As a leader, if you tackle a school with terrible problems where major change is called for in a short time, there will be collateral damage done that generates criticism that can grow quickly. However, when in that position, a superintendent should proceed with changes that reflect smart thinking and what is best for the children. Los Angeles, California superintendent John Deasy may be a good example of a bad idea. With getting technology in the hands of students as a goal, he made deals with Pearson and Apple that have cost the district a billion dollars - and the superintendent his job. Ipads were purchased that were about to become obsolete and software was bought that did not meet the district’s needs. In addition, he alienated his teachers. Deasy is gone and the investigation is ongoing, so he has not been - and probably will not be - convicted of any wrong doing. read more arw

Congratulations to the following New Supers

Carol Perez, Asst. Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction, Kingsville ISD, has been named New Super of Kingsville ISD.

Brenda Krchnak, Asst. Superintendent of Administrative Services, Coldspring-Oakhurst ISD, has been named New Super of Snook ISD.

Michael Waldrip, Deputy Superintendent, Frisco ISD, has been named New Super of Coppell ISD.

JR Proctor, HS Principal, Scurry Rosser ISD, has been named New Super of Axtell ISD.

John McCullough, Superintendent, Sulphur Bluff ISD, has been named New Super of North Lamar ISD.


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New Super North Lamar ISD - John McCullough, Superintendent,Sulphur Bluff ISD; Search by TASB ESS Search TeamINFO
New Super Axtell ISD - JR Proctor, HS Principal ,Scurry Rosser ISD; Education Solutions and Services, Inc. Michael T. Smith & Don RogersINFO
New Super Coppell ISD - Michael Waldrip, Deputy Superintendent,Frisco ISD; Search By TASB Excecutive Search ServicesINFO
New Super Snook ISD - Brenda Krchnak, Asst. Superintendent of Administrative Services,Coldspring-Oakhurst CISD; Search By Region VI ESC -  InfoINFO
New Super Kingsville ISD - Carol Perez, Asst. Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction,Kingsville ISD; Search By TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO

Basic School Finance Webinar 2015

October 2209:23 AM

Basic School Finance meets once a month for six months beginning in January and concluding in June.  The class follows the flow of the current year Summary of Finance (SOF) spreadsheet. Subjects are timely and handled in depth.  The webinars are interactive, have plenty of opportunities for participants to ask questions and delve deeper into subjects that they may need help on. The subject matter is highly cumulative so a commitment to attend all meetings is strongly encouraged, but in the case you had to miss, the meetings are archived for participants so you will have the opportunity to catch up. January 8th 1:30p - 3:00p February 12th 1:30p - 3:00p March 19th 1:30p - 3:00p April 9th 1:30p - 3:00p May 14th 1:30p - 3:00p June 11th 1:30p - 3:00p Presenters: Joe Smith Marvin Thompson arw


October 1708:31 AM

PayTek returns lost funds to your budget by electronically recovering bad checks and direct depositing recovered funds on a weekly basis! The service is FREE to the school district, FRIENDLY to the check writer, and recovers your funds FAST. PayTek is currently serving over  80 Texas School Districts  Register Here for a no obligation online presentation!     view article arw

SBEC to meet Oct. 23-24

October 2208:41 AM

State Board for Educator Certification will meet at 9 a.m. Friday, Oct. 24, in Austin. The board's legislative committee will meet at 1:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 24.

Districts and Charters Reminded of State’s Fingerprinting Requirements | Texas Safe Schools Week

October 2208:41 AM

As part of Texas Safe Schools Week (Oct. 19-25), the Texas Education Agency today reminded districts and charters of the state’s fingerprintingrequirements aimed at assuring the safety of all students, teachers and staff in public schools. In 2007, the Texas Legislature passed a law requiring fingerprint-based criminal background reviews for certain school employees. view article arw

Texas Safe Schools Week: Districts and charters reminded of state’s fingerprinting requirements

October 2208:40 AM

AUSTIN – As part of Texas Safe Schools Week (Oct. 19-25), the Texas Education Agency today reminded districts and charters of the state’s fingerprinting requirements aimed at assuring the safety of all students, teachers and staff in public schools. In 2007, the Texas Legislature passed a law requiring fingerprint-based criminal background reviews for certain school employees. “To help assure the safety of every student at every campus, the Texas Legislature wisely established a first line of defense through required background reviews,” said Commissioner of Education Michael Williams. “Through this safety precaution, parents can be assured their district or charter places an emphasis on protecting children every day.” view article arw

