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Vacant Pleasant Grove ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational Services, IncINFO
Vacant West Sabine ISD; Search by: West Sabine ISD School Board adINFO
Vacant Bryson ISD; Search by: Region 9 ESCINFO
Vacant Hardin-Jefferson ISD ; Search by: Region 5 ESC adINFO
Vacant La Villa ISD; Search by:  O’Hanlon, Demerath & Castillo adINFO
Vacant Holland ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Vacant Palacios ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services ​adINFO
Vacant Damon ISD; Search by: Education Solutions and Services adINFO
Vacant Darrouzett ISD; Search By: Region 16 ESC adINFO
Vacant Whitewright ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Vacant Santa Rosa ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Vacant Whitney ISD; Search By: Whitney ISD School Board adINFO
Vacant Henderson ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Vacant Silsbee ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Vacant Spring Hill ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Vacant Point Isabel ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Vacant Yorktown ISD; Search by: Yorktown ISD Board of Trustees adINFO
Vacant Plains ISD; Search by: Leasor Crass adINFO
Vacant Fairfield ISD; Search by: Fairfield ISD Board of Trustees INFO
Vacant Italy ISD; Search by: Italy ISD School Board of Trustees adINFO
Lone Finalist Carthage ISD - John Wink , Superintendent ,​Blue Ridge ISD ; Search by: Arrow Educational Services, Inc.INFO
Lone Finalist Cisco ISD; Dr. Ryan Stelle, Assistant Superintendent of Brookshire Royal ISD; Search by: Region 14 ESC InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Mt. Vernon ISD - Jason McCullough , Deputy Executive Director ​,Region 8 ESC; Search by: Education Solutions and Services infoINFO
Lone Finalist Wolfe City ISD - Anthony Figueroa , Principal ,Blue Ridge High School; Search By: Education Solutions and Services InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Santa Maria ISD - Mr. Martin Cuellar , Superintendent ,Progreso ISD; Search by: O'Hanlon, Demerath & Castillo InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco ISD - Dr. Mike A. Barrera , Asst. Supt. for Operations ,McAllen ISD; Search by: O'Hanlon, Demerath & Castillo infoINFO
Lone Finalist Dickinson ISD - Carla Voelkel , Deputy Superintendent of Educational Services ​,Dickinson ISD; Search by: Dickinson ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Roby CISD - Keith Cook , High School Principal ,Bangs ISD; Search by: Roby CISD Board of TrusteesINFO
Lone Finalist South San Antonio ISD - Dr. Alexandro M. Flores , Superintendent ,Palacios ISD; Search by: JG Consulting adINFO
Lone Finalist Balmorhea ISD - John Massey , Former Superintendent ,Dalhart ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
Lone Finalist South Texas ISD - Dr. Marco Antonio Lara Jr. , Deputy Director ,Educational Service Center Region 1; Search by: Walsh, Gallegos, Treviño, Russo, Kyle P.C. and Mr. Gary Patterson INFO
Lone Finalist Carrizo Springs CISD - Alberto Gonzales , Interim Superintendent ,Carrizo Springs CISD; Search by: J. Cruz & Associates adINFO
Lone Finalist Loraine ISD; Search by: Region 14 adINFO
Lone Finalist Kilgore ISD - Andy Baker , Superintendent ,Edgewood ISD-Van Zandt County; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services INFO
Lone Finalist Albany ISD - Jonathan Scott , Principal ,Nancy Smith Elementary School- Albany ISD; Search by: Albany ISD Board of School Trustees adINFO
Lone Finalist San Saba ISD - Wayne Kelly , Superintendent ​,Agua Dulce ISD; Search by: Region 15 ESC adINFO
New Super Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD  - Jose Cervantes , Superintendent ,La Villa ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services infoINFO
New Super Desoto ISD - D'Andre Weaver , Community Superintendent,Spring Branch ISD; Search by: JG Consulting adINFO
New Super Odem-Edroy ISD - Yolanda L. Carr;  Search by: Walsh Gallegos, Trevino, Russo, Kyle and Dr. Ann DixonINFO
New Super New Boston ISD; Brian Bobbitt; Superintendent of Malta ISD; Search by: New Boston ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
New Super Goodrich ISD - Dr. Bryan Taulton , High School Principal ,Hardin ISD; Search by: Goodrich ISD School Board adINFO
New Super Kennedale ISD - Chad Gee , Superintendent ​,Yorktown ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
New Super Kingsville ISD - Elida Bera , Deputy Superintendent ,Judson ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
New Super Mabank ISD - Lee Joffre , Superintendent ,Italy ISD; Search by: Jim Dunlap - Click Here for Application InstructionsINFO
New Super Liberty Hill ISD - Steve Snell , Superintendent ,Spring Hill ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO
New Super Hull-Daisetta ISD - Tim Bartram , Superintendent ,​Aspermont ISD; Search by: TASB Executive Search Services adINFO

