Dallas County Schools obtained an $8.75 million short-term loan Tuesday that will help the troubled school bus agency cover its operating expenses through the end of the year. In May, the Texas Attorney General’s Office told DCS it could not obtain any more long-term financing because of the agency’s precarious financial condition and the looming November election in which Dallas County taxpayers could vote to dissolve DCS. view article arw

The 85th Legislature recently passed a law requiring all new school buses purchased after Sept. 1 to have three-point seat belts, which include shoulder and lap straps, for all passengers. The law may seem like a win for all involved with the additional safety measure to protect children. The National Transportation Safety Board in recent years started recommending all school buses come equipped with the three-point belts, despite buses’ other safety features and impressive safety record without seat belts. view article arw

The ride to school for Southwest ISD students could soon be even safer.The district board met Tuesday to talk about the possibility of purchasing new buses equipped with seatbelts. The new law for school buses says that all newly purchased buses in Texas after September 1st will have to have seat belts, including shoulder and lap straps. Southwest ISD says they don’t need any new buses yet, but when they do it will be a pricey purchase. They say right now, an average bus costs around $99,000, adding belt would cost anywhere from additional 7 to 10 thousand dollars. view article arw

There's a crisis afflicting public schools, and it affects students even before they hear the first bell. Around the country, a combination of high costs, complicated safety laws, and driver shortages have made it difficult for public schools to keep their yellow bus fleets running smoothly.  Experts say the trend could lead to greater rates of socioeconomic segregation if enough families decide driving their kids themselves or relying on private ride-sharing increases their child's educational opportunities. view article arw

Most parents with students attending Stephenville ISD know the district has been doing some exciting things with technology, including its iChampion initiative where iPads were rolled out to students on every campus. Now, they’re taking it to the next level. Equipping Stephenville ISD buses with wifi has been a topic of discussion at previous school board meetings and might now become reality. view article arw

Some bus drivers for Dallas County Schools vented their frustration at administrators Wednesday after learning their pay and benefits may be slashed as the century-old agency struggles to recover from a financial mess.  The DCS Board is trying to close a gap on a huge budget deficit that put the agency in danger of collapse, but drivers said they shouldn't be forced to pay for the bad decisions made by administrators. view article arw

School is out for the summer but the work is just getting started on Keller ISD buses. An independent inspection company will go over the entire fleet, thanks to a Consumer Justice investigation. Back in May, half a dozen drivers told CBS11 about issues including broken horns, bad brakes, non-working stop signs and more. They said they had reported the problems for months. Repairs began happening the day Consumer Justice contacted Durham School Services, the company that runs Keller ISD’s transportation program. Documents obtained by Consumer Justice show 180 repairs were made on 67 buses in May. That’s a 445 percent increase from April, when mechanics performed 33 repairs on 20 buses. view article arw

Voters will decide this fall whether the agency that runs Dallas school buses will survive, and the agency took steps Tuesday to try proving it is worthy.  The bus service provider, which works with public school districts across the county, has faced mounting criticism after reports revealed business practices that cost the agency millions, such as a controversial stop-arm camera placed on buses and a questionable land deal. Law enforcement officials are looking into matters as well. view article arw

Gainesville Independent School District could soon be outsourcing its transportation services. Superintendent Jeff Brasher told members of the GISD Board of Trustees on Monday that the district is exploring the option by seeking proposals from various companies to maintain its estimated 30 school buses and at least a dozen service vehicles. He said the district has been facing some challenges overseeing the transportation program, including finding qualified bus drivers. view article arw

A report released Friday by the credit rating agency Moody's paints a dire picture of the future of Dallas County Schools. "Dissolution is now a high probability," the report said. "While the terms of the dissolution would allow full or near full recovery for the General Obligation Limited Tax debt, dissolution would challenge the ability to repay the Promissory Notes and related unrated debt." view article arw

The Austin Independent School District says they are in desperate need of bus drivers for this upcoming school year. In order to make a dent in the open positions, the district is hosting a job fair on Tuesday, June 20 for anyone interested in a career in transportation, food service or maintenance. The starting pay for bus drivers is $15.19 per hour. You must be at least 21 years old and have no record of DWI. view article arw

This past Saturday, May 20th, the National C-STEM Challenge hosted nearly 1,000 students in the city of Houston, with a myriad of projects related to the increasingly popular fields of CSTEM (Communication, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Attendees gathered at The Health Museum, where the energy and enthusiasm amongst the children participating in the National C-STEM Challenge was electrifying. Nearly 1,000 students from 26 schools, ranging from pre-kindergarten to high school seniors, competed in robotics, innovation, computer programming, art, film, photography, mural, sculpture and debate. The competition was intense and the students were gracious competitors at the National C-STEM Challenge. view article arw

