When Will tried his first vape during his sophomore year, he didn't know what to expect. It was just something he had vaguely heard about at school.  "I just sort of remember using it a bunch of times, like in a row," he says. "And there's this huge buzz-sensation-like head rush. And I just ... didn't really stop."  Will kept vaping nicotine addictively for the next year and a half. He was part of a trend. Teens' use of e-cigarettes has doubled since 2017, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, with 1 in 4 high school seniors reporting use of a vape in the past month. view article arw

A 16-year-old high school student in Corsicana now faces a charge of assault after he was captured on camera attacking a younger student riding the bus. The video, which is difficult to watch, is troubling both parents and district officials.  Family members of the younger student targeted in the attack are now asking the district to ensure that students are safe when they ride the bus.  view article arw

The Greenwood School in southwest Austin is a non-traditional preschool. That's the reason some parents said they chose to send their children there. The school leaders teach learning through playtime. They do creative movement, play outside with dogs and chickens, in sandboxes and in mud pits.   view article arw

Alice Independent School District has received $ 3.6 million federal grant. The grant is geared toward providing more mental health programs for students. The school climate transformation grant is a part of Senate Bill 11 which focuses on schools. view article arw

Police have accused a school resource officer formerly assigned to Lockhart Junior High School of stealing medication that was locked in the school nurse's office. School resource Officer Chad Corbitt was arrested and charged Friday with theft of a controlled substance from a clinic, according to Lockhart school district officials. The prescription drug Adderall was taken from the clinic, Lockhart Police Chief Ernest Pedraza said. view article arw

A bus driver was accosted by a parent while attempting to drop students off at a stop Thursday, according to KISD officials. "A bus driver was approached by a parent while attempting to drop students off at a stop," according to Tania Maya, chief communications and marketing officer for the KISD. "The adult assaulted the bus driver, prompting police to be called." view article arw

The Montgomery ISD School Board held a closed-meeting to discuss the ongoing alleged hazing investigation involving Montgomery High School’s football team. The board held the meeting Friday morning and said more details on the investigation would be released next week. “Today was more about us getting together, as a board,” Jim Dossey, Montgomery ISD board president, said. “We haven’t had a chance to talk, and so we’re just finding out information, and we’ll have an official statement on Tuesday.” view article arw

In light of recent school threats and following the violence our community experienced in August, we can't help but wonder how can a community begin to move forward and process trauma in a healthy way? It may be too soon to tell in our communities, but a new report published by Politico highlights the toll a mass shooting can have on a school district. view article arw

Temple police were looking for four people they said tried to kidnap a high school student from his bus stop Thursday morning. The victim told police four black males got out of a silver sedan and forced him into the vehicle. Police said he was the only student at the bus stop at West Ave. O and South 9th St. view article arw

Houston ISD officials said a student suffered a gunshot injury Tuesday at Houston ISD's Westbury High School, with no additional information released about how the gun was fired. District administrators said the student received immediate medical attention and is recovering from injuries. HISD officials described the firearm discharge as an "isolated incident" that occurred after school hours. They refused to disclose whether investigators believe the shooting was accidental or intentional, and whether it involved multiple individuals. view article arw

A high school student recorded assaulting a classmate is facing criminal charges, according to Marble Falls police. Cell phone video from inside a Marble Falls High classroom shows a student hovered over 16-year-old Joseph Aplon as Aplon sits at his desk just before 2nd-period world history. The student then proceeds to sucker punch Aplon in the head over 30 times. view article arw

Hudson Gets Healthy brought community and school resources together for the eighth year in a free, jungle-themed night on campus. “Our purpose every year is to bring the community together with resources and avenues that are out there that can help,” said Shalana Hyde, director of nurses. view article arw

The Katy ISD Council of Parent Teacher Associations helps more than 60 PTA chapters on KISD campuses empower families to help all students reach their potential, KISD Council of PTAs President Georgia Strickland said. “PTAs are not just about fundraising or making cookies for teachers,” said Strickland, who has two children attending KISD. “They’re doing some major things for their campus.” view article arw

A student from Bradley Middle School was arrested and is facing serious "disciplinary consequences" after he brought a loaded gun to campus Thursday morning, officials from North East school district said. According to a letter obtained by mySA.com, students from the middle school alerted the front office at around 8:30 a.m. about the possibility of another student carrying a weapon. view article arw

Officers responded to a handful of calls involving students at Pearland High School recently, including the thefts of shoes and a cell phone as well as an assault with a pocket knife, according to police department reports.At Pearland Junior High East, marijuana was found and turned over to officials, police said. view article arw

Most, if not all of us, have had the feeling of being left out in a school setting, but what if you felt that way because of your medical diagnosis. A group of nurses in Mesquite ISD are trying to turn a stigma into a learning experience for the entire community. Jenna Beard, Nadene Minyard and Lisa-Marie Rainwater are all school nurses in the Mesquite ISD. All of them have firsthand experience dealing with Type I Diabetes. view article arw

A Hunstville ISD school bus carrying a freshman football team rolled over during a crash Thursday afternoon on their way to a game, sending players to the hospital. The crash happened around 4 p.m. on FM 1791, also known as Bethel Road, near FM 149, just west of New Waverly. view article arw

A Marshall teenager has been arrested for making threats toward Marshall ISD last week that forced the district into lockdown for over two hours. Quincy Earl McCollister, 17, was charged Wednesday with two counts of making a false alarm or report. Superintendent Jerry Gibson has confirmed that McCollister was a student at the district when the threats were made. view article arw

It has been a little over a week since the death of a Childress ISD student. The 13-year-old was a member of Childress ISD and a the Junior High School Football team. However, he died as a result of suicide. Childress is still trying to process his death and there is a mixture of sadness, shock and pain among the residents. view article arw

