A discovery compliance hearing took place on Wednesday regarding the case of a fatal bus crash involving a former Athens Independent School District bus driver. According to CBS19 crews in the courtroom, John Stevens, 78, made a short appearance in court. Prosecutors told the Judge R. Scott McKee they had turned all evidence and documents over, and another pre-trial hearing was scheduled for February 5 at 1 p.m. view article arw

Williamson Co. Sheriff’s Office deputies are responding to the scene of a three-vehicle collision involving a loaded school bus on Wednesday afternoon. According to WCSO, no one aboard the Liberty Hill ISD bus was injured in the crash in the 1200 block of County Road 200. It’s not known how many people were on board. view article arw

A bus driver from Dallas Independent School District’s transportation department has been placed on leave after a video posted on social media showed him refusing to allow a student to board the bus, even as the student implored the driver to open the door while standing in the middle of a busy street. In the video, which was posted to Facebook on Tuesday and originally reported by WFAA-TV, a student is standing in front of the bus, arm extended. view article arw

A Dallas ISD student was seen on video standing in the middle of the street begging to be let on a school bus Tuesday. Now the bus driver is on administrative leave as the district investigates the incident. "I know that he doesn't stop for nobody even though he sees you coming," the student told NBC 5. "He'll still leave you there. So I was like, 'No, not this time.'" view article arw

A school bus driver is on administrative leave after he refused to let a Dallas Independent School District student onto his bus on Tuesday. The incident happened on Spring Valley Road. Witnesses saw the student begging to be let onto the bus, but the driver refused to stop. The teen stood in front of the bus as he tried to get on, but the bus driver continued to drive slowly towards the student. Witnesses say a man got out of his vehicle to help the student by knocking on the window of the bus and speaking to the driver. When the driver still refused to let the student get on the bus, the man called 911.  view article arw

A proposal to rezone a portion of the north side of Lewisville ISD could send some students zoned for the Lewisville High School feeder pattern to Marcus High School. During a work session Monday Joseph Coburn, chief schools officer, updated the Board of Trustees on a plan to rezone an area that would impact Highland Village Elementary and Valley Ridge Elementary. Doing so could cause some students who are currently zoned to go to LHS to go to Marcus. view article arw

Lonnell Shackles, an Austin crossing guard, knows the choreography. First, his right hand goes up, holding a stop sign to the cars inching toward the intersection of Wheless Lane and Berkman Drive in East Austin outside Harris Elementary School. Shackles then puts his left hand out, blows on his whistle twice and ushers a student or three across the road. Shackles, 72, has been a crossing guard for Austin for six or seven years, and now, he's one of dozens of crossing guards across the U.S. who have been nominated in the America's Favorite Crossing Guard contest. view article arw

The Dallas Independent School District launched an investigation Wednesday night after it was shown video of a district driver not letting a student board a bus as he stood in front of the vehicle on a busy road. In the video, the bus continues to move forward as the student stands in front of it asking for the driver to open the door.  view article arw

The family of Ginger Barnes on Tuesday sued the Levelland ISD for a deadly collision involving a school bus. The bus hit a pedestrian at about 6:30 a.m. on February 12 along Highway 114 (19th Street) along the far western edge of Lubbock, Lubbock Police said. view article arw

Dallas ISD is investigating after a video showing a school bus driver refusing to stop for a student standing in the middle of the street. The video taken near Spring Valley and Preston Roads was posted to Facebook. The student is seen standing in front of the bus saying, “Open the door,” as the bus continues to move forward. view article arw

Hundreds of Leander ISD students may have to find a different way to get to school next year. The district is using a new evaluation matrix approved by the Board of Trustees and these changes could indirectly help with LISD's bus driver shortage. "They wanted something that was more specific, that way we can give more clarity and transparency for our parents and our families to know when and how we’re allocating bus service for people living within two miles," said Corey Ryan, a Leander ISD spokesman. view article arw

TRE brings in new yellow buses

December 0208:40 AM

With the passage of the tax ratification election in 2018, Ector County ISD’s transportation department purchased some new buses and will be able to keep up its replacement schedule. At the time of the election, about one third of the district’s fleet was approaching or beyond its useful life of 200,000 miles, the website said. view article arw

Mineola Independent School District reported one of their school buses was involved in a crash on Thursday morning. Mineola ISD Police Department reported the bus on route 5 was involved in a crash on East Highway 80, just east of Mineola near FM 1804, just before 7 a.m. view article arw

Four Aldine Independent School District students were transported to a hospital Friday morning following a bus crash involving at least two other vehicles in north Harris County, the district confirmed. The students from Aldine Education Center, an alternative school within the district, were taken to Houston Northwest Hospital as a precaution and were not suffering from “life-threatening" injuries, according to Mike Keeney, a district spokesman. view article arw

A Judson ISD school bus was involved in a crash with another car in Converse Friday morning. view article arw

Carroll ISD will have 15 new school buses joining its fleet. At the Nov. 18 board of trustees meeting, the CISD board approved the purchase of the two buses for an amount not to exceed $1,585,000. The district plans to pay for the buses using 2017 bond funds. view article arw

Lewisville ISD will have a new bus company next school year, and it may have some new buses, too. During a work session Monday the LISD Board of Trustees approved a request for proposal (RFP) for Texas Central School Bus to provide transportation services for the district beginning in the 2020-21 school year. view article arw

Mineola Independent School District reported one of their school buses was involved in a crash on Thursday morning. Mineola ISD Police Department reported the bus on route 5 was involved in a crash on East Highway 80 just before 7 a.m. EMS is on scene and reported the wreck occurred just east of Mineola near FM 1804. view article arw