Parents are upset because bus service for their junior high and high school students has been canceled for their Parkway Oaks neighborhood for the next school year. Lance Ferguson walked the path he said his daughter will have to take twice a day to get to and from Cinco Ranch Junior High School next year. "Would you want your 11-year-old daughter walking through here? I don't," Ferguson said.   view article arw

Dallas County Schools Interim Superintendent Leatha Mullins says if proposed legislation to dissolve the agency passes it will create chaos for the families of 76,000 students who depend on them each day to get to and from school.  In a statement released to the media Wednesday, Mullins said if the agency is shuttered "it would cost school districts in Dallas County over $262 million to provide their own transportation and that the legislation will make efficient, effective transportation unfeasible." view article arw

AUSTIN — The interim leader of the embattled Dallas County Schools system confirmed Wednesday that she has asked law enforcement officials to review the agency's business records.  Meanwhile, legislation that would allow voters to decide the bus service provider's fate in November continues to work its way through the Legislature.  DCS has come under fire after several investigations by KXAS-TV (NBC5)found questionable business dealings regarding stop-arm cameras on buses, financial management issues and an unusual land deal in which the agency sold land it owned outright only to lease it back. view article arw

A Slaton ISD bus driver has been placed on administrative leave after parking on the wrong side of a highway and forcing students to cross. Graduating seniors were headed to get their pictures taken with the new Slaton sign, but instead of parking near the sign, the driver parked on the other side of the highway and stopped traffic. Slaton ISD Superintendent Julee Becker said the driver's actions went against protocol and there was "zero excuse for that." She apologized for the incident and said that safety is their top priority. view article arw

A revealing dashcam video has led to the firing of an Alief ISD bus driver. Another motorist, who has chosen to go by his first name Eric, said he spotted the bus late Tuesday afternoon. Eric said he always has his dashcam rolling, and when he saw the bus driver make a questionable stop in a residential area, he ended up following and recording what Alief ISD now calls the 'reckless' behavior of one of its bus drivers.   view article arw

 It's against the law for school buses to go faster than 50 mph on any highway. The only exception: they can hit 55 mph on interstates. KXAN discovered bus drivers speeding at districts across Central Texas—some with children onboard. Many districts have technology on their buses to track a driver's speed, but KXAN found most school districts don't check it on a regular basis. While driving a Lake Travis Independent School District bus full of students last October, the bus driver was confronted by a parent who accused him of speeding. The bus driver, who did not want to be identified and no longer works for the district, told the parent he wasn't aware that he was speeding. view article arw

Keller ISD has responded after a Consumer Justice investigative report Monday into unsafe buses. Keller ISD paid Durham school services nearly $8 million to run it’s transportation this school year. view article arw

Bad brakes, no horns, and broken stop signs. Some Keller ISD bus drivers say they feel unsafe on the roads. After months of asking the company to make repairs, they turned to Consumer Justice. Several drivers spoke to Cristin Severance on condition of anonymity. One said her bus horn has been broken for six months. “It makes me very anxious and nervous that someone might get hit because too many times cars don’t stop for the loading lights, and I can’t warn the kids at all.” view article arw

The crash was reported about 3:19 p.m. near Highway 6 and County Road 99. Officials said a family traveling in a black sedan was at a traffic light when an Alvin Independent School District school bus rear-ended the sedan. According to Brazoria County deputies, several vehicles were involved in the crash.  They said only the driver was aboard the bus at the time of the crash. view article arw

The Conroe Independent School District Board of Trustees gave special recognition to outstanding employees in the Transportation Department at their meeting on Tuesday. Conroe ISD awards Ambassador Awards to recognize individuals for their positive contributions to campus life and campus climate. The Board of Trustees was proud to honor the following employees from the Transportation Department for their extraordinary contribution to the District. From the East County Transportation Center, Linda Massey, driver, and Eva Thatcher, monitor, were recognized for their teamwork and composure. As a result of their quick thinking and by following the emergency protocols, they were able to stabilize a student suffering a seizure until EMS arrived while keeping the other students on the bus calm during this crisis. view article arw

Police say one person was injured after a Thursday afternoon wreck involving a Hawkins ISD bus. According to DPS, around 3:46 p.m. a Hawkins ISD bus was stopped letting kids off on Highway 80 just west of FM 2869 when a pickup truck failed to yield and struck the back left corner of the bus. view article arw

A 13-year-old boy has been killed in a crash involving the school bus on which he was riding on a rural road near the Texas-Louisiana border. The Texas Department of Public Safety says the crash Monday involved a school bus from the Shelbyville Independent School District. DPS Trooper David Hendry says the bus was turning from Farm Road 130 onto a county road when it was hit by a pickup truck from behind about 70 miles southwest of Shreveport, Louisiana, and 180 miles east of Dallas. view article arw

An 11-year-old boy is dead following a Shelbyville ISD school bus crash according to the Texas Department of Public Safety spokesperson David Hendry.  A press release states the bus was struck from behind causing it turnover and resulting in the boy’s death.  The crash happened at approximately 4:00 PM this afternoon. The wreck appears to also have involved some type of work pickup truck, which was stuck in some nearby trees. “A Shelbyville Independent School District bus was turning right from FM 139 onto CR 2552 to travel south when it was struck from behind by a 1997 Dodge pickup,” a press release stated. 

