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Vacant Jim Hogg County ISD; Search by J. Cruz & Associates InfoINFO
Vacant Clyde ISD; Search by CCR Educational Consultants Extended Deadline InfoINFO
Vacant Pflugerville ISD; Search by Walsh Gallegos Trevino Russo & Kyle P.C. and Educational Consultant Gary PattersonINFO
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Vacant Texas City ISD; Search by Thompson & Horton, LLPINFO
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Vacant Edcouch Elsa ISD; Search by Jones, Galligan, Key & LozanoINFO
Vacant West Hardin ISD; Search by the Board of Trustees of West Hardin ISDINFO
Lone Finalist Hereford ISD - Sheri Blankenship, Asst. Superintendent,Hereford ISD; Search by Region 16 ESC InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Caldwell ISD - Andrew Peters, Superintendent,Marfa ISD; Search by TASB Executive Search Services INFO
Lone Finalist West Oso ISD - Conrado Garcia, Interim Superintendent,West Oso ISD; Search by West Oso ISD  Board INFO
Lone Finalist Weslaco ISD - Priscilla Canales, Asst. Superintendent,Del Valle ISD; Search by Ivan F. Pérez, at Jones, Galligan, Key & Lozano L.L.P  InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Allen ISD - Scott Niven, Superintendent,Red Oak ISD; Search by Thompson & Horton, LLPINFO
Lone Finalist Vernon ISD - Jeff Byrd, Superintendent,Claude ISD; Search by Leasor Crass, P.C. InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Mexia ISD - Dr. Lyle DeBus, Superintendent,Harts Bluff ISD; Search by TASB Executive Search Services INFO
Lone Finalist Pineywoods Community Academy Charter School  - Ken Vaughn, Excecutive Director of Student Services ,Tyler ISD; Search by School Leadership Solutions, LLC InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Stanton ISD  - Merl Brandon, Asst. Superintendent ,Belton ISD; Search by TASB Executive Search Services INFO
Lone Finalist Van Alstyne ISD - Dr. David Brown, Asst. Superintendent ,Van Alstyne ISD; Search by John Spies and Van Alstyne ISD Board InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Kirbyville ISD - Tommy Wallis, Former Superintendent,Bryan ISD; Search by ESC 5 InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Snyder ISD; Dr. Eddie Bland, Former Bridgeport Superintendent; Search by Ronnie Kincaid, ESC 14 InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Claude ISD - Brock Cartwright, Superintendent,Hamlin ISD; Search by the Claude ISD Board of Trustees Info INFO
Lone Finalist Llano ISD; Mac Edward, Former Superintendent of Paradise ISD; Search by Education Solutions and Services InfoINFO
Lone Finalist McGregor ISD - James Lenamon, Asst. Superintendent,McGregor ISD; James Lenamon,former Asst. Superintendent of McGregor ISD; Search by TASB Executive Search Services INFO
Lone Finalist Lockney ISD - Jim Baum, High School Principal,Iraan-Sheffield ISD; Jim Baum,former High School Principal of ​Iraan-Sheffield ISD; Search by the Lockney ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Refugio ISD; Melissa Gonzales, former Refugio High School Principal; Search by Refugio Board of Trustees InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Calvert ISD - Lynn Ponder, High School Principal,Dime Box ISD; Lynn Ponder, High School Principal at Dime Box ISD; Search by DRV Search Services InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Medina ISD; Kevin Newsom,former superintendent of Brackett ISD; Search by TASB Executive Search Services INFO
Lone Finalist Orange Grove ISD; Dr. Randy Hoyer, Superintendent at Skidmore-Tynan ISD; Search by Doug Arnold, Dr. Arte Almendarez and Dr. Linda VillarrealINFO
Lone Finalist Nacogdoches ISD; Sandra Dowdy, Interim Superintendent of Nacogdoches ISD; Search by Nacogdoches ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Windthorst ISD; Lonnie Hise, High School Principal of Windthorst ISD; Search by ESC 9 InfoINFO
Lone Finalist Raymondville ISD - Raul Nuques , Superintendent ,Hearne ISD; Raul Nuques, Superintendent of Hearne ISD; Search by TASB Executive Search Services INFO
New Super Blue Ridge ISD - John Wink, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction,Tatum ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational ServicesINFO
New Super Wall ISD  - Russell Dacy, Wall High School Principal,Wall ISD; Search byv Wall ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
New Super Chester ISD - Cory Hines, Principal,Martins Mill ISD; Search by the Chester ISD Board of Trustees Info INFO
New Super Sheldon ISD - King Davis, Dept. Superintendent,Everman ISD; Search by Thompson & Horton, LLPINFO
New Super Pecos - Barstow - Toyah ISD  - Jim Haley, Superintendent,Cuero ISD; Search by the Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
New Super Paducah ISD - Brian Patterson, Superintendent,Darrouzett ISD; Search by Jerry Baird InfoINFO
New Super Terrell County ISD - Amanda Ann Magallan , Principal Lamar Elementary,Midland ISD ; Search by Kenn Norris, Interim Superintendent Info INFO