Class rank controversy: Krum ISD report finds no evidence of unfair practices

December 1308:40 AM

KRUM — An independent report commissioned by Krum ISD has found no evidence of unfair grading practices, a controversy that has divided a small town.  This fall, accusations flew around Krum that some students related to administrators were getting an unfair grading advantage, jumping ahead in class rankings. A popular vice principal at Krum High School reportedly raised concerns about the grading practices, and some community members believe he was forced out of his job as a result. view article  arw

TEA releases final 2018 academic accountability ratings

December 1308:40 AM

AUSTIN – The Texas Education Agency (TEA) today released the final 2018 state academic accountability ratings for 1,200 school districts and charters and more than 8,700 campuses. The final ratings include the results of an appeals process that provides districts and charters an opportunity to contest preliminary ratings.  Preliminary state accountability ratings were announced by TEA in August. The Texas Education Code requires the commissioner of education to provide a process for districts and charters to challenge their accountability ratings. School district appeals are first carefully reviewed by an independent appeals panel before being sent to the commissioner for a final decision. view article  arw

San Angelo ISD’s Communications Chief Derrick Jackson to Lead Denton ISD Communications Department

December 1308:40 AM

San Angelo ISD's Director of Communication, Derrick Jackson, has accepted a leadership position in the Denton ISD Communication Department. The Denton ISD school board met Tuesday evening and approved hiring Jackson to head their communications department there. Denton is a fast-growing suburban area north of Dallas where the I-35E and I-35W merge. "It was not an easy decision to leave my current position," Jackson told us. "I love this district and the San Angelo community and everyone that I've come in contact with has been nothing but outstanding to me and my family during our time here." view article  arw

Dallas Hits on Successful School Turnaround Model With ACE, but It Comes at a Steep Price. Could a Wider Expansion Across Texas Now Be Its Best Bet to Survive?

December 1308:40 AM

In the spring, fifth-graders across Texas took standardized tests to measure their comprehension in reading and math, just like they do every year. But when the scores came back for 2018, the Dallas Independent School District saw something highly unusual: Students at Blanton Elementary, previously one of the lowest-performing schools in the city, had outscored their affluent fifth-grade peers in neighboring Highland Park ISD. Blanton, where 91.7 percent of students qualify for free or reduced-priced lunch, is one of Dallas ISD’s Accelerating Campus Excellence — or ACE — schools, where teachers with strong performance records are recruited and paid more for longer hours and then supported by extra counselors and strategic administrators. view article  arw

Touring Roscoe Collegiate ISD, Texas education commissioner blown away by what he sees

December 1308:40 AM

Mike Morath had heard for years about good things happening at Roscoe Collegiate High School. And, he'd seen the data backing the stories. Talk of the high school's proficiency at helping students not only graduate but do so with associate degrees — Roscoe partners heavily with Western Texas College in Snyder — had Morath's attention since he became Texas Education Agency commissioner in January 2016. Until a week ago, though, his feet had never touched Roscoe soil. He said he walked away from the experience pleased to see stories were true. view article  arw

