The State’s first step toward facing a challenge that is responsible for more deaths worldwide than any other single cause is to create a task force whose purpose is to prepare for, respond to and make plans for recovering from public health and medical crises. - Our public education institutions must be participants in this process. Everybody seems to accept the fact that we fumbled our first opportunity with Ebola and came up short. That must not happen again. read more arw

Congratulations to the following New Supers

Carol Perez, Asst. Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction, Kingsville ISD, has been named New Super of Kingsville ISD.

Brenda Krchnak, Asst. Superintendent of Administrative Services, Coldspring-Oakhurst ISD, has been named New Super of Snook ISD.

Michael Waldrip, Deputy Superintendent, Frisco ISD, has been named New Super of Coppell ISD.

JR Proctor, HS Principal, Scurry Rosser ISD, has been named New Super of Axtell ISD.

John McCullough, Superintendent, Sulphur Bluff ISD, has been named New Super of North Lamar ISD.


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Lone Finalist Lubbock-Cooper ISD - Keith Bryant, Superintendent,Bullard ISD; Search By The Lubbock-Cooper ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
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Lone Finalist Meyersville ISD - Kelly Dunn, Principal ,Lampasas ISD; Search By TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO
Lone Finalist Corpus Christi ISD  - Dr. Roland Hernandez, Chief Administrative Officer,Corpus Christi ISD; Search by George McShan, Nolan Estes and Reuben Olivares of BWP & AssociatesINFO
Lone Finalist Grape Creek ISD - Barbie McMath, Asst. Superintendent,Whitesboro ISD; Search By Grape Creek ISD School Board InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Fayetteville ISD - Jeff Harvey, Principal,Tom Bean ISD; Fayetteville ISD School Board InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Spring Hill ISD - Steven Snell, Asst. Supt.,Hutto ISD; Search by TASB ESS Search Team INFO
Lone Finalist Balmorhea ISD - Miguel Espino, Interim Superintendent,Balmorhea ISD; Search by TASB ESS Search Team INFO
New Super Central Heights ISD - Bryan Lee Iredell ISD Superintendent, Superintendent,Iredell ISD ; TASB Executive Search Services INFO
New Super Cleveland ISD - Dr.Darrell Meyers, Superintendent,Livingston ISD; Region VI ESC - Dr. Brent HawkinsINFO
New Super North Lamar ISD - John McCullough, Superintendent,Sulphur Bluff ISD; Search by TASB ESS Search TeamINFO
New Super Axtell ISD - JR Proctor, HS Principal ,Scurry Rosser ISD; Education Solutions and Services, Inc. Michael T. Smith & Don RogersINFO
New Super Coppell ISD - Michael Waldrip, Deputy Superintendent,Frisco ISD; Search By TASB Excecutive Search ServicesINFO
New Super Snook ISD - Brenda Krchnak, Asst. Superintendent of Administrative Services,Coldspring-Oakhurst CISD; Search By Region VI ESC -  InfoINFO
New Super Kingsville ISD - Carol Perez, Asst. Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction,Kingsville ISD; Search By TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO

Basic School Finance Webinar 2015

October 2209:23 AM

Basic School Finance meets once a month for six months beginning in January and concluding in June.  The class follows the flow of the current year Summary of Finance (SOF) spreadsheet. Subjects are timely and handled in depth.  The webinars are interactive, have plenty of opportunities for participants to ask questions and delve deeper into subjects that they may need help on. The subject matter is highly cumulative so a commitment to attend all meetings is strongly encouraged, but in the case you had to miss, the meetings are archived for participants so you will have the opportunity to catch up. January 8th 1:30p - 3:00p February 12th 1:30p - 3:00p March 19th 1:30p - 3:00p April 9th 1:30p - 3:00p May 14th 1:30p - 3:00p June 11th 1:30p - 3:00p Presenters: Joe Smith Marvin Thompson arw


October 1708:31 AM

PayTek returns lost funds to your budget by electronically recovering bad checks and direct depositing recovered funds on a weekly basis! The service is FREE to the school district, FRIENDLY to the check writer, and recovers your funds FAST. PayTek is currently serving over  80 Texas School Districts  Register Here for a no obligation online presentation!     view article arw

Ebola Task Force Director: “This is the New Normal”

October 2408:43 AM

Texas needs to be better prepared to respond to emerging infectious diseases like Ebola, the director of a new state task force on such diseases said Thursday.  "This is the new normal," Brett Giroir, director of the Texas Task Force on Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response, said at the conclusion of a nearly four-hour state Capitol hearing.  view article arw