New Super Winona ISD - Cody Mize; Search by Consilience LLC - Wes Hickey & Jennifer Jones InfoINFO
New Super Falls City ISD - Todd Pawelek, High School Principal ,Poth ISD; Search by FCISD Board of Trustees and Interim Superintendent Gary PattersonINFO
New Super Cotton Center ISD - Jeff Kirby, Elementary Principal ,Waelder ISD; Search by Cotton Center ISD Board of TrusteesINFO
New Super La Grange ISD - Bill Wagner, Asst. Superintendent,La Grange ISD; Moak, Casey and AssociatesINFO
New Super Three Rivers ISD - Dr. Mary Springs, Superintendent,Santa Gertrudis ISD; Search by School Leadership Solutions, LLC InfoINFO
New Super Jacksboro ISD - Dwain Milam, Superintendent,Collinsville ISD ; Search by ESC 9 InfoINFO
New Super Prairie Valley ISD - Tim West, Principal,Prairie Valley ISD; Search by: Darren Francis, Deputy Executive Director-Region 9 ESCINFO
New Super Poth ISD - Paula Renken , Interim Superintendent,Poth ISD; Poth ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
New Super Petersburg ISD - Drew Howard, Principal ,Peaster ISD; Search by ESC 17 and Petersburg ISD Board of TrusteesINFO
New Super Cross Roads ISD  - Richard Tedder, Interim Superintendent,Cross Roads ISD; Search by:  TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO
New Super Anderson-Shiro CISD - Scott Beene, Superintendent,Big Sandy ISD; Search by TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO
New Super North Hopkins ISD - Darin Jolly; Search by TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO
New Super Wellman-Union CISD - Aaron Waldrip, Principal,Brownfield Middle School ; Search by the Wellman - Union Board of Trustees InfoINFO
New Super McLean ISD - Oscar Muniz, High School Principal ,Coolidge ISD; Search by McLean ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
New Super Pettus ISD - Jaime Velasco, Superintendent,Italy ISD; Search by School Leadership Solutions, LLC InfoINFO
New Super Mineral Wells ISD  - John Kuhn, Superintendent,Perrin-Whitt CISD; Search by Leasor Crass, P.C. InfoINFO
New Super Aubrey ISD - David Belding, Superintendent,Millsap ISD; Search by Leasor Crass, P.C. InfoINFO
New Super Beeville ISD - Dr. Marc A. Puig; Search by Walsh Gallegos Treviño Russo & Kyle P.C. with Educational Consultant Gary Patterson. INFO
New Super Santa Gertrudis ISD - Dr, Corey Seymour, Lead Secondary High School Principal ,Cedar Hill ISD; Walsh Anderson Gallegos Trevino Russo & Kyle P.C.and  Dr. Ann Dixon, Search ConsultantINFO
New Super Moody ISD - Gary Martel, Superintendent,Diboll ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational ServicesINFO
New Super Webb CISD - Heriberto D. Gonzalez; Search by J. Cruz & Associates, LLC Info RequirementsINFO
New Super Manor ISD - Dr. Royce Avery, Area Superintendent,El Paso ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational ServicesINFO
New Super Marshall ISD - Dr. Jerry Gibson, Superintendent,Coldspring ISD; Search by the Marshall ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
New Super Katy ISD - Dr. Lance Hindt, Superintendent,Allen ISD; Search by Thompson & Horton LLPINFO
New Super Grand Saline ISD - Micah Lewis, Superintendent,Frankston ISD; Search by Grand Saline ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
New Super Columbus ISD - Brian Morris, Assistant Superintendent,Hallsville iSD; Search by TASB Executive Search Services INFO
New Super Big Sandy ISD (ESC 7) - Jay Ratcliff, Superintendent,Martinsville ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational ServicesINFO
New Super Huckabay ISD - Troy Roberts, Superintendent,Tom Bean ISD; Search by TASB Executive Search Services INFO
New Super Galveston ISD - Kelli Moulton, Superintendent,Hereford ISD; Search by:  TASB Executive Search ServicesINFO
New Super Chico ISD - Don Elsom , Superintendent,Latexo ISD; Search by TASB Executive Search Services INFO
New Super Natalia ISD - Dr. Freeman Hensley Cone, Executive Director of Secondary Education/Co-Interim Asst. San Marcos CISD; Search by the Natalia ISD Board of Trustees  - no longer accepting applicationsINFO
New Super Coupland ISD - Tammy Brinkman, Director of Curriculum & Instruction,Iola ISD; Search by Leasor Crass, P.C.  InfoINFO
New Super Yorktown ISD - Chad Gee , Assistant Superintendent,Comanche ISD; Search by: School Leadership Solutions, LLC InfoINFO
New Super Runge ISD - Dr. James Bakewell (Bake) Barron, Dr. James Bakewell (Bake) Barron Director of Student Services,Livingston ISD; Search by Walsh Anderson Gallegos Trevino Russo & Kyle P.C - No longer accepting applicationsINFO
New Super Lazbuddie ISD - Steve Wolf, Principal ,Motley County ISD; Search by Dr. Gary Bigham Info AnnouncementINFO
New Super Donna ISD - Fernando Castillo, Deputy and Acting Superintendent,Donna ISD; Search by Walsh Gallegos Trevino Russo & Kyle P.C. INFO
New Super McAllen ISD - J.A. Gonzalez, Interim Superintendent,McAllen ISD; Search by JG ConsultingINFO
New Super Region 15 ESC Executive Director - Casey Callahan, Superintendent,Llano ISD; Search by ESC 15 Board of Directors InfoINFO
