view article arw

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has issued an emergency declaration after malware attacks against three school systems in the state have been detected.  Edwards didn't provide details about the attacks affecting school systems in Sabine and Morehouse parishes and the City of Monroe.  view article arw

Socorro ISD holds conference showing educators how to implement digital tools in classroom. More than 3,500 educators of Socorro Independent School District are attending the Digitally Nurturing Academics technology conference Wednesday. view article arw

LeTourneau University School of Engineering and Engineering Technology will offer a workshop in which participants will create their own 3D printer to build three-dimensional objects from a computer-aided design model. The three-day workshop, similar to LETU freshman engineering classes that teach students to understand, build and operate 3D printers, costs $500 per printer. Groups can register together to build a 3D printer to share. view article arw

Parent-teacher relationships rely on communication, and there are several ways information can be conveyed, especially of students’ progress. For Abilene Independent School District, technology is now playing a vital role in notifying parents of any school on-goings, according to Mann Middle School principal, Kathy Walker. Walker said the school’s open-house is a way to get the school year started off right. view article arw

Columbia Falls School District was in trouble. What started as a strange text message on the superintendent’s phone one day in mid-September 2017 had quickly become an email and then a chain of emails sent to school officials and parents threatening graphic violence in the district south of Montana’s Glacier National Park. And then, finally, there was the letter. view article arw

This week at Central High School, the San Angelo Independent School District will be holding the 4th Annual Engage Technology Conference. The conference will be open to SAISD and other area 15 educators. “The beauty is they can choose what they want to attend and learn so it can be attached directly to their professional learning goals,” said Farrah Gomez, the Asst. Superintendent of Human Resources & Professional Learning for SAISD. view article arw

Bryan ISD will open the doors to their new CTE Facility this fall, and its impact will go beyond the city limits. Students from Caldwell and Snook ISD will now take courses there. The goal of the partnership is to provide students in rural communities with courses that aren't offered at their schools. view article arw

The Bryan ISD Board of Trustees made a decision Monday night to partner with two Brazos Valley school districts in the enrollment at the new Bryan Career and Technical Education Complex. view article arw

Good article to Celebarate the 50TH anniversary of  the Moon Mission: Nearly 50 years have passed since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the moon. Our special Apollo 50 anniversary coverage explores how the country came together to fulfill President John F. Kennedy’s goal of reaching the lunar surface by 1970, NASA's bold missions - and crippling tragedies - since that historic day, and the future of space exploration and Houston as America's "Space City.” view article arw

As the new Bryan ISD Career and Technical Education Complex opens in August, Bryan students will be joined by those from two other school districts. With a 4-0 vote during Monday’s meeting, Bryan school board members approved a memorandum of understanding that will allow students from Snook and Caldwell to enroll in career and technical education (CTE) courses at the new complex. Bryan chief of staff Ginger Carrabine said the ability to offer a regional location for CTE courses sends a message that the Bryan school district is in place to serve all students, not just those in its attendance zone. view article arw

There is no doubt the Career and Technical Education Center at Temple High School is state of the art. view article arw

As part of a mandate from House Bill 3, the Conroe Independent School District is rolling out a pilot program to offer full-day pre-K to select students attending Sam Houston Elementary School in the Conroe feeder zone and Houser Elementary School in the Oak Ridge feeder zone. Superintendent Curtis Null said that this is a positive program that can be an educational opportunity for students and can benefit families. view article arw

Three months following an incident in which the Edcouch-Elsa school district mistakenly sold six devices with “sensitive information” to a local businessman, interim superintendent Richard Rivera will begin his investigation Monday and may possibly decide to “terminate” any employee found to have been “negligent.” The district unintentionally sold six computers to RDA Technologies Operations manager David Avila during an auction April 6. Avila believes the district handled the situation “improperly” after correspondence with the technology director and the former superintendent, who served at the time of the incident. view article arw

BROWNSVILLE, RGV – To kick off its Summer of Space, the City of Brownsville is launching a new website titled NewSpace Brownsville.The website seeks to inspire budding entrepreneurs who wish to service the new space commercial industry and foster an improved employment environment for the community of Brownsville, the Rio Grande Valley and the U.S. space and technology sectors. view article arw

At Northeast ISD, students now have a unique opportunity to prepare for the future: NEISD has partnered with Hallmark University to offer college-level courses in the Aviation Mechanics Program – designed to help students pursue career paths in aerospace manufacturing and maintenance.  According to information from NEISD, the program, open to all NEISD juniors and seniors, allows students to earn college credits – at no cost – toward a double associate's degree in Power Plant (Aircraft Engines) and Air Frame (Aircraft Structures), and complete their freshman year in an Aviation Technician Degree Program. view article arw

PEARLAND, Texas (KTRK) -- Government statistics show women make up about half of the country's college-educated workforce, but only 29 percent of the country's jobs in science and engineering.  This fact doesn't sit well with the robotics club at Pearland ISD, and now, they're hoping to make a change.  "When I first came in, I was kind of intimidated," said co-captain Anyssa Castorina. "Then, I was like, 'I don't think I'll ever be allowed to touch the robot.' I was immediately engaged and it kind of inspired me." view article arw