STAAR Mathematics Resources (Calculator Policy)

October 2408:42 AM

This webpage contains STAAR resources for grades 3–8 mathematics, Algebra I, and Algebra II assessments.  view article arw

Task force calls for more training, centers for Ebola treatment

October 2408:41 AM

AUSTIN -- The infectious disease task force put in place by Gov. Rick Perry held its first public hearing Thursday. "I tell you, the nation will be watching Texas for Lessons learned," said Dr. David Lakey as the first hearing got underway for the Texas Task Force on infectious disease preparedness and response. view article arw

Clifton ISD settles lawsuit failing $23 million bond

October 2408:39 AM

We can learn something here - js - Four votes turned out to be worth $23 million in a bond election that failed after Clifton ISD settled a lawsuit over a ballot issue. On May 10, 2014 Clifton Independent School District held a bond election for $23 million to build a new elementary school and auditorium. The Board of Trustees then counted the votes May 19 coming up with a total of 381 in favor and 380 against. That passed the bond.  view article arw

Texas education commissioner orders EPISD board elections for May 2015

October 2408:39 AM

EL PASO, Texas - Texas Education Commissioner Michael Williams has directed the El Paso Independent School District board of managers to have an election of board members on May 9, 2015.The Commissioner’s directive marks the first step in the district’s transition from the current appointed board to an elected board of trustees. A board of managers can be in place for up to two years. view article arw

Texas Takes Last Pass at Social Studies Textbooks

October 2408:37 AM

Two hours into a meeting called to parse revisions to new social studies textbooks for Texas schoolchildren — and a month before the deadline for final approval — the State Board of Education found itself confronting a tricky question. view article arw

Texas Safe Schools Week: Shared Responsibility in Identifying, Reporting Inappropriate Educator-Student Relationships

October 2408:35 AM

AUSTIN - As part of Texas Safe Schools Week (Oct. 19-25), the Texas Education Agency (TEA) today advised that everyone in education – including students, parents, teachers, administrators, coaches and staff – plays a critical role in identifying and reporting improper educator-student relationships.  Local school district superintendents are statutorily required to report such incidences to TEA and local law enforcement agencies (in those cases where potential criminal charges are involved). Any report of an inappropriate relationship should be taken seriously, handled appropriately at the local level, and reported to TEA to assure proper sanctions and safeguards can be taken for the protection of students in all Texas districts. view article arw

Lubbock ISD board approves costlier employee health plans

October 2408:33 AM

Lubbock ISD employees will see increased health insurance costs in the upcoming year, but the district will also shell out more.  By a 6-1 vote in a Thursday morning meeting, the Board of Trustees approved a health insurance plan design and wellness incentives for 2015, including increasing costs by 2 percent for employees on the bronze plan and 5 percent on the silver plan. Trustee Vernita Woods-Holmes voted against the health plan design. view article arw

Judge Backs Receiver for Charter School Chain

October 2408:32 AM

A federal judge in Atlanta approved the hiring of a receiver to turn-around a money-losing chain of charter schools that was sued by its primary lender in September. U.S. District Judge Timothy Batten endorsed the hiring of Katie Goodman, of GGG Partners, LLC, at the request of both Mosaica Education, Inc. and its lender, Tatonka Capital. The litigants agreed Goodman's supervision will allow more than 10,000 students, teachers and staff to continue classes without interruption. In her new role Goodman will oversee the financial operations of Mosaica and certain of its subsidiaries. view article arw

New York physician who worked in Guinea tests positive for Ebola

October 2408:31 AM

President Obama pledged federal support to New York on Thursday night after a New York physician tested positive for Ebola days after returning to the United States from the epicenter of the epidemic in West Africa.  Obama promised New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) and Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) additional support in caring for Craig Spencer. The 33-year-old patient remained in isolation late Thursday at Bellevue Hospital, officials said. He was taken to the hospital earlier in the day after reporting a fever and gastrointestinal symptoms. view article arw

Arlington: Parents Outraged After Pics Appear To Show Cheerleaders Doing Drugs

October 2408:29 AM

In one photo after another some parents said three Lamar High School cheerleaders in Arlington are showing their spirit for anything but the team. The photos show the three cheerleaders doing what appears to be illegal drugs, drinking and posing inappropriately, according to parents. view article arw

TEA Investigating More Shady Student-Teacher Relationships

October 2408:28 AM

The Texas Education Agency is reporting a rise in the number of investigations opened on allegations of inappropriate student-teacher relationships over the last three years, according to newly released numbers by the agency. view article arw

Bulletin Board

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Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Mehl, P.C.