BuyBoard® Purchasing Cooperative Returns $8.4 Million to Members

December 1308:39 AM

(Austin)—The Local Government Purchasing Cooperative Board returned approximately $8.4 million in the form of rebates to 1,001 members of the BuyBoard online purchasing system in 2017-18. Established as a nonprofit to support and serve public schools, municipalities, counties, local government agencies, and nonprofits, the Cooperative has rebated a total of just over $49.7 million to members since 2006. view article  arw

When it snows, this is how North Texas school districts decide to close

December 1308:37 AM

Children — and their parents — have one question in mind anytime snow is in a North Texas forecast: Will schools close?   A number of factors are considered in Arlington ISD to decide whether to close during inclement weather: road conditions, precipitation accumulations, the chances of continued precipitation, building conditions, parking lot conditions, temperatures and wind chills.  A number of employees provide information on these factors but the final decision falls to the superintendent, who receives recommendations from the district’s chief financial officer, assistant superintendent of administration, executive director of facilities services, director of transportation and security manager. view article  arw

NC lawmakers won’t force state to take over low-performing school

December 1308:30 AM

RALEIGH State lawmakers will allow Wayne County Public Schools to keep a low-performing elementary school in Goldsboro instead of having to turn it over to the state and potentially to a for-profit company to run.  A bill approved Thursday by both the House and Senate would keep Carver Heights Elementary School from being taken over by the Innovative School District for the 2019-20 school year. view article  arw

Friendswood ISD board of trustees elects new president, other officers

December 1308:30 AM

Former Friendswood ISD board President Rebecca Hillenburg stepped down from her position Dec. 10. She will still serve on the board as secretary. “It has been my privilege to serve as president of the school board for many years,” Hillenburg said. view article  arw

Shot clocks are being experimented with in Texas high school basketball tournaments—how is it working?

December 1308:30 AM

Two weeks ago, South Oak Cliff made an over five-hour drive to Lubbock County for the Gene Messer Shootout, an annual basketball tournament featuring teams from Rockwall to El Paso. For head coach James C. Mays II, there was one major reason the team decided to join the tournament this year: a 30-second shot clock, which fit perfectly into the Golden Bears' high-pace of play. The experimental shot clock worked out just like Mays hoped. South Oak Cliff won the 12-team tournament, including a 74-72 comeback win in overtime. If it wasn't for the shot clock, Mays said they probably wouldn't have won. He said the Golden Bears, while trailing, were allowed to stay in their normal defensive and offensive sets without forcing anything or dealing with teams attempting to run out the clock. view article  arw

Unvaccinated kids contract measles in Florida county with top rate of exemptions

December 1308:30 AM

Four unvaccinated children in Sarasota County — the county with the highest rate of kindergartners who have religious exemptions to attend school without meeting vaccination requirements — have been diagnosed with measles, the Florida Department of Health in Sarasota announced. According to the DOH, the Sarasota children, who have close contact to each other, were not vaccinated. view article  arw

Austin Schools Ask Parents When and How to Talk About Sex

December 1308:30 AM

Preliminary results from an Austin ISD survey on the district's Human Sexuality and Responsibility curriculum were revealed last week. The survey, which was sent to parents, staff, and some high school students, asked respondents to assess whether and when topics are appropriate for K-8 students. For example: By eighth grade, students should be able to "explain the range of gender roles." Respondents indicate that topic should be taught in sixth, or seventh, or eighth grade – or all of the above. As of press time, 5,863 surveys had been tallied; including close to 4,700 from families (most with students in elementary schools), 496 from staff, and 526 from students. The survey divides topics into three grade-level groups (K-2, 3-5, and 6-8); in all of these, respondents broadly supported teaching "personal safety" (such as consent) and "healthy relationships" (such as respecting all types of families in all grades). However, only 46% felt third-graders should be taught that sexual orientation is defined as "romantic attraction" between an individual and "someone of the same gender or a different gender"; 31% said this information should be withheld until fifth grade. view article  arw