New Super Lampasas ISD 
  - Chane Rascoe, Superintendent,Moody ISD; Search by Horn, Smith, Wood & Preston, LLPINFO
New Super Hale Center ISD - Steven Plyburn, Superintendent,Crowell ISD; Search by ESC 17INFO
New Super Rule ISD - Rick Moeller, Superintendent,Paint Creek ISD ; Search by the Rule ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
New Super Klein ISD - Dr. Bret Champion, Superintendent,Leander ISD; Search by Thompson and Horton LLPINFO
New Super Brooks County ISD  - Dr. Maria Casas, Former Superintendent,Mathis ISD; Search by Fountainhead Education InfoINFO
New Super Mason ISD - John Schumacher; Search by Education Solution Services INFO
New Super Scurry-Rosser ISD - James Sanders, Assistant Superintendent,Ennis ISD; Search by Scurry-Rosser ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
New Super Brownsboro ISD - Tommy Hunter , Superintendent,S&S CISD; Search by School Executive Consulting, Inc. InfoINFO
New Super Rockwall ISD - Dr. John (J.J.) E. Villarreal, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services,Carroll ISD; Horn, Smith, Wood & PrestonINFO
New Super Highland Park ISD (Amarillo)  - Jimmy Hannon, Superintendent,Water Valley ISD; Search by Potter County Board of Trustees Info INFO
New Super Bartlett ISD - Travis W. Edwards, Field Agent,ESC 14; Search by the Bartlett ISD Board of Trustees Info INFO
New Super Crowell ISD - Pam Norwood, Director of Special Programs,Chapel Hill ISD, Mount Pleasant, TX ; Search by ESC 9 & Darren Francis - No longer taking applicationsINFO
New Super Leander ISD - Dr. Dan Troxell, Superintendent,Kerrville ISD; Search by Thompson & Horton, LLP INFO
New Super Buckholts ISD - Nancy Sandlin , Principal,Edna ISD; Search by Education Solutions and Services InfoINFO
New Super Paint Creek ISD  - Cheryl Floyd, Interim Superintendent,Paint Creek ISD; Search by TASB Executive Search Services INFO
New Super Perrin Whitt CISD - Cliff Gilmore, Superintendent,Aspermont ISD; Search by ESC 9 InfoINFO
New Super Westwood ISD - Wade Stanford; Search by John Hardy of Hardy, Cook & Hardy InfoINFO
New Super Rogers ISD - Joe Craig, Asst. Superintendent,Academy ISD; Search by TASB Executive Search Services INFO
New Super Water Valley ISD
  - Fabian Gomez, Superintendent,Dell City ISD; Search by the Water Valley ISD Board of Trustees InfoINFO
New Super Kerrville ISD - Dr. Mark Foust,Fort Bend ISD; Thompson & Horton LLPINFO
New Super Roosevelt ISD - Dallas Grimes; Search by Roosevelt ISD Board & Jimmy Parker InfoINFO
New Super Rochelle ISD - Dave Lewis, Middle School Principal,San Saba ISD; Search by ESC Region 15  InfoINFO
New Super Premont ISD - Steve Van Matre, Superintendent,Freer ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational ServicesINFO
New Super Jasper ISD - Dr. Gerald Hudson, Area Director ,Garland ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational ServicesINFO
New Super Zapata County ISD - Carlos M. Gonzalez, Career and Technical Education Director/Assistant Athletic Director,Roma ISD; Search by J. Cruz & Associates InfoINFO
New Super Splendora ISD - Jeff Burke, Asst. Superintendent of Academics,Georgetown ISD; Search by Splendora ISD Board of Trustees Info INFO
New Super Taylor ISD - Keith Brown, Superintendent,Bay City ISD; Search by TASB Executive Search Services INFO
New Super Frankston ISD - John Allen , Deputy Director,Kipp Academy; Search by: Arrow Educational ServicesINFO
New Super Pleasant Grove ISD - Dr. Jason Smith, Former Superintendent,Melissa ISD; Search by: Arrow Educational ServicesINFO
New Super Coldspring-Oakhurst CISD - Dr. Leland Moore Former Superintendent Kennard and Quitman ISD; Search by Wayne Haglund, Haglund Law Firm, PC InfoINFO
New Super Tatum ISD - JP Richardson , Superintendent,Gladewater ISD; Search by TASB Executive Search Services INFO
New Super Lindsay ISD - Trevor Rogers, Former Superintendent ,Linden-Kildare CISD; Trevor Rogers, Former Superintendent of Linden-Kildare CISD; Search by Education Solutions and Services InfoINFO
New Super Tomball ISD - Martha Salazar-Zamora, Chief Academic Officer,Tomball ISD; Search by David Thompson & Dr. Mike MosesINFO
New Super Bryan ISD; Christie Whitbeck, Former Deputy Superintendent, Fort Bend ISD; Search by TASB Executive Search Services INFO
New Super Greenville ISD; Dr. Demetrus Liggins, Former Area Superintendent, Grand Prairie; Search by: Arrow Educational ServicesINFO
New Super Brady ISD - Dr. Duane Limbaugh, Former Superintendent,Frost ISD; Duane Limbaugh, Former Frost ISD Superintendent: Search by ESC 15INFO
New Super Sweeny ISD; Dr. Tory C. Hill, Area Superintendent for Instructional & Administrative Support for Katy ISD: Search by Walsh Anderson Gallegos Trevino Russo & Kyle P.C. and Educational Consultant, Dr. Ann DixonINFO
New Super Cuero ISD - Micah Dyer, Superintendent,Lovelady ISD; Micah Dyer, Former Superintendent of Lovelady ISD Search by TASB Executive Search Services INFO

