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Vacant Brownsboro ISD; Search by: Brownsboro ISD Board of Trustees adINFO
Vacant Quanah ISD; Search By: Education Solutions and Services adINFO
Vacant Karnes City ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Vacant Bullard ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Vacant Pewitt CISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Vacant Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Vacant Terrell ISD; Search by: Terrell ISD Board of Trustees adINFO
Vacant Boyd ISD; Search by: Leasor Crass adINFO
Vacant Belton ISD; Search by: Thompson & Horton LLPINFO
Vacant Harlandale ISD; Search by: Sanchez & Wilson, PLLC adINFO
Vacant Brady ISD; Search by : Region 15 ESC adINFO
Vacant Mineola ISD; Search by: Mineola ISD Board of Trustees adINFO
Vacant Clarendon ISD; Search by: Clarendon ISD Board of Trustees adINFO
Vacant White Oak ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Vacant Devine ISD; Search by: Walsh Gallegos Treviño Russo & Kyle P.C.INFO
Vacant Agua Dulce ISD; Search by: Agua Dulce ISD Board of Trustees adINFO
Vacant Jasper ISD; Search by: Region 5 ESC adINFO
Vacant Rising Star ISD; Search by: ​Leasor Crass P.C. adINFO
Vacant Idalou ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Vacant Del Valle ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Vacant Winters ISD; Search by: Ronnie Kincaid adINFO
Lone Finalist Canton ISD - Dr. Brian Nichols , Superintendent ,New Summersfield ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational ServicesINFO
Lone Finalist Schulenburg ISD - Duane Limbaugh, Superintendent,Brady ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational ServicesINFO
Lone Finalist Boles ISD - Ms. Mikayle Goss, Director,Hunt County Co-op; Search by: Arrow Educational ServicesINFO
Lone Finalist Douglass ISD - Justin Keeling , High School Principal,Woden ISD ; Search by: Arrow Educational Services adINFO
Lone Finalist Crystal City ISD - Edward Churchill, Director of Student Services ​,Mercedes ISD ; Search by: Walsh Gallegos Trevino Russo & Kyle P.C.INFO
Lone Finalist Channing ISD - Michael Stevens, Principal of 7-12 Grade,Electra ISD; Search by: Region 16 ESC adINFO
Lone Finalist Bartlett ISD  - Theodore" Teddy" Clevenger, High School Principal,Teague ISD ; Search by: Bartlett ISD Board of Trustees adINFO
Lone Finalist Chico ISD  - Scott Higgins, Superintendent,D'Hanis ISD ; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Lone Finalist Waxahachie ISD - Dr. Bonny Cain, Interim Superintendent,Waxahachie ISD; Search By: Ray and Associates adINFO
Lone Finalist Seminole ISD - Kyle Lynch, Superintendent,Canadian ISD; Search by: Region 17 ESC adINFO
Lone Finalist Whiteface CISD - Nate Wheeler, Assistant Superintendent,Plains ISD; Search by: Region 17 ESC adINFO
Lone Finalist Harleton ISD - Brian Gray, Superintendent,Irion County ISD; Search by: Harleton ISD Board of Trustees adINFO
Lone Finalist Eagle Pass ISD  - Samuel Mijares, Deputy Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction,Eagle Pass ISD; Search by: Escamilla & Poneck LLP adINFO
Lone Finalist Bloomington ISD  - Mark Anglin, Superintendent,Broaddus ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Lone Finalist Academy ISD - William "Billy" Harlan, Chief Administrative Officer,Corsicana ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Lone Finalist Waco ISD - Susan Kincannon, Superintendent,Belton ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Lone Finalist Irion County ISD - Ray DeSpain, Superintendent,Elkhart ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Lone Finalist Dripping Springs ISD - Todd Washburn, Associate Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment,Eanes ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Lone Finalist Danbury ISD - Nancy Sandlin, Superintendent ,​Buckholts ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Lone Finalist Kermit ISD - Jose Lopez, Superintendent ,Taft ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Lone Finalist Peaster ISD - Lance Johnson, Superintendent,Randolph Field ISD; Search by: Leasor Crass adINFO
Lone Finalist Chireno ISD - Michael Skinner, Secondary Principal,Bartlett ISD; Search by: Largent Consulting LLC adINFO
New Super Oakwood ISD - Russell Holden, High School Principal,Cayuga ISD; Search by: Dr. Donny Lee adINFO
New Super Gonzales ISD - John Schumacher, Superintendent,Mason ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
New Super San Diego ISD - Rodrigo Pena, Director of Instructional Implementation,San Benito CISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
New Super Mercedes ISD - Carolyn Mendiola, Assistant Superintendent,Sharyland ISD ; Search by: Waterford School Services adINFO
New Super Corrigan- Camden ISD - Richard Cooper , High School Principal ,Groesbeck ISD; Search by: DRV Executive Search Services adINFO
New Super Hardin-Jefferson ISD  - Brad McEachern , Superintendent ,Warren ISD ; Search by: Region 5 ESC adINFO
New Super Woodville ISD - Lisa Meysembourg , Superintendent,Schulenburg ISD; Search by: Region 5 ESC adINFO
New Super Abernathy ISD - Aaron Waldrip, Superintendent,​Wellman-Union ISD ; Search by: Region 17 ESC adINFO
New Super Warren ISD  - Tammy Boyette, Assistant Superintendent,Stafford MISD; Search by: Region 5 ESC adINFO
New Super Brownsville ISD - Rene Gutierrez , Superintendent,Edinburg ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
New Super Central ISD - Justin Risner, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum/ Special Programs Director,Central ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
New Super Bellville ISD  - Dr. Nicole Peoenitzsch, Assistant Superintendent of Learning and Innovation,Dripping Springs ISD; Search by: DRV Executive Search Services adINFO
New Super Crandall ISD - Dr. Wendy Eldredge, Deputy Superintendent,Garland ISD; Search by: Leasor Crass adINFO
New Super TAMS Executive Director  - Dr. Greg Gibson, Superintendent,Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational Services INFO
New Super Richard Milburn Academy - Amard Anderson, Interim Superintendent,Richard Milburn Academy; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
New Super La Joya ISD  - Dr. Gisela Saenz , Interim Superintendent,La Joya ISD; Search by: O’Hanlon, Demerath & Castillo and Jaime Munoz adINFO
New Super Lovejoy ISD - Dr. Michael Goddard, Superintendent,Red Oak ISD; Search by: JG Consulting INFO
New Super Monte Alto ISD - Dr. Rosalinda Cobarrubias; Search by: O'Hanlon, Demerath & Castillo adINFO
New Super Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD - Dr. Jorge Luis Arredondo, Area Superintendent,Houston ISD; Search by: O’Hanlon, Demerath & Castillo adINFO
New Super Red Oak ISD - Brenda Sanford, Director of Curriculum, Accountability, and Assessment,Canton ISD; Search by: Walsh Gallegos Trevino Russo & Kyle P.C. and Education Consultant Dr. Ann DixonINFO
New Super Decatur ISD - Dr. Joseph Coburn, Chief Schools Officer,​Lewisville ISD; Search by: Walsh Gallegos Treviño Russo & Kyle P.C. and Education Consultant Brett SpringstonINFO

