OVERTON, TX (KLTV) -Classes at Overton Independent School District campuses have been canceled Friday, according to superintendent Stephen DuBose.  Much of the city is without water after an unknown problem, DuBose said.  Classes will resume as scheduled on Monday. view article arw

School Insurance Newsletter

February 2308:40 AM

Must Read!  TAPS Risk Pool Announces Negative Fund Balance of $1,800,000 Late last week TAPS advised its members of a 10% assessment to offset its negative member equity. They have trimmed their staff, discharged the executive director and moved its San Antonio office to Boerne.  view article arw

Additional testing has found high levels of copper and lead in the water in five more Dallas Independent School District buildings.  That brings the total number of schools with elevated metal levels in the water to 12 out of 228 tested, according to Christopher Gray, the district's director of environmental health and safety. view article arw

In the regular meeting, the School Resource Deputy program was approved, allowing the Brazos County Sheriff's Office to provide the district with deputies for schools. "One of the things we're hoping to develop out of this is mentoring and interaction with the youth of our community so they can see we're normal people and we have a job to do, but want to help them succeed," said Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk.The school resource deputies will begin their five year contracts on the campuses starting this fall. view article arw

Let’s (Not) Talk About Sex

February 2308:37 AM

When it comes to sex education in Texas, students are more likely to learn the details on the street than in the classroom. More than 83% of state school districts either don't teach sex education or teach abstinence-only lessons, according to a new study from the watchdogs at Texas Freedom Network's Education Fund. The report, Conspiracy of Silence: Sexuality Education in Texas Public Schools shows that the number of districts that don't teach sex ed jumped from 2.3% in the 2007-08 school year to more than 25% in 2015-16. More than half of the districts that took the abstinence-only approach provided medically inaccurate instruction on condoms and other forms of birth control – which doesn't bode well for a state that ranks fifth nationally in teen birth rates.  view article arw

Marion County Sheriff’s Office was still searching for a homicide suspect Wednesday evening, following the shooting death of a resident. Marion County Sheriff David McKnight would not release the name of the victim or the suspect on Wednesday, only saying that law enforcement officials were “possibly looking for a 1993 white Ford Explorer” that the suspect could have been using. Jefferson ISD schools went on lockdown just after noon on Wednesday following the advisement of Jefferson ISD police and Jefferson police. view article arw

A Dallas ISD teacher has been charged with making terroristic threats after police say he sent a series of strange and aggressive emails warning staff that they would "burn alive." Omar Alanis, 29, admitted to district police that he sent the emails from his district-issued email account to school staff demanding that he and another teacher receive "Master Teacher Salary" and also receive back pay from August 2016, according to his arrest warrant affidavit. view article arw

A week after a boys basketball game between Silsbee and Little Cypress-Mauriceville ended after a second-quarter brawl, the District 22-4A executive committee ruled on Monday to count the game as a loss for both teams and to uphold the schools' punishments against players. The committee's vote was 4-0, with Silsbee and LC-M abstaining. Neither school intends to appeal the committee's decision, which was made by superintendents or school representatives from Orangefield, Hamshire-Fannett, West Orange-Stark and Bridge City high schools view article arw

AUSTIN — The group of 40 people gathered at a popular burger and fish taco restaurant in San Antonio listened eagerly to the latest news about the anti-vaccine fight taking place in the Texas legislature.  Some mothers in the group had stopped immunizing their young children because of doubts about vaccine safety. Heads nodded as the woman giving the statehouse update warned that vaccine advocates wanted to “chip away” at parents’ right to choose. But she also had encouraging news. view article arw

Here are some alarming numbers capable of keeping any parent up at night:  Half of the nearly 20 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases reported in the U.S. each year are among people ages 15 to 24.  Nearly a third of the Texas high schoolers surveyed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admitted being sexually active. Of those, 47 percent didn't protect themselves by using condoms, and 86 percent didn't use birth control pills. About 15 percent acknowledged having had sex with four or more partners. view article arw

Austin ISD Superintendent Paul Cruz reiterated to the media Monday evening in a press conference that the school district is dedicated to providing safe learning environments for all of its students. Although not said explicitly, it was implied these comments are in reference to concerns voiced by parents, students and faculty members about the upsurge in Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, raids nationwide. Cruz said he felt compelled to hold the conference after hearing stories from teachers and students about their concerns and anxieties. view article arw