One person is dead after a Waco Independent School District bus and a car crashed at an intersection Friday morning. Waco police said a Mazda was driving east on Bosque Boulevard when it crashed with the bus, which was going south on North 26th Street. One Dead in crPolice Sgt. Patrick Swanton identified the driver of the Mazda as Jay Alexander Markley, 23. He was transported to a local hospital, where he died from his injuries. view article arw

The driver of a passenger car died after colliding with a Waco Independent School District school bus Friday morning, Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said. Jay Alexander Markley, 23, of Waco, was killed in the wreck at the intersection of North 26th Street and Bosque Boulevard at about 7:15 a.m. Swanton said the school bus, traveling south on 26th Street, and the car, traveling east on Bosque Boulevard, collided. view article arw

"It was one of those calls that you're just not prepared for", says EPISD Superintendent Juan Cabrera. The call came in early Sunday morning, Cabrera says he knew getting a phone call at that time from the athletic director probably wasn't a good situation. It was then that Cabrera learned one of the district's rented charter buses had been involved in a crash with a wrong way driver. The students were coming back late at night from a regional track meet in Lubbock. "So they're counting heads, counting bodies, making sure they have everybody", says Cabrera. But somebody was missing, Coach Archie Duran. Everyone hoping Coach Duran had been left behind at an earlier pit stop. Around three or four in the morning, they realized he had been on the bus. Later, Duran's body was found. view article arw

Bus evacuated in less than a minute - Bet it did not have seat belts! - js - DUNCAN, SC (FOX Carolina) - A Spartanburg County bus driver is being hailed as a hero after a school bus caught fire on Tuesday morning.  The bus caught fire on Main Street in Duncan near the Stribling Funeral Home just after 7 a.m.  Superintendent Scott Turner with Spartanburg County School District Five tweeted that no one was hurt. Turner said 56 students were on the bus when the fire broke out. view article arw

A morning crash involving a car and a school bus, in far southwest Fort Worth, sent several people to the hospital. It was about 8:30 a.m. when a car rear-ended the school bus on Risinger Road, near Cove Meadow Lane. While the crash was literally steps away from Crowley Middle School, the students onboard were from Crowley High School. view article arw

A Tyler Independent School District bus was involved in a wreck shortly before 4 p.m. Monday. District spokeswoman Dawn Parnell said one student from Jack Elementary School was on board at the time, but was not injured. view article arw

Following the filing by Sen. Don Huffines (R-Dallas) earlier this year of a bill to eliminate the DCS transportation agency (as reported by this newspaper March 7, 2017), Cedar Hill ISD is taking action. The State’s Senate Education Committee has voted to dissolve Dallas County Schools. However, the embattled agency is still trying to stall these efforts. In a prepared statement, Sen. Huffines said, “For far too long, the students, taxpayers, and schools in Dallas County have endured the unreliability, dangerous buses, and financial corruption of Dallas County Schools. The rogue central bureaucracy is outdated and unnecessary, and the Texas Senate took a big step today to bring it to an end. With the abolition of Dallas County Schools, the future will be brighter for Dallas students, taxpayers and schools.” view article arw

Whitesboro Schools Superintendent Brian K. Bellair said the driver charged with driving a district school bus while impaired by prescription drugs has been placed on administrative leave pending further investigation.Michele L. Daly, 46, of Whitesboro, who was driving a Whitesboro school bus with students on it Saturday afternoon along Route 481 in Onondaga County, was stopped by police and then charged with three counts of aggravated DWI-Drugs, 14 counts of endangering the welfare of a child and a traffic violation. view article arw

 Iraan High School Principal Jim Baum releasing the following statement to Local 2/FOX 24, after hearing news of the El Paso ISD fatal bus crash: "I am sure our kids and community will reach out to the folks of El Paso.  view article arw

 Two people were killed and nearly three dozen were injured in a two vehicle accident in far West Texas early Sunday morning. The accident occurred on US Highway 62/180 in Hudspeth County, approximately 4 miles west of Dell City, around midnight, Mountain Daylight Time. According to the DPS, a Chevrolet pickup truck crossed into the westbound lanes and collided head-on with an El Paso ISD chartered school bus. Authorities said the pickup truck burst into flames following the collision. The passengers on the bus were evacuated through a window. view article arw