Pflugerville ISD delays Nov. 12 school start by 2 hours

November 1208:41 AM

As of 6 a.m. on Nov. 12, Pflugerville ISD will operate on a two-hour delay Tuesday, due to weather. Buses will run two hours later than normal as well, according to the district. view article  arw

Legislative Budget Board releases performance audit of Houston ISD

November 1208:41 AM

The state's Legislative Budget Board has released a performance audit of Houston ISD, just days after the Texas Education Agency announced it would be installing a board of managers to oversee the district. The 325-page review calls for a wide range of reforms that could save the district $237 million over five years. "Following almost nine months of diligent work by its School Performance Review team, the Legislative Budget Board released its Houston ISD performance review today. It is the largest school review undertaken by the LBB to date," LBB spokesperson R.J. DeSilva said in a release. "The recommendations serve as a road map a school district can use to make improvements." view article  arw

Snyder ISD to close junior high, reopen with grade realignment

November 1208:41 AM

Snyder ISD plans to close its junior high campus and reopen it with a grade realignment after years of underperformance. Thursday, Snyder ISD Superintendent Eddie Bland, Board of Trustees President Ralph Ramon and Board of Trustees Vice President Brad Hinton met with the Texas' Education Commissioner Mike Morath to discuss sanctions against the district. It came after the state gave the junior high another "improvement required" rating for the fifth straight year. view article  arw

United ISD disputes grade given by Texas Education Agency

November 1208:40 AM

United ISD won their case against a recent rating by the Texas Education Agency of one of its high schools. TEA recently released school district accountability ratings for the 2018-2019 school year with schools being graded using the common alpha system: A, B, C, D, or F. view article  arw

University of North Texas legal staffer resigns after using racist slur during a free speech panel