An Odessa High School Assistant Principal is recovering from injuries after he was attacked by one of his students. Officials say Mark Crissinger was breaking up a fight on campus, when one of the participants turned on him. view article arw

"I'm just concerned because we have had so many kids getting sent home with strep throat...flu..:" Rosa Valadez is a grandmother of four boys, three of them are old enough to attend Snyder schools and with a recent increase in flu cases across the Big Country she is worried about their health. Valadez said, "I as a grandmother of four kids, think it's a problem. When I hear everyday that kids are getting sent home." view article arw

A burglary investigation near two Cy-Fair Independent School District campuses put the schools on lockdown and left a neighborhood rattled Thursday morning. David Brecker lives near the intersection of Kirkglade and Brittany Knoll. He saw two men running away from a neighbor's home after they set off an alarm system, he said. view article arw

Interim Pflugerville ISD Superintendent Gary Patterson named Patrick Petherbridge as PfISD’s third-ever police chief. Petherbridge has served since 1998 with the Pflugerville Police Department. He was a part of the patrol division, but also served within patrol and K-9 units. Petherbridge also served as a field training officer, patrol sergeant and supervisor of Professional Standards Division. view article arw

Carlisle Independent School District just announced via its Twitter and Facebook pages that school will be closed tomorrow due to illnesses.  "Due to the high volume of illness, Carlisle ISD will be closed Friday, 2/17/2017," the district posted. "This day will be used for disinfecting and to allow our students and staff to recover. Please check with sponsors on the status of any extra curricular activities that you may be involved with." view article arw

INGRAM, Texas - The Ingram Independent School District said due to a peak in student illnesses across the district, the district will be closed Friday.  District officials said during the closure, all buses and facilities will receive an intensive cleaning in preparation for students' return.  "The health, safety and well-being of our students, staff and their families is our primary concern," the district said in a Facebook post Thursday. "While we recognize that this closure may be an inconvenience to some families, this closure reflects our district’s commitment to the health and safety of our students and their families so that further spread of the illness does not continue." view article arw

Condom use requires a complicated, six-step process, sexual intimacy often leads to suicide and HIV can be transmitted through mutual masturbation.  These are among the fallacies being taught as part of sex education in Texas public schools — when sex education is taught at all, according to a new report from the Texas Freedom Network (TFN), a progressive statewide group. view article arw

 The superintendent of Elgin Independent School District is telling parents and students that she takes pride in the district’s diversity and is committed to ensuring every student has “access to a high-quality education, offered in a safe and secure environment,” in response to recent concerns over U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement actions in the area. view article arw

Austin ISD on ICE

February 1608:35 AM

There's friction between Austin ISD's administration, employee union Education Austin, and certain board members over how to respond to recent U.S. Immi­gra­tion and Customs Enforcement actions in Austin. On Feb. 10, Superintendent Paul Cruz provided a list of support services for refugee and immigrant students. view article arw

The Azle Independent School District the first district in the country to use a misting technique aimed at stopping the spread of the flu and keeping students and staff healthier. Director of District Operations Todd Smith says an e-mist machine was purchased for all 11 campuses in the school district. The disinfectant will be sprayed in empty classrooms, the bus barn and athletic facilities on a weekly basis to begin view article arw

In the effort to improve bus and student safety, McAllen ISD is adding new video cameras to its school buses. The district is upgrading the camera systems on their buses. Nearly 1/3 of all their buses have been equipped with a new camera system that can record from more angles than the older model and transmit wirelessly. Jacob Martinez – McAllen ISD Transportation Director says, "We have this new camera system that is wirelessly connected and to our office and it enables us to pull video from the buses without having to remove any of the components and it enables us to access this information a lot quicker when we're requested for video documentation. view article arw

San Antonio fire department members honored athletic trainers from MacArthur High School after they saved  student after he collapsed during an afternoon practice.  view article arw

Texas has always been uncomfortable with the idea of teaching sex education in public schools, and a new report shows the subject is treated delicately, if at all, in the state's school districts, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.  view article arw