Pearland ISD trustee campaigning on district’s achievements

March 3008:25 AM

Vying against two challengers for her Pearland ISD Position 2 seat, Pam Boegler is touting the board's achievements as reason for voters to choose her on May 6. "I think we are doing good things at Pearland ISD. At Turner High School, we're pushing more career and technology classes and dual-credit classes," said Boegler who was on the school board from 2010-16 and was appointed to her position in July after the death of longtime trustee Virgil Gant. view article  arw

Nacogdoches ISD moves forward with plan to re-vamp Carpenter Elementary campus

March 3008:25 AM

During a special called meeting Tuesday night, the Nacogdoches ISD School Board voted unanimously to implement the “reduction in force” program change designed to address ongoing TEA accountability issues regarding the Emeline Carpenter Elementary campus. The plan, which was recommended by incoming Nacogdoches ISD superintendent Sandra Dowdy, will re-purpose the Carpenter Elementary campus, so that starting in the 2017-1018 school year, the campus will only serve students in grades PK through K.. -"We're looking at right now Pre-K and K. It may include first grade also," Dowdy said "That's what's still in limbo right now." view article  arw

Leverett’s Chapel ISD board to discuss wastewater system financing

March 3008:25 AM

Leverett's Chapel ISD trustees have called a special meeting today to consider the issuance and sale of time warrants to finance the wastewater system. The time warrants are the only item on the agenda, aside from a public comments period. view article  arw