November 1208:40 AM

Another good opportunity to learn from the experience of others - js - Assistant General Counsel Caitlin Sewell was speaking about speech protected by the First Amendment when she used the word. People in attendance vocally expressed offense.  The assistant general counsel for the University of North Texas resigned Friday after using a racist slur to demonstrate First Amendment freedoms during a panel called “When Hate Comes to Campus.”  Caitlin Sewell was discussing how offensive words are protected by freedom of speech during the panel discussion Thursday. view article  arw

From Pease to boundaries, Austin ISD trustees discuss School Changes Version 2

November 1208:40 AM

With School Changes Version 2’s release Nov. 1, Austin ISD trustees discussed and asked district staff questions about the updated scenarios for the first time at a meeting Nov. 4. Version 2 outlines 12 School Changes scenarios that focus on what the district can do in the 2020-21 school year, Superintendent Paul Cruz said. Trustees are scheduled to vote on those 12 scenarios Nov. 18. Version 2 also lists an additional 30 scenarios that need further development or are no longer being considered by the district. view article  arw

Huntington students honor veterans for 23rd year in a row

November 1208:40 AM

HUNTINGTON — Huntington High School hosted its 23rd annual Veterans Day celebration Monday morning with the theme Color Me America.  Veterans were welcomed by a red carpet and valet service and were offered a lunch after the program. To begin, the Huntington High School drumline and other students led the presentation of the colors.  Student council president Lindsay Murphy led the Pledge of Allegiance and Loren Lowe led “The Star-Spangled Banner.” State Rep. Trent Ashby followed, giving a welcome and thanks to veterans in attendance.  “This is one of my favorite days of the year because it gives us a chance to say thank you,” Ashby said. “Thank you to those who have sacrificed, who have served. Students, these men and women left their homes, left their families, to go fight for a belief — a belief that we all hold dear today and cherish. That belief is freedom.” view article  arw

Hays CISD superintendent responds to substitute teacher assault

November 1208:40 AM

The Hays CISD superintendent has spoken out about an incident that went viral: a substitute teacher hitting a Lehman High School student. view article  arw

Cy-Fair ISD aims to improve student scores at Bane, Francone elementary schools

November 1208:40 AM

After earning overall D accountability ratings in annual grades provided by the Texas Education Agency in 2019, Bane Elementary School and Francone Elementary School are working on improvement plans. Both Bane and Francone earned D ratings in the Student Achievement and Closing the Gaps domains. Both campuses have high economic disadvantage rates and are supported with additional Title I funds.   view article  arw

Caldwell ISD shuts down all school campuses due to flu

November 1208:40 AM

Caldwell Independent School District closed all of its campuses Monday due to a high volume of students with flu and flu-like symptoms. Currently, 15% of total students and more than 20% of elementary school students were expected to be absent Monday, according to a letter sent to parents from CISD Superintendent Andrew Peters. view article  arw

D.C.: Charter Enrollment Declines for First Time Since 1996

November 1208:40 AM

While we are on the subject of the District of Columbia, here’s an interesting tidbit. Despite the drumbeat about “waiting lists,” charter enrollment declined, and enrollment in public schools increased.  The numbers are not large but they seem to reflect a trend. Charter enrollment also declined in Michigan, DeVos’s domain.  Maybe parents are getting tired of schools that open and close like day lilies. There is something to be said for stability and experience. view article  arw

East St. Louis Superintendent Arthur Culver Receives 2019 Excellence in Education Award

November 1208:40 AM

EAST ST. LOUIS – Arthur Culver, Superintendent of East St. Louis #189, was recognized with the Excellence in Education Award by Cognia, formerly AdvancED, during the 2019 Midwest Region Cognia Connect Conference in Chicago, Illinois.  Cognia is a non-profit continuous improvement organization that conducts rigorous, on-site reviews of a variety of educational institutions and provides resources, tools and support to education leaders across the globe to ensure all learners realize their full potential. Nominations for this award were received from a variety of sources including volunteers, Engagement Review team members, Lead Evaluators, Field Consultants, Cognia Advisory Committee members, and staff. view article  arw

Helping your children through stress, mental health issues

November 1208:40 AM

Young people like adults experience stress and mental health issues. One in five young people ages 13 to 18 live with a mental health condition. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for youth ages 10 to 24. For young people experiencing mental health or substance abuse challenges, teachers, parents or caregivers may be the first line of defense. view article  arw

Frisco ISD Adding 10 Minutes To School Day Next Year

November 1208:35 AM

The Frisco ISD Board of Trustees approved a school scheduling change Monday night that will end the school year sooner. Ten minutes will be added to each school day next year. The start time will remain the same.  The extra ten minutes will be added to the end of the day. view article  arw

Bulletin Board

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Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Mehl, P.C.