Everything is bigger in Texas, except for the percentage of school districts with sex education programs. That’s actually extremely small, according to a recently released study by the watchdog group Texas Freedom Network. The report found that 83 percent of Texas school districts either have no sex education programs or only teach abstinence.  view article arw

Midway ISD said a Midway high school student was arrested Tuesday morning for bringing an empty pellet gun to school. Midway ISD said the student made a verbal threat in the presence of witnesses. view article arw

Teen charged with bomb threat

February 1508:25 AM

A 13-year-old Orange student was arrested Thursday and charged with making a false report of a bomb threat at Edwards-Johnson Memorial Silsbee Middle School on Feb. 7, Silsbee ISD said. view article arw

SUGAR LAND, TX -- Students at Clements High School are the second campus in the Greater Houston in a week area to see a suspected case of tuberculosis. The case was reported Thursday by the campus to the families of a small group of students, and one staff member, who may have been exposed to the illness.  Fort Bend ISD officials said Clements High School students whose families were not contact do not need to be evaluated for the illness. view article arw

Lena was not a prostitute; she was a child who had been sexually exploited. But since the state couldn't help the sex-trafficked teen, authorities sent her to jail.  A Senate Finance committee workgroup is tasked with improving a juvenile justice agency that's pushing back on claims of inefficiency.  The finance folks are looking for money to make the next state budget balance, but don't fret: They've got plenty of tax-avoiding, budget-balancing tricks in their bags. view article arw

The vast majority of school districts in Texas, the state a skyrocketing teen pregnancy rate, teach abstinence-only sex education — that is, if they teach it at all.  According to a new report by left-leaning advocacy group Texas Freedom Network, more than 25 percent of state school districts didn't offer any sex education to its students in the 2015-16 school year. And in more than 53 percent of Texas' classrooms, students were told to just not have sex. view article arw

More than four-fifths of school districts offer no sex education or only teach abstinence in Texas, which has one of the country's highest teen birth rates, according to a study released Tuesday. view article arw

AUSTIN — More than 25 percent of Texas school districts didn't teach sex education last year, and more than 58 percent offered abstinence-only curriculum, according to a study from the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund released Tuesday.   The study highlights gaps in the state's sex education offerings and shows a growing number of districts moving away from teaching students anything about sex.   "What I've learned in over 30 years in public education is that a lot of school board members are afraid to address this issue, a lot of school administrators are afraid to address this issue and teachers certainly are afraid to address this issue. And students learn pretty quickly they're not supposed to ask," said David Wiley, a Texas State University professor and the study's lead researcher.  view article arw

AUSTIN - A Democratic state lawmaker is looking to bolster high school sex education requirements in hopes that Texas can lower its teen birth rates.  Rep. Mary González, D-Clint, filed House Bill 1547 to require sex education classes to include "medically accurate, age-appropriate" human sexuality education. The bill would allow students to be excused from the course with the written request of a parent or guardian.  "It's deeply troubling that Texas has one of the highest teen birth rates in the nation," González said Tuesday. "Our young people deserve to have correct, accurate information." view article arw

A quarter of Texas public school districts offered no sex education at all during the 2015-2016 school year, according to a new study released Tuesday by the Texas Freedom Network. Nearly 60 percent of districts used abstinence-only education programs over the same period.   “Our state has become the poster child for abstinence-only-until-marriage sex education,” said Kathy Miller, president of Texas Freedom Network at a Capitol press conference. “[At the Legislature], it sometimes seems that sex education is a four-letter word to only be muttered in adult company." view article arw

Everyone is frustrated with the problems at Child Protective Services and looking for a solution. If a doctor misdiagnoses what ails a patient, though, and consequently prescribes the wrong remedy, you can end up killing the patient. We may be on the verge of doing just that.  Texas legislators are discussing bills that 1) misdiagnose what ails CPS, which is a lack of funding, and 2) prescribe the wrong medicine, privatization.  Properly funded, CPS can do the job. Gov. Greg Abbott and the state Legislature are moving to provide adequate funding. We just need to give CPS time to deploy these new resources. If instead we privatize CPS, things will only get worse. (paywalled) view article arw