Parents concerned with potential school closures amid Austin ISD budget debate

December 1308:30 AM

Austin ISD rolled out a long list of proposed budget cuts to help save $55 million over the next several years. This year, AISD faces a $29 million budget shortfall and the district expects that number to grow unless cuts are made. One of the proposals includes gradually closing the doors on twelve Austin schools. Parents at Lee Lewis Campbell Elementary School in East Austin say they hope their children's school isn't on the list. "I would be highly upset, I love that school," says parent Frances Benavides. view article  arw

Austin ISD Budget Document Suggests Consolidating 12 Schools To Cut Costs

December 1308:30 AM

Facing a shortfall and declining enrollment, the Austin Independent School District is considering consolidating schools, among other options, to cut its deficit by as much as $55 million over the next few years. A budget document sent to the Austin School Board shows the district is considering two possible options for consolidation. One would consolidate 12 under-enrolled campuses – most of them in East Austin – saving the district $12 million over the next three years. At a news conference today, Superintendent Paul Cruz said the 12 schools have not yet been identified. view article  arw

Bulletin Board

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Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Mehl, P.C.

Legal Issues for Cheerleaders and Drill Team

February 2019

Don’t miss out on this information-packed session about legal aspects of cheerleading and drill teams! This year there will be increased focus on social media policies. 


Participants will be provided practical advice for handling situations often encountered by administrators and coaches.


Topics We'll Cover

  • Social media and cyberbullying
  • Rights associated with extracurricular activities
  • UIL and coaching requirements
  • Options for selecting team members
  • District and staff liability & immunity
  • Transportation and other travel issues
  • Access to education records, score cards
  • Title IX gender issues, LGBT
  • Relevant federal and state court cases
  • Extracurricular codes of conduct
  • Discipline and removal from team
  • Cheerleader constitutions
  • Student and parent complaints


Who Should Attend

Campus Administrators, Directors of Student Services, Directors of Fine Arts, Athletic Directors, Cheer Coaches, Drill Team/Dance Teachers


Registration Fee

$195.00 per person
materials are included with your registration


Check for dates and locations.



2019 Personnel Services Symposium - Powell & Leon, LLP / Education Service Center Region 2

2019 Personnel Services Symposium

Presented by Powell & Leon LLP and Education Services Center Region 2

A day-long workshop for public school human resources administrators, covering the following topics:

  • Reporting Educator Misconduct
  • Handling Grievances
  • New Hires and Employment Eligibility: Criminal History and Credit Checks
  • Performance Documentation
  • Terminating the Employment Relationship
  • Preventing Workplace Discrimination
  • Social Media Use by Employees

John Janssen, Attorney
Michelle Alcala, Attorney


January 16, 2019 
8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Education Service Center Region 2
209 N. Water Street
Corpus Christi, Texas


For more information or to register: Please contact Melissa Morin at ESC-2, at or (361) 561-8416 and/or visit the ESC-2 website:

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Pflugerville ISD to establish independent police department by 2019-20 school year, ending agreement with Pflugerville Police Department

December 1308:30 AM

During the upcoming 2019-20 school year, Pflugerville ISD will no longer subcontract its district police force through Pflugerville Police Department, according to a district news release. PfISD Police Chief Patrick Pehtherbridge was sworn in Dec. 11 as the first employee of the school district’s independent police force, according to the release. The ceremony marked the beginning of a transition away from the district’s current interlocal agreement with Pflugerville Police Department. Under that agreement, PfISD subcontracts police officers who are employees of PPD. view article  arw

Waco ISD board to vote on teacher bonus pay plan

December 1308:30 AM

The Waco Independent School District is weighing a different bonus plan in which some teachers will receive extra money based on each individual student’s standardized test score. For the past five years, select Waco ISD teachers have been rewarded annually through a payment system based on student performance on the state’s standardized test, State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness. District officials are hopeful the new incentive plan will better appeal to current and prospective teachers while also aligning with the state’s new A-F accountability system. view article  arw