Parents opt children out of STAAR despite test improvements

March 3008:25 AM

Grade school students in Texas stated their STAAR exams Tuesday. Parents standing against what they say is "high-stakes tasting" met with KHOU 11 New for the first day of what’s called "Opt Out Academy." Instead of taking the STAAR, about a dozen students sat inside the halls of Kindred Lutheran Church in Montrose listening to retired HISD teacher, Judy Hoffhien. “Oh, I like those two words, friendship and quietness,” said Hoffhein during a class orientation. Alicia Verdier is an Opt Out Academy Organizer. Verdier is part of the larger Houston-based group, Community Voices For Public Education. “We have problems that are beyond just teaching to the test,” Verdier said. “We have problems with the test itself and the way that it’s taught and the way it’s administered.” view article  arw

Hays CISD trustees vote in favor of Freeport Tax exemption at meeting Monday

March 3008:25 AM

At a meeting Monday evening, the Hays CISD school board voted to approve a tax exemption in an effort to bring new businesses to the area. According to the Texas Comptroller, the Freeport Tax exemption provides a property tax exemption on inventory, such as goods, wares, ores and merchandise, that is detained in Texas for 175 days or less. Oil, gas and other petroleum products are not eligible. The board previously denied the ad valorem tax-exempt status for Freeport goods back in 1989. “As soon as I became president of the board and set the first agenda, I wanted [the Freeport exemption] back on the agenda,” board President Holly Raymond said. view article  arw

Texas Senate approves budget with deep cuts, sets up House showdown

March 3008:25 AM

The Texas Senate on Tuesday approved a two year $217.7 billion state budget that includes significant cuts to many state agencies, relies on a $2.5 billion accounting maneuver and does not tap the state $10.2 billion rainy day fund. The 31-0 vote sends Senate Bill 1 to the House, where Speaker Joe Straus, R-San Antonio, has harshly criticized the Senate plan, setting up a showdown over the only bill lawmakers must pass before departing Austin at the end of May. Introducing the budget on the Senate floor, Finance Committee Chairwoman Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound, noted that lawmakers are dealing with a tight budget this year because state tax collections have been slowed by sluggishness in the fossil fuel sector and alluded to measures lawmakers approved in 2015 — especially a business tax cut and a set-aside for transportation funding — that have limited how much money they can spend. view article  arw

Two high schools for Belton, or three?

March 3008:25 AM

School trustees approved a $1.5 million land purchase Monday evening to potentially accommodate a third high school in the next 15 years. The Belton school board voted to purchase a 109-acre tract at the junction of Loop 121 and Shanklin Road, near the Bell County Expo Center and the Bell County Justice Center. At present, the district is making plans for a second high school to be built on land it already owns adjacent to High Point Elementary School on Starlight Drive. Those plans will be finalized if voters approve a $149.7 million bond issue on the ballot May 6. “We’ve been able to successfully manage our fast growth because we’ve planned for it,” Superintendent Susan Kincannon said, “and because this is a community that supports our kids.” view article  arw

Brownsville ISD approves tablets for all fifth-graders

March 3008:15 AM

By a 4-3 margin, Brownsville Independent School District trustees on Wednesday  approved spending $1.175 million to buy tablet computers for every fifth-grade student in the district. The vote came after a contentious discussion, but in the end the board decided the purchase had been properly vetted and the district was getting the best value for its investment. Board president Cesar Lopez and trustees Joe Rodriguez, Ralph Cowen and Carlos Elizondo voted in favor, with Minerva Peña, Sylvia Atkinson and Laura Perez-Reyes against. view article  arw

Schools innovate to combat student cyber attacks

March 3008:15 AM

Schools are building up their cyber defenses as more students turn to high-tech methods of sabotaging online testing, grade reporting, and communications. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are on the rise, forcing those in charge of districts’ cyber security to adapt and defend their networks. (EdTech) view article  arw

Affidavit: Center ISD student, younger brother burned special needs sister with hot stick

March 3008:15 AM

Officers with the Center Police Department arrested an 18-year-old man on March 24 in connection to allegations that he and his younger brother, who is a juvenile, burned their mentally challenged 12-yesar-old sister with hot sticks that had been put in a fire. The 18-year-old and his brother are also accused of engaging in organized criminal activity by recruiting gang members at a Center ISD campus, according to an arrest affidavit. view article  arw

Ask the editor: Why are some city and school board elections not held in November?