Charter Schools Borrow at Record Pace Led by Texas: Muni Credit

October 2208:40 AM

U.S. charter schools are issuing a record amount of municipal debt, with Texas leading the charge as borrowers rated close to junk tap a program that gives their bonds top credit grades.The institutions, privately run with public funding, have sold $1.6 billion of securities in 2014, data compiled by Bloomberg show. That’s more than all of last year and the most in Bloomberg data beginning in 2007. About $464 million has come from Texas, which for the first time in April backed a charter-school deal with its Permanent School Fund. The state-run pool guarantees bonds, lending the debt the AAA grade that Standard & Poor’s accords Texas. view article arw

Fairtest: They Can’t Ignore the Uprising Against High-Stakes Testing!

October 2208:38 AM

Top national policy-makers finally took notice of the growing testing resistance and reform movement this week. The Council of Chief State School Officers (aka state superintendents) and the Council of the Great City Schools (urban supers) published a report admitting that standardized exam overkill was rampant across the country. In response, both U.S. Secretary of Arne Duncan and President Barack Obama issued statements of concern. view article arw

A look inside one of the coolest schools on the drawing board for Houston

October 2208:35 AM

Gone are the days of boxy classrooms flooded with fluorescent lights.New designs on the drawing board for proposed schools in the Houston area —and there are a lot of them thanks toupcoming bond referendums — are innovative and engaging. But plans for the new Chinese Mandarin Language Immersion Magnet School, slated for an 8-acre parcel on West Alabama Street in the Galleria area, look like nothing you've seen before. view article arw

Stop doubting Texas’ graduation numbers

October 2208:34 AM

Yes, Texas is at the top. Not just in job creation. And not just in oil and gas. No, we lead nearly every other state in the nation on high school graduation rates. The Texas Education Agency announced it earlier this year. No. 2 overall in the country and No. 1 for many ethnic groups.The only thing that stands between us and congratulations is one little thing: Many people don’t believe it. That included me — until I checked the numbers for myself. The debate over how to compute graduation rates distracts from what Texas has accomplished. Still, it’s worth exploring why the state’s numbers are right. view article arw

Tutoring firm owners plead guilty to defrauding Dallas, Fort Worth ISDs

October 2208:34 AM

Florine Mati and David Mbugua used to run tutoring companies in the Dallas area.On Tuesday, they pleaded guilty to defrauding the Dallas and Fort Worth school districts out of about $3 million worth of tutoring. U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul D. Stickney accepted their pleas: guilty to one count each of conspiracy to make false, fictitious or fraudulent claims. Mati and Mbugua each face up to five years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine, and they'll have to pay restitution. They'll be sentenced in February.

Former West Texas school official pleads guilty

October 2208:33 AM

EL PASO, Texas (AP) — A former El Paso school administrator has pleaded guilty for her role in a testing scandal. view article arw

Texas Health Resources faces public fallout from Ebola crisis

October 2208:32 AM

When the Ebola crisis rocked Texas Heath Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, the new head of its corporate parent maintained a low profile, making few public comments and steering clear of the glare of TV lights. Then Barclay Berdan, who had taken over as CEO just weeks before, on Sept. 1, issued a public apology in full-page ads in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and the Dallas Morning News on Sunday. Otherwise, he has dodged the media. view article arw

Teach for America is the wrong path to education reform

October 2208:31 AM

It’s difficult to understand the complexity of teaching until you step into the classroom. Much of the time, people get caught up in the idealism behind education — that it creates opportunities for all, and that with enough passion and determination, teachers can change every student’s life.  This idealism is at the core of Teach for America, a non-profit educational organization that trains its corps members and sends them to low income schools across the nation to make up for teacher shortages. view article arw

Bulletin Board

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University of North Texas Educational Leadership Conference

2014 UNT Educational Leadership Conferenc

The 2014 UNT Educational Leadership Conference seeks out high quality, research-based proposals in the areas of Educational Leadership, Administration, and the Superintendency. Research-based University Faculty and Doctoral students in the research phase of their coursework are encouraged to submit proposals. For more information about the conference and proposal guidelines visit: Click here for more info!

Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Mehl, P.C.

Attorney Position Available

Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Mehl, PC, has a position available in its Plano office to work primarily with Arlington ISD as “in-house” counsel. Candidate must have 5+ years of experience in defending governmental entities and prefer substantial experience in contracts, human resources, open meetings act, and public information act. Negotiable salary and great benefits. To apply, please email your resume to

Lamar University

Online! Doctor of Education (Ed.D) in Educational Leadership!