Attorney Position Available

Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Mehl, PC, has a position available in its Plano office to work primarily with Arlington ISD as “in-house” counsel. Candidate must have 5+ years of experience in defending governmental entities and prefer substantial experience in contracts, human resources, open meetings act, and public information act. Negotiable salary and great benefits. To apply, please email your resume to

University of North Texas Educational Leadership Conference

2014 UNT Educational Leadership Conferenc

The 2014 UNT Educational Leadership Conference seeks out high quality, research-based proposals in the areas of Educational Leadership, Administration, and the Superintendency. Research-based University Faculty and Doctoral students in the research phase of their coursework are encouraged to submit proposals. For more information about the conference and proposal guidelines visit: Click here for more info!

Lamar University

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  • Quality educational experience provided 100% online with experienced faculty
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Contracts renewed in October for access through HCDE Choice Partners

October 2408:28 AM

Cooperative contracts were renewed for access through the HCDE Choice Partners cooperative following the October 2014 board meeting of Harris County Department of Education. Governmental entities that have signed an interlocal contract with HCDE may access these legally procured contracts. view article arw

For Katy ISD, a bond defeat would mean tough choices

October 2408:24 AM

That's the question that the leader of the Katy school district says he's heard over and over as a Nov. 4 referendum nears on the district's $748 million bond, which includes money for six new schools and a football stadium. view article arw

Parents grill Denton ISD over grading changes

October 2408:15 AM

Denton Independent School District leaders heard hours of questions and criticism at a Wednesday evening meeting to discuss changes to standards-based grading implemented at the middle and high school levels this year. view article arw

Belton ISD seeks community input on expected growth

October 2408:12 AM

The bigger the better is a common phrase in Texas. However, when an entity is unprepared for growth, being bigger can be a scary thing. This is what Belton Independent School District administration and school board are trying to avoid. Belton is one of the 85 fastest-growing school districts, adding 3,500 students in the past decade. For the first time in the district’s history, enrollment passed 10,000 students this year. view article arw

Dan Micciche: We all can impact student achievement in Dallas ISD

October 2408:10 AM

As I reported last month, most of our District 3 schools are doing quite well. In fact, Hexter, Reilly and Jill Stone elementary schools received the highest Texas Education Agency ratings possible, and nine other District 3 schools received distinctions, including Bryan Adams High School, Hill and Tasby middle schools, and Sanger, Casa View, Truett, Gill, Reinhardt and Highland Meadows elementary schools. view article arw

Audience members at Dallas ISD board meeting demand that Superintendent Mike Miles resign; meeting recessed as crowd chants

October 2408:10 AM

Several dozen people upset with Dallas ISD Superintendent Mike Miles demanded his resignation at a board meeting Wednesday, creating enough commotion that board President Miguel Solis recessed the meeting for several minutes to restore order. The audience members, who chanted “no apology, resignation,” are outraged that Miles had DISD police remove trustee Bernadette Nutall from Dade Middle School last week. view article arw

Waco ISD to discuss $5.6M in school renovation projects

October 2408:10 AM

The Waco Independent School District administration presented an ambitious list of renovations to the board of trustees last week that will go under review for a second time Thursday to decide which projects receive priority. view article arw

South San ISD: Employee brought meth to school

October 2408:05 AM

South San Antonio Independent School District police have arrested an employee who they say brought brass knuckles and a methamphetamine pipe onto school property. District spokesman Ed Suarez said officers arrested Jake Contreras on Wednesday after receiving a tip the day before. He is charged with possession of a weapon in a prohibited place and possession of a controlled substance in a drug-free zone. view article arw

Cy-Fair ISD mother speaks out for single parents

October 2408:05 AM

A single mother of a Cypress Fairbanks ISD student is speaking out, after she says the district initially told her she couldn't attend a father-student function with her child. Silvia Hernandez has a daughter who attends Reed Elementary School in Houston.  She says her daughter asked her if she could attend an event Monday morning called "Donuts with Dad." view article arw

