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Vacant Brownsboro ISD; Search by: Brownsboro ISD Board of Trustees adINFO
Vacant Quanah ISD; Search By: Education Solutions and Services adINFO
Vacant Karnes City ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Vacant Bullard ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Vacant Pewitt CISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Vacant Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
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Vacant Clarendon ISD; Search by: Clarendon ISD Board of Trustees adINFO
Vacant White Oak ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Vacant Devine ISD; Search by: Walsh Gallegos Treviño Russo & Kyle P.C.INFO
Vacant Agua Dulce ISD; Search by: Agua Dulce ISD Board of Trustees adINFO
Vacant Jasper ISD; Search by: Region 5 ESC adINFO
Vacant Rising Star ISD; Search by: ​Leasor Crass P.C. adINFO
Vacant Idalou ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Vacant Del Valle ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Vacant Winters ISD; Search by: Ronnie Kincaid adINFO
Lone Finalist Canton ISD - Dr. Brian Nichols , Superintendent ,New Summersfield ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational ServicesINFO
Lone Finalist Schulenburg ISD - Duane Limbaugh, Superintendent,Brady ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational ServicesINFO
Lone Finalist Boles ISD - Ms. Mikayle Goss, Director,Hunt County Co-op; Search by: Arrow Educational ServicesINFO
Lone Finalist Douglass ISD - Justin Keeling , High School Principal,Woden ISD ; Search by: Arrow Educational Services adINFO
Lone Finalist Crystal City ISD - Edward Churchill, Director of Student Services ​,Mercedes ISD ; Search by: Walsh Gallegos Trevino Russo & Kyle P.C.INFO
Lone Finalist Channing ISD - Michael Stevens, Principal of 7-12 Grade,Electra ISD; Search by: Region 16 ESC adINFO
Lone Finalist Bartlett ISD  - Theodore" Teddy" Clevenger, High School Principal,Teague ISD ; Search by: Bartlett ISD Board of Trustees adINFO
Lone Finalist Chico ISD  - Scott Higgins, Superintendent,D'Hanis ISD ; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Lone Finalist Waxahachie ISD - Dr. Bonny Cain, Interim Superintendent,Waxahachie ISD; Search By: Ray and Associates adINFO
Lone Finalist Seminole ISD - Kyle Lynch, Superintendent,Canadian ISD; Search by: Region 17 ESC adINFO
Lone Finalist Whiteface CISD - Nate Wheeler, Assistant Superintendent,Plains ISD; Search by: Region 17 ESC adINFO
Lone Finalist Harleton ISD - Brian Gray, Superintendent,Irion County ISD; Search by: Harleton ISD Board of Trustees adINFO
Lone Finalist Eagle Pass ISD  - Samuel Mijares, Deputy Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction,Eagle Pass ISD; Search by: Escamilla & Poneck LLP adINFO
Lone Finalist Bloomington ISD  - Mark Anglin, Superintendent,Broaddus ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Lone Finalist Academy ISD - William "Billy" Harlan, Chief Administrative Officer,Corsicana ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Lone Finalist Waco ISD - Susan Kincannon, Superintendent,Belton ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Lone Finalist Irion County ISD - Ray DeSpain, Superintendent,Elkhart ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Lone Finalist Dripping Springs ISD - Todd Washburn, Associate Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment,Eanes ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Lone Finalist Danbury ISD - Nancy Sandlin, Superintendent ,​Buckholts ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Lone Finalist Kermit ISD - Jose Lopez, Superintendent ,Taft ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Lone Finalist Peaster ISD - Lance Johnson, Superintendent,Randolph Field ISD; Search by: Leasor Crass adINFO
Lone Finalist Chireno ISD - Michael Skinner, Secondary Principal,Bartlett ISD; Search by: Largent Consulting LLC adINFO
New Super Oakwood ISD - Russell Holden, High School Principal,Cayuga ISD; Search by: Dr. Donny Lee adINFO
New Super Gonzales ISD - John Schumacher, Superintendent,Mason ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
New Super San Diego ISD - Rodrigo Pena, Director of Instructional Implementation,San Benito CISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
New Super Mercedes ISD - Carolyn Mendiola, Assistant Superintendent,Sharyland ISD ; Search by: Waterford School Services adINFO
New Super Corrigan- Camden ISD - Richard Cooper , High School Principal ,Groesbeck ISD; Search by: DRV Executive Search Services adINFO
New Super Hardin-Jefferson ISD  - Brad McEachern , Superintendent ,Warren ISD ; Search by: Region 5 ESC adINFO
New Super Woodville ISD - Lisa Meysembourg , Superintendent,Schulenburg ISD; Search by: Region 5 ESC adINFO
New Super Abernathy ISD - Aaron Waldrip, Superintendent,​Wellman-Union ISD ; Search by: Region 17 ESC adINFO
New Super Warren ISD  - Tammy Boyette, Assistant Superintendent,Stafford MISD; Search by: Region 5 ESC adINFO
New Super Brownsville ISD - Rene Gutierrez , Superintendent,Edinburg ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
New Super Central ISD - Justin Risner, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum/ Special Programs Director,Central ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
New Super Bellville ISD  - Dr. Nicole Peoenitzsch, Assistant Superintendent of Learning and Innovation,Dripping Springs ISD; Search by: DRV Executive Search Services adINFO
New Super Crandall ISD - Dr. Wendy Eldredge, Deputy Superintendent,Garland ISD; Search by: Leasor Crass adINFO
New Super TAMS Executive Director  - Dr. Greg Gibson, Superintendent,Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational Services INFO
New Super Richard Milburn Academy - Amard Anderson, Interim Superintendent,Richard Milburn Academy; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
New Super La Joya ISD  - Dr. Gisela Saenz , Interim Superintendent,La Joya ISD; Search by: O’Hanlon, Demerath & Castillo and Jaime Munoz adINFO
New Super Lovejoy ISD - Dr. Michael Goddard, Superintendent,Red Oak ISD; Search by: JG Consulting INFO
New Super Monte Alto ISD - Dr. Rosalinda Cobarrubias; Search by: O'Hanlon, Demerath & Castillo adINFO
New Super Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD - Dr. Jorge Luis Arredondo, Area Superintendent,Houston ISD; Search by: O’Hanlon, Demerath & Castillo adINFO
New Super Red Oak ISD - Brenda Sanford, Director of Curriculum, Accountability, and Assessment,Canton ISD; Search by: Walsh Gallegos Trevino Russo & Kyle P.C. and Education Consultant Dr. Ann DixonINFO
New Super Decatur ISD - Dr. Joseph Coburn, Chief Schools Officer,​Lewisville ISD; Search by: Walsh Gallegos Treviño Russo & Kyle P.C. and Education Consultant Brett SpringstonINFO