Legal Issues for Cheerleaders and Drill Team

January - February 2019

Don’t miss out on this information-packed session about legal aspects of cheerleading and drill teams! This year there will be increased focus on social media policies. 

Participants will be provided practical advice for handling situations often encountered by administrators and coaches.


Topics We'll Cover

  • Social Media and Cyberbullying
  • Rights Associated with Extracurricular Activities
  • UIL and Coaching Requirements
  • Options for Selecting Team Members
  • District and Staff Liability & Immunity
  • Transportation and Other Travel Issues
  • Access to Education Records, Score Cards
  • Title IX Gender Issues, LGBT
  • Relevant Federal and State Court Cases
  • Extracurricular Codes of Conduct
  • Discipline and Removal from Team
  • Cheerleader Constitutions
  • Student and Parent Complaints


Who Should Attend

Campus Administrators, Directors of Student Services, Directors of Fine Arts, Athletic Directors, Cheer Coaches, Drill Team/Dance Teachers


Registration Fee

$200 per person


For a list of dates and locations, please visit

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Fast-growing Leander school district plans for 12,000 more students in next decade

November 1208:35 AM

The 40,300-student Leander school district again will need to prepare for an influx of new arrivals. Leander remains the fastest-growing district in Central Texas, having added nearly 4,600 students — more than any other Austin-area school district — from 2013 to 2018, the latest district demographics report shows. view article  arw

Fort Worth’s IM Terrell Academy Specializes in STEM, Arts

November 1208:30 AM

If you've driven near Downtown Fort Worth, off Interstate 35W, you've probably seen the Visual and Performing Arts Center at I.M. Terrell Academy. It's the creative new wing to a school with a deep past. The school dates back to the 1800s -- it was the only school in all of Tarrant County for children of color. view article  arw

Georgetown ISD seeks community feedback on 3 districtwide initiatives

November 1208:30 AM

Georgetown ISD is looking for community feedback on three ongoing initiatives. The first is for input on GISD academic calendar. This is an annual process, reviewed by the District Performance Council and approved by the board, typically in February. The district is exploring a two-year calendar to help with advance planning, according to district officials. view article  arw

Ector County ISD investing in K-9 unit trained to detect weapons, explosives

November 1208:30 AM

Ector County ISD is taking proactive steps to keep all campuses safe. So far this semester, the police department have investigated several threats made through social media, including a freshman student being found with a gun at school. And take into account the Odessa mass shooting, it's no wonder the community is on edge. view article  arw

Garland High School closed today due to gas leak

November 1208:30 AM

Garland High School is closed today due to a gas leak, according to school officials.  view article  arw

Lubbock ISD Board of Trustees to Consider Changing Wilson Middle School to a Magnet Campus

November 1208:30 AM

Thursday, November 21st, at 7 a.m., the Lubbock ISD Board of Trustees will meet in a special meeting to discuss, and take action, concerning the future of the Smylie Wilson Middle School campus. Wilson Middle School has earned an 'F' rating in the Texas Education Agency (TEA) accountability ratings over the past two school years. In 2019, the school's Overall Rating was a 50, and in 2018 the school's Overall Ratings was a 49. A 2015 state law requires the TEA Commissioner to penalize a school district that has a school that has been failing for more than four consecutive school years. The penalty is either shutting down the individual school, or taking over the entire district. view article  arw

With eye on budget savings, Manor school district creates police force

November 1208:30 AM

The Manor district is expected to have its own police force by next August, becoming one of the only area school systems to have its own law enforcement. With little community input, the school board gave the green light last month to create a police force. view article  arw

As Texas Moves to Replace Houston’s School Board, Here Are 7 Things to Know About the Takeover

November 1208:30 AM

An hour into last week’s school board meeting, the Houston Independent School District’s governance coach clicked open a presentation and announced that she would be teaching board members to understand monitoring reports, the documents used to track school improvement efforts. “Student outcomes improve when adult behaviors change,” she began, before segueing on to what teachers would call the lesson’s exit ticket. view article  arw

Oklahoma City school district sued over increase in charter fees

November 1208:30 AM

A charter school organization is challenging an Oklahoma City Public Schools plan to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars more in charter fees. Families for Excellence in Education Inc. is seeking to block the school district’s plan to raise administrative fees on charter schools from 3% to 5% of their annual state allocation. view article  arw

Greater Houston Partnership helping recruit candidates for state-appointed board to run

November 1208:30 AM

Houston’s top business group says they’re helping recruit candidates for a new state-appointed board of managers that would temporarily replace Houston Independent School District’s current elected board. Texas Education Agency Commissioner Mike Morath said he’ll choose those nine managers, as well as a new superintendent, due to chronic failing scores at Wheatley High School and the board repeatedly breaking Texas Open Meeting Act laws. view article  arw