Plano ISD gets outside help for 86th legislative session

December 1308:30 AM

Plano ISD is planning to follow the upcoming 86th Legislative Session with some outside help this year. During Tuesday night’s school board meeting, Trisha Windham of local consulting firm The Davis Advocates briefed trustees on the plan for following new legislation connected to the district’s two main goals: school finance and property tax reform. view article  arw

Independent Investigation Findings To Be Revealed at Krum ISD Meeting

December 1308:30 AM

The findings of an independent investigation into the grading scandal at Krum ISD will be released at a meeting Wednesday night. A law firm was hired by the district to investigate concerns of alleged grade tampering or an unfair grading scale. The school board's agenda for Wednesday shows trustees will hear the report in a closed session and a public presentation will follow. view article  arw

Georgia inspector general asked to look into gifts to state employees

December 1308:30 AM

A government watchdog group asked Georgia’s inspector general to look into whether a group that did work for the State Charter Schools Commission violated state law by not reporting it paid for agency staffers to attend events across the country and offered them stipends.  The filing by Common Cause Georgia on Tuesday was the second such action since The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the vendor gifts to employees at the commission in September. view article  arw

Superintendent Search: San Saba ISD has announced a Lone Finalist

December 1308:29 AM

The San Saba ISD Board of Trustees has chosen Wayne Kelly, Superintendent of Agua Dulce ISD, as Lone Finalist for San Saba ISD Superintendent of Schools. Details and updates will continue to appear on our search page as things progress. 

Charlotte ISD teacher arrested

December 1308:26 AM

Atascosa County Sheriff David Soward has reported that a 39 year old female Charlotte ISD teacher was arrested Tuesday morning by Sheriff’s Investigators.  Sergeant Albert Garza, Crimes Against Children Investigator for the sheriff’s office, made the arrest early Tuesday in San Antonio on warrants issued by Pct. 4 Justice of the Peace, Jackie Bodden. Sheriff Soward identified the teacher as Jennifer Goodwell of Devine. The Sheriff said Goodwell was a second year school teacher.  Sheriff Soward stated that the sheriff’s office became aware of the incidents on December 3 and immediately launched an investigation. On December 4, Sergeant Garza interviewed Goodwell who admitted to inappropriate sexual relations with three male students. The incidents allegedly took place between September 15 and November 30. Charlotte ISD officials fully cooperated with the investigation, the Sheriff said. view article  arw

Austin ISD could close schools, increase class sizes amidst budget concerns

December 1308:25 AM

Twelve schools could be on the chopping block as the Austin Independent School District looks for ways to stay afloat. It is facing a $29 million shortfall this year and projects even fewer dollars in the coming years. The district will exhaust it's reserves in a few years if nothing changes. view article  arw

Anonymous donor gives $600K to fund Dallas ISD school projects

December 1308:25 AM

Christmas came early for some North Texas educators after an anonymous donor filled every single wish list for teachers in Dallas County. The gifts totaled more than $600,000. Among other things, the money will fund field trips, books, school supplies and library improvements. They are items many teachers often pay for out of their own pockets. view article  arw

River Oaks Baptist School breaks ground on $65 million expansion

December 1308:25 AM

Construction has begun on the mega $65 million expansion of Houston's River Oaks Baptist School, the Christian private school announced via a press release last week. The record amount, raised by the educational institution earlier this fall, is one of the largest fundraisers in the U.S. for a school ending in eighth grade, according to the National Association of Independent Schools. view article  arw

Starting School Later Really Does Help Teens Get Sleep

December 1308:25 AM

Delaying school start times has helped Seattle teenagers get a better night’s sleep. During puberty, circadian rhythm is altered, and sleeping and waking are typically delayed to a later time. This creates a problem: Adolescent wake-sleep patterns do not coincide with those of conventional social life, and teenagers rarely get the recommended eight to 10 hours of sleep each night. In 2016 the Seattle School District changed high schools’ opening time to 8:45 a.m., 55 minutes later than it had been. Using wrist monitors, researchers tracked sleep onset and duration for two weeks in 10th-graders before and after the change in two schools, one economically disadvantaged. view article  arw