Recently several Bryan ISD/SFA Middle School students represented their school and city on a national stage! view article arw

Computer Programming Technology is being introduced at Texas State Technical College Fall 2019 and is already accepting new students. Computer programming is the process of creating instructions that a computer can carry out. view article arw

Edcouch-Elsa Independent School District mistakenly sold six devices with “sensitive information” to a private businessman during an auction on April 6. RDA Technologies operations manager David Avila found several computers with a hard drive disk attached to it. They displayed social security numbers, vaccination records, addresses and other personal information of students. view article arw

Virtual and augmented reality learning will be available for Abilene ISD students this coming school year. “They get to do that augmented reality of merge cubes where you can display an object in your hand and it looks as though that virtual object is right in the palm of your hand,” said Suzanne Kehret, Science Curriculum Specialist for AISD. The image on the cube gives descriptions of what the students are learning about. Another technology they have is an augmented reality sand box. view article arw

For today’s students, learning how to code is becoming just as important as learning how to read. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says computer science is the fastest growing profession within the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) field. They also project that, by 2020, there will be 1.4 million computer science-related jobs available and only 400,000 computer science graduates with the skills to apply for those jobs. view article arw

Students in Sachse now have access to thousands of digital books and news articles. Garland ISD announced its partnership with myON, an offshoot of educational software Renaissance, at the end of this past school year. It’s currently open to everyone from Pre-K through 12th grade. Officials first began looking into myON in order to increase third grade literacy, a district goal. view article arw

Amarillo ISD teachers were taught how to take the technology their students play with and use it as a tool for learning. The lessons were taught at a two-day summit hosted by AISD and Ed Tech Team. “The kids come to us knowing a lot already in terms of entertainment,” Diane Ray said. “And so now we’re taking what they know and feeding it into the world of education and math and science, and how that can translate that gaming knowledge they have into the world and occupational knowledge in the future.” view article arw

School districts are increasingly turning to technology for an added layer of protection on their campuses. “I don’t know if you can ever say you did enough, you know, especially when you’re talking about student safety,” James McDonald with Boyd ISD said. “It’s a constantly evolving program.” McDonald says when his district, which has just more than 1,300 students from kindergarten through 12th grade, updated their school safety measures, several components came to mind. Their buildings have cameras, educators are trained in mental health first aid and they also have a school resource officer. Investing in Share911, he says, was to implement safety communications.  view article arw

This fall Katy ISD parents will navigate a new program to pay for students’ meals and course fees as well as sign up for free and reduced lunch. KISD Chief Financial Officer Chris Smith said at the June 24 board of trustees meeting the new online system, called Pay N’ Go, will be unveiled on the district’s website July 10. In addition to promoting the new system, administration plans to create videos to help parents learn how to use it. view article arw

It’s possible to build a model rocket in the middle of the Chihuahuan Desert, but those who live in the remote West Texas border town of Presidio face an extra challenge: the nearest Home Depot is nearly four hours away, in Odessa. So, Presidio High School’s rocketry club typically goes to the local Dollar Tree to purchase many of their rocket-building materials instead. Dish sponges and cardboard, petroleum jelly and duct tape—those are a few of the items that the group of Presidio teenagers bought for a few dollars during recent trips to the store. Once those household items were hooked up to a fifty-newton, four-inch-tall motor and fueled with a few ounces of gunpowder, they were transformed into a rocket that qualified for the world’s largest student rocketry competition. view article arw

Austin Elementary and New Tech High @ Coppell recently were selected as 2019 “Schools Transforming Learning” by the Principals’ Institute.  view article arw

Students from Mindbender Academy in the Frisco Independent School District spent part of their summer break learning about the health sciences at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano. The four-day camp for STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) middle school students started with a mock scenario of a car crash. The Frisco Police Department and Frisco Fire Department helped stage the scene with five mock patients. First responders arrived in a fire truck and ambulance. They explained how they respond to an accident and what information they would collect. It was a chance for students to learn about trauma and EMS firsthand. The trauma team from Texas Health Plano led a Stop the Bleed course and taught them about disaster triage. view article arw

Robert Bostic, a self-described evangelist for science, technology, engineering and math, really started something when he became the superintendent of the Stafford Municipal School District in 2014. The Stafford High Robotics Program, which began two years ago, competed May 19-20 in Austin as one of 32 teams from the state invited to the 2017 University Interscholastic League Robotics FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Division State Championship based on the points it earned at earlier competitions. view article arw

A threat was made against Seven Lakes Junior High School via social media Thursday, officials said. view article arw

On March 11, 2016, the Texas Education Agency Commissioner of Education, Mike Morath, requested an opinion from the Texas Attorney General on the implementation of SB 507. This new law requires video surveillance of certain special education settings upon request beginning in the 2016-2017 school year. In an earlier blog post, I outlined the provisions of SB 507. view article arw