Giddings: School Bus Full of Children Involved in Accident

October 2408:05 AM

A Giddings ISD School Bus, carrying 19 elementary school children, was involved in an accident last Tuesday, October 14, at 3:22 p.m. According to Officer Brandon Newton with the Giddings Police Department, Saturnino Lara, Sr., 94 of Giddings, was driving a 1999 Dodge Dakota pickup and stopped at the stop sign at the intersection of West Brenham and Highway 77 (Main Street). He proceeded eastbound into the intersection in an attempt to cross over into the 200 block of East Brenham as the school bus was traveling northbound on Hwy 77 (Main Street) enroute to the children’s residences. view article arw

Katy ISD calls For bond to build more schools

October 2408:05 AM

A big vote is coming up for neighbors in one suburban city to deal with the growing pains of theirschool  district. This story comes to us from our partners with Community Impact Newspaper Katy edition. Here at Morton Ranch High School a hallway change might be more hectic than a traffic jam. These students  are diverse and eager to learn, but this school is beyond capacity. view article arw

Bob Morrison: Garland ISD bond proposal higher than in past

October 2408:03 AM

A tradition-rich district, Garland ISD’s history spans more than 100 years. In that time, GISD has passed four bond elections. Voters approved $79 million in 1986, $110 million in 1992, $156 million in 1996 and $385 million in 2002. The district’s current bond proposal is $455.5 million. Why is this amount higher? I often answer with another question. How much did gas cost in 1986? I remember filling up for less than one dollar a gallon. When I recently filled up, it cost more than $3 for that same gallon of gas. The increased cost can be attributed to inflation, which affects everything from fuel to food to technology to construction. view article arw

Brass knuckles, pipe found in S.A. school employee’s backpack

October 2407:50 AM

South San Antonio ISD police received a tip Tuesday that district employee Jake Contreras was carrying brass knuckles and possibly a knife on school property. District police questioned Contreras At Madla Elementary, and searched his backpack and discovered a set of brass knuckles, as well as a pipe that appeared to be used for smoking methamphetamines. view article arw

High school start times debated

October 2407:45 AM

Pearland Independent School District officials were recently asked by the school board to weigh the pros and cons of moving the start-times for high school classes back by 15 minutes to an hour recently. Deputy Superintendent Nan Weimer presented a report of the findings at a board meeting held Tuesday (Oct. 14). view article arw

Kilgore senior who received early graduation ceremony has passed away

October 2407:45 AM

A much-loved Kilgore High School senior has lost her battle with leukemia. Lynzee passed away Thursday night in a Tyler hospital after a valiant fight with the disease. Lynzee Ford was diagnosed with leukemia in January, and underwent five rounds of chemotherapy, but doctors told her and her mom that, in spite of all that, she would not have long to live. The soft-spoken teenager continued doing as much as she could that any normal teenager wants to do. view article arw

Ebola anxiety: Rowlett, GISD, Lake Pointe responding with education, communication, planning

October 2407:45 AM

When “Ebola,” “Rowlett” and “school” work their way into the same sentence, city and Garland Independent School District officials go into containment mode – in this case, anxiety containment. Neither two Rowlett residents who flew on the same Frontier Airlines flight as Amber Joy Vinson, the second Dallas nurse diagnosed with Ebola, nor their children, two students at Schrade Middle School, pose health risks to the community, district officials said. view article arw

Parents on Edge after Gun is Found at Sullivan City School

October 2407:45 AM

Parents at one La Joya Independent School District campus are demanding answers after a 4-year-old boy took a loaded gun to class. The incident happened at Rosendo Benavides Elementary. Just before 9 a.m. students in the boy's pre-school class told the teacher the child had a gun in his backpack. The teacher confiscated the backpack and took the child to the office. view article arw

Boys Won’t Be Charged After BB Gun Fired On Texas School Bus

October 2407:45 AM

Authorities have declined to charge two boys after a BB gun fired aboard a school bus in Kyle left two students and the driver slightly hurt. The Hays County Sheriff's Office says a 10-year-old boy who had the gun did not aim at anyone. view article arw

Seminole ISD Offering Adult Education Classes, Sees Highest Enrollment

October 2407:45 AM

The Adult Education Program is growing so rapidly in Seminole. They recently converted part of the old junior high just to hold all the classes.  There is a big German population in Seminole and culturally many of them had to go to work once reaching a certain age. Many of them did not finish school and never received a high school diploma. view article arw

North Lamar reviews school security

October 2407:45 AM

North Lamar ISD's new superintendent is looking to make the district's schools safer. In Monday's school board meeting, superintendent John McCullough addressed safety concerns at two campuses. McCullough requested that a fence be built around the Bailey Intermediate playground and security cameras installed at all entries of all campuses. view article arw