  • Quality educational experience provided 100% online with experienced faculty
  • Distinguished as a Carnegie Doctoral Research University
  • Complete coursework in 8 semesters
  • Cost effective compared to other programs
  • 60-hour program (*accept transfer hours)
  • 95% graduation rate with hybrid program
  • Cohorts begin in the spring of each year
  • Apply today

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Superintendent forum planned

October 2208:29 AM

Community members will have the chance to ask Austin ISD superintendent candidates questions at a public forum later this year, according tothe district. At its Sept. 22 meeting, the AISD board of trustees advised staff to set up the forum. The school district has been seeking a new superintendent since Meria Carstarphen left AISD in April to lead Atlanta Public Schools.  view article arw

HCDE board names James Colbert, Jr. lone finalist for superintendent

October 2208:29 AM

The Harris County Department of Education Board of Trustees voted at its October 21 meeting to name James Colbert, Jr. as the lone finalist for superintendent of Harris County Department of Education. Mr. Colbert is currently the Superintendent of West Orange-Cove CISD, where he has served since 2010. Mr. Colbert previously served as assistant superintendent of Hamilton County Department of Education in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he was responsible for overseeing 72 campuses and 42,000 students. With more than 18 years of experience in education, Mr. Colbert has also served as a teacher, coach, assistant principal, principal, operations director, and area superintendent. view article arw

San Antonio:  SAISD superintendent to resign

October 2208:29 AM

The superintendent of the San Antonio Independent School District announced plans to resign Monday in a closed board meeting, according to a press release from the district. Dr. Sylvester Perez plans to leave the district effective April 1, 2015 and return to retirement.  “The time is right to prepare for my departure and return to retirement after serving three years here,” said Perez, in a statement. “I am making this announcement now to provide our board with time to find a replacement and ensure a smooth transition into the next school year.” view article arw

Midlothian ISD mulls Christian plaques issue

October 2208:28 AM

There could have been a big decision to emerge from Monday night's Midlothian Independent School District board meeting. There wasn't. Board members held no public discussion and took no public action concerning Christian-themed plaques installed at two Midlothian elementary schools, although the issue was listed twice on the meeting agenda. view article arw

MARTEL: There is always time, room for hope

October 2208:26 AM

Its seems like every time we turn around there is more doom and gloom on the news channels and in the social media networks. We as educators hear about how we are failing and we are not teaching children. Well I decided to go a little different direction this month and take you to Africa. The writer is a product of Texas public schools. She went to Diboll ISD through the 7th grade and then graduated from Anahuac ISD in 2005. Her mother and father had a much different plan for her than her current path. There were lots of hard-headed arguments, tears and prayers as she has moved along her chosen life’s path. view article arw

Gladewater ISD sets bond projects timeline

October 2208:25 AM

Some Gladewater ISD students should be in a newly renovated campus by August. Superintendent J.P. Richardson said Tuesday the district has a timeline for completing bond projects that were approved by voters in May, and the plan shows renovations at Weldon Intermediate School will tentatively be finished by Aug. 20. The $35 million bond also calls for the district to build a new middle school. Weldon Intermediate School is being renovated to make it a second-through fifth-grade campus, effectively eliminating the need for Broadway Elementary School. Weldon now serves fourth- and fifth-graders, while Broadway serves second- and third-graders. view article arw

Belton: BISD plans sessions on enrollment

October 2208:25 AM

Belton Independent School District officials will conduct listening sessions about the district’s fast-growing student enrollment. The first session will be at 6 p.m. Thursday in the commons at Belton High School, 600 Lake Road. The sessions will start with a presentation on the district’s growth and the enrollment projections for the next decade. Participants will then break into smaller groups for discussions with school board members and administrators. view article arw

State puts virtual school on probation for 20 months

October 2208:24 AM

GREENFIELD — Since a state review this summer, the Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School has implemented programs for Title 1 and English language learning and hired a school psychologist and three family engagement coordinators. But the new changes appear too little, too late. The Greenfield-based cyber school has been placed on probation for 20 months until June 30, 2016, when its state certificate expires. The 11-member state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education voted unanimously Tuesday to put the independent school on probation, following the recommendation of state Education Commissioner Mitchell D. Chester, who raised concerns of the school’s ability to meet the needs of English language learners and students with disabilities and to align its curriculum with state standards. view article arw