North Texas counselor creates ‘emotional locker’ for students

November 1408:25 AM

Going to the school counselor can be awkward or embarrassing for kids. That's why Ashley Williams is putting a twist on how she interacts with her students at Central Elementary School in Seagoville. "I wanted to find a new way to allow kids to get in contact with me," Williams said. She was a teacher for 13 years before becoming a counselor this fall. view article  arw

Wichita Falls ISD credits software for helping students at risk of harming themselves

November 1408:25 AM

The Wichita Falls ISD is giving credit to a software program or helping them protect students beyond the classroom. The software program is called Gaggle and it has been installed on all the district’s laptops. view article  arw

Denton ISD hires new general counsel

November 1408:20 AM

Facebook Twitter Email Print Save Deron Robinson will begin serving as general counsel for Denton ISD beginning in January, following a unanimous vote by the Denton school board Tuesday evening. Robinson currently holds an identical title with Allen ISD. Before joining Allen schools, he worked at two separate law firms for roughly a decade, during which time he represented more than 30 school districts across the state. view article  arw

Brownsville ISD giving away 40,000 books

November 1408:15 AM

The Brownsville Independent School District is hosting their first ever book giveaway. They are giving out 40,000 books to students. Each student will have five minutes to choose their books, and can take up to five books home for free. The goal of the giveaway is to inspire students to become lifelong readers. Dr. Timothy Cuff, Assistant Superintendent, “A lot of times you know books don’t seem to be real popular because of the internet and other social media. But you know this kind of dating back in time a little bit when we sat home and read a book and we want our kids to do that.” view article  arw

Educators from across the US learning from PSJA ISD

November 1408:10 AM

Over 500 educators from across the country are in the Rio Grande Valley. They are learning about PSJA ISD programs that have increased student success and decreased drop out rates. During a two-day conference, districts around the U.S. will learn skills on how to replicate PSJA ISD programs that have proven to prepare students for life after high school. view article  arw

Falcon Express: Students learn, earn on LFHS beverage truck

November 1407:45 AM

By all accounts, Tuesday was a perfect day for hot chocolate. With temperatures hovering in the 40s the Falcon Express beverage truck was on hand at Los Fresnos High School selling the cold-weather favorite among its other offerings to students, faculty and staff before school and during lunch. New this year, the Falcon Express is paired with three Career and Technical Education courses for special education students that teach skills applicable to the food service industry. One aim is that after graduation they will be able to secure employment at restaurants and other food service industry businesses. view article  arw