Beaumont ISD plans to get stricter with security at sporting events after things got a little rough after the Beaumont United vs. West Brook football game Saturday.  Beaumont ISD Athletic Director Ron Jackson said they'll be strengthening safety procedures so things don't get "out of hand." "A few incidents happened in the parking lot after the game. It involved a few students in a few areas," Jackson said.  view article arw

Think about the challenges you face in monitoring your own social media accounts and multiply that task by hundreds or thousands. That’s the challenge school districts continue to face as they must weed out potential threats to school safety online.  view article arw

Police have arrested a teenager they say made phone calls that prompted several lockdowns at Marshall ISD. According to a press release from Marshall ISD, several phone calls were made to Marshall High School and the administration building on Oct. 3 that then prompted a district-wide lockdown for more than two hours. Another series of calls were made on Oct. 4 and placed the district on yet another lockdown for about 45 minutes. view article arw

The Hunt County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an assault of an eighth-grade student in Campbell ISD that took place on school grounds, one that the child’s mother alleges is an act of hazing. The mother, who asked for herself and her son to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, says that she believes the attacks were racially motivated as well. view article arw

Police respond to 2 school incidents

October 1008:25 AM

Ector County ISD police had two incidents at two separate schools Wednesday. Ector County ISD police on Wednesday morning arrested a ninth-grade student at Permian High School, 1800 E. 42nd St., for having a handgun in his backpack. A Crime Stoppers tip led to the discovery and the arrest. The student is charged with places weapons prohibited, a third-degree felony, a news release stated. view article arw

A student at the Edwards-Johnson Memorial Silsbee Middle School was taken to a hospital by medical helicopter at about 3:30 Wednesday "due to an unforeseen injury." view article arw

A La Porte ISD student was arrested Wednesday for allegedly making a terroristic threat while riding the school bus. La Porte Police responded to the scene around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday. Police arrested a James H. Baker Sixth Grade Campus student after an investigation. The student was transported to the Harris County Juvenile Probation Center. That student faces a class B misdemeanor charge of terroristic threat. view article arw

A former Texas City High School student has been sentenced to five years deferred probation for a series of exchanges with a classmate in March 2018, in which he made a threat and followed it by claiming it was a joke. Jacinto Barrera Monrreal, 20, pleaded guilty Wednesday to one count of making a false report and was sentenced as part of a plea agreement, Assistant District Attorney Dulce Salazar said. Prosecutors recommended Monrreal receive a mental health evaluation as a condition of the probation. view article arw

A College Station middle school student was arrested Monday after officials say he made a terroristic threat during the school day. The arrest came as a result of an investigation after the A&M Consolidated Middle School student was accused of making a comment that was perceived by another student as being threatening to the school. According to a letter sent to parents, once the school and district learned of the threat, the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office was “immediately” contacted and brought into the investigation. view article arw

El Paso police are responding to a traffic death at an elementary school. It happened around 7:54 a.m. Wednesday at Oran Roberts Elementary School in El Paso, Texas' upper valley. According to police, a 14-year-old girl and a 6-year-old girl were struck by a vehicle. view article arw

After 8 ½ years, the state has quit fighting judicial oversight of long-term foster care. It’s here, and U.S. District Judge Janis Graham Jack says she’ll hold Texas’ feet to the fire.  AUSTIN -- A federal judge has threatened to hold Texas in contempt of court if it drags its feet in fixing the state’s unconstitutionally hazardous system of long-term foster care.  U.S. District Judge Janis Graham Jack of Corpus Christi reminded state lawyers recently that they “lost” a long-running class-action lawsuit. “For an indefinite period of time,” she noted, she’ll supervise the system, using two court-appointed monitors, also called special masters, as her eyes and ears. view article arw

School districts in Kansas, Missouri and New York sued e-cigarette giant Juul on Monday, accusing the company of endangering the lives of students through deceptive marketing misconduct. They are believed to be the first school systems in the nation to sue the company that dominates the e-cigarette market and pushes the devices – which look like pens or thumb drives – that have become wildly popular among teenagers. In St. Louis, the Francis Howell School District claimed in its federal suit that vaping products cause "significant and ongoing nicotine abuse." The district says that there were 248 nicotine-related infractions last year, up from 54 five years ago, including three at an elementary school. The district also claimed that they have been forced to hire additional staff to monitor the bathrooms and hallways for students vaping. Francis Howell also included examples of colorful ads from Juul that featured young people vaping and promoting parties for the brand. view article arw

Rachel's Challenge is a nationally recognized non-profit organization and they are working to eliminate violence, bullying, and peer pressure. view article arw

A North East Independent School District elementary school has been named one of America’s healthiest schools. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation based the award on multiple factors like healthy meals, physical fitness education and empowering students to become healthy role models. view article arw

When Conroe ISD Superintendent Curtis Null started last year, he evaluated his priorities for the district and decided to make mental health his number one for both students and staff. Null added more counselors to each campus, hired Kelly Locke as the district mental health specialist, and added an additional crisis counselor to the team. Locke has been working with students across all grade levels for 15 years. She started as a special education teacher before getting into counseling 12 years ago. Utilizing outside resources, CISD has a program set up with Tri-County Mental Health to bring in therapists to the district buildings to provide services at the school. view article arw

Improvement plans for campuses that received failing grades under state accountability ratings will be discussed during a workshop at 6 p.m. today (Tuesday) in the board room of the administration building, 802 N. Sam Houston Ave. The presentation includes a timeline for submissions on progress and reviews the process the district will go through for those schools, supplemental agenda material shows. The materials show the district will use the Effective Schools Framework. view article arw