Lufkin ISD adds 12 new defibrillators to campuses

December 1308:25 AM

Twelve new automated external defibrillators units have been added to Lufkin ISD campuses. The AED units can be used by anyone to help someone who is experiencing cardiac arrest. "Looking at the layout of our facilities, we wanted to make sure that we had an AED access at every spot that we would have students, you know, practicing, participating in any UIL event,” said Lufkin ISD nurse Jan Fulbright. Wade Modisette, a Lufkin paramedic, said these easy-to-use devices are saving lives. view article  arw

Corsicana ISD buys SMART Tag system

December 1308:25 AM

The Corsicana Independent School District Board of Trustees approved the purchase of the SmartTAG student transportation system Monday in the amount of $64,078.20. According to its website, the SMART Tag system is designed to ensure authorized ridership and help enhance the safety of students who utilize bus transportation. The SMART Tag enables monitoring of where and when students board or disembark a bus ensuring students only board their designated bus, increasing bus driver and parent/guardian awareness. Initial cost of the units will be funded by monies from the technology budget, recurring costs will be an annual transportation budget expenditure. view article  arw

Marshall ISD partnering with community groups, churches for ‘Night to Shine’

December 1308:25 AM

Marshall ISD is teaming up with area churches and several organizations, including Community Healthcore to bring East Texas’ first “Night to Shine” prom event from the Tim Tebow Foundation — geared for students and adults with special needs and disabilities. view article  arw

Coppell ISD staff works to align district programs with upcoming boundary realignment

December 1308:25 AM

As Coppell ISD moves toward a boundary realignment, the district staff is working on how to align several district programs. Those include its international baccalaureate (IB), dual learning immersion (DLI) and pre-kindergarten and preschool program for children with disabilities (PPCD) programs with the proposed boundary plans. According to Angie Applegate, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, the district staff wants to keep Pinkerton Elementary an IB campus. view article  arw

Mineola ISD enhances campus security with armed officer

December 1308:25 AM

The Mineola ISD board of trustees approved the addition of one more armed officer to patrol their campus. He will start is new position in January, patrolling all four campuses. This comes after the board met with the community, and received feedback about the public's desire to increase safety measure on their campus.  view article  arw

Ector County: Trustees seek more sub pay data

December 1308:25 AM

The Ector County Independent School District Board of Trustees decided they want more information on substitute teacher pay at Midland ISD before deciding on a revised pay scale for Odessa substitutes. Trustee Carol Gregg was concerned that the ECISD is losing long-term subs to Midland, especially after listening to a presentation from Wilson & Young Medal of Honor Middle School Principal Yolanda Hernandez about her teacher needs. view article  arw

Opponents skeptical of East Central ISD quest for gun proposal input

December 1308:25 AM

Opponents of East Central Independent School District’s proposal to train volunteer teachers and staff to carry firearms as a security precaution said say they are unsatisfied with the district’s attempts to provide information and avenues of input about it. At a tense meeting that featured skeptical public feedback, the district’s board last month postponed a vote on a version of the Guardian Plan, one of two state-approved options for arming school employees that lets school districts set their training standards. view article  arw

Here’s a precinct-level breakdown of the Georgetown ISD bond vote in November

December 1308:25 AM

Here is a precinct-level look at the results of Georgetown ISD's bond election in November.  view article  arw

Northside ISD investigating sexual assault allegation

December 1308:25 AM

Northside ISD is investigating a sexual assault allegation involving two high school students. The alleged victims said it happened on campus at Harlan High School. The father of the victim, who wished to remain anonymous pressed charges against the 17-year-old senior who allegedly sexually assaulted his 15-year-old daughter. view article  arw