Hudson ISD students offer Veterans Day Salute

November 1208:30 AM

HUDSON — Veterans and current service members entered the Hudson High School gymnasium amid wild cheers and applause during the school’s annual Veterans Day Salute on Monday.  “Today we salute the service of all veterans and we keep in our thoughts and prayers the fallen, the missing and those who right now are serving in harm’s way,” John Courtney, principal of Hudson High School, said.  “We celebrate and honor you for your patriotism, love of country and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good. Thank you for your service to this great country.”  The students took care to thank each of the veterans from the different wars fought and thanked their families and their friends for supporting the veteran during that time. view article  arw

A Reader Asks… Using PowerWalks For Staff Coaching

November 1208:30 AM

I have a quick question on PowerWalks coaching sessions. Exactly how often should these occur?  SC Response  Regular, semi-formal PowerWalks coaching sessions should occur every 6 to 9 weeks.  There are a couple of things that drive this. view article  arw

Texas Education Agency to install board of managers for Houston ISD: Here’s what that means

November 1208:30 AM

The Texas Education Agency notified Houston ISD on Nov. 6 that it will be appointing a board of managers to take on the oversight role of the district, the largest in the state to receive this kind intervention. Here is a breakdown of what this means and what could happen next. view article  arw

Frisco ISD launches vaping prevention initiatives as student referrals increase

November 1208:30 AM

The number of Frisco ISD students receiving court referrals for e-cigarettes and vaping has more than doubled since 2017, prompting FISD to launch a vaping prevention and intervention program this school year. When a student is caught at school with an e-cigarette or vaping device, school resource officers have the choice to issue court referrals as part of the state disciplinary process. view article  arw

State of Texas: Judge orders Texas to pay daily fines until foster care problems are fixed

November 1208:30 AM

In 2015 Judge Janis Jack ruled the Texas foster care system was broken and ordered the state to make changes, including around the clock supervision by adults who are awake for foster children in a group setting. Almost five years later, the Department of Family and Protective Services have not implemented her orders. Now, Jack is suing the state of Texas. Jack announced Tuesday until the problems are fixed the state will be fined $50,000 a day. That amount will double later this month if the foster care system still hasn’t changed. view article  arw

Congressman presents check to Mission CISD

November 1208:30 AM

Mission has a National Blue Ribbon School in their district, and recently received federal funding to put toward school violence prevention. This Mon. Nov. 4, Congressman Henry Cuellar visited the Hilda C. Escobar/Alicia C. Rios Elementary School campus in the Mission Consolidated Independent School District in order to congratulate the teachers, staff and administration for being named a 2019 National Blue Ribbon School. The Blue Ribbon Program (which started in 1982) recognizes public and private primary and secondary schools across the country based on their overall academic excellence. view article  arw

Ector County ISD finishing controlled access door installations

November 1208:30 AM

Nobody wants a stranger to be able to just walk into their child's school. ECISD has increased their security at the doors to all schools this year, installing a new security door system being installed to keep unwanted guests out of your child's school. The district promised when they voted yes for the tax ratification that  controlled access doors would be installed at all the main entrances of the schools. view article  arw

Sams talks Teacher of the Year award

November 1208:30 AM

After being named the 2020 Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year, Weatherford ISD’s Karen Sams called the honor the biggest accomplishment of her 15-year career. “This has just been so phenomenal and insane, this is just definitely the biggest event in my career,” Crockett Elementary third grade teacher Sams said. “My husband and I joke like this is ‘go on your obituary’ big.” view article  arw

Snyder ISD to undergo realignment after petition allows closure of junior high

November 1208:28 AM

The Snyder Independent School District will close its junior high campus and re-open after an all-district grade realignment. This comes after a meeting with the Texas Education Agency commissioner. Three administrators with the district — Eddie Bland, its superintendent; Ralph Ramon, president of the board of trustees; and Brad Hinton, vice president of the board of trustees — met with the TEA’s commissioners Thursday, Nov. 7, to discuss sanctions against the district. view article  arw

Internet healthcare soon to hit Denton schools

November 1208:27 AM

Within the next few months, the doctor’s office will expand to screens across much of Denton ISD. Beginning early next year, the district will run a pilot program to bring medical professionals to seven schools remotely via tablets. Evers Park, Ginnings, Borman, Newton Rayzor and McNair elementary schools, as well as both Bettye Myers and McMath middle schools will participate in the district’s pilot program of School-Based Telehealth. view article  arw