Quick Look: Superintendent Survey Highlights - TASB

November 1308:42 AM

Results from the 2019­–2020 TASB/TASA Superintendent Salary Survey are available now in DataCentral.  Highlights from the statewide data are available for download and cover typical salaries, pay increases, experience, bonuses, and other benefits. 690 districts participated, representing 68 percent of districts in Texas. view article  arw

Water Main Break Leaves Many Without Water & All Kaufman ISD Classes Canceled

November 1308:41 AM

A water main break in Kaufman has some waking up to no water and classes across the entire school district canceled Wednesday. Officials haven’t said if the freezing temperatures caused a water main to burst around 11:00 p.m. Tuesday. view article  arw

Garland High School to Reopen Wednesday After Gas Line Issue Fixed

November 1308:41 AM

Garland High School will reopen Wednesday after repairs were made to a gas line that caused an issue and school closure Tuesday, the district tweeted. The school was closed Tuesday, and Atmos workers made repairs to restore the building's heat. The school district said the city of Garland has been doing detection tests on gas lines throughout the city and an issue was detected in an area around the back parking lot of the high school. view article  arw

Update: All Kaufman ISD classes canceled due to water main break, officials say

November 1308:41 AM

A water main break at South Washington Street and Fair Road in Kaufman caused all schools in the district to cancel classes Wednesday, officials said around 7:20 a.m. on social media. view article  arw

Hundreds rally as Supreme Court hears DACA case

November 1308:40 AM

Hundreds of people rallied outside the Texas attorney general’s office Tuesday as the United States Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that could decide the fate of young undocumented people, often referred to as “Dreamers.”  The court heard a class action suit Tuesday to decide whether President Donald Trump’s repeal of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy is constitutional. In 2012, the Obama Administration instituted DACA, which grants temporary protection from deportation to more than 700,000 young adults. view article  arw

High School Football: Reaction mixed on small schools hosting playoff games

November 1308:40 AM

Allowing higher-seeded teams to host first round or bi-district football games in Texas seems like a good idea in most scenarios. Teams seeded Nos. 1 or 2 in their district have hosted bi-district games in Class 6A since 2015 and in 5A since 2018.  The rule was adopted in part because after fourth-place teams were allowed in the playoffs, some forced No. 1 seeds to flip home-and-home for a bi-district game site. If the No. 4 seeds won, a district champion was forced to play at the home stadium of a fourth-place team.  Allowing the higher seeds to host first round games provided a reward for district champions and runners-up. The higher seeds are capitalizing on their home-field advantage. Last season in 6A, higher-seeded home teams won 48 of 64 bi-district games. In 5A, higher-seeded hosts won 51 of 64 first round games. view article  arw

Reed, Berlanga unseat Floresville ISD incumbents in school board race

November 1308:40 AM

Challengers beat two incumbents in the Nov. 5 election for the Floresville Independent School District, but both winners and losers were gracious in their comments about each other after the results came in. In final, unofficial returns, Bonna Reed defeated veteran trustee Ryan Bippert, 118 to 60 votes, for place 2, and Alena Berlanga received the most votes in a three-way race for Place 6, pulling 115 against 93 for incumbent trustee Angela Morales-Turner and 37 for Damon Deatherage. view article  arw

Here’s how the breakdown of the MISD bond votes looks like

November 1308:40 AM

Here’s how the breakdown of the votes took place that led the “unofficial” outcome in the Midland ISD bond proposition election. The results include early voting, totals through Election Day, totals counting provisional ballots and the ballots by mail counted Nov. 5. view article  arw

Port Neches-Groves ISD attacked by ransomware

November 1308:40 AM

Port Neches-Groves ISD lost access to files on all computer systems Tuesday afternoon after being attacked by ransomware, a type of cyberattack that renders files unusable and then demands money for restoring access. Superintendent Mike Gonzales said the attackers were asking for a “sizable amount of money,” and that several local law enforcement agencies and cybersecurity specialists were working to get the computers up and running again. view article  arw

Bulletin Board

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Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Mehl, P.C.

Legal Issues for Cheerleaders and Drill Team

January - February 2019

Don’t miss out on this information-packed session about legal aspects of cheerleading and drill teams! This year there will be increased focus on social media policies. 

Participants will be provided practical advice for handling situations often encountered by administrators and coaches.