March 3008:15 AM

Although there may not be a local May election this year, voters may wonder why some entities have a November election and others are held earlier in the year. For years, city council and school board elections were held in May separate from the November county, state and national elections. However, in 2011 the Texas Legislature approved Senate Bill 100, which moved the state’s primary runoff election date to the fourth Tuesday in May. view article  arw

2 tornadoes confirmed near Keller, Lewisville in storms that walloped North Texas

March 3008:15 AM

Thunderstorms bringing powerful winds moved through Dallas-Fort Worth early Wednesday, downing power lines, closing schools and snarling morning commutes.  Two children were electrocuted in an incident involving downed power lines Wednesday night at the Oakland Lake Park in Fort Worth, fire officials said. The lines were believed to have been downed as a result of strong winds. A Rockwall resident was hospitalized with injuries that weren't considered life-threatening.  view article  arw

Socorro ISD Administrator named a Texas National Distinguished Principal Finalist

March 3008:15 AM

Rosa Chavez-Avedician, principal at James P. Butler Elementary School in the Socorro Independent School District, was selected as a 2017 Texas National Distinguished Principal (NDP) finalist by the Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association. The NDP award honors principals who exhibit extraordinary leadership, commitment to their students and staff, service to their communities and contributions to the profession, including their professional associations. view article  arw

Austin ISD’s FABulous Facility Plan

March 3008:15 AM

School closures may be off the docket for Austin ISD, with the latest round of recommendations from the Facilities and Bond Planning Advisory Commit­tee instead proposing a new initiative to help underenrolled schools stay open. Gone is the first draft's proposal of consolidating six campuses into two; instead, at the Monday night AISD board meeting, the 18-member volunteer body recommended "target utilization plans" to boost enrollment at five campuses (Brooke, Dawson, Joslin, Norman, and Sanchez). view article  arw

Ector County ISD: Permian, Odessa HS principal to be reassigned following school year

March 3008:15 AM

Two Ector County ISD principals will be reassigned following the current school year. Gregory Nelson, principal at Odessa High School and James Ramage, principal at Permian High School will be reassigned. We're told Superintendent Tom Crowe made the decision as the schools haven't met academic standards. view article  arw

Bulletin Board

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Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Mehl, P.C.

Advanced Construction for Administrators

April 2017

This training is for people who want to learn how to handle construction projects with confidence. That means Superintendents, CFO’s, Assistant Superintendents, District Construction Professionals, Board Members, and any administrator that might be a part of the construction team.


David Hansen will be your trainer for this session. The session is part legal, part practical and all original. We feel confident in saying that you have never been to a training like this before. It combines story, competition, and music into an experience we hope you will enjoy and remember for years to come.


Registration Fee

$200 per person
$100 per person for additional people from the same district 

materials and lunch are included with your registration


When and Where

4/24/17 - 9:30 am-2:30 pm - Plano, TX

4/25/17 - 9:30 am-2:20 pm - Austin, TX


For more information and to register online, click here.

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Keller ISD elementary school vandalized

March 3008:15 AM

 Police are needing your help to identify three suspects who vandalized an elementary school Monday. According to Fort Worth police, at about 2 a.m., three suspects went inside Freedom Elementary School at 5401 Wall Price Keller Rd.  The trio broke multiple windows using a hammer and stole medication from the nurse's office. Police said they also stole approximately $60 from the library cash register.  Police said they believe the suspects are between middle school and high school age. view article  arw

Texas Education Agency Awards Grant to Pharr-Sand Juan-Alamo ISD Welding Academy

March 3008:15 AM

The Welding Innovative Academy from PSJA ISD will get new equipment in the upcoming months. This is a grant the district received from the Texas Education Agency. More than $300,000 will be given to the district to purchase the necessary equipment to expand its current welding program. One district official said students will not only be able to get good jobs once they go through the welding program, but possibly become entrepreneurs. view article  arw

Highlights from in and around the world of Texas politics

March 3008:15 AM

As courtroom twists go, this one is practically unheard-of: On the brink of bringing Texas' attorney general, Ken Paxton, to trial on felony securities fraud charges, the government's prosecutors are threatening to bail out of the case unless they get paid. Whether one of the biggest criminal cases in Texas finally goes before a jury is now in limbo over what prosecutors contend is a deliberate effort by rich supporters of Paxton, an up-and-coming firebrand in Republican legal circles, to delay justice by challenging their paychecks. So far, the tactic is working. view article  arw

Administrators encourage parents to promote perfect attendance in Central Texas schools