Grant money to be used for lower-emission, more environmentally friendly school bus upgrades  Whether you're recycling at home, avoiding single-use plastic or drinking out of re-usable straws, there are lots of ways people are choosing to be environmentally friendly.  Some Texas school districts are doing their part through lower emissions buses using clean diesel or even propane.  According to the Diesel Technology Forum, as of July 2019, 94% of school buses in the U.S. are diesel-powered.  In the U.S., 46% of buses in the country are now being powered by the newest generation of clean diesel technology, a 6.5% increase from last year. view article arw

Don Roquemore pulls up a list of names on his tablet. One by one, the names begin to check off. Roquemore is one of the Abilene ISD's bus drivers this year. His tablet is his new ally in making sure his runs throughout the day are efficient, on time and, most important, filled with the students who need to be on his bus. It's part of a new system the district is trying, meant to address safety and security. view article arw

The Abilene Independent School District is trying to solve a shortage of bus drivers. The district is looking to hire at least six part-time employees and offer them full-time benefits. Tuesday night, the school board approved other incentives: view article arw

A nationwide recall is affecting hundreds of school buses across North Texas, NBC 5 has learned. Daimler Trucks North America is recalling about 53,528 buses nationwide due to an issue with the passenger seats. Daimler said it issued the recall in October out of an abundance of caution because the seatbacks might not have enough padding to properly protect passengers in a crash. view article arw

A school bus carrying students home from a basketball game caught fire here Tuesday night, with no injuries reported. According to La Joya ISD Police Chief Raul Gonzalez, the incident occurred at the intersection of Expressway 83 and Tom Gill Road. “The bus driver noticed that there was smoke coming from the engine area, so he immediately followed protocol,” Gonzalez said. “He stopped the bus on the side of the road. He got the girls off the bus along with himself, and immediately thereafter the bus caught on fire in the engine area. It eventually spread to most of the front area and also inside the school bus.” view article arw

Ronald Toliver has a darn good driving record. He said he hasn’t gotten a traffic ticket since 1972. But in the summer of 2019, that changed. A violation from the Austin Independent School District police department arrived in his mailbox. The $300 ticket included pictures of his mother’s car allegedly blowing past the stop sign on the side of an Austin ISD school bus. Toliver lives out-of-state but said he was in Austin that day running errands for his mother who has dementia. view article arw

A 15-year-old driver in a stolen truck fleeing Houston police officers crashed into a Galena Park Independent School District bus in east Houston Tuesday morning, authorities say.  At about 11 a.m., Houston police patrol officers were chasing the teen driver in a stolen red pickup truck near the East Freeway and Mercury Road at about 70 miles per hour, Houston police say. The truck ran a red light and hit the school bus that had two adults on board but no students.  view article arw

KATY, Texas — The mother of a Katy ISD student claims her daughter was bullied and assaulted on a school bus earlier this month.  Nardi Rojas has filed a complaint with the district but said they haven’t done enough to protect her daughter.  The incident was captured on cell phone video on Oct. 18.  “That was not a fight between kids. That was a direct attack," Rojas said. view article arw

A concerned parent reached out to the Daily Sun regarding unsafe conditions on a Rice ISD school bus during a recent trip to McGregor for middle school and high school band students. According to students' accounts and photos, the bus was dangerously overcrowded, forcing them to sit on the bus floor or stand. One picture shows students trying to help a child sit up to avoid being crushed by other students and gear during the almost two-hour bus ride. The Daily Sun contacted the district, which issued the following statement: view article arw

Some parents and children in the Schertz Cibolo Universal City School District are feeling a little uneasy after a school bus driver had a medical episode behind the wheel Monday. The driver was transporting children from Schlather Intermediate School to their homes when it happened. view article arw

Officials with Southside Independent School District confirm that 21 buses have been affected by the recent school bus seat recall. Southside ISD officials say the buses are safe to drive currently, but the seats will be replaced by December. Back on October 4, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a recall for 53,528 buses made by Thomas Built Buses.  view article arw

In the small town of Sullivan City, there's a school bus driver with a big heart. Miguel Oyervides is a school bus driver for Sam Fordyce Elementary in La Joya ISD. Every morning as he arrives to school, he uses that extra 5-10 minutes with the students to read to them. One of those students even being his own daughter. view article arw

Quitman ISD buys buses, curriculum

October 2808:25 AM

Quitman ISD trustees approved the purchase of four buses Monday. The International buses are 71 passenger vehicles at a cost of $71,900 each with a delivery fee of $500 per bus and are being purchased from National Bus Sales in Tulsa, Okla.  view article arw

A Beaumont ISD spokesperson says no students were injured after a crash involving a school bus. First responders were called to the crash near Cardinal and I-10 on Tuesday afternoon. The spokesperson said the bus was carrying Beaumont United students. view article arw

The Leander Independent School District recently issued an apology to families because of problems caused by a shortage of bus drivers. However, in a letter sent out Oct. 16, the district discussed how it’s addressing these issues. The letter stated, “We know that a shortage of bus drivers, logistical issues and higher-than-expected enrollment presents challenges to our families and our transportation department.” view article arw

A Rio Grande Valley mother is thankful nothing happened to her 9-year-old son after she says his school bus driver dropped him off at the wrong stop nearly a mile away from home. Ruby Garza wants to know what happened and what Santa Rosa Independent School District is doing to make sure it doesn’t happen again. view article arw

Sherman ISD wants parents to know where their kids are once they board the bus, and there are programs they can be using right now to do just that. Apps like 'Here Comes the Bus' and 'infoFinder i' send notifications to parents about where the bus is on its route and alerts in case of emergency. view article arw