Topics We'll Cover

  • Social Media and Cyberbullying
  • Rights Associated with Extracurricular Activities
  • UIL and Coaching Requirements
  • Options for Selecting Team Members
  • District and Staff Liability & Immunity
  • Transportation and Other Travel Issues
  • Access to Education Records, Score Cards
  • Title IX Gender Issues, LGBT
  • Relevant Federal and State Court Cases
  • Extracurricular Codes of Conduct
  • Discipline and Removal from Team
  • Cheerleader Constitutions
  • Student and Parent Complaints


Who Should Attend

Campus Administrators, Directors of Student Services, Directors of Fine Arts, Athletic Directors, Cheer Coaches, Drill Team/Dance Teachers


Registration Fee

$200 per person


For a list of dates and locations, please visit www.edlaw.com.

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Cyberattack targets PN-G ISD

November 1308:40 AM

A heads-up for parents, students and staff members in the Port Neches-Grovves ISD. Superintendent Mike Gonzales confirms the district experienced a cybersecurity attack Tuesday. view article  arw

Attorney for family at the center of Tatum ISD’s dress code policy says district documents are false

November 1308:40 AM

After several weeks of controversy, Tatum ISD voted to change their controversial dress code. During Monday night's school board meeting, Assistant Superintendent Drenon Fite suggested the removal of the word "puffballs" from the district's student dress code and instead replace it with "no male accessories." view article  arw

Despite dress code change, lawyer of women taking on Tatum ISD says lawsuit still possible, questions dropping of Head Start

November 1308:40 AM

The changes Tatum ISD is making to its dress code are not enough, say a grandmother and mother at the heart of a recent controversy with the district, and their attorney is questioning the motives behind the superintendent’s announcement Monday that the district is dropping its Head Start program. Edwina “Randi” Woodley’s and Kambry Cox’s boys were “unenrolled” from the district after the women voiced issues with the hair and grooming policy in the dress code. They say the changes leave the dress code, which has been called racially discriminatory, still biased against gender. view article  arw

Supreme Court lets Sandy Hook shooting lawsuit go forward

November 1308:40 AM

The Supreme Court said Tuesday that a survivor and relatives of victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting can pursue their lawsuit against the maker of the rifle used to kill 26 people. The justices rejected an appeal from Remington Arms that argued it should be shielded by a 2005 federal law preventing most lawsuits against firearms manufacturers when their products are used in crimes. The case is being watched by gun control advocates, gun rights supporters and gun manufacturers across the country, as it has the potential to provide a roadmap for victims of other mass shootings to circumvent the federal law and sue the makers of firearm. view article  arw

Most expensive high school stadiums in Texas

November 1308:40 AM

Spring ISD’s is set to hold a grand opening for their new multi-million football stadium Tuesday evening. The new Planet Ford Stadium already hosted its first game on Oct. 31. The grand opening is set for 6 p.m.  The new stadium is the first for the district in more than 50 years and features a low-glare turf field with seating for 8,000 fans, a state-of-the-art video scoreboard system, concessions and modern press box amenities. view article  arw

Talk of moving sixth-graders to junior high campuses underway in Richardson ISD

November 1308:40 AM

District officials in Richardson ISD are exploring the possibility of moving sixth-graders from elementary to junior high school campuses. Conversations about this process, known as grade configuration, are in the earliest stages. Committees overseeing facilities and instruction are beginning to meet to discuss the implications this significant move could have on the district, according to Superintendent Jeannie Stone. view article  arw

Gas Leak And No Heat Closes North Texas HS, Other Students Brave Cold To Get To Campuses

November 1308:40 AM

Garland High School students had an unexpected day off on the coldest day of the year so far. They woke up to learn there was no heat on the campus because crews were busy trying to fix a natural gas leak behind the building. A spokesperson for the Garland Independent School District says Atmos Energy has been doing tests of gas lines all over the city, and noticed a leak in a line on school property Monday night. Fixing it required shutting off the gas and the heat, and it would have been too cold to hold classes without it. view article  arw

Round Rock ISD Superintendent Steve Flores’ contract not extended past June 2022

November 1308:40 AM

The Round Rock school board gave Superintendent Steve Flores a mixed review Monday night, approving a performance bonus but choosing not to extend his contract past June 2022. Motions to give Flores a $4,200 bonus and a one year salary increase of 3.5% passed with a unanimous vote and a 5-2 vote, respectively. But a motion to extend his contract to 2023 failed in a 3-4 vote. view article  arw

Round Rock ISD superintendent receives salary increase, performance bonus

November 1308:40 AM

Round Rock ISD Superintendent Steve Flores received a 3.5%, one-year pay raise following his annual review by the RRISD board of trustees on Nov. 11. Flores’s former annual salary was $301,190. He will now earn approximately $311,730, and he will receive a one-time incentive and performance payment of $4,200 for meeting board targets, the board said. view article  arw