March 3008:15 AM

With STAAR tests beginning Tuesday morning, schools in Central Texas want to make sure your student doesn't miss a beat. Administrators in the area said absences could not only hold your student back, but it could also be damaging to their school. Like many things, an education requires time and money and when kids don't show up for class, they miss out on that time to learn and the schools lose funding. Missing school should not be an option for any students and Lisa Diserens the Director of Accountability and Assessment for Temple ISD said arriving late can almost have the same impact. view article  arw

Legislature should keep educators in mind

March 3008:15 AM

The Texas Legislature has a long history of wasting their time on education bills that do nothing to alleviate the actual issues within the Texas education system. Instead they focus their energy on bills that brush over the real problems and solve nonexistent ones. The latest bill in this series is House Bill 22, filed by Rep. Dan Huberty, R-Houston, which would push back the implementation of a new grading system for school districts. view article  arw

Edwards resigns Marble Falls ISD board, district-wide pre-K approved

March 3008:15 AM

The Marble Falls ISD Board of Trustees accepted President Rick Edwards’ resignation Tuesday night at their regular meeting and reorganized the board’s slate of officers. Trustees also agreed to accept nominations for Edwards’ open position and to appoint his replacement at the next board meeting. The person appointed would then serve out the remainder of Edwards’ term until May 2018. Kevin Naumann, the board vice president, was then elected new board president, while Karl Westermann will be the new vice president. Lee Ann Johnson will remain the board secretary. District-wide pre-kindergarten The Marble Falls Independent School District MFISD) has announced it again will offer pre-kindergarten (Pre-K) in all fur elementary schools next year. view article  arw

The power of advocacy

March 3007:45 AM

If we ever wondered about the power of advocacy, legislation introduced by the chairmen of both the Senate and the House should reinforce the need to continue to push for sound legislative policy relating to public education. Last week, Senate Education Committee chairman Larry Taylor and House Public Education Committee chairman Dan Huberty introduced bills targeting the A-F grading system scheduled to be put in place in the 2018-2019 school year. And while it is obviously too early to know what impact either will have, the fact that this topic is on the table speaks volumes for advocacy efforts. view article  arw

Austin School Board Could Consider Doing Away With Runoff Elections

March 3007:45 AM

It’s no secret that Austin ISD is strapped for cash. The district often blames that on the state’s school finance system, which requires it to send hundreds of millions of dollars in property taxes back to the state. So, in an effort to save a little money, the Austin School Board has proposed changing how school board trustees are elected. At a meeting last week, trustees considered changing Austin School Board elections from a majority system to a plurality. That means trustees would no longer need to receive 50 percent of the vote to win. The candidate with the most votes would become the trustee – eliminating runoff elections, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. “There’s financial advantage for that for candidates, as well as the district and people that contribute to a candidate’s campaign, which we do,” said Ken Zarifis, president of the local teacher group, Education Austin. “If you don’t have the runoff, you can control your investment more.” view article  arw

After-school programs are more than a meal, and they help students improve

March 3007:45 AM

President Trump’s Budget Director, Mick Mulvaney, seems to think after-school programs consist only of feeding hungry students, thereby helping them do better in school. My colleagues in the after-school arena and school administrators everywhere wish things were so easy. After-school programs are much more than mealtime. view article  arw

Texas braces for another STAAR testing season hoping to avoid last year’s mess

March 3007:45 AM

There's no way to sugarcoat last year’s STAAR testing: It was chaos. Computer glitches erased student answers. Delivery problems meant secure testing materials were sent to the wrong locations — including a church. Thousands of tests had to be re-scored. A lawsuit was filed. And results came back so late that the education commissioner ended up tossing the tests for fifth and eighth graders. Now many are worried about how it will go next week when students begin taking the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, or STAAR. The standardized tests carry high stakes: They determine whether some students get promoted or graduate, measure how well schools are educating kids, and even impact neighborhood property values. view article  arw

Tyler ISD wins award for financial excellence

March 3007:45 AM

Tyler ISD once again has been honored for its financial practices. The Texas Association of School Business Officials recognized 26 school districts with an award of merit for following best practices in the area of purchasing operations. This marks the second year in a row Tyler ISD has received a TASBO Purchasing Award of Merit.“As one of only 26 districts in the state, we are extremely honored to receive the Purchasing Award of Merit by the Texas Association of School Business Officials,” Nakeia Burrell, coordinator of budget and purchasing/risk management, said. view article  arw