Growth projected for Belton ISD

October 2208:15 AM

The question for Belton Independent School District is no longer if the district needs to build another high school, but when. Based on information provided by Bob Templeton, of Templeton Demographic, during a workshop for the Belton ISD board of trustees, the district may not have to build the new high school as soon the board previously thought. When the district does build, it may have to build more than just a high school. view article arw

Town hall meeting at Los Encinos for bond election

October 2208:15 AM

Elementary students often fear things throughout their school day, but Los Encinos Principal Christine Sierra said goats shouldn’t be one of them. view article arw

Ebola outbreak: Hundreds of parents remove schoolchildren after principal visits Zambia

October 2208:15 AM

Hundreds of parents withdrew their children from school for fears they could contract Ebola, after its principal returned from a trip to Zambia, in southern Africa – at least 3,000 miles from where the outbreak is centred. view article arw

Greenwood: GISD facilities projects, employee searches moving forward

October 2208:11 AM

At a brief meeting Monday evening, Greenwood ISD’s board of trustees: - Heard a facilities report from Assistant Superintendent of Operations Scott Knippa. The district’s new reverse osmosis system should be hooked up and operational soon, and a light pole at Greenwood’s baseball field needs repair work after being struck by lightning, he said. view article arw

School Board approves work from NextEra Energy

October 2208:10 AM

The Pampa ISD Board of Trustees met Monday night at the Pampa ISD Central Office located at 1233 N. Hobart. Among the items approved was the scope of work laid out my NextEra Energy for Phase II of their energy-conservation. view article arw

Abilene: Spears says AISD is stronger for having weathered ‘storms’

October 2208:05 AM

Bob Spears grew up in Irving, played left wing on the soccer team in high school (“Though I’m not a left winger,” he jokes), and went on to earn a banking and finance degree from Abilene Christian University. He has been a member of the Athens Independent School District Board of Trustees since 2001, and currently serves as board secretary. His term on the Place 7 seat expires in 2016. view article arw

Little Girl Takes Big Stand Against Conroe Bullies

October 2208:05 AM

Standing at just under four feet tall and weighs in at 43 pound, 4th grader in Conroe I-S-D Taylor Perkins use to get pick on a lot at school because of her size.  To add to it, Taylor’s best friend Jose would get picked on because of his leg braces.  It got so bad earlier this year Taylor’s mom helped her come up with a new game plan, to face bullying head on. view article arw

Whats Next in the Search for Austin ISD’s New Superintendent?

October 2207:51 AM

The Austin Independent School District is taking steps to pick its next superintendent. Interim Superintendent Dr. Paul Cruz took over the job in April, when former Superintendent Meria Carstarphen left to lead the district in Atlanta. The deadline for candidates to apply was yesterday, and the district looks to begin a vetting process that will culminate in a confirmation of the next superintendent before the legislature meets in January view article arw

HAYWARD: UIL ‘Sunset Review’ something to keep an eye on

October 2207:50 AM

There aren’t very many times in Texas where high school sports and politics mix. But every now and then there is something that comes up that certainly catches my eye in regards to the politics of the University Interscholastic League and the Texas Legislature. Last year the UIL was placed under a “Sunset Review” by the Texas Legislature, and that was being pushed for by current lieutenant governor candidate Dan Patrick, who is a vocal critic of the UIL. view article arw

KHS stages early graduation for Ford

October 2207:49 AM

Proud smiles abounded throughout the Kilgore High School gym as the band played the school song after “Pomp and Circumstance” marked the beginning of Monday afternoon’s Kilgore High School graduation. With a packed gym, this October graduation was just for Lynzee Ford as she walked in wearing her red cap and gown to become the first person in her senior class to graduate from KHS. view article arw

El Paso ISD board approves donating extra food to homeless shelter

October 2207:49 AM

The El Paso Independent School District Board of Managers on Tuesday unanimously approved a plan to donate leftover breakfast and lunch food from four schools to The Opportunity Center for the Homeless. Starting next week, Armendariz middle, Bowie and El Paso high schools and Douglass elementary will donate extra prepared food to the nonprofit organization, which operates shelters across the city. view article arw

New Caney ISD announces $2.9 million in energy savings over four years

October 2207:48 AM

New Caney Independent School District saved $2.9 million over the past four years due to an energy conservation program which reduced utility usage by more than 20 percent. The announcement was made during the regularly scheduled New Caney ISD Board of Trustees meeting Oct. 20. Four years ago, the district entered into a contract with Cenergistic, an energy conservation company, in order to learn how to create an energy conservation program. view article arw