Frisco ISD approves longer school days for shorter school year

November 1308:40 AM

Frisco school leaders voted unanimously to make the school day 10 minutes longer to have a shorter school year next year. The decision the school board is making comes down to less than a dozen minutes a day, but board members are being thoughtful about how that could change a day for a student. view article  arw

Texas superintendent speaks out about viral assault video

November 1308:31 AM

A Texas school superintendent is speaking out about a viral video that shows a substitute assaulting a student. Hays CISD Superintendent Dr. Eric Wright says he was disgusted when he saw the video of a 16-year-old Lehman County High School student being assaulted by 32-year old Tiffani Lankford in the classroom. Wright says Lankford came highly recommended from another school district in the state and was also a certified educator. view article  arw

Port Neches-Groves ISD computers attacked by ransomware, systems shut down

November 1308:31 AM

Systems are down for Port Neches-Groves ISD after district computers were attacked by ransomware. PN-G ISD Superintendent Mike Gonzales told 12News attackers worked their way into the district's computers through email. They have a cyber security forensic team working on it, and the hope is to have the issue resolved in the next couple days. view article  arw

Bryan City Council OK’s Bowie School agreement, park design contract

November 1308:30 AM

Bryan City Council members approved a renovation agreement for Bowie School on Tuesday night, moving forward in an effort that is expected to create 70 jobs. The former school will be redeveloped into an office building that will be mostly owner-occupied by Gessner Engineering and Vaughn Construction. The building stopped being used for classes in 1991, and Bryan Independent School District sold the property in 2001. This will be the first time in 28 years that the building is occupied. Construction is expected to be completed in less than a year.  view article  arw

Texas substitute teacher fired for viral attack targeted 12-year-old 2 months prior, district says

November 1308:30 AM

The substitute teacher arrested and fired for allegedly attacking a Lehman High School student had a previous complaint that never surfaced to the district level, Hays CISD confirmed to KVUE on Tuesday. Tiffani Lankford, 32, was arrested Friday on an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge after several videos went viral of her allegedly choking, punching and stomping on a 16-year-old student during a foreign language class at Lehman HS in Kyle, Texas. view article  arw

Liberty Hill HS students with dreams of becoming veterinarians get head start with vet program

November 1308:30 AM

Liberty Hill High School's agriculture department is preparing students for a career in veterinary medicine. They begin the program as freshmen in the principles of ag class where they build a solid foundation. That learning continues with small animal management in their sophomore year and vet med applications in their junior year. The senior year class is advanced animal science. view article  arw

Frisco ISD to Add 10 Minutes to School Day

November 1308:30 AM

The Frisco ISD School Board approved the district's 2020-21 academic calendar Tuesday, adding 10 minutes to the school day and releasing students by Memorial Day. In a statement, Frisco ISD said more minutes in school day would allow for more "instruction, acceleration, remediation, enrichment and social-emotional learning." Elementary schools in the district will run from 7:45 a.m. to 3:05 p.m.; middle schools will go from 8:25 a.m to 3:45 p.m.; and high schools will begin at 9 a.m. and end at 4:25 p.m. view article  arw

Parental Workshop for 2020 Census hosted by City of Pharr, Pharr ISD

November 1308:30 AM

The City of Pharr has joined cities across the United States in helping to ensure an accurate count for the 2020 Census. The city joined several partners including the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District, the Hidalgo Independent School District, the Valley View Independent School District, and the Vanguard Academy Charter School. view article  arw

Ector County: Full-day prek well received by board

November 1308:30 AM

Ector County ISD trustees heard a proposal for all-day prekindergarten at a workshop Tuesday and it was well received by the panel. The district serves 1,313 prekindergarten students and 343 whose parents pay tuition. Associate Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Lilia Nanez said it is required by House Bill 3 passed during the last legislative session, but it was something that officials had discussed before that. view article  arw

Grand opening held at new Spring ISD stadium

November 1308:30 AM

Although some games have already been played there, people gathered at the new Spring ISD stadium for a grand opening on a cold Tuesday night. view article  arw

North Texas School Buses Affected in Nationwide Recall, Districts Say

November 1308:30 AM

A nationwide recall is affecting hundreds of school buses across North Texas, NBC 5 has learned. Daimler Trucks North America is recalling about 53,528 buses nationwide due to an issue with the passenger seats. Daimler said it issued the recall in October out of an abundance of caution because the seatbacks might not have enough padding to properly protect passengers in a crash. view article  arw