Iraan students collecting donations for school recovering from deadly bus crash

March 3007:45 AM

Students with the Iraan Track & Field teams are collecting donations to help another Texas high school that is recovering from a deadly bus crash. The students are asking for donations of bottles of Gatorade or Powerade for the Mount Pleasant track teams, who were involved in a crash Thursday night. The team was driving back to school when their bus was involved in a crash with a truck. An assistant coach on the bus and the driver of the truck died, and 18 students and another assistant coach were injured. view article  arw

Ross Ramsey: Abbott must rally forces for session’s pre-K fight

March 3007:45 AM

The governor of Texas is getting bullied on his request for serious money for a serious pre-kindergarten program. Messing with governors can be risky business, but Texas lawmakers aren't answering Greg Abbott's call. Texans aren't, either. In a year of frequent and large rallies and protests at the Texas Capitol, pre-K is a relative dud. It's popular with many educators and politicians, but it hasn't drawn the kind of crowd that might turn some heads inside the big pink building at the end of Congress Avenue in Austin. view article  arw

Comal ISD has elections on horizon

March 3007:30 AM

The upcoming elections in the Comal Independent School District are on the agenda for the district’s board of trustees at its meeting Thursday night. The board will receive certification that current trustee Denise Kern was the only person who applied for a place on the ballot from Single Member District 4 for the upcoming school board election. Because Kern is unopposed, the board will vote to declare her elected and cancel the election in District 4. The district will still have a trustee election in Single Member District 3; Jason Clifton York will run against incumbent Laurie Schley for that position on the board. view article  arw

Fired San Antonio teacher in Southwest ISD faces multiple investigations

March 3007:30 AM

A former special education teacher at Indian Creek Elementary School faces multiple investigations related to alleged misconduct in the classroom. Rosemary Diaz was fired last week, almost two months after she was suspended due to a Feb. 1 accusation of “alleged misconduct toward a student,” said Janice Hernandez, spokeswoman for the Southwest Independent School District. Hernandez would not provide further details, citing ongoing investigations by the Southwest ISD police department and the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office. view article  arw

Building a strong foundation

March 3007:30 AM

The community showed its support for the Taylor ISD bond at the official groundbreaking ceremony Monday afternoon at the high school. Construction actually began in January, but the district held an official event Monday. City officials, Taylor ISD students, faculty and staff were all in attendance. view article  arw

Allen ISD hires new director of bands

March 3007:30 AM

The Allen ISD Board of Trustees has selected a new director of bands for the school district. The board announced at its regularly scheduled meeting on Monday that Philip A. Obado will replace assistant band director Joel May as head of the Allen Eagle Escadrille marching band and the district’s concert band program. May began as interim director in January following the resignation of Blane Hinton. Obado has most recently served as assistant director of bands at Baylor University where his responsibilities included associate director of the Golden Wave Band, director of the Courtside Players, concert band conductor and a course load in teaching conducting. view article  arw

No More Mr. Nice Guy: Joe Straus Punches Back at Dan Patrick

March 3007:30 AM

For at least the last few legislative sessions, there have been two real political factions in Texas: the House and the Senate. Particularly since the demolition of the two-thirds rule in 2015, the upper chamber caters directly to the wishes of Republican primary voters. It’s fallen to the House to represent just about everyone else. When May rolls around every session and bills start dying, the two factions generally come to hate each other, though they may not always make that hatred plain. This year, that animus is coming earlier and louder than usual. The hostility is so great that it may make a mess of the session’s crucial last months, when a lot of horse-trading will have to happen to pass a budget. Last week, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick gave an interview to KFYO, a Lubbock radio station that closely identifies with the Texas GOP’s right flank, in which he offered unusually explicit criticism of House Speaker Joe Straus. view article  arw

Local educators react to STAAR testing

March 3007:30 AM

Thousands of local kids are in the midst of the first week of Texas standardized testing. Last year there were big problems with the STAAR test. They arrived late, one question didn't have a correct answer and the results were questioned. Sherman ISD said they've seen some helpful changes with the exam this year, but others said it's not enough. Nevertheless, fourth, fifth, seventh and eighth grade students spent their day with a number 2 pencil, taking the STAAR exam. "It's really about making sure our kids are getting the instruction and the knowledge that they need to go on," Sherman ISD Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Susan Whitenack said. view article  arw

Students to take STAAR tests this week

March 3007:30 AM

Starting tomorrow, the students in the San Benito school district and across Texas will be conducting their statewide tests. The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) program, which was implemented in spring 2012, includes annual assessments for the following grade levels: Reading and mathematics, grades 3–8 Writing at grades 4 and 7 Science at grades 5 and 8 Social studies at grade 8 view article  arw